Does Purasun Really Work?

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Does Purasun work?PuraSun is a supplement that you’re supposed to take in order to get the best tan you possibly can. This would be more convenient than using tanning creams and lotions, but only if it provides good, measurable results.

There are plenty of opinions regarding sun exposure and whether or not it’s a healthy thing to get. Some people avoid the sun at all costs trying to avoid things like sun spots and skin cancer. Others sunbathe for hours or regularly go to a tanning salon trying to get a deep dark tan. Getting a good amount of Vitamin D is important, so finding the right mix of sun exposure to give you the tan you want is essential.

The Claim
PuraSun says that it’s supposed to get your skin ready to tan, and contains vitamins and minerals for that purpose. They say that this will help give you an even tan, so you won’t have the telltale tan lines that make it obvious that you’ve been tanning. This is because it pigments the skin evenly, treating all of your skin the same way.

The Appeal
The tanning industry is always looking for ways to help you get and maintain a better tan. There are plenty of tanning salons, and beaches across the world are full of sun worshipers, but few tanners are ultimately happy with the tan they end up with. They have been resorting to tanning creams and lotions in an attempt to get a darker tan, a better tan, or have their tan last longer. Getting those benefits from a pill rather than a lotion definitely has an appeal.

The Cost
One bottle of PuraSun containing 120 pills is around $18 on Amazon. This would be a two month supply if you’re taking the maintenance dose of two pills per day, or would be a one-month supply if you’re taking more of them during times of the year when you’re getting more sun. When you consider that you’d have to tan less in order to maintain your look, this could end up saving you on trips to the tanning beds, and it could also save you time if you sunbathe outside, so you don’t have to spend so much time working on your tan.

The Commitment
The number of pills you’re supposed to take varies depending on how much sun you’re getting. If you simply want to maintain the look of your tan, they say that you should take 2 pills a day as a daily supplement. If you’re going to go out and get some sun, you take additional pills so that your skin will be ready.

PuraSun is made with “proprietary ingredients” so the exact blend of what they’re using is unknown. What we do know is that it contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E, two vitamins that are known to help the skin stay at its best. They also say it contains carotenes and different oils that should help your skin be softer, more supple, and smoother. Feeding your skin the things it needs can only be good for it, and exposing skin to the sun when it isn’t getting the right nutrients can cause more damage than having your skin properly prepared.

A comparison of two similar products:
While some might not like the thought of swallowing a pill to try to tan better, most will welcome the idea of not having to use messy creams and lotions, or trying to use self-tanners that can turn your orange or leave big streaks. They say it’s all-natural, but since they don’t spell out exactly what’s in it you’ll have to give them the benefit of the doubt and trust that it contains natural ingredients.

Final PuraSun Review

PuraSun is getting our Solid Try rating, with many reports from users saying that it works. Of course there are those that say it didn’t do anything for them, which is to be expected because there are too many unknown factors at work here. There are many different skin types, and the amount of sun that each person gets will vary, so results will definitely change from person to person.

When you consider the other alternatives to maintaining a tan, this seems like a pretty good, fairly priced alternative. It’s a good idea to talk with your dermatologist before embarking on any sun-seeking mission.

Our Recommendation
If you’ve been trying to find ways to increase your tanning ability or to make your tan look better than it already does, this product seems like it’s worth a try. Some users have gotten great results with it, while others haven’t, but if you follow the usage directions and get the appropriate amount of sun, it will increase the chances of it working for you. And at this price point if it works for you it will be a great bargain.

What do you think? Does PuraSun work or not?

67 Customer Reviews on “Does Purasun Really Work?

  1. It may have something to do with my skin type, but I always get uneven tan no matter what I do and sometimes I wonder why I even try. I’ve been tanning for the past 5 years, so I’ll know right off the bat if it works or not. I’ll give it maybe half a dozen tries and if it doesn’t work, then I know it’s just piece you know what.

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