Does Facebook Business Page Really Work?

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Does Facebook Business Page Work? Most anyone doing business on the internet will tell you that they can use all the help they can get for getting their business known. One resource that many feel comfortable with is Facebook, but when it comes to a Facebook Business Page it’s a whole new ballgame.

Socializing on Facebook is something that most people find easy to do and fun as well. After all its being amongst family and friends. When it comes to mixing socializing and business though many business owners find it a little intimidating. They find it a whole different approach and aren’t quite sure how to mix business with pleasure. The whole idea of the Facebook Business Page is to get your brand and products known through a social network, but educating your followers about them and enticing them to engage with the product through questions and conversation.

The Claim
Facebook claims that their business pages have a lot to offer businesses. They state it is an ideal way to find new customers and boost sales. In regards to their ad offerings they are indicating that their ads can reach 91% of the intended target market.

The Hype
Hype for generating business has to center around reaching out to potential customers and there is every indication through the claims that Facebook makes for Facebook for business that this can be done through their business platform. What is even more important than just getting your business in front of tons of people is getting it in front of the right people, which is your target market and that is what a Facebook business page is capable of doing according to the promoters of Facebook.

The Cost
There really is no way that you can put a definitive price on the cost of a Facebook Business Page. There are lots of things that you can do to build your page which is going to cost you time but not money. Then you can incur costs by hiring Companies to design, set up, and build your presence for you. Or you can sift through the mountain of Facebook business building software and courses that are available to you on the web. If you want to try a mix of donating some time time to your business page and spend a little money to get some professional resources, then you could utilize the services of a company like Pagemodo. There are different levels of service packages that you can take advantage of based on your level of business.

The Commitment
What you need to realize is with a Facebook business page that it is a form of marketing utilizing a social network. It isn’t like you are wasting time hanging out with your friends or business acquaintances when you are building and maintaining this page. You need to be consistent with your posting and learn to master the right approach based on your business offerings.

There are not a lot of on land marketing opportunities that a business can undertake themselves without spending a lot of money. Internet marketing offers a lot more resources that are very powerful at a fraction of the cost. That is not to say that you cannot easily spend a bundle on your social marketing, but it means it is not a necessity. With the right learning and some careful time management regarding your business page on Facebook you can set up a potent marketing routine.

Final Facebook Business Page Review

We are going to give the Facebook business page a thumbs up rating. We are not reviewing a specific product here, but are reviewing a business marketing concept which is promoting your business online by using a Facebook business page to do it. Facebook needs no credibility boosting of the type or number of people they are able to reach through their site. Now if you are looking for a review of a specific product to help walk you through the process of building your page then take a look at our Fanpage Simplified review.

Our Recommendation
No matter whether your business is new or established on the web, or whether you like socializing or not, if you don’t interact with the social market your business will most likely end up behind your competitors. Google who rules the web, has made it very clear that social engagement is something they hold in high esteem.

What do you think? Does a Facebook Business Page work or not?

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