Does Bio Green Clean Really Work?

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Does Bio Green Clean work?Bio Green Clean is a cleaning agent or detergent mainly used for almost all cleaning duties in and outside the house. From the manufacturers of this product: it is ecologically safe to use on anything, as it does not contain any active chemicals that could cause any harm on the material being washed, and the environment. But how well does it stand up to real world use?

Many people use detergents with active ingredients which are highly concentrated with factory chemicals and bleaching agents that could be harmful to fabrics and the ecosystem in general. A green movement has been going on for a number of years now where there’s more of an emphasis on keeping nature and the Earth in mind when using chemicals to clean up at home. More and more of us are realizing that our actions have a direct effect on the environment.

The Claim
The makers of Bio Green Clean say that it handles stubborn stains with ease. Although produced with natural ingredients and no active chemicals, it handles all stubborn stains without much elbow grease needed on your part. The advantage in using this cleanser is that you can even use it in an undiluted form to take care of very stubborn stains. When you use the undiluted solution, the detergent does most of the work of breaking down the stain, then dissolving it for easier cleaning. This means you do not have to do all the hard work, it will do it for you. Unlike other chemically produced detergents that come with bleaching agents, and those that cannot be used when undiluted, this product works perfectly under all conditions.

They also say that this has universal uses. It is possible to use this to clean anything in the house, from utensils, cooking pans, grills, clothes, and cars to everything else that needs cleaning. The only fact you have to consider when using this is what you are cleaning, and how dirty it is. For example, dirtier carpets will need a stronger solution than washing utensils and other smaller items.

The Appeal and The Hype
There are no side effects associated with using this, so even those with allergies will be fine, as it shouldn’t cause any sort of reaction the way some harsh cleaning products can. They have a celebrity endorser on this, Ed Schultz, who is shown using it on his airplane and giving it the thumbs up.

The Cost
Bio Green Clean is $25 for a 32 ounce spray-able bottle, which is comparable in size to a bottle of Fantastik or 409 that you can find in your local store. By comparison it’s very expensive, at least 5 times more expensive than conventional cleaning products. There is a way to get the cost down by buying larger, concentrated forms, and then mixing it on your own. They have a one-gallon concentrate for $90 that they say you can make 4-10 gallons with. Even at the low estimate of 4 gallons that would provide you with sixteen 32 ounce bottles, effectively getting you down to $5.63 a bottle.

The Commitment
In essence this should reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning up, since it’s supposed to break down stains and make cleanup much easier.

For the cleaning agent to be considered environment friendly and biodegradable, Bio Green Clean is made up of extracts from amino acids extracts which take the place of peroxides and bleaching agents in chemically produced detergents. Amino acids are highly biodegradable. It also uses minerals and extracts from emerald leafy vegetables and seeds. But all of this doesn’t really matter if it doesn’t get things clean. Here’s what users are saying about how effective it is.

The pros that are commonly given are that it actually does a good job of cleaning things, including set in stains that other cleaners aren’t able to get out. Users also say that it’s gentle on hands, so you don’t have to worry about getting any on you the way you do with some abrasive or caustic chemicals. The

It’s pretty remarkable that the product is able to clean so well, but still be derived entirely from plants. This makes it great for those that suffer from allergic reactions to most cleaning chemicals. It doesn’t use any artificial dyes and colors, and it doesn’t come with a fragrance so what you get is completely natural. As a side bonus they also say they don’t test the product on animals.

Final Bio Green Clean Review

Bio Green Clean is getting our Thumbs Up rating, based on positive customer feedback, and that it manages to be effective without polluting the earth. Yes, the cost is pretty high if you buy it in the pre-mixed spray bottle. But if you buy the concentrate and mix it as needed it drives the price down considerably, and puts it on par with the price of cleaners you can buy in the store that don’t work as well and are bad for the environment.

Our Recommendation
It can be hard getting into the green mentality since there isn’t any immediate harm that can be seen by just using the sort of chemicals you grew up with to clean the home. But taking responsibility for the products that you use, and the effect they have on the world as a whole is an important step, and if everyone adopted that mindset it would be a much different world that we live in.

What do you think? Does Bio Green Clean work or not?

16 Customer Reviews on “Does Bio Green Clean Really Work?

  1. used bio on my car windows as directed 0n bottle glass looked good while I cleaned it as I parked car outside the film and streak was awful this product may work on other things but I wouldn’t use this on any cars at all not a satisfied customer

  2. I used Bio-Green Clean to take off the mildew on my vinyl siding with excellent results. The mildew did not come back and I am very happy. Yes, I did need to use a little elbow grease to wipe it clean but I only used a single application. I also use to clean my wood floors. Excellent value when purchased as a concentrate.

  3. There is a sucker born every minute – and Bio-Green Clean takes advantage of that. It does no better than any other natural cleaning – very modest, basic results. PLUS it has a very unpleasant lasting odor. If it is really natural, why not make if Free and Clear?

  4. Thumbs down! I was prepared to love this stuff mostly due to the endorsement by Ed Schultz. At $36 for a quart of concentrate, I had to save up. Highly disappointed. We only have the companies “word” that this is earth friendly since the ingredients are proprietary. I kept trying it and trying it with dismaying results. I bought it primarily to clean the light colored grout on my kitchen floor. Even full strength, I still had to scrub and scrub. I asked for a refund and got an email back that I had waited to long (you have to do it within 30 days of purchase) and was basically called an idiot and was “using it wrong.” So the company doesn’t actually stand behind their product if you don’t like it and only if you jump through all their refund hoops. Bio Green Scheme, as I now call it, is an advertiser on Ed’s radio show. They pay to be endorsed. Follow the money…

  5. I tried Bio Green as it claims to be all natural. I had my reservations as most ‘green’ products don’t work. The Bio Green is costly so I was hoping that it worked. I used Bio Green in the kitchen and it does clean, but I just kept thinking that my kitchen wasn’t sanitized. I don’t think it is worth the twenty five dollars when you can use other green products from Walmart for only three dollars. I’m wondering if it even sanitizes without all the chemicals not being added. If you don’t worry about this like I did, then this is a good product. It does clean, but costly to do so.

  6. Where does Bio Green disclose their ingredients? My dog is highly allergic to tea tree oil and mellaleuca / eucalyptus, which are considered “natural” ingredients. I cannot find this information anywhere. Why would I spend so much on a product simply because a celebrity endorses it?

  7. I would like to know if Bio green could be purchased in larger then one gal. containers, if so how much would a five or fifteen gallion container cost.

  8. We have a small farm in our backyard, so I make it a mission to use everything natural around the house. I don’t want any chemicals spilling onto our soil and our children ending up with a contaminated tomato or lettuce. The whole purpose of our backyard farm was to eat organic, so we must keep everything as natural as we can. The same goes cleaners that are used outside of the house and I’ll stick with bio green as long as it cleans well.

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