Does the Better Rack Really Work?

Does the Better Rack Really Work?
Does it realy work?

Does the Better Rack Work?Almost every homeowner will agree that space is always at a premium especially when it comes to the kitchen cupboards. Having devices that will allow you to capitalize on this space is a real bonus. The Better Rack is a unit that will help you store your pots and pans utilizing the space in the best way.

Who doesn’t have the problem of a whack of pots and pans all cluttered into one bottom cupboard that are almost impossible to get at without an avalanche of metal all tumbling down onto the kitchen floor with a racket that could wake the dead? The all new As Seen on T.V Better Rack is the solution to this age old problem.

The Claim
The claim by the manufacturer I that you can eliminate the issue of having a cluttered cupboard full of all your pots and pans tossed haphazardly into that small space with no cohesion or organization which is not only a pain in the butt but also makes cooking that much harder when you have to continuously search for the right pan amid the clutter.

The Hype
The hype stems from the fact that this Better Rack is able to completely re-tool your pot and pan drawer and make the cooking process that much simpler by eliminating the need to sort through a cluster of stuff to get the pot or pan that you need at that moment.

The Cost
The cost of the Better Rack Pot and Pan Organizer is only $14.99 and for a limited time you will get a second rack for the same price if you pay only the shipping and handling costs of $6.95. Not a bad price for something that will simplify your life to the degree this unit will.

The Commitment
Other than the simple set up process for the Better Rack there is very little in the way of commitment unless you count the commitment to being better organized in the kitchen.

The Better Rack is a great solution to an age old problem. You can set up the unit to sit either horizontal or vertical depending on your preference and the space in your cupboard to hold all your frying pans or just about anything that you want to organize. You can use this unit to hold your cookbooks or your glassware and it will work equally as well. The unit is made from durable materials that will last for many, many year and can stand up to any abuse that it may face. The unit can hold up to five pans or pieces of cookware and even more books if you double stack them. The unit is very versatile and will make a great addition to any kitchen. Another storage solution you may find interesting is the Swivel Store.


Final Better Rack Review

We really like this Better Rack. It does exactly what it says it will do and is very cost effective. If you are like me you have the exact problem that this Better Rack solves, too many pots and pans simply tossed into a cupboard that is a pain in the butt to sort through when you need that one particular pan for say an omelet or something similar

Our Recommendation
This Better Rack is a keeper. Does what it says it will do and is exceptionally cheap over all. If you have the same problem of a clutter of cookware then get one of these and see the problem disappear virtually overnight.

What do you think? Does the Better Rack work or not?


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