Does Optic White Really Work?

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Does Optic White work?Optic White by Colgate is a line teeth whitening products that is meant to be used every day in order to whiten teeth that have yellowed, and also to keep them white once they’ve improved. We’re all familiar with the Colgate name, but how well do they deliver here, and is this something that is worth trying out?

Teeth whitening is a big industry, and once that has come about only because we now value whiter teeth as an attractive quality in ourselves and others. It wasn’t always this way, and in some eras yellow teeth was pretty much the norm. But Hollywood and other media have set the norm that teeth should be straight and white so now it’s up to the individual to make those whites as pearly as possible.

The Claim
Colgate says that in just 5 days you can have whiter teeth using their toothpaste as well as their peripheral items like mouthwash and toothbrushes. How much you want to get involved is up to you, but we’d say you’d at least have to give the toothpaste a try, due to its stellar reviews and low cost. If you’re pleased with things from there you can venture into the rinse, or switch out your toothbrush for a newer and fancier one.

The Brand
Colgate enjoys brand recognition due to years of providing toothpaste and toothbrushes, so it was a natural decision for them to enter the world of teeth whitening. Crest has a huge market lead on them in regards to whitening, and Oral B has pretty much taken over the toothbrush segment. It’s tough competition out there, but they seem to be holding their own and continue to put out quality products at reasonable prices.

The Cost
The nice thing about Optic White products is that they don’t cost much more than ordinary Colgate toothpaste, or other brands like Crest. This means that for the same price or less you could be adding powerful whitening agents to your tooth brushing routine. You can get a tube of their toothpaste for $3 or less, and you can score the mouthwash for around $5.

The Commitment
This fades away nicely into your pre-established oral care routine, you simply swap your regular toothpaste out for this and use it as directed until you get to your desired shade. From there it’s just a matter of maintenance so that you can keep the color you want and not have to worry about slipping back to your old shade.

The verdict is in on the Optic White line and it looks like we have a winner on our hands, at least as far as the toothpaste is concerned. Users say that they get noticeably whiter teeth in about a week’s time, just like the ads claim. They also say that in addition to the whitening effect it also tastes good, so it’s not as if it’s a burden to remember to use it, or some ordeal you have to put yourself though each night.

With some of the whitening products out there that can burn your gums, taste like peroxide, and require you to spend several minutes without swallowing and without closing your mouth, this is very easy to use, since it is used just like traditional toothpaste. Since a product that is easy to use means that you’ll end up using it more than you would if it was difficult, boring, or tedious, the chances of success increase, which is evident in third-party user testimonials.

It’s important to note that one person having success with this wouldn’t be much to base your answer. In fact there are some that said they didn’t like the results they got with it. But statistically speaking there is a very high probability that you too will have good results from it, as long as you use it as directed and stick with it in succession until you reach the smile you’re wanting.

The toothpaste is what started it all, but they’ve since branched out with a mouthwash that is also supposed to have whitening effects to it, as well as a specially designed toothbrush as well as a powered toothbrush that is meant to provide extra stain fighting attributes. They even have on-the-go tooth whiteners, which we’re not quite sure why you’d need them, but it might make sense in some situations, like right after drinking coffee, wine, or another beverage notorious for staining teeth.

Final Optic White Review

Optic White is getting our Thumbs Up review for being easy to use and effective. A lot of tooth whiteners out there come with trays that are hard to use or uncomfortable, or strips that require precision in order to get it right. With this you’re already familiar with the process because you’ve been brushing your teeth for years and years. You simply use it like you would any other toothpaste and stop when you feel your teeth are looking their best.

Our Recommendation
Start with the toothpaste, as it’s got a great price point that lets you try it out without fretting too much over how it costs. It also gets the most consistently positive feedback of all the different products, including the rinse and the toothbrushes. Compared to expensive Crest Whitestrips you could be several tubes of OpticWhite toothpaste before you equal just one Whitestrip kit.

What do you think? Does Optic White work or not?

89 Customer Reviews on “Does Optic White Really Work?

  1. I agree with Allison. It just depends on the actual condition of your teeth. no matter how good the product, if your teeth have been through years of unsatisfactory cleaning, then this product may not help as much. Whereas if you have taken pretty good care of your teeth but they have just developed a ugly shade of yellow to them, this product may work well. It does seem to be easier to use and cheaper than others.

  2. Let me just preface this review by saying that everyone has a different body and that what may work for some sets of teeth may not work for others. I was raised on Colgate only products and was always very satisfied with the results. I don’t know if it’s possible that my teeth became “immune” to the active ingredients or just the products in general, but as I became older I found that they worked less and less. My mom is still a huge fan and supporter for Colgate but I personally find that Crest products work just a touch better for me.

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