Does Amber Child Safety System Really Work?

Does Amber Child Safety System Really Work?
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Does Amber Child Safety Work?When it comes to the safety and happiness of our children, for most of us we will pay and do anything to ensure this. Many of us have become aware of the Amber alert system and how valuable it has become at letting the general public know when a child has gone missing. What about the Amber Child Safety system that is now being offered to help protect your children in a variety of different ways? Is this just a gimmick playing on your fierce instincts to protect your children at all costs, or is it a valuable tool to enhance the safety of your children in the cyber world?

You may have already see the “As seen on TV” offer for the Amber Child Safety System. Perhaps you are a little confused as to what this really offers. It is a system that you can become involved in that will allow you to control your youngster’s interaction on the internet or on their mobile. You can be in charge of where they go on the web, how they are integrating via their cell phone, their social media interaction and even their texting.

The Claim
The company claims that you can be totally “in the know” and control your child’s web interaction through various mediums that includes their cell phone. They state that the Amber Child Safety System has been endorsed by Donna, the founder of Amber. According to the company the purpose of this program is so you can be aware of your child’s interactions while using the web or mobile, and will be able to take control of bad situations like cyber bullying or limiting the youngster’s time and use of the internet.

The Hype
It doesn’t take any real effort to create hype when it comes to the potential safety of our youngsters. The Company has merely zeroed in on our need to keep the kids safe and has focused on all the main concerns that parents have about the internet. While internet and mobile technology has multiple amazing advantages it can in many ways leave our kids vulnerable to meeting the wrong people or become a victim of cyber bullying.

The Cost
Here is where you have to be a little cautious when looking at the marketing material that is promoting the Amber Child Safety System. For some people they are thinking that this system is for free, when it actually is not. You are going to pay $9.95 each month in order to be able to use the tools that you need to perform all of the tracking and safety features that this program promotes. What you do get for Free is a database that you can customize with important information about your child. There is also something else to be aware of. For this monthly cost you have to choose between the mobile safety system or the internet safety system. It does not appear that you will get both for the $9.95 monthly fee. As a bonus if you sign up for a year they claim they will give you a Free smart phone that they have valued at $300.

The Commitment
This is not a product that you are going to buy and forget about. It is going to take a lot of time on your part to get it set up properly so you can utilize all of the benefits that is being promoted with the Amber Child Safety System. We all know that most of the kids are super active when it comes to using the internet and their mobile’s. Keeping track of all their interactions could become quite a challenge. Then one issue that has not been addressed is convincing your young person that is not something you are doing just so you can spy on them, but that the real concern is their safety. You are going to have to be committed to spending some time on working out this potential issue.

Child safety is such an important issue that we really do want to be super careful in our evaluation in any product that relates to this. In the past we did cover a product similar to this. It is called the Net Nanny. At that time there were very few similar programs and even though this product had a lot of downfalls it seemed to be better than nothing. Since then they have come out with newer versions, but also there have been more similar type products to hit the market like the Family Cyber Alert, which has some favorable reviews. With this Amber Child Safety system it covers a lot of important concerns that we have when it comes to internet and mobile safety. If the expense is not an issue then you may want to opt for both the internet and mobile system. Or if your youngster is a little too young to be carrying a mobile as yet, then the internet security may be enough for you.


Final Amber Child Safety System Review

Based on our belief that anything we can do to enhance a youngster’s safety on the internet and mobiles is worth investing in we are going to give this product a solid Try/Buy rating. We aren’t going with a thumb’s up for a few reasons. There are so many different computer systems that are in use today it is hard to determine how compatible this safety system will be, as this has been a problem with similar products in the past. The other concern is that in the marketing material you will see reference to “consented assess”. We are unclear as to whether this is referring to the parent’s role in monitoring the youngster’s activities and the youngster has to give consent for this. Or, does it mean that the parent is giving consent to the child’s internet or mobile activities. Either way there is going to have to be some cooperation on both the part of the youngsters and the parents for this system to be used to its fullest value.

Our Recommendation
We strongly suggest that you remain alert to your child’s internet and mobile activities. Take a close look at this product before purchasing to make sure that what it has to offer is going to be applicable to your security measures for your kids. Compare it to some of the similar products that are now available. Talk with the kids about this so there are no surprises and negativity on their part. You may find that your kids will welcome your monitoring as they could already be dealing with cyber bullying for example, and don’t know how to handle it.

What do you think? Does the Amber Child Safety System work or not?


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