Does Back2Life Really Work?

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Does Back2Life really work?If you’ve ever had a bout of back pain, or have chronic back pain, a Back2Life ad would definitely grab your attention. The promise is pretty incredible: relief from back pain is just 12 minutes away. Could this really be true? Is it worth the hefty price tag? Let’s find out.

Back pain effects millions of Americans each and every day, and is something that directly takes away from the quality of life. This is why there will always be a market for products of this nature, as people are always wanting to get rid of their back pain.

Unfortunately, the strong desire of many people for products like these leaves them susceptible to faulty products and wild claims. So when a product comes out with a 12 minute solution and a $200 price tag, it definitely merits further investigation.

The Claim
In just 12 minutes you can be free of back pain, by using the Back2Life system.

The Hype
Most people experience back pain at some point in their lives, and either just learn to live with it, or are always in search of the next fix. Back2Life jumps right into the mix of all the products that are out there, and aims to take some business away from chiropractors across the nation.

The hype comes from the claim of 12 minutes. Back pain usually develops gradually, and only becomes a real problem when it hurts so bad you don’t want to move, or you have a back spasm and the world comes to a screeching halt.

The Cost
Back2Life retails at $200 and it is a complete system. There are no additional things to buy, and you won’t be auto-billed or have things auto-shipped to you monthly.

The Commitment
You have to be the one to get down on the ground and use the Back2Life system, or you won’t get any benefit at all. This may sound obvious, but many people don’t realize how hard it is to start a new habit. You should commit to using it every day for 30 days. This will form the habit that you need to make it a part of your daily routine.

Only then will you be able to determine if it is working for you or not. If you use it for 12 minutes one day, and your back still hurts, it may take several sessions for you to start to notice any improvement.

It’s not hard to use Back2Life, just adjust it to your height. It takes a little bit to get used to how it works and put it in the right position. Luckily there’s a DVD that comes with it that will help you use it. Even though it’s a simple design it’s important to use it correctly for the best results.

If you’re on the larger size you might notice that the product wobbles and the motor strains to move you. This is something that you’ll have to consider before purchasing, as with long-term use it might break down on you and you’ll be left with a hunk of junk for $200.

Does Back2Life Really Work?

Back2Life may offer some relief to some people that use it, but it is no more effective than other back exercises you can do at home, for free. It’s basically putting you into a Static Back position, which will give relief to many people alone.

If you take 12 minutes a day to do back stretches and exercises designed to help with back pain, you will no doubt experience improvement as you string together multiple days. You don’t need a $200 piece of equipment, you just need the motivation to stick to a plan.

Our Recommendation
What the Back2Life system does is puts you into what is known as a Static Back position. This position alone has been found to be enough to help many people with their back pain. You can find out if it will work for you without buying the product. Use a couch or a chair to put yourself into the same position seen on the Back2Life ads. Stay there for as long as needed for your back to feel good.

If you get benefit from being in the position alone, you may find that you don’t even need to buy Back2Life, but if you think that having your legs moved around by the machine will make you feel even better, you might choose to put the money on it.

What do you think? Does Back2Life really work?

9 Customer Reviews on “Does Back2Life Really Work?

  1. When this product first came out, I mentioned it to a vendor of mine. His back was out. He loved it! About two weeks later, I did something weird to my back just sleeping and threw it out big time (no, not doing anything fun – just sleeping.) I could barely walk. Tried all the exercises I knew of to loosen my back and nothing was working. I was on crutches hobbling to a chiropractor I trusted three times a week. He was sure I had pinched a nerve in my back somehow. 800 mg of Ibuphophen was not even touching the extreme pain. Ever have that kind of pain where it is like – please somebody just s–t me, now and get me out of this pain? It was horrible!

