Does Aztec Secret Really Work?

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Does Aztec Secret Work?Sometimes when it comes to skincare going back to the basics is the best approach of all. So many companies in the cosmetics manufacturing industry are so busy trying to get ahead of their competitors that their products lose their true value and end up with tons of unnecessary fillers that serve no real purpose to the end user. This takes us to a simple but very potent and effect skincare product for deep cleansing called Aztec Secret.

In order for any type of deep cleanser to really stand out among the rest based solely on merit and not pushed into recognition with big marketing dollars, it has to be exceptionally good. So good to the point where word of mouth will bring it into the spotlight and that is what is happening with Aztec Secret. This is a clay based product that is used as a deep pore facial cleanser that contains none of the fillers like fragrances, additives or animal products.

The Claim
The promoters of Aztec Secret claim that it is the world’s most powerful cleanser. It is comprised of 100% natural calcium bentonite clay.

The Hype
The hype really speaks of itself here with the product being 100% natural. For those who don’t want harsh chemicals used on their skin then they tend to favor products such as Aztec Secret.

The Cost
What is also advantageous about Aztec Secret is that it comes in different sizes. A one pound jar will cost you $9.12 or a two pound jar is $15.53.

The Commitment
The biggest commitment you are going to have to make is to use it. Also, when you read the directions it will suggest that you mix some of the Aztec Secret with some apple cider vinegar. So the prep time make take an extra few minutes. However, this shouldn’t be a big deal because after all your skin care is super important.

The whole purpose of the Aztec Secret is to create a deep pore cleansing of your skin, and the natural calcium bentonite clay is responsible for doing this. If you do further research on this ingredient you will find that it has been used for years for this purpose as well as others. It is claimed that this type of clay has the ability to attach itself to the bacteria and toxins on the skin and within the pores and extract it. This is where the deep cleansing takes places. It also means that it would be beneficial for all skin types and particularly good for those who suffer with acne. We certainly have discussed many different types of facial cleansers, but overall we are quite impressed with the Aztec Secret.

Final Aztec Secret Review

Of course, this is found on Amazon and it boasts a 4.5 star rating out of 11,193 reviews and over 900 questions answered. When you look at the feedback the majority of it is really impressive, especially from those who talk about the results they have been getting by using it for their acne conditions. The customers that have used this vary in what they expect from it, and it seems there is a wide age range that have found it to be beneficial. Based on all of this we are ready to give the Aztec Secret a Thumbs Up rating.

Our Recommendation
Aztec Secret is based on historical skin care ingredients. If you are one that is looking for something with a more modern approach to skin care then you may want to take a look at Clarisonic.

What do you think? Does Aztec Secret work or not?

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