Does the Bacon Boss Really Work?

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Does the Bacon Boss Work?The hassle of cooking bacon is really worth it because most of us love this food. There may be an easier way to get it cooked just the way you like it but without all the trouble that goes with it.

Bacon Boss is a unit that allows you to cook your bacon either in your oven or the microwave without all the mess and hassle that comes with bacon cooking.

The Claim
The Company claims that The Bacon Boss seals in the flavor of the bacon during cooking because of the screw down lid that comes with the Bacon Boss. They say that it helps to reduce all the fat splatter that comes with cooking the bacon.They also say that cleaning the Bacon Boss is easy and it is microwave safe.

The Hype
Probably the hype that is most acceptable about using the Bacon Boss is that it really helps to keep the splattering of the fat down. Everyone knows that when cooking bacon in the conventional manner it can be really messy. Not to mention the small burns that can occur from the bacon spitting off the fat.

The Cost
You can expect to pay $19.95 for the Bacon Boss then you have to add on $8.95 for shipping and handling. If you add an extra $5.95 for shipping you will get the bacon cutter free. So in total your order is going to cost you $34.85.

The Commitment
It is going to take less commitment to use the Bacon Boss than it is to cook your bacon the standard way. You can just pop it into the oven or microwave. You don’t have to stand at the stove tending to the bacon by turning it over every few minutes.

Usually when someone is cooking bacon they are cooking other breakfast items at the same time. A good hungry man’s breakfast perhaps. This means aside from the bacon there are eggs and home fries that need to be cooked. Not having to worry about the bacon because it is cooking in the oven or microwave might be a real bonus. There is also the added feature of the bacon not sitting in its own fat which may cut down on the amount of fat that you are going to consume. There are several different types of units that let you cook bacon in the microwave, but what makes the Bacon Boss different is that you have the option of using the oven or the microwave.

Final Bacon Boss Review

We’re going to give the Bacon Boss a Try/Buy. There is not enough user feed back as yet to support its credibility. Anything can look good in pictures. So although the bacon looks like it is cooked to perfection in the promo images, this doesn’t mean it is going to turn out the same for you. It is true though, that this type of unit really could cut down on the hassles of cooking bacon.

Our Recommendation
If you cook bacon a lot or are into cooking big breakfasts then you may want to consider the Bacon Boss. While the unit itself is reasonably priced, by the time you add in the shipping costs its not cheap. There are bigger and more well known units for cooking bacon as well as the other breakfast foods, but they do come with a more hefty price tag like the Cuisinart Griddler. Also the big push lately has been for people to cut down on their fat consumption. Maybe having a way to reduce the fat from your bacon is a good thing. One thing you don’t want to do is compromise the taste of the bacon because of the fat reduction. Many people complain that cooking bacon in the microwave often means it comes out rubbery and doesn’t crisp up. This is something that the Bacon Boss will have to avoid if it wants to be a success.

What do you think? Does Bacon Boss work or not?

174 Customer Reviews on “Does the Bacon Boss Really Work?

  1. I own and operate Barb’s Chocolate Covered Bacon and let me tell you after using the bacon boss I can and won’t go back to oven or pan frying bacon , I have 4 of them and use them daily by making 80- 100 lbs a week of bacon, it’s easy to clean no splatter and crips the bacon perfectly . Whoever came up with this idea is an absolute genius and I would like to thank you very much
    From Barb the Bacon lady 😊

  2. I just purchased the Bacon Boss and it worked great for me. I cooked an entire pound of bacon in 9 minutes. There was no mess. What I did notice was steam and condensation build up on my microwave door. I just wiped it off with a paper towel and it was gone. It wasn’t a greasy residue, it was just steam from the bacon. The bacon came out crispy and did not stick to the lid or pan. I’m actually thinking of buying another one for my vacation house. I think maybe the company must of read the comments from 2016 and possibly updated their product to work better. No plastic taste, no mess and no sticking.

  3. This is the worse product I’ve used for cooking bacon. First and foremost the lid does not completely cover the tray the bacon cooks on. I put my standard five strips of bacon on it. The grease came out around the glass lid.
    The product is also a PIA to clean. The rubber gasket does not like to go back on the glass. The hole the lid screws onto fills with grease and is also a PIA to clean.
    I returned it back the same day I bought it. Do yourself s favor and stay away from this product!

  4. I purchased the bacon boss at discount drug mart only had one month and the handle melted, now my house smells like burnt rubber, will never purchase another one again , useless piece of garabage

  5. Sure glad I read all these reviews!!! I’m certainly NOT going to waste my time and money on a Bacon Boss. I will say that I really enjoyed reading all these reviews. Some are really a hoot and brightened my day.

