Does Spicy Shelf Really Work?

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Does Spicy Shelf Work?The more space we have in our homes the more we seem to fill, and the more we seem to need. When it comes to the kitchen cupboards you probably have at least one that is full of spices. The problem is are they easy to see and easily accessed? If not, then see what the Spicy Shelf may have to offer as a solution.

Anything that makes life easier by allowing us to be more organized is well worth checking out. The kitchen cupboards often end up being a homeowners nightmare. Especially when it comes to keeping the spices organized. There are lots of different types of kitchen organizers but the Spicy Shelf addresses a real problem, which is how to be able to have that huge collection of spices we want and be able to access them quick and easy, without having to take half of them out of the cupboard to find the one we are looking for.

The Claim
The Company didn’t have to work too hard to research the issues that the family cook has when it comes to the kitchen. Even the most basic cook uses at least some spices and not being able to find them is a common kitchen hassle. The company claims their solution of spice storage shelves are easy to install and are versatile in their fit, indicating that they will work easily in most sized cupboards. They state that they can be stacked, or make use of the existing shelf pins that you already have. They are claiming that these shelves have the capability of holding up to 65 spices. They are also promoting that they are durable and easy to clean.

The Hype
All the power points that the marketers make for the Spicy Shelf revolve around all the irritating factors that come with the spice shelf, as well as other types of small item storage problems. They immediately present the solution of easy organization, which is really appealing to all types of homeowners. Then they capitalize on the fact that its not a big job to install the shelves and they are versatile in sizing.

The Cost
If you are willing to pay about $28. then you are going to become the new owner of a Spicy Shelf Kit. This price includes the shipping and handling fee of $7.95. If you are really impressed with this product then when you place your order you can order additional kits for $10. each plus $2. S/H per kit. When you are filling out the purchase form you may find it a little confusing. At first glance it looks like the shipping fee is only $2. and not $7.95. This $2. is only applicable to the additional orders. If you look further down the offer page you will see the actual shipping price plus additional shipping price details for specific locations.

The Commitment
Well, maybe for one last time you are going to have to pull out all those spice jars that you have in your cupboard at once so you can install your new Spicy shelf. Then you will may want to take a little time organizing them into categories on your shelf once you have installed it. The key to success after this is to be sure to put the spice back in its proper place once you have used it. With these few steps you will now be ready to enjoy a very well organized spice cupboard.

When it comes to the materials that the Spicy Shelf is made of they don’t look like they are super heavy duty. It must be kept in mind though that these have been designed for small items which are normally lightweight. Also pay attention to the four different options that you have for positioning the shelves. This may give you some ideas of other areas in your home where you could make use of them. The bathroom storage for small cosmetic items is often another point of contention and you may find a good use for them there. We have looked at other options for space savers like the Multi-Store which is an entirely different approach but has its own unique benefits as well.

Final Spicy Shelf Review

We are going to give this product a solid Try/Buy rating. The only overall issue which is a small one, is the fact that the price offering is a little unclear in regards to the shipping costs. It is a little deceiving as the additional information that could easily raise your end costs is below the order button and can be easily missed.

Our Recommendation
The Spicy Shelf really does have some great features to it and allows you to utilize a lot of space in your cupboard. Before making your final decision you may want to compare it with other spice rack versions of a similar type product. It may be that you simply do not require this large amount of spice storage and a smaller or different style would suit you better.

What do you think? Does Spicy Shelf work or not?

16 Customer Reviews on “Does Spicy Shelf Really Work?

  1. This has to be one of the WORST things I’ve ever purchased. It reminds me of something I may have purchased right out of high school not knowing any better. Well, I’m older now. I should’ve known better.. Don’t buy it!

  2. I love the spicy shelf as far as organization, but the only flaw I have found is that the sides are not quite wide enough. The spice jars fall off the shelf very easily,

  3. This shelf sucks… It sags in the middle when using shelf pegs, under no weight whatsoever. The pictures on the box show it organizing a multitude of spice jars and medicine cabinet items all level and tidy on just shelf pins alone… Total crap. The joints where you add or take away a segment cause it to bend inward – causing all the items on the outside rails to fall into the center of the cabinet. Junk! I took mine back!

