Does Xocai Really Work?

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Does Xocai work?Xocai is attempting to create the best of all worlds by blending chocolate with health and making money. Are they able to pull off this amazing trifecta, or should you look into other opportunities?

There are plenty of money making opportunities out there, and each will bill itself as the way to make money, either online or offline. Many of today’s more successful companies are involving health products and natural remedies and supplements, as it appeals to the broadest demographic. This time they’ve managed to work chocolate into the equation, which will definitely pique the interest of those looking for a way to lose weight, be healthier or fight the aging process.

The Claim
Xocai claims that their chocolate-based products can do all sorts of things, from providing anti-aging effects, to helping you slim down, to giving your body antioxidants from the dark chocolate as well as the acai berry. They say that they have a patented cold press process that means the chocolate keeps all of its nutrients so your body is getting it relatively unprocessed, with all of its benefits still in place.

The Hype
The hype comes from those that are already in the business, that are already paying hundreds of dollars and accumulating chocolate in an effort to sell it and make money. They’ve already taken the plunge and are ready to tell you how great the chocolate is, how the patented process locks in nutrients, and how the business can make you money. But this is definitely time to check your sources, because of course they would say that.

The Cost
The cost of Xocai chocolates would be considered high by most standards. They give both a retail and a preferred price for their various goods. Consider if you will their Nuggets: a 28-day supply has a preferred price of $140. This boils down to $5 a serving, much higher than your usual serving of run-of-the-mill chocolate, and twice the price or more of the leading health shakes. That’s just one example, the anti-aging capsules clock in at $5 less, still exorbitant when compared to competing products.

Getting in on this business opportunity is going to be similarly pricey, as there’s a 6 box minimum order to get started. They have $700 starter packs which seems to be the lowest you can get started with. There’s also a $39 enrollment fee that covers you for one year. There is also shipping charges and taxes where applicable. You can also opt to have things auto-shipped to you, as if you want to receive the full amount of bonuses and payments you’ll need to continually buy products.

The Commitment
You have to commit yourself to selling this, and in all honesty to eating it if you want to point to yourself as a successful case study. The most successful MLMers are those that are virtual poster children for the product, sharing their own story of how the product benefited them directly, complete with before and after pictures. It’s hard to build credibility when you’re not a user, or in this case a consumer, yourself.

The chocolate that Xocai creates seems to be very pure and does get good reviews from non-affiliates. The only thing that is repeatedly brought up is that the price is too high. The only reason we can determine for charging such high fees is because the processing system is patented, and also that they say they give up to 50% back to their distributors. Not a good equation for the consumer, who ends up paying twice what the chocolate is worth, more in fact since the company is still turning a profit from the 50% they keep.

By now there have been avid distributors promoting Xocai chocolates for four years or more. While they’re correct in saying that health products are slated to continue to rise in popularity over the next decade, this opportunity may have already played itself out. Whenever you’re considering going with an MLM or network marketing business, you have to try to determine where on the pyramid you’re getting in on, and what the likelihood is of filing out the base below you. In all probability it seems that you’d be tucked under someone else’s downline, and it would be hard to muster up your own band of sales agents with a clean conscience, since the picking would be even slimmer for their success.

Final Xocai Review

Overall, the chocolate that Xocai makes is of high quality, but according to most it is not worth the inflated price. The business opportunity, like all opportunities out there, is going to depend largely on what you yourself put into it, and the mentality you have about your chances of success. However, you should also keep in mind that there might be a better system for you, one that is just starting out, one that you can get in on more of a ground floor than this one.

Our Recommendation
Your success will largely depend on how well you can get behind the product you’re selling. If you try this and love it and are genuinely enthusiastic about sharing it with others, and don’t mind charging them double what it’s worth, then it might be up your alley. But if your main concern is to make money, and you’re not gaga over this product or the way the sales process is set up, then you should look elsewhere for your golden goose.

What do you think? Does Xocai work or not?

6 Customer Reviews on “Does Xocai Really Work?

  1. I just started this in January of this year and though skeptical and even nervous at first, I have come to really love this product. So much so, that I have decided to become a distributor – a distributor with a completely clear conscience! I’m just like as you describe above – one of those whom it has personally worked very well for and now I’m passionate about letting others know about it. I also agree with what you said above about the price – it is expensive. There’s no getting around that. That was the main thing that kept me from trying it for so long. But I gritted my teeth and bought the first box determined to give it a fair shake and then go from there (thinking the whole time this was my first and last box.) Here’s the breakdown: after 2 days, I felt the appetite suppressant kick in (it’s still working after 4 months and a 15 lb loss! ); during the first few weeks I could tell my mood was more even – I wasn’t as irritable. After the 2nd month I could tell a difference in my PMS symptoms – no migraine, no mood swings. So, I’m still taking the chocolate and I’m all in for letting people know about it!

    Also, this year Xocai revamped their system a bit. If you get 3 people to order and be in the Loyalty program, you get your product free! I have been a distributor for less than a month and already have 6 preferred customers so I will get all of my product free! I really love this system. It’s more about getting the product out there now and less about signing others up to be distributors.

    Sorry to write a novel about this but I hope it helps people see a little bit that this product really does work!

  2. The chocolate works for me and my family. It is a high antioxidant superfood. I would try it. Our family has been eating it for well over five years. It is an awesome business. Ask me how you can earn a free cruise.

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