Does the AutoExec GripMaster Really Work?

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 Does the AutoExec GripMaster Work?If you or someone you know has to work out of their car a lot, perhaps because they are on the road a great deal with their business, then you will definitely want to get them the AutoExec GripMaster. This is a great product and one you will surely be impressed with.

The AutoExec GripMaster is a really cool idea whose time has really come! The GripMaster is a “desk” designed for the person who works primarily out of their car.

The Claim
The claim is that the AutoExec GripMaster will enhance your ability to perform work functions from your car with a variety of different features that make the process much easier and streamlined than the old way of juggling your laptop across your knee with files strewn across the passenger seat.

The Hype
The hype is really found in the revolutionary design that the AutoExec designers incorporate into their well- made and really smart products.

The Cost
The MSRP on the AutoExec GripMaster is $227.00. While at first glance this may seem high when you consider the features and the quality of the unit AND what it will do for the individual owner in terms of practicality and convenience that is a really a small amount to spend.

The Commitment
The commitment required for the AutoExec GripMaster is actually very minimal indeed. The AutoExec GripMaster is small enough to simply carry to and from the car when required or convenient enough to simply leave in the car when not needed.

With so many people today working from their cars and trucks, from Real Estate Agents to Home Inspectors to a myriad of other professions that force the individual to perform functions while on the road this incredibly innovative product,the AutoExec GripMaster is one that has truly hit a mark. With the “grippy” laptop area to the built in file area to the pen and pencil and accessory holder they have simply thought of everything to make working from the car easier and simpler and even safer. No more files sliding around on the passenger seat that you have to constantly try to corral while driving and no more perching your laptop on your knee while trying to complete a computer related task (NOT while driving we must add!) the GripMaster just makes it that much easier to work effectively from the car. The pull out writing surface with clipboard is just another example of the “thought of everything” nature of the GripMaster. You can even accessorize the unit with a built in power inverter, printer stand and cell phone mount. What more do you need to work from the car. The answer is not much at all.

Final AutoExec GripMaster Review

Well -constructed and even better thought out! The AutoExec GripMaster is the go-to gift for Christmas for anyone who has a person in their lives who performs work from their automobile. The features and design are amazing and it truly does have everything you need to work more efficiently and more safely from the car. A great product indeed that we are prepared to give a thumbs up rating to.

Our Recommendation
As stated above, it is truly a great product and we think everyone who needs to work from the car should definitely have an AutoExec GripMaster or one of their other great “car desks” on offer on their website. Truly a product whose time has come! Another product completely different than this one, but is that is used in the car is the Baby Mattuse which you may want to check out.

What do you think? Does the AutoExec GripMaster work or not?

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