Does the Children Learning Reading Program Really Work?

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children-leaning-readingEvery parent wants their child to learn how to read well, but it is not always an easy task trying to find the best methods to help them with this. For those parents facing this kind of challenge then the Children Learning Reading program may be the best solution.

The Children Learning Reading Program is being offered by a teacher by the name of Jim Yang that has tried and proven his methods to be fast, efficient and accurate.Jim has proven his methods do work by using them with his own children. His concept is built on the premise that children learn to read better and more efficiently with the help of their parents or at least one of them, as opposed to other methods. He does not believe that using “sight words” for teaching is a sound method, and could actually slow the youngster down in their reading efforts.

The Claim
The promoter claims that two scientifically proven methods can be used to help the youngster learn to read faster and more efficiently.It is indicated that children as young as two can be taught how to begin to read. The promoter claims that he has used his methods for a variety of children at different age groups and with good success.

The Hype
Anything that seems valid in its ability to help a child learn how to read usually grabs the attention of most parents. Without good reading skills the youngster can be held back in their other academic achievements. There are many testimonies on the site that indicate many children just over the age of two are reading astoundingly well.

The Cost
When it comes to cost there are a few offerings. You can get the standard package for $49.99 and then an add on premium package for $19.95. Along with your order there are several bonus books. Everything is downloadable so you can get started right away. With the extra addition of the premium package you get some excellent videos to help your young one progress even further with their reading skills.

The Commitment
You are going to have to commit to working with your child by using the training material that comes with the Children Learning Reading Program. It is no different than when you spend a good deal of time reading story books to them. While doing so you are going to be following lesson plans offered by the Children Learning Reading Program. It is indicated that each lesson only takes about 5 to 15 minutes each day.

There is no doubt that children love to learn with their parent’s guidance. They are far more receptive to this type of learning than they are stand alone methods where they are doing it on their own. The Children Learning Reading Program is a fabulous opportunity for child parent interaction all the while learning a very valuable skill.

Final Children Learning Reading Program Review

We are going to give the Children Learning Reading Program a thumbs up review. We found the promo material to be heavily laden with some great testimonials, which by the very number of them gives a strong indicator that this is a well received program. We like the parent child interaction that it is based on. We also realize that it is very difficult for parents to monitor the progression on a close basis with other types of reading programs. With this program the parents get to see the progression on a daily basis provided they are following the outline of the program.

Our Recommendation
We suggest that you give Children Learning Reading Program a try as soon as you realize that your youngster may be running into reading difficulties. Or even before your little one is ready to enter into the classroom setting. It appears that this program is ideal for kids between the ages of 2 1/2 years up to 7. We have reviewed other reading helps before like ClickNRead Phonics but as yet there is no real feedback on this method.

Official Website: Children Learning Reading

What do you think? Does Children Learning Reading Program work or not?

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