Does Backup Genie Really Work?

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Does Backup Genie work?Backup Genie claims that every year half of all computer users lose some of their data. They say that by using their backup service all of your files will be protected, but how well does this really work at backing up your computer, and will you easily be able to recover everything in case of an emergency? We look at how their service works and whether you should use it.

It only makes sense to back up the files that you use every day, in case of a computer meltdown, a virus, an act of God, theft, or any other problem you might experience. This is especially true if you deal with a lot of files for your job, or if you are working online and need to access your files in multiple locations. Data is really the new currency, so it’s important to make sure that you have it backed up and stored so you don’t have to worry about it.

The Claim
Backup Genie is a form of cloud storage, meaning that you are uploading your files into the cloud, and are therefore able to access them anywhere. You’ve already been using a version of the cloud for years if you have a free online email service. Your emails are stored and are able to be retrieved from any computer you use, including all of the file attachments and pictures that are in them.

They claim that you can store an unlimited amount of files if you want to, and that their software is easy to use, and is set and forget in nature. They say that it runs automatically behind the scenes to keep all of your files backed up, even as you create them.

The Hype
Backup plans like this have been growing in popularity recently, because they have now gotten the costs down to a level that most people can justify, thanks to the peace of mind it offers. This is now creating some buzz, with so many different companies offering relatively the same service.

The Cost
Backup Genie is $10 a month for their unlimited plan, but they claim that their most popular plan is 250GB for $7 a month. This is pretty much the going rate for backup plans like these. It might seem like a lot just to store your files, but most people report a feeling of peace of mind after they have everything uploaded, and they also find it very convenient to access files without have to lug their computer from place to place.

The Commitment
Getting the software set up on your computer is pretty much the only thing you’re tasked with, unless you want to be more specific about which files it backs up, and which ones it doesn’t. Then you’ll need to spend some more time with it, guiding it as to what it should upload. After you’ve got it setup, it should’t require too much of your attention, as it is designed to run automatically and keep things backed up in real time.

Backup Genie offers a decent service, and is doing a lot of things right. They definitely deserve to be on your shortlist of online backup providers to go with. When you’re trying to choose one, keep in mind that a lot of the features are the same and the end benefit is the same: your files will get backed up. It just comes down to smaller things like how good the customer service is, how long it takes to backup all of the files, and whether or not you have enough storage for the price you’re paying.

Final Backup Genie Review

Backup Genie is a solid choice for your backup needs. They will probably end up getting bought out by one of the bigger backup services out there. There’s just not enough demand to justify having so many different providers, so they are all jockeying to see who will be the last one or two standing. There are already services that have millions of subscribers, and it seems Backup Genie has a long road ahead of them if they want to capture more market share.

Our Recommendation
You can go with this service, but be sure to compare some of the different features of the various providers before you make your final decision. This isn’t really something you want to have to do again and again, so pick a good one to start off with and then you won’t have to switch providers later. Some of the things to consider is how long it takes to upload your files, with SOS Online Backup saying they have the fastest upload times. Also, if you’re looking at an unlimited backup plan you should take a look at Carbonite and compare it to Backup Genie to see which offers the best service for the price.

What do you think? Does Backup Genie work or not?

2 Customer Reviews on “Does Backup Genie Really Work?

  1. I take way too many pictures and film way too many videos to settle for the 250GB plan. I like the sound of unlimited and I think that will be enough space for me LOL On top of protecting my files it’s really nice to have cloud storage because that means you can access all your files no matter where you’re and that could come in very handy at times.

  2. I came across your blog because of this problem. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had computers crash on me, losing my work, as well as family pictures and important stuff. It’s infuriating, and what’s more frustrating is knowing it’s gone forever with no hope of retrieval. This product would be well worth the $10 a month, and something I would consider buying.

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