Does Bad Air Sponge Really Work?

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Does the Bad Air Sponge really work?Getting that funky smell out of your house can be a real task, but Bad Air Sponge aims to make it as easy as can be. There’s nothing worse than an odor that won’t go away. Even if you keep things nice and clean there are still some smells that seem to linger on long after the source as been removed. If there were only a product that could knock out these smells for you as they occur. Is Bad Air Sponge that miracle product?

There are several products on the market for odor elimination. It’s big business. There are many different smells out there that people can’t tolerate, and having trouble keeping control of. Some of the most popular unpleasant smells are the ones left over from cooking, the ones around the trash can, and pet odors. It can be frustrating to try and combat these odors, but they still stay on.

Products like Glade try to cover up the smell, and Febreeze is the most mainstream product that is designed to eliminate the odors found in clothes as well as the air. Bad Air Sponge takes the same approach at attempting to eliminate the odor, rather than just covering it up.

The Claim
All you have to do is open the container and let it go to work. This is part of the draw to Bad Air Sponge because you don’t really have to do anything. Unlike an air freshener that you have to manually spray each time there’s a smell you don’t care for, with this you just open it up and it should keep up with odors as they occur.

The Cost
Bad Air Sponge is relatively inexpensive when you consider its effectiveness. You can pick it up for less than $12 and depending on how bad your odor problem is, it will last anywhere from a week to several months. You can even use it up to the very last bit by placing the near empty piece into your vacuum cleaner bag, or your trash can, taking the odor out of these places.

The Commitment
You don’t have to do much with the Bad Air Sponge. It’s really a set and forget type of product. If you find that it’s not working as well as you thought it would you should follow the steps it suggests for stronger odors. It will run out and need to be replaced at some point, but that’s easy enough, and the price is at a point where it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to keep using it.

More claims made in their promo video:

Most people that have tried Bad Air Sponge are believers. The ones that didn’t like it probably haven’t used it according to the instructions. There are ways you can make it even more effective than it is. You can take the entire unit out of the tub and place it on its lid. This is recommended if you have a really strong odor that is overpowering your place.

You can also put it in front of a window, the breeze will flow through it and allow a mix of fresh air and allow Bad Air Sponge to permeate throughout a larger area.

Final Bad Air Sponge Review

Bad Air Sponge is very effective at eliminating odors that occur in common places, like the kitchen and bathroom. If you have pets it’s good at neutralizing pet odors, and if you have tried other odor eliminators without success you might find that this is the one product that finally works for you.

With so many choices of products that allow you to freshen up the smell of your home, it’s hard to decide which one to go with. It’s always best to eliminate things rather than cover them up, so the approach taken by Bad Air Sponge is a solid one.

Our Recommendation
Grab yourself a Bad Air Sponge. With its low cost and fantastic user feedback, chances are it’ll solve your various odor problems and return things back to normal. If you find that it isn’t working the way you thought it would, make sure to follow the directions that are included for stronger odors and you should see some improvement.

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What do you think? Does Bad Air Sponge work or not?

16 Customer Reviews on “Does Bad Air Sponge Really Work?

  1. If it’s a big smell don’t waste your money on the 14 oz size, go for the 2lb. We had stray cats get into our basement and use it as a bathroom, and didn’t know until we turned on the furnace. Kept asking, “What the heck is that smell?” It was so horrendous downstairs we gagged when we tried to clean it. A 2lb Bad Air Sponge neutralized the odor. The 14 oz upstairs not as good. I’d love to buy a 4lb or 5lb size in case something like this happens again, but can’t find one bigger than the 2lb.

  2. I use this product to remove lingering smells from bedrooms and wardrobes, especially since I live with smokers. It really does work to remove odors, and the bedroom I first tried it in has not had the smell come back even though I removed the Bad Air Sponge after a day. I plan on buying more to put throughout the house.

  3. I love love love the bad air sponge it is awesome it is worth the money it eliminates odors but it has a pleasant non-toxic smell that it gives off while it is absorbing odors… I have put it everywhere in my house I have used it in my car and the other day I got ready to sell my car and I took out the little bit that was left and when I got in the car the next day to drive it it smelled very musty so the bad Air Sponge is awesome! Comment about fabreez or other sprays is that they mask the smells with artificial additives which are not good for our lungs, really bad for babies and elderly….

  4. Shirley it sure does work for my neighbors ethnic foods that smell funky my 4 cats litter broccoli burning foods I even saved the empty container I hang them on my doorway for my Spanish neighbors foods pot smokers city odors that pollution you name it I get them through eBay they come fast molds from air conditioner I take them out put it on the lid blow a fan on them not even 10 gonzo work for those odors of that food you just have to read how to use them I like the industrial strength

  5. This bad air is right down the best product takes out ethnic cooking Spanish foods cat boxes broccoli fish air conditioner molds burnt foods I suffer with an illness where I cannot put up with smells especially Spanish foods nothing took that off 4 cats litter odors this is used even empty container I saved them old ones I hang on doorway and I blow a fan on them I take them out of container pot odors street odors body odors so if anybody says they don’t work or they prefer lousey febreeze which is made with gluten wheat you are not using this correctly this is the dam product that was ever invented! It saved my life

  6. It seems that if the place smells the management should find and eradicate the source. It can’t be good for the residents, plus deterring visitors.

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