Does AstaFX Really Work?

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Does AstaFX work?AstaFX is claimed to contain more antioxidant power than Vitamin C, and is said to be able to help with a host of different problems with the skin, vision, and basic health. But what are actual users saying about how well it works?

There are plenty of “miracles in a bottle” out there, products that make general claims to be able to boost your health and well-being, using a combination of all-natural herbs and ingredients. The appeal to these kinds of products is pretty easy to see, it’s nice to think that there is something out there that could fill the nutritional gaps caused by an improper diet and restore us to a more healthy state.

The Claim
Purity Products, the makers of AstaFX, claim that it an effective form of Astaxanthin, which has shown promising signs in initial research on helping with immune system issues, the cardiovascular system, and other health issues.

The Hype
The multiple benefits this is supposed to provide is where the hype comes from. These all-in-one pills are akin to the snake oil of old, and are supposed to be effective on a host of different conditions. Often it takes a specific product to treat a specific problem or to get a benefit in a specific area, so when you see something that is supposed to cover a broad spectrum of benefits, it’s a red flag that you might not get any benefit from it at all.

The Cost
The price of one bottle of AstaFX is $55, but if you agree to have it auto-shipped each month you can bring the price down to $40 each. There is also a “fifth one free” deal, which gets your per bottle price down to $44 with no need to sign up for auto-shipping. Anytime we see the price drop considerably when auto-shipping is used, we can’t help but think that the price is artificially inflated just to entice users to sign up for the program. This means that if you just want to try it before agreeing to have it shipped to you each month, you’ll be paying at least $15 more than necessary. The company is still making a profit at the $40 price, so they are making $15 extra in pure profit just because you don’t want to sign up before seeing if it works.

In addition to this standard sales tactic, they are using a free trial offer. Here are the details on that: You can get a bottle for free but you need to cover $7 in shipping. They’ll then send you a package of 3 bottles in 19 days time, charging you $120 for the 90 day supply. The trick is that you’ll still have plenty of your original supply left, a full 11 days or so, when this new package arrives. By not giving you the full 30 days to evaluate a 30 day supply, they are almost guaranteeing that many people will forget to cancel, thinking that they still have more time.

The Commitment
This should be taken as a daily dietary supplement according to the directions. Since it is in pill form your commitment level is very low, just remember to take them at the recommended times each day.

After scouring for feedback on whether AstaFX works or not, we were unable to find a large majority of third-party users that said it works. In fact, most of what we did find suggests that it doesn’t do much of anything, and some users said they felt worse while taking it, and that pain subsided after they stopped taking it. That’s not the sort of response you want to see for a product that you’re considering ingesting. It’s a good thing that we live in a time where we can communicate what products actually do so that you have another viewpoint on a product rather than just having to rely on a manufacturers claims.

Final AstaFX Review

AstaFX is getting our Risky Try rating, due to so much mixed to negative feedback on its effectiveness. There still may be a benefit to taking it, but at the price its offered there are other better alternatives that do not cost as much. For supplements like these we like to see plenty of positive reviews overshadowing any naysayers, and that’s simply not the case here. We were unable to locate the details on what their money back guarantee is like, and although they say you can cancel your free trial in the first 19 days, they don’t say anything about subsequent orders.

Our Recommendation
Rather than trust a single supplement to give you the health benefits you seek, you may be better served by creating your own dynamic concoction of different herbs and healthy drinks. This should of course accompany a proper diet and regular exercise. Consider taking whole food supplements that contain real food ingredients with the vitamins and minerals your body needs, in a form your body can easily break down and put to use. If you find that you need additional supplementation, try taking a greens supplement that will have plenty of antioxidants and phytonutrients.

What do you think? Does AstaFX work or not?

3 Customer Reviews on “Does AstaFX Really Work?

  1. What is the mysterious black capsule made of? I put it in some water, and later tried hot water. to see if it dissolves but it does not. I did not take many of these pills, accidentally scraped my skin, and the scab that formed was made of black capsule goo. Also, the blood and skin were tainted that strange red color of the filling of the pill. Possibly avoid the capsule and scrape out the filling.

  2. Purity Products AstaFX was advertised on
    WMAL radio in DC as being 1,000 times more effective than Vit-C.
    Sounds Good…
    After receiving, the label shows that buyers receive 1/1,000th of the dose they brag about… equivalent to ONE Vit-C tablet of MDR level.
    EVAL: Why bother, unless vit. source-diversity is important….

  3. I have been taking it about 15 days. My energy level is up. I have a underachieve thread and have been feeling tired for years. This seems to be helping. The cost is great but can get it on line for 29.99 for two bottles of 60pills each. Purity pride offered me 29.95 for one bottle. I will purchase if from a third party for two bottles for 29.9,,

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