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Does the Eurosteam Iron work?The Eurosteam Iron makes several promises that an ordinary iron just doesn’t match. If you’re fed up with ruining clothes or having them cleaned more than necessary, you probably are very interested in seeing if this really works.

An iron is a pretty simple device, and has gone relatively unchanged over the decades. The concept is simple enough: get a piece of metal hot enough to press out the wrinkles in clothing. The addition of steam helps the fabrics to loosen so the iron can do its work. But like most conventional products, there are some drawbacks to using it, ones that are often overlooked because a better option simply doesn’t exist, or hasn’t existed until now.

The Claim
The makers of the Eurosteam Iron say that every household should have one. They boast that it’s the superior choice over your typical iron because it’s made with higher quality materials and fixes many of the problems that come with them. Namely, it won’t scorch or damage your clothes, and it will get the wrinkles out more quickly. They say that it has just one setting, and that this setting is suitable for all types of fabrics, which is a contrast to several irons on the market that require you to change the setting to match the fabric or risk ruining it in the process.

The Hype
The way they rave about this iron and its Italian design you’d think it did more than simply iron clothes. At the end of the day a wrinkle free garment is a wrinkle free garment and there’s not much more a product can do than get the wrinkles out. While a cheap $20 iron might leave much to be desired there are plenty in the $50 range that provide reliable results without having to make substantial claims on their abilities. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and look at what others have said that have already made the purchase.

The Cost
The $300 price tag for a Eurosteam Iron is what likely puts most people off of buying it, but there is something to be said for getting what you pay for. The important thing to try to determine is if you’ll end up getting an iron that works ten times better than a $30 iron. They try to make the case that you won’t have to dry clean your clothes as much, and that your clothes will last longer than they otherwise would if you used an iron that is too harsh on them.

The Commitment
If this works as advertised it should make it easier for you to keep your clothes looking nice. You won’t spend as much time fussing with the ironing and the results should be better. With the higher price tag, you’d want to commit to using this for several years, so not only would it have to provide good short term results, but it would have to be built to last in order to justify not buying a cheaper model.

When a product is priced so much higher than competing products it has a large mountain to climb to get potential buyers to go ahead and invest in it. The most common way to do this is to list several features in an attempt to raise the perceived value of the item to the particular price point. What we’re seeing here is that they are hanging their hat on the ability of this iron to work on multiple clothing articles with just one setting.

Luckily we live in a day and age where we can easily communicate with one another, even if we’re total strangers. We no longer have to take a manufacturers word that something works well, or let advertisements get the better of us. It’s natural to get sucked into a product like this, especially if you’ve tried other solutions with no luck. But at some point you have to stop yourself and ask whether a device like this can really do a far superior job than anything else on the market, and if you’ll use it long enough to make it a good buy.

All signs point to this being a risky buy, since expectations will be high, and feedback on it has been shaky at best.

Final Eurosteam Iron Review

The Eurosteam Iron is getting our Risky Try rating. At this price point the reviews need to be off the chart and heavily biased towards it working wonderfully. That’s not what we’re seeing and there is a serious love/hate relationship going on here, with a mix of those that love to use it and say it’s great, and those that rue their purchase decision. When you’re charging $300 for an iron you should be able to win over the large majority of those that plunk that sort of cash down on an iron.

Our Recommendation
There are some top of the line irons that clock in at a fraction of this price, and with many users saying that this is an overstated steam iron, you can find a highly reviewed steam iron like this one from Black and Decker for less than $50. It has the kind of feedback you’d expect from the Eurosteamer, but without the hefty price tag. It’d be hard to convince us that the Euro is 5 times better than the Black and Decker, or that it would last 5 times longer.

What do you think? Does the Eurosteam Iron work or not?

60 Customer Reviews on “Does the Eurosteam Iron Really Work?

  1. I have bought 2 so far. The first one was on QVC and it was great. I had it for over 4 yrs. I ordered another one thus spending over $350. I have had it now for over 2 yrs. The only thing I am having trouble with is the steam button when using burns my thumb when I use it. So I have to turn up the steam button on to avoid using the button. I decided I will be looking elsewhere to purchases another iron. I am trying not to buy product that is made in USA……this is hard but I am attempting to not purchase anything made in China.

  2. Yes, it is an investment however I think it is worth the price! Amazing that the most fragile fabrics (chiffons, silk, satins) will not melt! Place the iron flat rather than upright on the ironing surface. I cannot guess how many times my previous irons fell on the floor when resting on its end. The only downside is that you can use tap water but spring water in a gallon at your grocery store is better.

  3. Iron works great, does what it is supposed to, but, I paid $200. For it, you’d think it wouldn’t break in a year of use. The button for steam, will NOT spring back and close. What did they use? A CHEAP spring? MADE IN CHINA, how I hate those three words. So now its useless, and I want to find a NOT made in china iron that works the same way.