  6. Purchased at Target and the knob melted off during first use. Read the reviews, should this product even remain on the market? A retailer with any ethics would not offer an item like this.

  7. I have got my second BB I used the first one for about three months put it in the micro and all of a sudden my lid busted. My turn table was off and not turning so I thought that this was the reason it busted. Got a new one to day cause It really does make great bacon. If I have a problem with this one I will get all my money back Why cant they make something that does not come from China and does not break easy. Try making something in the good old USA it will not break then.

  8. Ummmmmm…..yes you can put bacon in the oven! Get your facts before you go around calling people names!

  9. My husband had ours bacon boss in the microwave 4 minutes = four slices of bacon. 900 watt microwave. The lid exploded and caught fire. Ugh

  10. I just bought the bacon boss on a whim while I was at bed bath and beyond. And I used the 20% off coupon that they are constantly sending so it was really only $16. I asked the lady if they get a lot of returns on this and she said she’s probably received about 2 returns out of 75 sales. And she’s in charge of all the returns. So I got it knowing I could return it and I’ve got to say… I used it today and I absolutely love it. There was no splattering. It was able to cook it to a nice crisp but you can regulate it by the amount of time that you cook it. 5 – 5 1/2 mins. And they come out beautifully flat. The “only” downside is that I could only cook 5 bacon strips at a time so I had to do three rounds to cook a full package of bacon. So I’m keeping it as I think it’s great. At the end of each round I emptied the grease into a glass jar and put the next batch on. Easy Peasy! The only downside is that I could only cook 5 bacon strips at a time so I had to do 3 rounds to cook a full package of bacon. But I’m keeping it! I think it’s great. Starting a KetoDiet so I’ll be cooking some bacon which I rarely did in the past. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ on this product. ?

  11. Just unwrapped mine and the directions said the orange silicone ring around the glass can be removed for cleaning. I wonder how……….maybe a small stick of dynamite???? After reading all the reviews I wish I had not ordered it, but will try it and chock it off to a “learning experience”. I am wondering about the advisability of buying this crap online, and then having no alternatives when you have problems…Should stick to Walmart as u can return stuff to them with no argument. They get money back from manufacturers.

  12. I tried the Bacon Boss. It took 7 mins 30sec. But not consecutively. I read instructions and set MW for 4 mins for 4 pieces of pretty wide bacon. At 4 mins it was only half cooked. I added time 1 min at a time. Now at 6 mins., still not crisp. I repeated 30 sec 3 more times but let it cool 10 mins between all repeats. The instructions said the max was 6 mins. So I stopped at 7 mins 30 sec
    Bacon was not as crisp as I like it but somewhat crisp. Maybe different bacon type would produce crisper bacon. I also will try it in the oven before I conclude if this was worth the $20 paid at Rite Aid.
    I don’t cook bacon much because of the mess. Even though the pan ‘s top does not create a tight seal, there was no grease splatter. So it meets one of my objectives. I can see cooking bacon more often. I agree that they do need to make the pan longer to fit the bacon better. I give it 3 stars for Average.

  13. I purchased it.. very happy to mircowave and have the turkey bacon flat and crispy. Down side…handle broken off in my hand after 8 uses. Who do I complain to and can I get my money back? I paid full price ($19.99) at Walmart for it.

  14. Horrible Horrible product. I didn’t even get though one package of bacon before the handle melted off. No website to contact the manufacturer and voice my opinion and to see if they would replace the lid. I didn’t mind that it only does 5-6 strips at a time and I didn’t even mind the clean up. I’m just upset that you can’t contact anyone to see how we can resolve this. It is almost like they knew there was a problem and they went into hiding. Very disappointed

  15. This product makes the best bacon I’ve ever had. I usually prefer “soft” bacon, mainly because I equate “crispy” bacon to simply burnt. This bacon, however, is crisp and flavorful, and more substantial, since it stays flat.

    As far as the complaints I’ve seen, the one that I’VE had to deal with is the sticking to the tray. To be fair, though, I do crank it pretty tightly. I may try to use some Pam or other non-stick oil. I did/do smell the “burnt plastic” smell from time to time, but it never transfers to the bacon. The entire unit is VERY hot, and it does take more time than what the directions call for. I’ve found that a full tray (5 pieces of thick cut) takes 9 minutes in my 1100W microwave.

    Clean up is not as easy as they advertise. However, just let it soak in hot water for a few minutes, and you’ll be fine. It’s no worse than anything else for cleanup, and it’s FAR cleaner than frying on the stove top!

