Does Corvinex Really Work?

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Does Corvinex really work?Losing your hair is a problem for many men and women, and several companies try to provide the solution. There are the big names that everyone recognizes, and then there are the smaller start-up companies that use more natural ingredients in an attempt to restore the hair. Corvinex is a mostly all-natural product that attacks your hair problem from 4 different angles. But what about the results?

What They Say Causes Hair Loss
Like many hair loss products, UNICO, the company behind Corvinex, provides their own page on what they believe is causing your hair loss. In this case they say that it’s a mixed bag of physical or chemical changes in your body, circulation disorders of the scalp, abnormal changes in certain glands, and lack of nourishment to your follicles. They don’t mention anything about DHT being a cause, although later they state that their product includes a DHT inhibitor.

The main cause of hair loss:

Time Commitment
You have to be ready to go the distance with a product like Corvinex. It will be 2-3 months before you start to see real results, and they promise the best results after a year. This means you’ll need to establish the habit of using as directed every day, and make it a part of your routine. Only when it becomes effortless will you be able to incorporate it as a natural part of your day.

However, if you’re very concerned about your hair loss, as most men are, you’ll probably look for results too early, or get frustrated that it’s not working fast enough, even if it is working. That’s why it’s important to take a long view on your progress and not expect immediate changes, no matter which product you go with.

What Does It Cost?
The cost of treatment definitely plays a big part in choosing a hair loss product, because so many of them require you to use them indefinitely. Corvinex is a little different, they say that once you reach your desired look you can cut back on the treatment to a maintenance phase. If you get it for one month it $60, but you can save money by buying a six month supply for $280, a savings of $80. All of the prices include free shipping, unless you want it faster.

They also offer two different packages, one that includes minoxidil and one that doesn’t. There isn’t much of a price difference between the two so it’s up to you which one you want to go with.

Negative Reactions
Some users have reported several different adverse side effects when using Corvinex. Some of these include iritation of the scalp, pain in the chest, a more rapid heart beat, feeling nauseous, as well as feeling dizzy.

Others reported no improvement in their condition, even after 4 months or more on the treatments. This would entail them using the product for the recommended amount of time and still not seeing the results that were promised.

Feedback and Reviews
Of course you can’t trust the reviews and testimonials at the Corvinex website, because they will only post positive or glowing reviews. By gathering user feedback from third-party sites and analyzing the trends, it becomes possible to see what sort of product it is.

After disregarding the reviews from the official site it seems that Corvinex has mixed responses. This is normal with any hair loss product because there are too many different men out there with different lifestyles and health conditions. It would actually be suspicious if a hair treatment didn’t have these discrepancies. Something that works 100% of the time for 100% of the men that try it just doesn’t exist at this time.

So what can you do to determine if Corvinex will work for your specific condition? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer here, and the real question is should you try it out for yourself. Only you will know that answer because only you know what hasn’t worked in the past, and what kind of lifestyle you have. You’ll also have a good idea of what kind of commitment you can give to using it, and whether or not to stick with it long enough to see some results.

Final Corvinex Review

With their four-part system Corvinex is making a serious attempt at producing a hair loss solution for men. By inhibiting the DHT, blocking the things that stop your hair from growing, nourishing your hair follicle, and improving the condition of your scalp they’re really taking a comprehensive approach.

Our Recommendation
The hair loss industry is a trial and error process. Don’t get disheartened if you tried a lot of products in the past that didn’t work. You have to keep trying until you find one that works for your case. Corvinex is definitely worth the shot for those with hair loss problem that isn’t too far gone. Those with mild to medium thinning should see positive results after three months.

What do you think? Does Corvinex work or not?

5 Customer Reviews on “Does Corvinex Really Work?

  1. It looks like a great product despite the worrying side-effects that come along with it. But I guess that’s what to expect with pills. Frank appears to have had great results but had to make a commitment in order to achieve them. That seems to be the key aspect, especially when people expect instant results. Since the results vary it might or might not work for you.

  2. The fact that this product can be aggressive not only to the area that you are treating but also to other areas of the body, such as the cardiovascular system, makes me skeptical that it is really worth a try. What ingredients are in it that lead to heart palpitations and dizziness anyway? If this product claims to be natural, it should not come with such harsh side effects. I would think that you would need to first speak with a doctor before trying it, especially if you have heart trouble.

  3. I’ve been using Corvinex for 3 months, vitamins pills alone worked great, while I felt thinning using lotion, maybe aggressive on my scalp?

  4. BTW, Great Review!
    Very thorough, and it seems like you guys actually bought and used the product, rather than blurting out reviews like most do on internet.
    Keep up the great job!!!!

  5. I’ve been using Corvinex for a while now, and I agree with the review, this product doesn’t brake the bank, but takes commitment to see changes.

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