Does Caboki Really Work?

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Does Caboki work?Caboki as a way to cover up your thinning or balding hair pretty much instantly, but is only an aesthetic fix. When you’re losing your hair, the products available to you are pretty much broken down into two categories: cover-ups, and hair regrowth attempts. Some guys use both at once, other guys use one or the other, so it’s up to you how you want to tackle the problem. We went into this further to see if this works as good as it looks in the promos.

It’s interesting to think that these sort of cover-up products are actually being more honest to the consumer than those that promise to stop the loss or regrow the hair. A lot of the times those products are unable to stop the balding process. But many of the cover-ups do a good job of living up to their claims, and improving the appearance. The only conundrum that’s left is how do you go from balding to having hair overnight, and do you really plan to keep the charade going indefinitely?

The Claim
Caboki bills itself as a hair loss breakthrough, but we’d have to challenge them on that. They are not actually helping to reverse hair loss, so it’s not really a breakthrough of any sort. Especially since concealers like these have been around for decades in one form or another.

They say that no one will be able to tell that you’ve used a concealer, because it’s not like any others on the market. They say it’s not a paint, not an oil, and that even upon close inspection under unfavorable lighting people still won’t know.

The Hype
The interesting thing is that they claim that you’ll experience an increase in self confidence. But that seems a little odd as well. It seems like you’d have just as much diffidence as before, and maybe a little more. At least when you’re not wearing anything in your hair you don’t have to worry if people are wondering why you went from balding to not. It seems like this would draw even more attention to you head and hair, and you’d be self-conscious that people are suspecting that you’re worried about your hair loss.

The Cost
Caboki is $20 for a 25 day supply, or you can get a 50-75 day supply for $40. What’s nice is that right on their order page they have pictures of different stages of hair loss, and actually recommend against ordering if they don’t think you’ll be able to be served by their product. This is almost unheard of, and in our hundreds and hundreds of reviews, we’ve only seen one or two instances where there was an attempt by the manufacturer to prevent purchases that didn’t make sense to the consumer.

The Commitment
You’d have to get the hang of how to use this effectively for your specific hair condition. This may take a little trial and error, so before using it for a big event or social gathering you might want to get it a few days or weeks beforehand so you can figure out the finer details so it looks good.

Other than that it shouldn’t be too much of a commitment, you just sprinkle it on and style your hair as normal.

Caboki is unique in that it uses all natural ingredients. This allows your scalp to breath and it shouldn’t irritate things. This is important because if you’re using hair regrowth products in conjunction with this, you don’t want to stunt any potential growth that could be happening. With other concealers you just don’t know what you’re shaking onto your hair.

Final Caboki Review

Caboki is getting our nod of approval as a definite Try. For $20 it can’t hurt to try this out for a few weeks, or at least just a few times to see how you like it. What’s the worst that can happen? Either it’s going to do all it says it does and you’re going to like the results it provides, or you’re going to hate it and not want to use it ever again. It’s a price point where you won’t be kicking yourself months later for giving it a try, and it could potentially get you what you want.

Our Recommendation
If you’re tired of sporting a bald spot on the back of your head, or you just want to feel what it’d be like to look like you have a full head of hair, this might be a good way to go. Movie stars use these sort of things all the time during film shoots, so if you’ve got a one-off event like a school reunion or a wedding to attend, you might want to think about it. As far as daily use goes, we think it would get a little exhausting trying to keep up the deception, but of course that’s up to you.

What do you think? Does Caboki work or not?

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  1. I have been losing hair at a remarkable rate since went into menopause 17 years ago; i was shocked. i hated that my scalp was so visible despite having great hair cuts, dying my hair etc. I decided to do a google check of products available to hide bald spots and came across Caboki. Now i have allergies to many things so i was a bit skeptical of even trying this product. What was awesome was that Caboki offers a free sample of their product which I ordered and it was delivered quickly. I went to my hair stylist; she read the directions and used Caboki on my hair. I was astounded. My thin hair with its bald spots at the crown especially and on top, was completely covered by this product. You would never know I have thinning hair. I have been using this product for over a year now. I have not had any allergy problems with it; it is an amazing product and has changed my life in the sense that I have confidence that I dont look like an old lady with really really thin hair. thank you Caboki.

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