  16. I’m really surprised at al the negative comments here. I saw this one night after Xmas at a Rite Aid, I’d stopped for something & saw this on their “Clearance” table for $5.00. I figured what the heck, & got it, not expecting much from any “As Seen On TV” product, but thought it’d be interesting to try. I have used it 3 times so far, and I’m 100% happy with it. No messes in the M/W, no splatters, no sticking of bacon to the base, no broken items (read the directions, only turn the handle 180 degrees, that’s it, don’t crank it down like a waterproof hatch on a ship)….I was actually really surprised. I have no problems with this product at all.

  17. this is not a good product used first time the handle broke off got it as gift where to get new know don’t know to fix it

  18. Orange ring broke after second use, otherwise performs as advertised. Is there a way to get a replacement ring?

  19. It does seem to take longer to cook than my traditional microwave tray. Put in 4 slices of bacon and it took nearly 6 minutes to cook. There isn’t as much shrinkage since the tray has the lock on lid so that’s a plus! Be VERY careful when you take the lid off and DO NOT TOUCH THE GLASS LID! It is very hot! Also the sides where the grease drains are pretty deep and there is no spout so when you drain the grease it goes wide. Drain carefully. Not the worst product I have used and it is nice not to have to cover the bacon with a paper towel or have the mess inside after cooking. I also got mine at after Christmas sale for $4.99 which you can’t beat. Had I paid $20 for I’d be a lot more disappointed

  20. Junk…..received a BaconBoss for Christmas as a present…..handle broke off lid the first time I used it…and the slanted cooking area is too steep….bacon keeps sliding down and laying in the oil while it is being cooked.

  21. We bought one for ourselves and it’s wonderful so we got one for our daughter for her family for Christmas and it caught fire. Was in there for 6 minutes. I don’t understand why it would but am now concerned

  22. I bought this for my wife for Christmas because she doesn’t like the way I cook bacon. The first batch I ran through (in the microwave) went fine. I asked her to try it, and she said it was perfect. She would notice any after taste if there were any. Sure, I had to use a butter knife to loosen up the pieces of the first batch, but hey, even cast iron needs to be seasoned. I don’t know what went wrong in the other reviews, but if the Wife is happy, I’m a winner. I got mine at Walmart for $20.00 no shipping cost. I ran a whole pound of bacon through it with no problems. The piece that hangs over the edge where the grease runs off will tend to shrink back as it cooks. Also I could pour the grease out prior to opening the lid to allow more grease to run off. Do use oven mitts though. It does get hot. A cup of coffee heated in the microwave also gets hot. A little brain power is needed.

  23. Bacon Boss is crap! After cooking bacon in it, the bacon tasted like plastic. If I had to guess the plastic melted some and absorbed into the bacon. Awful product!

  24. Just tried the bacon boss in the microwave. It took a little longer than I anticipated, but the bacon seemed to be cooked perfectly, in flat strips. Because the bacon looked to be perfectly cooked, I thought that I could get past the fact that it splattered out of the edges of the plastic pan and made a mess of the microwave. After trying the bacon, I soon found that although the appearance and texture looked great, the bacon had absorbed a strong plastic taste from the pan. The unexpected plastic flavor overwhelmed me and drowned out the other flavors. I ate one piece and threw the other 5 pieces away. I can not imagine that this product is entirely microwave safe, judging by the flavor.. Very disappointing!

  25. Interesting – I just saw this today at Target and wondered if it was any good. Now I know! An NFG POS.

  26. Bacon too long to fit. It does NOT cook evenly…outer pieces cook faster than interior slices by where the lid screws in. Seems like it took forever to cook just 1 pound. Easier way is to use a cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes or so…OR do the layered paper towel thing in the microwave! I am NOT happy with this product!

  27. This thing sucks. No matter what bacon we use, premium, top store brands like Black label, or cheap, it comes out greasy. Sometimes takes 3x normal cooking time to get it crisp. It is very messy despite the claims, and has to be scrubbed after going thru the dishwasher. Worst $20 I ever spent.

  28. Bed Bath & Beyond will gladly return your money, G Gambino. I have purchased from them online and didn’t want the product. I took it to the store and they happily refunded my money. They ask why you didn’t like the product. Usually my reason is it is too big; didn’t like the color; wrong size; etc. But they will refund your money. If you don’t have the receipt, you get store credit; with receipt, you get your money back.

  29. Love this thing! I picked one up at Bed bath and beyond. No mess this morning. I’d recommend cutting back a little on their 1 min. a slice as it was a little too crisp. Tasted like I had done it in the skillet but easy clean up!

