Does Frozen Toys Really Work?

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Does Frozen Toys Work? Disney Productions has not ceased to amaze us again with their production of the movie “Frozen”.While as parents we love to see a new Disney release, we also know that soon to follow it with be the children’s pleadings for the purchase of all the many characters that a movie such as Frozen brings to the life of the little ones. So with Christmas on the horizon no doubt for many there will be the scramble for buying the Frozen Toys characters.

Most likely,depending on the likes of your youngster there will be at least a few of the Frozen Toys characters at the top of the wish list for the kids. Hopefully you have had the pleasure of seeing the movie, and have a good idea of which character and in what form is going to bring those shouts of glee on Christmas morning. If you are new to buying trending toy characters that appear as an offshoot to a movie, then you may be a little shocked when you arrive at the store and many different forms of the same character appear. For example, if you are after Elsa then you may be choosing between Elsa the Disney Frozen Sparkle Princess Elsa Doll or Disney Frozen Ice Skating Elsa Doll, and these are just a few of the Elsa choices.

The Claim
For most of us we really don’t pay much heed anymore as to the claims that any of the Disney offerings consist of. Disney has long since past the need for marketing itself aggressively. The Disney name says it all, and many of us carry forward long loving Disney memories from our childhood. Who can forget one of the most beloved Disney characters who was Mickey Mouse himself!

The Hype
Disney products and productions play such a powerful but positive role in the imagination of our little ones that no outside hype is really needed. The children take care of this themselves. For many of the little ones, after just one viewing of a wonderful movie such as Frozen they immediately adopt the creative characters as to their favorites.

The Cost
As soon a movie release such as Frozen takes place it seems that within a blink of the eye there are a ton of related products available for purchase. This is a good thing because it creates a whole gambit of price ranges, so almost any child can become the proud owner of a Frozen related toy. These can range from cute little dress up items like the Disney Frozen Elsa Shoes which average around $7.99 to higher priced items like the Disney Frozen Castle and Ice Palace Play Set that goes for around $99.99.

The Commitment
The biggest commitment will be on the buyer’s part, especially if you are thinking that now the youngster has adopted a new character for the imaginary part of their life. You may be thinking that going forward buying for this youngster will be easy because you can simply keep adding to the collection. However, beware because as soon as the next Disney movie is released your youngster could very likely end up switching directions. While these are considered as trends or fads, there are many youngsters who truly fall in love with one collection and will continue to do so for a few years to come.

There is overwhelming support for the Disney productions and we also have to fit into this supportive category. We do feel that some of the Disney trends do last a lot longer than others, but when it comes to individual buying of this toys making the right choice is really up to the buyer’s experience of gift buying for the child who will be the recipient.

Final Frozen Toys Review

We are definitely going to give the Frozen Toys collection a Thumbs Up review. As we said there are lots of related toys to choose from so they fit in nicely with anyone’s budget. Even if the actual fad of these particular characters soon wears off any of the Disney products are looked upon as a wonderful collector’s item.

Our Recommendation
If you feel that you don’t want to heavily invest in the Frozen Toys collection, yet want the gift recipient to have a least one item that is a offshoot of the movie then you can always turn to the Disney Book Club for a book version of Frozen. At the same time this book club is a great gift giving choice as they are sure to have offerings of Disney book collections from the past, present and whatever the Disney future brings.

What do you think? Does Frozen Toys work or not?

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