Does the Krups Egg Cooker Really Work?

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Does the Krups Egg Cooker work?If you’re thinking about getting a Krups Egg Cooker and are wondering if this is finally proof that you don’t know how to boil water, it’s OK. Eggs can be a pain and a hassle to cook in a pot of boiling water, so it’s not the signal of being a lazy or incompetent chef. In fact it shows that you know how to work smart, leaving this mindless task to a machine so you can do more important things. But will this device get you the sort of quality eggs you want, set and forget style?

The old way of making eggs: Get pot out, put eggs in, fill with warm water, put on stove, wait for water to boil, take pot off heat when water boils, cover pot, wait 15 minutes, remove eggs from water, allow eggs to cool. If you think this is hard, you should try making a poached egg. Get one machine that can do both is what the Krups company wants you to do. That’s what their dual purpose egg cooker supposedly does, and the verdict is in.

The Claim
Krups Egg Cooker says that it can boil up to 7 eggs, and that it comes with 2 poaching trays. It also says that you can switch between boiling your eggs and keeping them warm once they’ve cooked. You also don’t need to babysit them, you can set the timer and come back once they’re finished. It shows you where the water level is, and includes an egg piercer so you can make little holes in the eggs to help them cook.

The Cost
The F2307051 model of the Krups Egg Cooker is $30 at Amazon. Yes, this is going to be more expensive than using a simple pot and boiling your eggs the old fashioned way, but the added expense is easily made up for with time – and frustration – savings.

The Commitment
This should allow you to cook eggs more quickly and easily than conventional methods and should provide more consistent results that your current way of cooking them. If you like to eat poached eggs, this can make them for you somewhat automatically, and they come out looking and tasting the same each time.

The Krups Egg Cooker appears simple at first glance, but there is some technology built into it, and you can tell that they spent some time in the research and development process, and that there were probably a few failures before they ended up with a finished product. It’s also important to note that the hard-boiled eggs that it makes are easy to peel, especially when you poke them with the egg needle that comes with the unit.

Clean up time should be easy, as the egg tray and lid – the parts that get dirty – are dishwasher safe. Just remove them from the base and pop them in the dishwasher and they’ll be ready to go the next time you’re ready to use them. Other egg cookers end up getting bits of egg in their crevices that can make it tough to get out.

One common complaint is that the bell that signals when the eggs are done stops working with continued use. This refers only to the sound it makes, it will still shut the machine off when they’re done, so the only inconvenience here is that you’re not alerted to the finish time, which can be a problem.

Final Krups Egg Cooker Review

The Krups Egg Cooker is a solid choice if you’re serious about your eggs. If you’re on a low-carb diet, eggs will be on your approved list, and you wil find it handy to have something like this to keep a ready supply of hard boiled eggs on hand, or to soft boil you an egg with consistent results you don’t have to fuss over.

Other uses for it would be Easter time, when you can get an assembly line going and make batch after batch of hard boiled eggs. Or you can start incorporating more eggs into your diet, now that they’re easier to make. If you like egg salad sandwiches but didn’t make them as often as you’d like because of having to hard boil the eggs, now you can enjoy them when you want. Hard boiled eggs are nice to keep in the fridge for when you need a bit of protein as a quick snack.

Our Recommendation
Cooking eggs the old fashioned way just doesn’t make sense with all of the great egg cookers being produced these days. If you’re still boiling them in a pot and setting the kitchen timer you are making it harder than it has to be. Consider getting an Egg Genie or Eggies if you don’t want to have another kitchen appliance taking up room on your countertops, or storage space.

What do you think? Does the Krups Egg Cooker work or not?

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