Does AmLactin Foot Cream Really Work?

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Does AmLactin foot cream work?AmLactin foot cream boasts some pretty glowing reviews, but can it really work wonders for your dry, cracked feet? Most foot creams fall short of expectations, either being too greasy, not working on rough patches well enough, bombing on calluses, or not providing enough moisture to overcome the dryness. We look more closely at the claims being made here, and see if this is something to add to your dry foot arsenal.

AmLactin has a successful line of moisturizers, creams, and lotions for the body, but their foot cream is the only product they carry with a specific body part in mind. It’s important to note that they are no one hit wonders with their foot cream. Their body creams and lotions all get positive reviews as well. It seems they’re doing a good job of cracking the moisturizer code at AmLactin HQ.

The Claim
AmLactin foot cream says that it can provide you with a healing blend of different emollients as well as humectants. An emollient is just a fancy name for a moisturizer, and a humectant is something that is known to raise the hydration level of the skin. They say that it will improve the overall softness of your feet, and that it works better than prescription remedies you might be considering.

They go on to say that it is hypoallergenic, and that you should use it twice a day if you want to get the best results from it. They say that this is the number one brand of foot cream recommended by podiatrists, but that usually means that they send podiatrists free samples to give away to their patients. They say that it works on calluses, which is the Achilles heel for many foot creams.

They say that their formula is patented, so you won’t be able to get the same sort of long-lasting results from other brands.

The Hype
The hype comes from this having so many people say they love it across several different third party review sites. There’s just no way you could fake this many reviews and so there is definitely a positive vibe going around for it.

The Cost
A 3 ounce tube of AmLactin foot cream is on Amazon for $9. Compared to other creams of this caliber that is a pretty reasonable price. You’ll find that as your feet get back to normal you won’t have to use as much of it as you did when they were at their roughest.

The Commitment
They say that you need to use this twice daily, but for many people that’s too much time to devote to their feet. If you can just get in the habit of using it before you go to bed, you should see marked improvement in the overall condition of your feet as you stick to your regimen for days and weeks.

AmLactin foot cream is not fooling around. They’ve gone and patented the technology that they’ve put into this cream, and they are pretty sure about the results you’ll get. It’s not every day you see a company this committed to giving their customers a reliable product at a price that is sustainable for long-term use. Many foot creams are so expensive that you can’t justify using them according to the directions.

Pampering Your Tootsies
Showing your feet some love is a great idea, as it only pays back positive dividends in how you look and feel. We recommend setting aside one night a week to give yourself your own pedicure and foot treatment. Start by using a well-reviewed foot file to slough off the rough parts, then apply a moisturizing foot cream by massaging it into your feet. If you can, do this right before bed so you don’t have to walk on your feet much after you’re done. Some women say that it works best to put a pair of socks in to sleep with overnight, because it makes sure more cream stays on your feet and has a chance to do its thing.

Final AmLactin Foot Cream Review

AmLactin foot cream is getting our Thumbs Up as a decent-priced foot cream that you can add to your foot care toolkit. Many people rave about it, and say that it took their neglected feet and turned them around. Of course there’s no guarantee that it will work for you, but all signs are pointing to yes, so you owe it to yourself to give it a try and see what you think.

Our Recommendation
Finding your favorite foot cream is vital if you want to have properly maintained feet. You’ve got to have that one tube of cream that you know will work the way you want it to, and you can rely on the results it provides.

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What do you think? Does AmLactin Foot Cream work or not?

65 Customer Reviews on “Does AmLactin Foot Cream Really Work?

  1. Dr Ross Kaplan a dermatologist told me to get Amlactin for my dry feet on Oct.12,2018. I purchased it at Rite Aide pharmacy that day. I used a few drops of the lotion on my feet. the following morning my face was swollen and my body ached all over, so I went to the hospital St John’s Pleasant Valley In Camarillo.
    I was kept for 2 days andit seems my problem was die to a severe allergy to your product. Today 11 2 18 is the first day I’m feeling better.
    Please advise and report this to the proper sources.

  2. I’m not so sure that similarly worded reviews for such a niche product would be an accurate indicator of the review being fake. I mean, how many different ways can people say it healed my cracked feet and softened my callouses? For the record, it worked for me. For sake of originality and honesty, I no longer slice my hubs to shreds with my mangled and crusty heels and we both dig that.

  3. Of course they could all be fake. I have seen a ton of fake reviews. I am not saying they are fake, just that because a large number of reviews are extremely positive is proof of nothing. ESPECIALLY if they all are sort of worded simlarily or make comments that the reviewer just does not seem likely to be able to support.

  4. @Trinity997 – come on now! GO SEE A DOCTOR for God’s sake! You cannot expect ANY cream to fix cracked broken skin. You are endangering your health and risking infection. GO see an MD for this health problem and THEN maintain with AM Lactin. Nothing is going to repair broken skin as that is a medical problem. Shesh! Get a clue lady!!

  5. This cream absolutely does work ! I have used every kind of foot cream that promised to heal my deep cracks in my heals to no avail. A male co-worker mentioned to me that his dermatologist recommened it for his dry feet and he swore after one week his feet were baby soft ! Well, I can testify to this as well! NOTHING HAS EVER MADE MY HEELS -AND FEET IN GENERAL -THIS SOFT… EVER ! NOT EVEN AFTER A FRESH PEDI ! I’m using the Amlactin ultra body cream which has the same ingredients as the foot cream. It’s only been 1 1/2 weeks of using morning and night and my feet feel baby soft. I’m also using on my severly dry lower legs and arms and I’m seeing improvement there as well. I would recommend this product to anyone suffering from dry cracked skin. Gonna stock up on a couple of tubes when I get back to the store !

  6. This stuff works, I haven’t needed a pedicure since I started using it. I live in the desert and my feet used to crack all the time. Use it every day and the tube will last about 6 weeks.

  7. My foot bleeds oh my god! The cracks and dryness is so bad that it actually freaking bleeds. I tried this cream that costs a freaking 50 bucks and it does nothing but grease my freaking bed. I’ve used it in the morning and at nights but it did very little to heal my foot. Winter’s coming and I know it’s only gonng get worse. At least this one has good reviews here and on amazon and it only costs 9 dollars. Dang it you better work!

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