  4. They have it advirtised at Bed Bath Beyond for 19.99! Don’t forget your coupon!

  5. what is a phone number I can use to call and see what is up with my order? I do not see one on website or in my email, I cannot access my order via your order check page, it says I am not in there.

  6. I would like to know who to call about my order which I placed a week ago and have never gotten anymore feedback about? There are no call numbers on the website, and I when I click the button to check on my order, it says it cannot find the order. Did it not go thru? Should I re-order? It says in the only email I’ve gotten that it will take 24-48 hours for my order to show up….well, it’s been over a week now…who can I call?

  7. I was thoroughly disgusted with the call I made, they went thru the auto process, and no prompts for permission to transfer me to a cruise line, but that automatically happened. They could not transfer me back, there was no verification of the amount charged to my card, when I called the tel number again, the prompt for customer service, but that started off with the cruise crap again, never could get CUSTOMER service. to talk to anyone. Very Poor service as far as I am concerned!! Good luck getting thru to a person to help. At this point I think I will twitter this to my friends!!!

  8. If for some reason you still have not received the email saying your order has been shipped, please call the help center to see if for some reason it has not release.

    Thank you.

  9. We are pleased to announce all back orders have been filled. Email confirmations have been sent out.

    The original delivery estimate stated on the website was 4-6 weeks. We obliviously missed that target by a long shot. This is a brand new product and they seriously underestimated the high response and how long it was going to take to get manufacturing up in full production mode. Quality is of utmost importance. We want to produce a product you will be happy with. We didn’t want to ship until the product met our strict standards. We now have multiple factories up and running in full production mode. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We hope you are happy with Spicy Shelf once you receive it. We appreciate your interest in our new product. Once again, thank you for your patience.

    The Spicy Shelf Team

  10. I placed an order of 5 Spicy Shelves on March 10, 2014 and still haven’t received my order!! I have called the customer service department a few times and they keep pushing back the shipping date stating “we didn’t expect the product to be so high in demand, so they are still on back order.” I have been told 4 different shipping dates. Today is April 29th and they now projected for me to receive my order at “the end of May.” They finally sent me an email April 25th offering a $10 discount for the delay in the order. They do not charge your card until the order ships. Hopefully the product will be worth this long wait. I originally ordered this for 3 birthday gifts and for myself.

  11. “Does It Really Work?” You better believe it does! I LOVE my Spicy Shelf. My spice cabinet used to be a space that was under constant reorganization…nothing I tried seemed to make everything accessible at the same time and I found myself constantly buying duplicate spices because I couldn’t see everything I had. Since installing my Spicy Shelf over a year ago, I haven’t given my spice cabinet a second thought. I can see everything I have. It stays organized. It WORKS!

  12. I have had my Spicy Shelf for a few years and I still love it. You could say I have “time tested” the product and I am still 100% satisfied with my purchase. My spices cannot get unorganized due to the smart design. I can see all of my spices and find them quickly. I no longer buy a spice because I think I am out of it, when really it is hiding behind ten other containers. I know what is on my shelf at a glance. Think of all the time and money that has saved me. Besides that, it makes my shelves look tidy and organized. Thanks Spicy Shelf.

  13. I bought Spicy Shelf, and I think it is the best solution to spice organization ever.. And I’ve tried lots of different products, and none lasted in my kitchen. This one will last — I can quit looking for another new solution. I’m very, very pleased with it.

  14. I absolutely love my Spicy Shelves. I have a couple of sets. They have made my kitchen cabinets organized, tidy looking and way more efficient. It’s great to open a cabinet and see exactly what you have at a glance. No more buying duplicate spices that get stale.

  15. I love my Spicy Shelf. I have four of them. In one cupboard I have two for spices and in another cupboard I have two for prescriptions and vitamins. It’s so much easier to find what I want. I put the spices in alphabetical order. My cupboards look so much neater and the Spicy Shelf is so easy to install.

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