Does the Clog Cannon Really Work?

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Does the Clog Cannon Work?Getting a clogged drain can be a real hassle and it seems to happen always when you’re running late and don’t have time to fix it. The Clog Cannon is able to take care of these plugged up situations quickly and cleanly and it can save you lots of time and money.

Basically the Clog Cannon is a device you hold in your hand that cleans out your clogged drain, whether it is in your shower, bath tub, or sink. When you press down on this device it will unleash a very powerful stream of water that pushes whatever is clogging your drain free and clear, allowing any backup water to flow freely down the drain.

The Claim
Apparently what makes the Clog Cannon so effective is their patent-pending water chamber, combined with a silicone valve that creates a very tight seal around any sink shower or bath tub drain. It’s because of this tight seal that when you expunge the water inside the chamber it is able to truly blast away anything that is clogging the drain and because it is pushing it down, rather than pulling it up like a snake would do, there is no odor or leftover residue that you have to clean up.

The Hype
Obviously if the Clog Cannon works as well as it’s advertised it would definitely be something to have around the house in case of a blocked drain. The fact that no chemicals are needed like what you use to use in the past, such as Draino for example, and the fact that there’s no leftover mess are a couple good reasons why the Clog Cannon is well worth the money. Also right now they have a two for one deal so you are able to have a unit for a couple of rooms.

The Cost
The cost right now for the Clog Cannon is only $19.99 plus $6.99 for the shipping and receiving, but with the special they have right now, you will get an additional Clog Cannon absolutely free, so the total cost of the whole order will be $26.98.

The Commitment
The commitment with the Clog Cannon is that it will work to quickly and effectively unclog your sink your shower or your bath tub drain and it will do so with no chemicals and no mess for you to clean up. It’s because of their patent pending water chamber, combined with a silicone valve that it is able to use high enough water pressure so that it can blast right through anything that is clogging up the drain.

The basic concept of the Clog Cannon is pretty simple and it works very much like a toilet plunger but because of its silicone valve it is able to create a tighter seal around the steal drain that is usually found in the bathroom or kitchen sink and the bath tub and shower. The fact that it shoots the water straight down the drain is much better than it being pulled up, because then you have the mess as well as the smell to deal with, and depending on how bad the clog is, sometimes the odor can be pretty harsh.

Final Clog Cannon Review

After reviewing the Clog Cannon, especially because of the two for one deal, we find that it would be a pretty good purchase and something that would come in handy around the home. Even if it only unplugged a couple of drains, you would save the money on the chemicals needed to unplug it, and even in a worse situation, if you had to call a plumber, obviously the cost would be much higher.

Our Recommendation
As an alternative and something a little more old fashioned for drain cleaning you may want to take a look at the Turbo Snake.

What do you think? Does the Clog Cannon work or not?

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