Does the Perfect Bacon Bowl Really Work?

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Does the Perfect Bacon Bowl Work?Summer entertaining is loads of fun, and it seems to be the time of year where anyone preparing the food wants to be really creative but in a simple and easy way.

The Perfect Bacon Bowl is a fun kitchen gadget that allows you to cook your bacon in the form of a bowl so you can then fill it with all sorts of goodies. It is a great way to cook the bacon and when presenting it to those that are going to consume it, it soon becomes a conversation starter. It simply puts a little bit of fun into cooking and eating such a favorite type of food. This is what the promotional material leads you to believe but is this really what happens?

The Claim
The Company claims that by lining their bacon molds with your favorite choice of bacon that it will fully cook evenly in either the oven, microwave or even a toaster oven. They say that once cook there are a ton of different types of fillings that you can fill the bacon bowls with. They indicate that you will consume less fat in your diet from the bacon as well as the fat drips down into the bottom of the form and can easily be poured off.

The Hype
When a little fun can be added to the chore of cooking then it doesn’t take too much to gather the interest for the at home chef. Added to this is the little health benefit of not consuming as much bacon fat that one normally would in the traditional cooking methods is something that a lot of people find important. Cooking bacon can be messy and there seems to be less clean up with the Perfect Bacon Bowl so that is something that the promoters know is an important feature to potential buyers of this product.

The Cost
If you are ready to invest about $13. which includes the shipping then you will receive a set of four of the Perfect Bacon Bowls as well as a recipe book. If you want to add approx. another $5. to your order then you will get an extra four of the bowls. However, there may be even better deals for this product like the one being offered via Amazon.

The Commitment
You are going to have to remember to use them, and don’t forget to buy the bacon when you are out shopping. If you find that these are really enjoyable to use then you may want to plan ahead for what you are going to serve in them, so you can prepare the recipes for the fillers at the same time. Or you may just find that the family favorite becomes perfect bacon bowls simply filled with scrambled eggs.

Anything that makes cooking easier yet still allows you to serve good food is worth evaluating. This kitchen product gives you some great ideas for how to use it but with a little thought you may even come up with your own unique creative food bowls. There is no doubt that small simple kitchen items such as this draw the attention of many. In the past some of reviews on nifty kitchen items have received good attention. A similar product but one that caters to onions of all things! is our review on the Onion Bloom..

Final Perfect Bacon Bowl Review

Our review rating for the Perfect Bacon Bowl is going to be a Try/Buy rating. It lands right in the middle between risky and solid for these reasons. Bacon always has to be cooked with a great deal of caution because of the amount of fat it contains and it is easy for fires to start with this food product. So although popping it into the oven or microwave seems easy you have to use good caution and keep a watchful eye on it. Secondly bacon shrinks as it cooks, so while in its raw state in the perfect bacon bowl it looks perfect once the shrinkage occurs its not likely to look quite as appealing.

Our Recommendation
Here we like to do our reviews of products a little differently. Rather than just take a product and test it once then form our opinion we prefer to look at not only what a product is promoted as being able to do but what the pros and cons could be. This way it gives our readers and chance to really think through a product and compare our information with other review info. they may have read. In this case with the Perfect Bacon Bowl we feel that it is an affordable and interesting kitchen item, and once you master the safety steps you should take when using it and find the right brand of bacon that works best in the forms, then yes it would be something that makes your bacon preparation fun.

What do you think? Does the Perfect Bacon Bowl work or not?

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