Does Asea Really Reduce Free Radicals & Slow Skin Aging?

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AseaCompanies jump on the opportunity to lead people to thinking that they may have the answer to slow down the aging process. This is something that many people are in search for but as yet the fountain of youth has not been discovered. Some may think that Asea is the next best thing.

What Is Asea?

Asea and Salt

To begin with, it is saltwater. But, its promoters also claim that it contains redox signaling molecules. Fancy words but what do they mean?

Cell Breakdown

human cell

As people age their cells break down.  It is part of the aging process but there are other factors that can lead to cell breakdown.  Some of these are:

  • Stress
  • Diet
  • Air pollution
  • Lifestyle
  • Environment

What Happens When The Cells Breakdown?


There are the physical signs which is the aging of the skin. Along with many other break downs that lead to conditions such as

  • Weakened immune systems
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Cardiovascular issue
  • Digestive problems

And the list goes on.

Asea Redox

This is a product that has been created to address the cellular breakdown. This is with the Redox cellular therapy.  It is being promoted as being able to affect the signals that the genes deliver to different parts of the body. When it does this it allows for:

  • Better immune system
  • The ability of the body to respond to inflammation
  • Promote cardiovascular health
  • Assist the digestive system
  • Help for regulating the hormones.

According to ASEA, this is the only supplement available that contains active REDOX signaling molecules.  This is done by a process that the company has patented that allows for the reorganization of natural salt molecules and purified water.

So is it all HYPE or is it TRUE?

Asea true or false


Can salt and purified water meet all these amazing claims? Can a daily dose of ASEA REDOX get your genes up to par and slow down the aging process by getting these cells to communicate with each other?

What Studies Have Been Conducted?

Asea studies

One would think with the number of claims being made about ASEA that there would be a good number of studies to back it up. It turns out that they have done their homework and they are not just blowing air about the signaling molecules.

Understanding Studies

If one is going to rely on studies they need to understand that not all studies are factual. There are a lot of variations that go into studies and clinical trials. The most important thing to know is that they have been carried out by reputable laboratories which seems to be the case with ASEA BUT they are farming these out to third parties so there is no real paper trail.

It is easy to hype up marketing about Trials.

What Is The Outcome?

How do consumers feel about ASEA and what are the professionals saying about it?

There are a lot of claims being made about the product and the Brand does have a very comprehensive website that does contain a lot of technical information. However, that is the business side of the product. Consumers are more interested in what the product is going to do for them. Most are interested in anything that is going to slow down the aging process.

The Professional Feedback

There are many who may fall into the categories of being professionals in the health industry. Some very knowledgeable individuals that have done a great deal of research and put pieces together. Then others that hold degrees and credentials.

Is It Snake Oil?

snake oil

The product has been referred to as “snake oil”. Referring to old products that were sold off the back of wagons that had no value, but were promoted by a smooth selling salesperson.

Science-Based Medicine has done a thorough review of the ASEA website and has come to some very negative conclusions. Many of which have been openly discussed with ASEA reps on the Science site. You can review this to come to your own conclusions based on both sides of the argument. But, the bottom line is that Science-Based Medicine has stuck to their opinions of thinking that the product is nothing more than hype. There is no doubt that Steven Novella has the credentials to raise the arguments that he has done.

Consumer Use

The product has been around for a while so one would think that at least on Amazon there would be a ton of reviews.


To date there have been 239 reviews. With a 5 star rating by 67%.  Out of these there are 142 positive reviews.

There are a lot of mixed comments in the positive reviews. Where users seem to be getting different results for different things. Many talk about it being an energy booster giving them a moreover feeling of well being.


One of the big complaints was that the orders the customer was receiving were all expired. Other recent complaints are that the product is arriving damaged. Or the instructions have been changed to Spanish. These all seem to be occurrences that have taken place during 2019. This raises some questions such as:


  • Is this an indicator that something is up with the Brand?
  • Is it being moved or is it going to start going backward?
  • Has it been burned out with the marketing and hype. Too much time has passed now for it to prove itself?

Then others who are claiming they didn’t get the results they expect or any at all and this was a waste of money.

Something To Think About

This is a product that is sold through mult- level marketing. So you are also going to get a lot of third party prmoters to build the brand. Which means those that are active may be heavily marketing positive reviews as well. The price you are going to pay depends on where and who you are buying it from.

