Do Coolglow Sunglasses Really Work?

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Do Coolglow Sunglasses Work?As soon as the kids get tired of the snow and winter, they begin to turn their attention to the cool spring summer stuff that they can put on their “want list” for these seasons. Sunglasses of any kind are usually on the top of the list, but if they have some special features about them like the Coolglow Sunglasses, then they are sure to become a “must have”.

Kids by nature are bright and full of surprises so its no wonder that they are attracted to anything that has vibrant colors and portrays a cool look that creates a surprise for the adults. The Coolglow Sunglasses have what it takes to do just that. This fun eye wear comes in really vibrant fun colors, but the best part is they have controlled LED light blinking actions. They are meant for fun more than for protective eye wear against the sun, but that won’t stop the kids from wanting them.

The Claim
The Coolglow company claims that these cool shades are great for parties and any other types of festivities. They state that you can get them in a variety of colors and even have some intriguing shapes. The company indicates that each pair comes with the battery already installed.

The Hype
Kids love to be the center of attention, and when they can do it in a good way then both the kids and parents are all for it. The hype draws the attention of the kids by promoting how they can be the life of the party with this product. The product promoters have aptly addressed the young ones desire for versatility by allowing different settings for the blinking lights. The marketing material hasn’t missed out on addressing the wants for both genders either as they offer the butterfly sunglasses for the young ladies and the spaceman shades for the cool dudes.

The Cost
The cost will depend on which version of the Coolglow Sunglasses you are going to want to buy. Also the more you buy the less expensive they are. Currently they range in price per pair from about $3.89 to $3.99.

The Commitment
As the parent you are going to want to be sure that even though this really a small purchase investment that it is just a whim for the kids that they are going to use them once then toss them in the toy box. You can easily overcome this by maybe buying a few pairs, so the youngster can have one pair for themselves then give a few to their friends so they can have some group fun.

We all like to buy nifty fun things for our kids but more often than not these types of items can be pretty pricey. One of the reasons we favor the Coolglow Sunglasses is because they are not expensive yet have a lot of the features that kids look for when it comes to unique items for their pleasure. This product would make the ideal give away for a party and for the more fun loving adults it would make for a fun get together if all the guests were presented with a little welcome must wear gift for the occasion.

Final Coolglow Sunglasses Review

We are going to give this product a Thumbs Up rating for several reasons. The product appears to be well made and the price is certainly acceptable. For those occasions where you have to buy several items to give away, like for the loot bags at a birthday party these are ideal. Candy is often the number one choice for the give away, but the cost of filling these gift bags with these items can far supersede the costs of these fun eye wear. The other big factor is this item has all the components that are appealing to the kids, especially anything that lights up. We covered this type of kid’s product feature in our review of Light Up Links.

Our Recommendation
The Coolglow Sunglasses are not the only eye wear product on the market that has all of the features and fun that this particular product is comprised of. You can find similar products on a variety of sites like Ebay, for example. The advantage of buying from Coolglow is you can buy in quantity at a lower price and get all the same version if you want, or mixed styles if that is your preference.

Official Website: Coolglow

What do you think? Does Coolglow Sunglasses work or not?

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