Do Marshmallow Puff Pops Really Work?

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Do Marshmallow Puff Pops Work?Making treats for the kids can be time consuming, and some of them can be messy especially if they are made with marshmallows. The Marshmallow Puff Pops may just be the perfect solution for the perfect but non messy making marshmallow treat.

The Marshmallow Puff Pops is a handy little gadget that lets you make marshmallow treats in single servings. You don’t have a lot of heavy mixing to do which is a big problem when you are making standard sized batch treats with this ingredient.

The Claim
The company claims it is quick and easy to mix, cook, serve and clean up when using their Marshmallow Puff Pop device. It pops into the microwave for quick cooking of the gooey desert, the kids can eat it right from the gadget, and then when done for easy cleaning it goes into the dishwasher.

The Hype
Anyone that has worked with marshmallow as an edible will tell you it can be really messy, and clean up is no fun. Yet the end results of the different types of marshamallow desserts are really good.

The Cost
These little Marshamallow Puff Pops are really quite reasonably priced.For a total of $14.95 which includes the shipping and handling you get 2 of the puff pops and one recipe guide. If you add another $4.95 to you order you will get a second set free.

The Commitment
Marshmallow can get pretty hot so if you are letting the kids participate in the cooking of the treats be sure to supervise them. You will really want to make this a family affair and the wonderful feature is you can all have a different marshmallow dessert.

When you like to control just how much sweets your young one is consuming then being able to make single desserts like this can be a real bonus. With the traditional methods of cooking the marshmallow squares for example, you usually end up with a large dish full. The kids aren’t happy until the last morsel is gone. With the Marshmallow Puff Pops you are definitely holding much more control over the sweet consumption.

Final Marshmallow Puff Pops Review

We’re going to give this product a thumbs up rating. We like the controlled dessert feature, and the fact that everyone can have a different marshmallow dessert with their favorite ingredients. The fact that they clean up so easily in the microwave is a real bonus

Our Recommendation
We have reviewed other fun dessert makers in the past such as the Pop N Fun. Anything that is going to provide some good family interaction, and taste so good too is well worth looking at.

What do you think? Do Marshmallow Puff Pops work or not?

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