Does the Bacon Wave Really Make Yummy Bacon?

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Does Bacon Wave work?If you love bacon but don’t love making it, Bacon Wave might be for you. They say it’s supposed to contain less fat, grease, cholesterol, and calories, so what’s not to like about it? Well, the fact that it comes out of the microwave leads many people to think that it might not work. But they say it will taste like it came off of the frying pan, not out of the microwave, so we decided to give it the test and see what sort of results it provides.

Bacon is one of those foods that you just can’t help eating, even though you know you probably shouldn’t. And with all of the talk about how unhealthy microwaved foods are, combining the two just seems like a perfect storm of malnutrition. But when something tastes as good as bacon does, you have to allow yourself this guilty pleasure, or switch to things like turkey bacon to cut down on some of the fat and grease.

The Claim
The folks behind the Bacon Wave say that it cooks bacon faster, healthier, and crispier, and that it tastes great. They also claim that you won’t have to cook your bacon in a fry pan any more, because it does just as good of a job.

The Hype
It’s bacon! People love their bacon so this is going to get some attention because the thought of perfectly cooked bacon will drive many people to making the purchase to see how it works.

The Cost
You can get the Bacon Wave for under $15 at Amazon, so it’s not as if you’re going to break the bank on this one.

The Commitment
The whole point of using a microwave tray to cook your bacon is so you don’t have to put as much time into the process. Because this allows you to insert the raw bacon, pop it in the microwave and walk away, it means you’re saving plenty of time over having to babysit your bacon and avoid getting burned when the grease pops and spatters.

So much can go wrong when cooking bacon. It’s easy to undercook it, it’s easy to overcook it. Finding that perfect time when it’s just right can be tricky. With the Bacon Wave you don’t have to worry about getting it right. It cooks it crispy, but not too crispy, and it leaves enough moisture in it so you feel like you are eating a piece of bacon from your favorite breakfast restaurant.

Skewering the bacon is pretty much why this works so well. It stretches the bacon out so that it gets cooked easily and doesn’t shrivel up as it gets hot. It also keeps it up off the grease, which is why it comes out so good. The cooking guide of one minute per slice of bacon means that you don’t have to worry so much about getting the cooking time right, although you’ll want to make adjustments based on how well you know your microwave, and whether this sounds right to you. Also, trial and error will let you know what is the right time for your set up.

Clean Up is a Snap
We like that it’s easy to clean, you just run it under the water to get the grease off, soap it up and wipe it off and you’re all set. Compared to cooking it in a fry pan or a skillet where it leaves big puddles of grease everywhere and you have to wait for the pan to cool off before you can clean it. By that time the grease has hardened, making it even harder to get off without scraping the pan.

The Safer Way to Go
One big thing here that the makers of Bacon Wave don’t tell you is that this is really the safer way to go as far as not getting splattered by hot bacon grease, and not risking a chance at starting a grease fire. With their unit you don’t have to get in harm’s way, and the worst you can do to yourself is burn your fingers on a piping hot piece of yummy bacon.

Final Bacon Wave Review

The Bacon Wave does what it says it will do, and is often imitated and rarely duplicated. It gets good reviews in addition to ours, and several real world tests confirm that this is one of those Seen on TV products that knocks it out of the park. The bacon comes out uniform, looking good, and tasting good. It has a deep tray so it collects all of the grease and keeps your bacon out of it. The skewers make it easy to handle your bacon so you don’t have to get near the grease and potentially burn yourself. FYI: Be sure to wash the skewers by hand and do not put them in the dishwasher.

Our Recommendation
We’re recommending you pick up the Bacon Wave, and you can even grab two if you have a big family to feed because they stack on top of each other and can be used at the same time because of their low profile. Breakfast time will never be the same now that you can make delicious bacon at home with hardly a mess made, and with easy clean up.

What do you think? Does Bacon Wave work or not?

37 Customer Reviews on “Does the Bacon Wave Really Make Yummy Bacon?

  1. Perhaps you should try the product before putting it down. I suggest that if you refuse to buy or use a microwave then you have no place reviewing microwave cooking products.

  2. I have used the Bacon Wave for about 20 years and totally love it. I love the uniformity and crispness of the bacon slices, plus it is the least greasy bacon I have ever eaten. I just now ordered a replacement online because my original has gotten brittle from age and constant use.

  3. Cleaning is not just a snap like they lead you to believe. It took me 10 minutes, that’s way to long. A small pipe cleaner would probably work the best, I’ll let you know.

  4. Your review claims that “you just run it under the water to get the grease off, soap it up and wipe it off and you’re all set”, however the instructions explicitly state that you cannot do this, or it will warp. So, using as instructed and keeping in mind that it has 21 narrow fins to clean between and a couple ridges on the bottom that block my sponge, do you have any real suggestions about cleaning it?

  5. I, like many others, love bacon. I use the bacon wave every week. It works great. The skewers are not that durable though. I use the wooden ones for kabobs, disposing after use.

  6. This was the worst video review. She burns herself taking it out of the microwave. She stutters. She acts like she’s never used it before but talks like she has. Her back and the the product are turned away from the camera. She says not to put the skewers in the washing machine. The sound of the bacon popping in the microwave was scary. She takes a bite of the bacon and I thought she was going to choke.

  7. My brother is in love with bacon, but my mom hates cooking it because it makes a mess and splatters hot grease everywhere, even on her. So it’s always a battle of wanting bacon and not wanting a greasy mess. This would be a perfect solution! Usually things don’t taste as good in the microwave, but this seems like a solid design and would make the bacon less greasy so it would taste healthier, so you wouldn’t get a stomach ache, and you would feel less guilty about eating it. I would definitely try this product. I think my mom would love it, and my brother would be psyched we would get more bacon.

  8. As an avid bacon lover, this seems like it would be worth a try. Unfortunately, I am one of those oven snobs who just doesn’t care for or own microwaves. If you don’t have a microwave, then this product is useless and I am not going to go buy a microwave just for this product. I have no issues cooking my bacon anyhow, except for of course the grease, which is why I would consider this product in the first place.

  9. The idea is simple but you can clearly see why it works. Plus, the video review illustrates the whole process anyways, so this one’s an easy buy. Hopefully it tastes as good as cooking bacons on frying pans, but even if it doesn’t it should be much healthier to eat bacons cooked with bacon wave.

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