Does EpiTouch Really Work?

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Does EpiTouch Work?As winter draws to a close and people start thinking about the spring, they also start thinking about their appearance to go with the warm weather attire, which includes the removal of unsightly hair. They also want a quick, easy, and affordable way to accomplish this, so does the EpiTouch deliver all these benefits?

You can tell just how popular a consumer item is going to be by the number of different versions that seem to flood the market all at once. When it comes to hair removal the need is there, so when a new device for achieving this comes on the market it immediately gains some interest. The EpiTouch is one of the newest hair removal devices to be introduced, and the big factor will be is how competitive it can be with the most popular No!No! Hair Removal system. The most dynamic information that hits the interested potential buyer is the price of this unit.

The Claim
The Company has promoted it’s product on As Seen on TV, but seems to be behind in the rest of its marketing material. The standard YouTube video has not been produced as yet. The claim in their limited promo material states that this product is the first precision epilator at a reasonable price. They indicate that the unwanted hair is removed at the root.They are saying that it is pain free, and has the power to remove the coarsest of hair, yet is gentle enough to use on the bikini line.

The Hype
With so many hair removal systems on the market it can be difficult for those new product producers to come up with a unique selling statement that is going to convince the consumer to purchase. One of the big factors with these types of hair removal systems is that they are usually quite pricey. The EpiTouch producers have zeroed in on this and are making their main marketing feature the price, which is very low compared to other hair removal systems.

The Cost
Believe it or not you can actually purchase the EpiTouch for $10. plus $4.99 for process and handling. So for about $15. you are going to get what is claimed to be a quick, easy and effective hair removal system. Plus, they are tossing in a free quick dry hair wrap with it.

The Commitment
You are going to have to apply the same time and effort to your hair removal as you would with any system. No doubt there will be specific instructions for you to follow with the EpiTouch. You will also have to remember that each person is likely to get different results as the body is unique.

Normally we would like to wait for a product to settle into the market a little before doing a review on it. However, in this case there are some interesting factors surrounding the EpiTouch. When doing our research we came across a more professional hair removal systems containing the EpiTouch name that appeared to be laser orientated and used in professional settings such as Doctors offices. It is unclear as to whether this As Seen On TV EpiTouch is a related home use version of this professional system, although it seems as though the name EpiTouch has been trade marked.

Final EpiTouch Review

We are going to give the EpiTouch a risky Try/Buy only because of the limited information that is available for it, yet it has been placed on the open market. Scrutinizing the promo marketing material indicates that this is not a permanent hair removal system. Often when people are purchasing these types of units they are under the impression that it permanently removes the unwanted hair. The other issue is that there was no real information available that describes the concept of how this system works in removing the hair. Although it does state that it gently grasps the hair and removes it from the root. No!No! aptly explains that their hair removal system works through heat.The other issue that stood out with us is, that the EpiTouch marketing material didn’t give any indication that it would be successful for hair removal for larger body areas like the legs, or chest for men.

Our Recommendation
If you are really in search of a hair removal system, it might be beneficial for you to compare it to some of the other similar products that we have reviewed in the past for unwanted hair removal. Although the amazing price for this particular system is really compelling, you might want to give some careful thought here as to whether you are only going to get what you pay for?

What do you think? Does EpiTouch work or not?

4 Customer Reviews on “Does EpiTouch Really Work?

  1. Ordered buy one get one free plus head wrap Aug 2nd over two mo now an nothing from them, can’t even get a hold of anyone threw customer service. This is why I don’t order things on line. If anyone knows what I should do please e mail me.

  2. this info was somewhat helpful…but does anyone know how i could get in touch with the company epitouch…i ordered the product over two weeks ago and havent received anything.anyway answers would be helpful.

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