Does The Disney Books Club Really Work?

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Does the Disney Books Club Work?We all know the renowned name Disney. It has been a household name known for bringing great pleasure to young and old alike through enchanting stories presented in mediums such as books and videos for many years. Whenever in doubt as to what might please a youngster it can be put to rest by simply choosing one of the latest Disney books. Now this can become a common occurrence by joining the Disney Book Club, but are there any real advantages to doing this?

Book memberships used to be a real trend a few years back, then with the ease of being able to order reading material online, memberships sort of got pushed to the back. Holding a membership in the Disney Books Club can give you a lot of advantages. If you are just getting a little one started on the Disney Collection then it makes sense to have a resource like the club to go to when you want to order a specific book. Plus, it will automatically keep your current with the new releases.

The Claim
The Company claims that the Disney Books Club membership is a great way to easily obtain the Disney books that you so loved as a child, and makes a great way to introduce them to your little one. They are saying that there is no risk involved and that you can cancel your membership at any time.

The Hype
It doesn’t take any hype at all to convince most people that this brand of books is going to be well received by the youngsters. The marketing focus is placed on the easy method of simply becoming a member then automatically receiving the books each month. They also zero in on the promotion that it costs less to purchase the books through this membership than what you would normally pay elsewhere.

The Cost
What will draw your attention first is that you get to select four books for just 99 cents each, but remember this is a membership you are signing up for. Basically you will receive three additional books each month for the price of $4.99 each and you will also have to pay for the shipping. Included in the membership are also some other offers that you will have to pay for on occasion, but you will have the chance to refuse these prior to their release. However, it is very important that you totally read what the Disney Books Club membership entails so there are no surprises. When you click on the banner following this review you will find that when it takes you to the club site at the very bottom of the site page there is a link to the membership details. Be sure to read this before making your final decision to become a member.

The Commitment
The type of commitment this sort of product takes is twofold. Disney books really are enjoyable to any age group so you may want to make it a custom to set aside some quality reading time with your little ones each month when your new books arrive. Also,you are going to be receiving good quality hard covered books that some day in the future may hold a great deal of value to them perhaps as a collectors item. You will want to keep them in good shape so you may want to arrange for a special place to store them to retain their good shape and newness.

Anyone that has any relationship with children knows there are no shortages of products available to buy and keep them entertained. In recent years the focus has become on not only buying safe toys but ones that are going to stimulate the mental growth of the kids. When it comes to story books it is always an extra bonus when there can be some type of interaction as well. A good example of this is the Dream Team Pets that we recently reviewed. With the Disney line of books there are lots of additional Disney products that work well with the books. In fact, it is usually the initial story books that stimulate the children’s interest in the related products.

Final Disney Books Club Review

We are going to give the Disney Books Club a Thumbs Up rating. First because we need no convincing that the story lines are sure to capture the interest of the recipients. Then the membership rules are clearly written with no hidden costs, and it is open for cancellation. We like the fact that the kid’s book collection will be easily kept up to date with this type of automatic ordering. Finally the quality and authenticity of the books is valid, and as mentioned a well preserved collection of Disney Books could hold some real value when handed down through the generations. When you sign up you get some great little extras too, like the Disney activity book, and access to the Ebook version of those that your receive in your membership. Great alternative for when you are on the go, as these can be read with your electronics.

Our Recommendation
As with any product purchase we suggest that you thoroughly check out the product first. Determine if it something that your youngster is going to enjoy on a ongoing basis. Read the membership carefully, and make sure you stay on top of any extra offers as they are presented to you so you can cancel them beforehand if they are not something you want.

Official Website: Disney Book Club

What do you think? Does the Disney Books Club work or not?

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  1. I want to know how I can cancel my subscription to the Disney Book Club I keep getting charged for books I don’t want. How do I cancel?

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