Does Support Squad Really Work?

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Does Support Squad really work?If you’ve ever wanted to throw your computer threw the wall, you might want to call Support Squad instead. Their service is designed to help the less technical savvy of us through our ongoing computer struggles. They try to cover all of the bases in regards to all of the different systems, software, and gadgetry out there, but does their support justify the cost?

Our Technical World
Computers, digital cameras, HDTV, TIVO, smartphones, iPods, all of these gadgets are meant to help make our lives better, but only if we can figure out how to properly use them. They can be the source of large amounts of stress and frustration when they don’t work right. And if we never figure out how to use them, they can turn into expensive paperweights, or we don’t get the full use of all of their benefits.

What They Offer
Support Squad has support for basically all of the different problems you’ll experience with your computer, your home network, the software you have installed, all of the things you have connected to your computer like printers and scanners, how secure your computer is, your smartphone, and even your Internet connection. This is a broad range of support, and for many it will be more than enough.

The Cost and Packages
The pricing structure of Support Squad is a little confusing at first. After conducting further research this is what we found: It mostly depends on how urgent you need help. If this is something that is bringing your world to a halt, and costing you money, you can get their instant service which is $50 but also gets you a full 30 days of service.

If you don’t need help right this instant you can pick one of their other plans, which provides specific support depending on what you need it for. There’s one package that is designed just to speed up your PC, which can get bogged down with viruses, unneeded applications, and too much software.

There are even some plans that involve a house call, they’ll actually send someone out to your home to hold you by the hand through the problem, and also provide personal, face-to-face support.

What’s neat about Support Squad is that they let you listen in on actual support calls so you can get an idea of what you can expect from them. Of course they will only provide conversations that resulted in a successful fix, but it shows you the kind of people they have working for them. Since they offer 24/7 support they most likely use representatives in India to cover the late shifts, so they don’t have to pay a premium to have US-based reps answer the calls.

Since you are paying for the service they will stay on with you as long as needed in order to fix the problem. Unlike a lot of the toll-free customer support lines out there that have you talking to someone on the other side of the world and dealing with language barriers, you’ll get people that you can actually understand, and that can understand you when you ask a question.

Final Support Squad Review

There are three types of people when it comes to technical stuff: those that have a strong grasp of it and don’t run into trouble, those that can find the answer on their own and figure it out, and those that just want someone to fix it for them and get back to what they were doing. If you fall into the third category, you’ll probably get a lot of value from Support Squad.

They offer solid technical help, and since you’re paying for it they are forced to give you an answer that works, not like free customer support that comes from most products out there.

If you’re remotely technically inclined you can usually find the answer in a free support forum, but sometimes you can’t, and it’s nice to get some additional one-on-one support in those instances. Plus, if it’s a recurring problem, if you learn how to fix it once, you can fix it whenever it occurs again.

Our Recommendation
There can be a rewarding feeling when you handle a technical issue on your own. But you can get this same feeling when someone helps you too. There’s no reason to waste time by having your computer or software not working properly, and if they can get you back to normal, or get it so you’re taking full advantage of your expensive tech products, it just makes sense.

Their packages can seem confusing, but for most people we would recommend their Gold Package, which provides support for all of the different gadgets and support areas they cover. But you should definitely look them over, because depending on your specific situation you might need more or less service than what is provided by that package.

What do you think? Does Support Squad work or not?

Customer Review on “Does Support Squad Really Work?

  1. I actually found this to be very helpful. I run several websites that do three very different things. One has to do with my writing business the other my health and wellness business and the other firefighters and their issues. All of these sites are very active and all on social networking so when trouble strikes and I cannot get a hold of any of the tech support unless it is via e mail I get kind of antsy and need help fast. This can happen a lot and I could lose money and also not be able to help anyone if it is not up and fast.

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