    For some reason, my vendor called unexpectedly, and I asked if he liked his Back to Life and that’s when he told me how well it had worked. I mentioned my back was seriously out and he offered to bring it over for me to try it. I wasn’t very optimistic after three trips to my favorite chiropractor, pain killers and trying everything else I could think of.
    He shows up. I used it 11 MINUTES !!!! – hear a “pop” in my back – and so did he. It hurt when it popped but then it felt really good. I wiggled a little on the floor. Hmmm. No pain. Weird. A little more wiggling. Still no pain. I was in shock!

    I expected to need help getting off the floor, but instead was surprised I got up easily. Still no pain.

    Thanked him and returned the machine.

    Went over to chiropractor – this time with NO CRUTCHES – walking normally. Showed my chiropractor an ad for this machine and highly recommended that he have it on hand for patients.

    That was 2016. I haven’t needed a chiropractor until this year when I had a fall.

    I can’t thank the people who invented this enough. This product can save so much time and money in chiropractic bills.

    If I had one suggestion – it needs an on-off switch on a leash – one you can hold while it is doing its cycle. That way when it stops if you want to go another cycle, you could without having to get up turn it back on, and reposition yourself. Depending on your age and flexibility, that might not be so easy to do.

    But if you are reasonable able to to reliably get up off the floor again – or have help getting up and down, this product is amazingly great.
    It basically lifts up your pelvis floor and rotates your lower lumbar.

    It feels really relaxing – unless your back pops like mine did – then it was a quick release pain and then pure bliss – because no more pain at all – and I had my mobility back.


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  3. I swear by this machine!! It has helped me tremendously!! I used to go to a chiropractor 3 times a week for lower back issues @ 55.00 a visit! I bought this machine around 10 yrs( or more) ago and haven’t been back to the chiropractor since. It finally wore out so I quick bought another one on Ebay for 60.00 including shipping. I’ve had back problems for 32 years(in and out of chiropractors). This machine works better than any chiro treatment I’ve ever had! I wouldn’t give it up for anything!!

  4. This unit is a TOTAL waste of money. DO NOT BUY IT, PEOPLE! My friend got one, and we both tried it out for our lower back aches & pains. We both know that it does nothing more than some standard excercises that you can do searches for here on the net, or just as your doctor for suggestions. Piece of wasted junk. The two of us had to threaten a law-suite to get the money back… lousy f’n company that we should all avoid.

  5. I bought this 2 weeks ago and let me tell you… best investment ever. I have severe low back pain ranging from arthritis, 3 slipped disc, and a condition called Sacrolistis. I have had drugs as strong as Tramadol, I have done physical therapy, I have done nerve burning, chiropractic, I have tens units and none of them have really done anything. I was not able to lay on my stomach in over 2 yrs, I would wake up hurting so bad it was ridiculous, I don’t know what it is about this machine but it does help…. ALOT.

  6. I have requested a refund on this machine twice—not because it isn’t a good and effective product, but because I bought it for my 93 yr old WII disiabled veteran husband. He has had 3 knee replacements that are over 20 yrs old, and he has very little flex in his knees, and was unable to position himself properly in or to get the benefit of the product. Back2Life has’nt responded to my request to return the product and refund my purchase price plus the price of the 5 yr warranty. I purchased it in good faith, but it didn’t work for us, but Back2Life won’t respond to my request.

  7. Back2Life saved me. It lifts the legs about 30 times per minute, times 12 minutes. I could do exercises for 12 minutes, but wouldn’t get near that number. And I usually fall asleep during those 12 minutes.
    I had a knee problem for a while, and it hurt to much to lie in that position.

  8. I bought one. it is awesome!
    Not only the static position as this author claims, but the gentle movement helps to stretch out your lower back and butt muscles.
    There is a reason this is the (cheap) $200 version of the thousands of dollars machine my chiropractor has in his office.
    At his office I lay kneel on the leg board then bend at the hips and put my chest on the main portion of the machine. Then he will put a light strap over to keep me on and the machine moves gently to circulate your hip lower back area.
    Or buy the Back2Life and lay comfortably at home and do the same thing…easy answer.

  9. This Back2Life device definitely attracts my attention. I always have problems with my back. Especially when I’m at office. I would definitely buy one.

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