  30. THUMBS DOWN. Just purchased. Not a huge fan. Can only cook 4-5 strips because you don’t want to put one at the end where the grease flows to. I did like that the the bacon cooked flat because of lid and no splatter but, bacon stuck to glass lid. The paper towel method works just as good with nothing to wash, however, sometimes I like to keep my drippings for flavoring other southern dishes. So, still searching.

  31. I have never seen Bed Bath & Beyond turn down a return if it’s garbage, which this apparently is

  32. The handle melted and broke off. Melted plastic left terrible smell in the house. You can only cook 4 bacon slices at a time and the bacon is too long for the pan. Terrible product!

  33. and its ruined our microwave. unbelievable, i will never trust another tv only product again

  34. First time using the bacon boss the handle melted off. Ruined bacon and smelled house up terribly. DO NOT BUY!

  35. Thanks USNSPARKS! You just saved me the cost of the Bacon Boss! I will get a nice meal,but it will be at Logan’s Roadhouse. Thanks again for your in site.

  36. Not worth the money. Picked it up at Bed Bath and Beyond. Regular pack of bacon purchased. Bacon was longer then the boss, had to fold ends back. Glass Top does not fit to the edges and allows splatter. Made a mess of the microwave. The worst part was the bacon stuck to the bacon boss, had to peel it off in pieces. If I could get my money back I would. Don’t waste your money.

  37. I tried the Baconboss and I like it a lot! Grease doesn’t splatter over the oven and not on you. Bacon is flat and grease is poured off.???

  38. I’ve seen the ads on TV. Looked like a good idea but not $35 good! You know something is up when the price isn’t shown in the ad. Anyway here’s a great way to make crispy bacon in the M/W that only costs the price of 3 paper towels. Put bacon slices on a plate and cover with 3 paper towels. Bacon is very greasy thus the need for 3. Then nuke them using this as a guide in a 1100W M/W.
    2 slices: 1 1/2 min; 4 slices: 2 1/2 min; 6 slices: 3 1/2 min. When time is up remove the plate. Warning, plate will be VERY HOT! Use a few more PT’s to remove it. Then carefully remove the PT’s and enjoy! They may stick to the bacon. Couldn’t be easier. I haven’t noticed any grease on the inside of the M/W. The PT’s soak it all up. Take someone out to the Outback for a nice meal. The $35 you saved will cover most if not all the bill.

  39. I’m back now after another bit of experience with this cooker.

    There is an old Swedish saying “The first pancake is always a mess”. So it is with this bacon cooker. The first time all the bacon stuck to the pan and had to be chipped out. The second time I used it I rubbed it with some safflower oil (high smoke point there, or you could use lard) and got a good result, but additional batches in succession work fine as the bacon grease left on the pan prevents sticking and scorching. Also, i did not twist the knob tight, just enough to close down on the bacon. This is important: Don’t torque the top down tight.

    The pan will only hold about four slices at a time so you could do as I did and run multiple batches to refrigerate for later use. Also, the pan is narrower that ordinary bacon. If you use trimmed bacon, like that Oscar Mayer product, you can fit them in, but otherwise you’ll need to trim a half-inch off the fat end to make it fit. This is true of those bacon refrigerator containers too.

    Successive batches also seem to cook up crisper and better, probably because the pan is already hot (invest in some decent cooking gloves). If you can dedicate some weekend time to do your bacon prep along with other chores and refrigerate or freeze the output for quick use later you’ll probably be pleased with the result. A larger version with capacity for a whole pound at a time would be great, but this works ok.


  40. I just received my BaconBoss from the manufacturer and tried it in the oven at 350º. The good point is that it doesn’t splatter; the bad point is that the bacon stuck to the pan and lid so well that it had to be scraped out in pieces with a rubber spatula and now it lies in the sink soaking. Maybe I torqued it down too tight, or maybe a rub with oil is needed to prepare the pan. And maybe the microwave is the best way to go, but I hate to fumigate my microwave with bacon grease vapor. I’ll try it again with less pressure and a little safflower oil rubbed on. If that gets a better result I’ll post again.

  41. Get a microwave bacon rack, lay bacon on paper towel, cover with another paper towel. 1 minute for each piece of bacon in 1,000 watt microwave. Snappy bacon with no fat which is absorbed by the paper towels.
    You can even cook a whole pound of bacon by layering bacon between sheets of paper towels. All layers will not cook the same so you may have to pull some of the cooked bacon out and give the others a few more minutes.BB&B PRICE $8.95.

  42. Saw this on a shelf in a Walmart check out lane yesterday. They did not have a price tag on it but at least there is no shipping. That’s why I’m looking for reviews.

  43. Does it work? Can it really take the heat of a oven? What are the dimensions? What is it make out of?…..Says the lid is glass…..what about the rest of it?

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