Does Press Tastic Really Work?

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Does Press-Tastic Work? Most people really like their clothes to look great but it isn’t always easy to launder them or store them so they remain wrinkle free. The quick solution for this is to toss them in the dryer in the hopes that the majority of wrinkles will disappear, which is not always the case. Now an even better solution may be the Press Tastic

Basically Press Tastic is a portable unit that can be quickly used to remove wrinkles from clothing. It eliminates the need of having to drag out the ironing board and waiting for the iron to heat up to the appropriate temperature.

The Claim
The Company indicates that the Press Tastic is an iron and ironing board all in one which makes it convenient and says it is safe for most clothing. They are promoting that the product’s effectiveness is being able to remove wrinkles from clothing quick and easy is thanks to the built in technology of the 5 pressure ports that are built into the system, and the detachable crease plate.

The Hype
The fact that the unit is quick and easy to use is what most people will find appealing. One of the biggest problems that travelers have to deal with is creased clothes and the Press Tastic comes across as being a great solution for this. Also, with its built in but removable crease plate the user should have no difficulties putting the appropriate creases in the clothing exactly where they should be.

The Cost
For about $27. you are going to get the Press Tastic kit which is comprised of a measuring cup, crease plate, the Press Tastic unit and as a bonus a fabric brush. If you want to tack on an extra $7. approx. you will get a second set.

The Commitment
The important thing will be to keep your Press Tastic handy so you will remember to use it. If you store it away in a cupboard then chances are you will forget about it, or it will be too much of a hassle to dig it out. Ideally if you are a traveler then you may want to get a second unit so you can keep it packed in your suitcase so its ready to go when you are.

If you are a loyalist to the standard iron for getting your clothes wrinkle free then you may be interested in what we had to say about the Eurosteam Iron. It’s a pretty nifty item as well. In most cases those many of the clothes that are originally ironed get stored away and they end up with a least a few wrinkles and this is where the Press Tastic really could prove to be a valuable item.

Final Press Tastic Review

Being as this tool has some good advantages to it for those who want to look their best but are short on time when it comes to wrinkle free clothing, we are going to give the Press Tastic a Thumbs Up rating.

Our Recommendation
There are lots of portable wrinkle removers on the market and they all come with their own unique perks. The Press Tastic seems to be basic but effective and overall is reasonably priced. Another way of looking at it is that it could be a bit of a money saver. Turning on the dryer for one article of clothing is a bit of a money waster, so this product could save you a little bit as well.

What do you think? Does Press Tastic work or not?

6 Customer Reviews on “Does Press Tastic Really Work?

  1. I place a order about eight weeks ago.when do I expect to receive it? My address 198 rockway dr.Rochester N.Y. 14612

  2. I noticed on my address the state is wrong. I tried to change it but it would not let me. My state is AR NOT AK. Thanks, just want to make sure it gets to right place.

  3. the press tastic is a Christmas present will it be here before xmas . I ordered it on nov 21 2014 , please respond

  4. I ordered press tastic 11/20/2014 it was on back order. my order #3000040 . CANCEL MY ORDER.

  5. Hello I want to order a few press tastics. How do I pay. Thank you for yojr qick responds.

    Yours sincerely,
    Thomasina Roberts

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