Does Banital Really Work?

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Does Banital work?Banital is a weight loss pill that attempts to attack a different sort of weight than other products go for. They specifically target the extra weight that most of us carry in the form of backed up body waste. It’s possible to diet and exercise and lose weight, but unless you strategically try to get rid of this excess waste, it’s going to be left in your system, and can even make it harder to lose weight the conventional way. But can you get it out of you by just taking a pill?

The most effective way to clean out your colon is through colonic irrigation. If that’s not an option for you then the next best thing would be a colon cleanse. This is meant to break up and loosen all of the encrusted fecal matter than didn’t make its way out and now sits lodged inside you.

A lot of debate exists as to how much of this is stored up in the average person, but it’s easy to understand that not everything that goes into us comes out the other end, especially with the kinds of foods we typically eat, and all of the preservatives, chemicals, and non-food items that are in them. The body doesn’t know how to process it, and few of us eat enough fiber in the form of raw fruits and vegetables to keep things moving through us. A sluggish digestive system is something that effects the whole body, and especially how you feel.

The Claim
Banital claims that it’s been seen on TV, and that it is the ultimate weight loss system. They quickly try to make the distinction that it is not “weight loss” the way most people understand it, but more like “waste loss”. They claim that the average person carries between five and ten pounds of toxic waste in their system, and that this 7 day cleanse can help move it out of you.

The Hype
The hype is that this product is borrowing a lot from the alternative medicine camp as far as talking about toxins built up in stored body waste. This is usually the pitch given by colon cleanses and colon hydrotherapy offices. It’s a pretty easy case to make, as you don’t have to look very far to see what a toxic environment it is for the body. You’ve got antibiotics being given to all of the animals that we use as food, plus all of the chemicals in everything from the water we drink to the pollutants in the air we breathe. It’s not hard to see that the body needs some sort of outlet for all of this.

The Cost
Banital is $60 a month, which includes shipping. The thing is though, they enroll you in an enrollment club and will automatically ship you a new batch every month and charge your card every month too. But this is not something that you would want to take long term, as many of the ingredients it includes work like a laxative, and you don’t want to get into the habit of taking a laxative, as your body will become dependent on it.

The Commitment
They would love it if you stayed with this long term, and they advocate doing a cleanse every other week, for no other reason that we can determine other than it will allow you to run out of both products at the same time. You have to resolve yourself to get involved with cleaning out your body and starting to be more healthy. There’s no reason to be passive about it, or hands off, you should embrace the process and want to be present as you help create a new you.

First, you need to understand that Banital is two different products, one is a weight loss pill and the other is for cleansing. This could be something that you would want to use before starting a diet and exercise program, to clear the body of toxic build up, allowing the nutrients from good foods to be better absorbed by the body. You may also feel lighter and more energetic after doing their cleanse, which will help you start up an exercise or fitness program.

Final Banital Review

We’re giving Banital a tentative Try rating, but only if you’ve exhausted other avenues. They’ve got the right concept, it is a good idea to get built up waste out of your body, but we’re not completely sold on its ability to do it for you. There are better reviewed colon cleanses that you can take that are more extensive than just taking a pill, and there are well-reviewed diet pills out there that have a track record of success.

One thing we don’t like is that they recommend cleansing every other week. That’s way to often, and could lead you to develop a dependency on it. A proper and thorough colon cleansing should only need to be done on regular intervals, either as the season change, or at the most every month, if you don’t change your diet or lifestyle and keep intoxicating it.

Our Recommendation
If you do go with this, we recommend immediately canceling the auto-shipment on it. There’s no need to do this every month as long as you use this as a way to start eating better and taking better care of yourself. Starting a weight loss program after this is a good idea, since you will be starting with a clean slate so to speak, if this actually works.

What do you think? Does Banital work or not?

Customer Review on “Does Banital Really Work?

  1. I think it wouldn’t hurt to try Banital for about month. I know there are debates about the benefits of ridding the waste inside our body, but the fact remains it can’t be good to carry that excess waste in us. To think that I’m carrying 5 to 10 pounds of feces makes me feel really uncomfortable if not disgusted. I’ll give it a try for a month and just cancel it if it doesn’t work.

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