Does Sinus Survival Really Work?

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Does Sinus Survival work?If you suffer from chronic sinus problems, you’re probably wondering if Sinus Survival can do the trick for you. This is a suite of products as well as an informational guide that is designed to show you the do’s and don’ts of proper sinus functioning. It also serves as a community of members all sharing what works for them and what doesn’t. So how well does this really work at clearing things up?

Sinus trouble can strike in many forms. Things like post-nasal drip, sinus infections, sinusitis, hay fever, and seasonal as well as year round allergies can put a serious damper on your human experience. Getting rid of these things can often mean taking medication that produces side effects that are nearly as dreadful, including drowsiness, nose bleeds, and brain fog. If you go to your doctor to discuss treatment, it’s often limited to a medicinal approach, with little attention given to things like the food you eat or your lifestyle.

The Claim
Sinus Survival says it can help you with all of your sinus related trouble, and get things back to the way they’re supposed to be. For many, this would be the first time in a long time that their sinuses are working the way they should, and not giving them a problem. For others, it might just knock out any sporadic problems they might have, and still be of use. They say that they are focused on holistic remedies, and that they work on getting to the causes of your sinus outbreaks, not just treating the visible symptoms.

The Hype
It may not seem like it, but sinuses are big business for OTC drug companies, and the big pharmaceuticals. Almost everyone has had sinus trouble at one point in their life, and more millions of people this is a recurring or chronic problem. So when someone comes along that promises to alleviate these problems once and for all, it’s going to get its share of attention.

The Cost
It’s $89 to sign up as a Gold member of Sinus Survival. They do offer a Silver membership for free, and this would be a good way to get an idea if the information is worth the expense. when you sign up for the free membership they also give you a $20 discount on the Gold, so you can get it for $69.

The Commitment
Depending on how much grief your sinuses give you, this could represent a serious upgrade to your standard of living, without a great deal of time spent on your part. Of course you’ll have to commit to learning and applying the tips that are given to you, but compared to taking medications and suffering through seasonal allergies, or daily problems, this is far more preferable.

Sinus Survival has the right idea: treat the causes of your sinus problems. Most doctors you go to, and all over the counter medications only aim at treating the symptoms. While it might provide temporary relief, it is not fixing the underlying problem, and you’ll either find yourself continually suffering, or the problem could worsen. There are at least 300 different things that can cause sinus symptoms, so it’s important to properly diagnose what’s wrong so you can treat the right problem.

We like that they have the answer to treating sinus infections without antibiotics. Antibiotics do more harm than good in many instances, and end up robbing your intestines of the good bacteria. They also lead to excess levels of candida, which can lead to a lot more problems than just sinus trouble. By treating a sinus infection naturally you are keeping the rest of your body in good health, and avoiding a lot of unnecessary complications.

We also like that he gives a second opinion on whether or not you need sinus surgery, saying that in many instances it is not needed. Many doctors will try to paint you into a corner and make it seem like it is your only option. For years they may keep treating you for the same symptoms again and again, never treating the cause, until finally it seems dire enough that you have to take drastic measures. He admits that for some it may be the only answer, but it’s nice to know that you might have other options.

Final Sinus Survival Review

Sinus Survival provides a lot of good information for free, and provides even more once you upgrade your account. They are getting our Try recommendation, as it’s nice to see a doctor that isn’t just pushing prescription drugs to treat symptoms. We find it highly likely that the information provided in the Gold membership will help the overwhelming majority of people that have daily or recurrent sinus problems. It’s a nice feeling knowing you have someone in your corner that’s dedicated to helping you get a handle on these frustrating conditions.

Our Recommendation
If you’re into treating things naturally, and without medication, this would be a good program to sign up for. Or if you’re used to doing such things like using nasal spray, or popping pills to treat your sinuses, you owe it to yourself to try this out. Sign up for free first so you get the discount, and then pore through the information and start applying the techniques right away. If you’re only a casual sufferer, you might find that the information that is included in the free membership effective enough to clear things up for you.

What do you think? Does Sinus Survival work or not?

Customer Review on “Does Sinus Survival Really Work?

  1. The over the counter medications and even the prescription strength sinus medications have stopped working for me and I’m really getting desperate now. I’ve heard some great things about holistic remedies and I think it’s time that I gave it a try. To be honest I wouldn’t have even looked at an alternative like this a few months ago, but that was before I did more research on my symptoms and I found out that Sinus Survival has some good reviews.

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