Does Navage Really Work?

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Does Navage Work?Along with the cold weather often comes some health issues and one of these can be sinus congestion. So will a product like Navage bring you some much needed relief?

Navage is a product that allows you to rely on nose irrigation for that plugged up nasal feeling rather than having to totally rely on nose sprays or medications. The difference is with this nose irrigation system you are relying on gentle suction to help remove some of the built up congestion in this area. With other systems you are required to push the saline solution through your nose. The Navage system still requires the use of a saline solution.

The Claim
The promoters claim that they are the world’s only nasal irrigator that uses gentle powered suction. They say it is clinically proven to relieve sinus congestion. They are indicating that with regular irrigating of your nose that you will end up breathing much better.

The Hype
They are focusing on the easy use of the Navage and the fact that it takes very little time to prepare it for use. Their buzz words are safe and convenient, fast and effective.

The Cost
You have to purchase the Salt Pod 30 pak which costs $9.95 in order to get the Navage for the price of $29.95. They are indicating that the normal price of the unit is $59.95. There is a price chart for the salt pods available in the promo material,which should be looked at carefully. The $9.95 price is only applicable if you are purchase in groups of 6 30 paks at a time.

The Commitment
The promoters are indicating that to get optimum results you need to use the Navage on a regular basis. You will find these indications in their explanation of nose irrigation, and it is evident in at least one of the testimonies.

Nobody enjoys having a stuffy nose, and a testimony to this is the significant sales that are made for other types of remedies for this problem.One of the most common and unpleasant cause of the stuffed up nose is sinus problems. In the past we talked about a product called Sinus Survival. Some people even end up with headaches as a result of their sinuses acting up.

Final Navage Review

We are going to give the Navage a Try/Buy rating. Not everyone likes the thought of nose irrigation. For those that have to deal with a stuffed up nose whether it be from sinus or allergies some are ready to try anything that could give them some relief and they prefer not to have to use medications for this. The one big factor with Navage is that you are restricted as to what kind of saline solution you can use in order to get the best results from the unit. It is indicated that it will only work with the Company recommended Salt Pods that they offer.

Our Recommendation
Any time that you are something with any type of health issue it is always first recommended that you seek out the advice of your health care provider. Once other potential problems of your stuff nose is ruled out by these professionals then you can discuss with them the merits of performing at home nose irrigation. If they approve then you may want to consider the Navage.

What do you think? Does Navage work or not?

33 Customer Reviews on “Does Navage Really Work?

  1. How about the fact that the lady is an employee and I heard maybe even the wife of the founder and the medical doctor that is also in the commercials (Levine) and recommends the product is on their board. This is so deceitful the FTC should look into it. No wonder he was kicked out of congress what a sham

  2. This is the best..I have sinus in hot weather climate..I bought the navage..boy I can breathe..I love this product..but I am not using tap really works and I feel the difference right away..

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