Does the Cami Shaper Really Work?

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Does Cami Shaper work?The Cami Shaper is meant to be worn under your clothing so that it can help to hide problem areas, providing a slimmer, sleeker look right after you put it on. This would be a blessing to women all across the country that are looking for a way to look good, without the time and hassle of slimming down. So how well do users say it works?

It can be hard to go through your wardrobe and find clothes that you like to wear, especially if you have problem areas that make certain outfits a no-go. It’s also disheartening when there are some dresses you used to fit into, but can’t do so easily anymore. While the best fix is to change your diet and get more exercise, it can be hard to get started, and harder to wait around for the results.

The Claim
The makers of Cami Shaper say that it can help smooth out your tummy, your muffin top, and help you fit into those dresses that you’ve cast aside because they’re hard to get into. They also claim that it provides compression in 5 different zones, which are problem areas for many of us, including love handles and back fat.

The Hype
There are plenty of products like this one, and there’s even an entire websites filled with body shaping products. The most successful of which is arguably Spanx, but there are so many others out there, all promising to make you look slimmer without having to change your diet or exercise more. They seem to be relying on the Genie name here, and trying to ride on the success of the Genie Bra in order to build consumer confidence and appeal to those that purchased the Genie Bra.

The Cost
The Cami Shaper is sold in sets of 3 for $20 each, totaling $60. You end up receiving three different colors, one white, one black, and one nude, so you should be all set for most dresses and tops that you’d want to wear over it. They have the option to just try one for $20, but you have to navigate away from their page to get to it. They also let you pay for the three in three monthly installments, and they say it’s covered by a 60 day guarantee, so you can always return them if they don’t work the way you expect them to.

The Commitment
These are supposed to represent a reduction in your commitment level, as you’re supposed to get instant gratification as soon as you put it on. One successful way of using these is as a way to get some immediate compliments and to give yourself a glimpse of the future when starting out on a new diet or workout regimen. This will give you the confidence you need to stay on it, and eventually you won’t need to wear a shaping garment like this anymore.

The Cami Shaper is getting mixed reviews, and most people say they’re disappointed with the results it provides. Some of the more common complaints are that it rides up and needs to be adjusted quite frequently. This is a big drawback because the way it’s shown it should be just fine once you get it into place.

The magic is supposed to be in the fabric they’re using, which is supposed to provide support to your breasts, and even out bulging areas without making you feel constricted, and without inhibiting your movement. It wouldn’t be such a great product if you have to walk around like the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz in it. The material should allow you to go about your day, breathing easily, while feeling snug and looking sexy.

Final Cami Shaper Review

The Cami Shaper is getting our Risky Try rating, as they don’t seem to appeal to everyone that tries them, their price point is rather high, and there are less expensive options that are better received by actual users. Their Genie Bra has better reviews than this follow-up product, and just because a company got one product right doesn’t mean they’ll get them all right. Their products come with free shipping, and the 60 day guarantee helps to minimize the risk, so all that’s really at stake is the time and energy it takes to try these out and see if they’re right for you.

Our Recommendation
There are other shapewear choices that seem to have a better track record than this one, and for about the price you could get something from the Spanx lineup, or a set of four Trendy Tops for less money. It’s really a matter of trying the different brands to see which one gives you the best benefits and makes you look your best. It’s might take some trial and error, but most shops will give you a guarantee on the product, so you don’t have to fret too much.

What do you think? Does Cami Shaper work or not?

304 Customer Reviews on “Does the Cami Shaper Really Work?

  1. What a disappointment! I wore it for the first time today and it was embarrassing and uncomfortable because it kept rolling up and I would have a roll around my middle. It’s completely unwearable.

  2. I was so disappointed in the cami . AND I couldn’t return because Karin said they don’t return stuff if it doesn’t fit . What a rip-off

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