The Choice Is Yours

Asea Your Choice

There are a lot more cons than pros when it comes to ASEA and its ability to boost health and wellness. But, for those who want to go on the word of those who feel they have gotten success and can afford it then they should go for it.

This is the type of product purchase that you have to go into with open eyes and just with a hope that it might work for you.




129 Customer Reviews on “Does Asea Really Reduce Free Radicals & Slow Skin Aging?

  1. FDA does not approve or disapprove of any health supplement products so your statement is false and shows you to be suffering from a lack of relevant education and sufficient knowledge. Getting into any wellness oriented business is not usually about making lots of money in many cases it is wise for people to get into the business that just to get around more intelligent and deeply knowledgeable people who understand nutrition and health better than most doctors. The knowledge that is available to those who need to learn more is a huge benefit of getting involved with any such company. Greater knowledge and understanding is its own reward and never easy to achieve. When one is in one wellness company they will usually get into many more wellness product companies which will generally multiply your knowledge even more. The effort to become healthy is a worthwhile effort that we would be wise to encourage. Living in total ignorance is an obvious path to early death and failure in managing your health properly. There is no easy solution to becoming healthier you either are all in or you are a statistic due to the explosion of cancer rates and heart disease etc.,. You want other people to teach you how to live in greater health then you explore the possibilities and seek out more intelligent crowds of people to rub elbows with and you read study and exert your effort to become the expert you need instead of relying on doctors that will tell you what you want to hear who only practice allopathic medicine.

  2. cheap vitamins are the scam they are frauds. They say you are getting a citamin but in 99% of the cases the vitamin is a synthetic non organic isolated chemical like ascorbic acid which is sold as vitamin C. The cell membranes of your cells have receptors that act as gatekeepers to keep out any non-organic compounds that companies call vitamins they are looking to see if there is a protein attached and this tells our cells that it is organic. That means 99% of what people call vitamins are 100% a rip off because your bodies cells will not allow any intake of the products they offer. Same thing is true of minerals as well and any mineral with an ATE on the end like Calcium Carbonate is a non-organic mineral because it is a crushed rock form of calcium that is unusable by our bodies cells.

  3. I have tried it for a month, 2 ounces a day in the morning, on an empty stomach. I`m 43 years old male with no (at least known) health issues.
    I`ve allways been a skeptic and will allways be, that`s why i experiment a lot on myself. I`ve also been skeptical about this product too. I need to mention that i`m not a seller or an endorser or any of this, as i live in Romania, a country where asea cannot be imported or sold ad so on..
    Thus..After the first 2 weeks of using it, i felt like being more energetic, and begun having some better night sleep. If that could have been a placebo effect, what sort of struck me as a positive effect (and that`s what lowered my skepticism) was that after a heavy drinking night-out, the next day i had almost no hangover, and could perform my daily tasks normally.
    For now, that`s my experience with it. Maybe i didn`t give it a longer try but i intend to experiment again for one month or two (depending on my budget).

  4. This is a crappy article. ASEA the products work, ASEA the opportunity works.

    Catherine, yes it help. My family and I have been taking ASEA since 2010 and have had tremendous results. Feel free to text me with any questions 859-494-4802

  5. I tried to make it no stars but not possible. I tried both the gel and the water and it certainly didn’t do a thing for me. I used it for the same things for which I was told it worked. Knee pain was one. Put it on three times with 5 minutes in between. I was told it worked for a friend at one of the “meetings.” Didn’t work at all for pain in any part of my body. Gel was supposed to take away wrinkles however you were told to moisturize after it dried. Heck if I had consistently moisturized those areas I would have had soft skin with fewer wrinkles. It is high priced hogwash.

  6. I came across this yesterday as a friend is an associate, she wasn’t the one to start the conversation, I asked out of curiosity. After the using the products for a day – gel and skin care (renu 28) I noticed my undereyes are less puffier and I didn’t wake up with much joint stiffness – even after a crappy gluten filled dinner the night before. I did have strange and vivid dreams though.

    I think for me it’s too early to tell but I will do some blood tests before and after. Curious to try as I did feel quite energised. I agree with Karley above, there’s so much crap/toxins in our food and agriculture that has been approved by authorities. Then there’s all the foundations that get funded by big industry to approve their products even when it is the cause of the issue – cancer, diabeties etc.
    Check out “what the health” on netflix.

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