Does Income Hybrid Really Work?

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Does Income Hybrid really work?If you’ve dreamed of making money online and have seen the sales pitch by Income Hybrid, you’ve know doubt been left scratching your head wondering if it could possibly work. If you’re new to these sorts of programs, it may seem fascinating to think of what you could do with the promise of $200 a day with little work. But once you delve into the details, you start to see that it just doesn’t add up.

Online money making programs have been around just as long as the Internet, and it’s true that some people earn a ton of money online. What’s sad is that many of these people make their money by getting other people to buy into their money-making programs and products. It’s always funny to see an online guru reveal their secrets, only to realize that they have used these exact techniques on their own sales page to lure you in to buy their system.

It’s hard to find a legitimate product that actually makes their owners money, and not just from sales of the product itself. With almost all of these types of products you will see an affiliate program, and they will encourage you to make extra money by promoting the product. In many instances this is a better way of making money than using the steps detailed in the system.

The Claim
Because of the crackdown by the FCC there are fewer outlandish claims being made by income generating programs like Income Hybrid. It’s hard to find anything that specifically states that users will make any money. There are several implicit suggestions that you’ll make thousands of dollar using the software.

For example, they state that the software makes them over $28,000 each month. Of course, a visitor to the site would automatically assume that they would be able to make a small fraction of that per month, with little work.

The claims do flow from Income Hybrid, they just can’t help themselves. They state that their software is a “secret” and that it was only used previously by unnamed celebrities, undisclosed fortune 500 companies, and the the very vague “corporate elite”. This plays on the belief that the richest 1% knows some hidden trick to making money that regular people don’t know.

They claim that you don’t need to spend money to make money, and that you don’t have to put anything up upfront. While the old adage that you have to spend money to make money is not exactly true, you often have to substitute hard work and perseverance if you don’t have the capital to invest with. When a company says that you don’t have to work hard plus you don’t have to invest anything to make money, it’s an eyebrow raiser.

The Hype
The hype comes from all of the review websites that are mere affiliates. How can you get an honest review from someone that wants their cut of the action, and wants nothing more than you to click through and buy the product?

Here’s an example of a typical video made by an affiliate. It’s not a review at all, just an promo for the program:

Even a site that claims it’s a scam is an affiliate site. You can’t trust anyone out there!

Moreover, those that do find success with the product are not going to come back and give it a positive review, because they would want to keep the profits for themselves, and not share the success.

The Cost
It’s just $47 to buy and try Income Hybrid, and this low price point should be another reason why you can safely avoid it and try your luck elsewhere. Common sense says that if someone develops a software system that creates cash, they wouldn’t be selling it for a measly $47, in fact there wouldn’t be a valid reason for them to sell it at all.

The Commitment
Any time you see a money making opportunity that involves software, red flags should go off in your head. The set and forget nature of software makes it extra appealing to people that want something for nothing, or that think that a piece of software will automatically propel them into the big time.

There are so many things that are inherently wrong with the concept of someone selling automatic software that makes a person money with little to no knowledge, skill, or work. Income Hybrid has a lot of explaining to do in order to convince potential buyers that it works.

Income Hybrid capitalizes on the latest craze of Facebook fan pages and uses the claim that Facebook has overtaken Google in traffic. It’s nothing new to the Internet Marketing community, and people have been trying to make money using fan pages for several years now.

The program entails setting up fan pages on Facebook and using them to promote ClickBank products. If you’re not familiar with ClickBank, they are a digital marketplace that makes it easy for people to sell digital content like ebooks and software. Many people want to make money with ClickBank, but what usually ends up happening is that only a fraction of people selling things on the marketplace end up making any money.

So once you set up the Income Hybrid “software”, which they claim takes about 7 minutes, it is designed to drive traffic to your fan page, and that traffic is expected to eventually click on your affiliate link to the ClickBank page and earn you a commission. Sounds simple enough, in theory, but as you’ll see things that work on paper don’t usually pan out in the real world.

The only problem with the model promoted by Income Hybrid is that you will need a ton of traffic to your fan page just to get people to check out what you have to offer. Only a small percentage of them will actually pass through to your offer page, and of that small number only the smallest amount of people will actually make the decision to purchase. And if that excites you, hold your enthusiasm for 60 days because that’s how long it will take the funds to clear since the buyer has that long to ask for a no questions asked refund. If they ask for the refund you don’t get your commission.

You would have to have a knack for picking the best topics for fan pages, and writing stellar copy that gets them to the sales page. You’d also have to know which products you should be promoting that people will actually buy and not return. Then you’ll have to hope that the software that you set up to drive traffic to your page actually brings quality visitors, that turn into fans and buyers, and not just junk traffic that will leave you fan page without interacting at all.

Final Income Hybrid Review

You’ll have to sift through mountains of glowing reviews when doing your research of Income Hybrid. There are so many sites saying that it works, but they all have a vested interest in it, none of them have tried the product, and therefore the those reviews are useless, and thinly disguised sales pitches for the product. Use your own judgement and a dash of common sense and you’ll see that there is nothing remarkable about it.

Our Recommendation
Income Hybrid can best be left alone. If you’re prone to buying these products and have a long track record of ordering money making systems and trying them out, save your time and the hassle and look at some other opportunities. While it’s true that ClickBank has their 60 day return policy, it’s the time that you’ll want to save and apply to a more effective product.

What do you think? Does Income Hybrid work or not?

Customer Review on “Does Income Hybrid Really Work?

  1. I can’t believe people buy in to this crap.
    Surely the days of people being suckered in by big money claims are behind us? I certainly wish they were!

    These systems suck. There’s no way in todays internet age that you can setup a one or two page site with automated content and a couple of affiliate products, then leave it and expect it to make money.
    First of all Google will simply not rank the site because the content is spammy.
    With no google love you’ll never get the traffic to make the money.
    Please people, just do some reading on the subject first.
    If you buy a system like this, all you’re doing it throwing money in to the pockets of the people who wrote the system.

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