  4. I have had my iron for two years and use it about once a month. I am concerned about the grey silver metal alloy that appears to be sluffing off the inside. It looks like lead, I am worried about lead poisoning. This grey matter comes out the steam holes and when you empty the iron it is thick. It stains the material also. Does anyone know what this is? It is defiantly a metal of some sort because of the consistency and the metallic shine. DO WE NEED TO WORRY ABOUT LEAD POISONING?

  5. Bought mine from QVC about 3 years ago. i own a quilt store so I needed a great iron. This is it. wish i had another one. It’s heavy and presses those seams open perfectly.

  6. The worst iron I have ever owned. It’s going it the garbage. Does nothing but spit water everywhere. I can’t even use it. HORRIBLE DO NOT BUY

  7. Don’t believe the hype run as fast as you can from this iron slick commercial that’s about it customer service sucks how can this product still be on the market today run do not walk away from this product eurosteam 6199

  8. Don’t waste your money. Mine was only a couple of months old and stopped working. I thought it a user problem so didn’t report it until after warranty ran out.
    Doesn’t heat up, tried trouble shooting, still not working. Wished I read reviews before I invested.

  9. I bought the iron at the quilt show in Houston at the end of Oct 2019, was mailed to me two weeks later. I used it twice, worked fine, the third time the white steam button is stuck in the “on” position, not adjustment can be made. I have called the company, only get voice mail, have left 2 message, never have gotten a call back. VERY poor customer service, would not recommend.

  10. How do you clean it. If I hadn’t paid so much for it I would donate to charity as I AM SO TIRED.of having to empty the black gunk EVERY TIME I have to iron. Just waiting for it to heat up now that I have cleaned it

  11. I purchased a Euro iron about 15 years ago. I was over the moon about it. It did everything I expected and more. After all these years I finally had to replace it and bought the one that is now available. NOT HAPPY. It is nowhere near the iron my original one was. I’ve had it for a few months and I’m sorry I invested in a new one.

  12. I’ve had the Eurosteam for 4.5 years. The water is now running out of the bottom plate. It can’t even hold the water long enough to get to steam level. It was great while it lasted but I feel it is overpriced for the limited time it worked. Company resolution is that I can pay to ship it to them, wait 3-4 weeks, they will send me an estimate and then I can pay to get it shipped back to me. I would not recommend buying the iron unless you are OK with buying a new one in 4-5 years. I spoke to 2 other people who had purchased one and loved it. They both said theirs lasted ~ 4 years.

  13. I’ve had the Eurosteam 6199 for nearly two years and use it daily for sewing projects as well as ironing clothing. It is by far the best iron I have ever used. No burning fabrics, no leaks and no problems! Worth every penny!

  14. I had a similar problem with my Eurosteam product. I change the plug and it works fine now. I’ve had mine for 10 years.

  15. After reading all the negative reviews. I am afraid to buy a new one. I have mine for 14 years with no issue and have never been clean. It still works, but the steam button is acting up and getting a lot of built up inside.

  16. Overrated to say the least. Several years back I purchased the first one (model# ?) which was great and exceeded expectations. After much use it finally conked out. I asked customer service for their advice and, I must say, they were very helpful and sent a few o-rings out to try to solve the problem. It worked for a while. I called back for advice on what to do since it was an expensive item and I really liked it. They advised purchasing the new model which was the “next generation”. And…I did that. What a piece of crap. Can’t iron two dress shirts without having to refill. That’s not the worst of it. Using the steam shot as strong as it is, doesn’t remove the wrinkles as did the first iron. There is something amiss in this one since it does not perform well at all. So disappointing. It’s been over three years now and finally I’m just disgusted enough to write a review. Can’t believe the difference between the first one and the last. One would expect to see improvements. Arrghh!! Bring the old one back and you have a deal!

  17. I purchased a eurosteam next generation model 6199 two years ago and it worked great for two years and then it quit working. The light would come on and go off and no steam. I called the USA customer service line and they were worthless. My neighbor had also bought the same iron and and had the same results. Beware consumer, this product is pretty much a rip off for the price.

  18. I purchased my first Eurosteam iron several years ago. Although I felt it was quite costly, I valued my time and decided to invest in this iron. As I work full time, I found this iron to be such a time saver. For someone who once despised ironing, I no longer mind ironing. It’s amazing when you have the right tools to do the job. As a matter of fact, I’m in the process of purchasing another Eurosteam iron for our home in Phoenix. My daughter in Toronto also uses this iron and as a Commercial Designer time is of the essence as well for her. Ironing is now a breeze! My two daughters and I also own the hand steamer and it’s great for steaming delicates, coats and especially sleeves when you prefer no seam. Great investment! You won’t be sorry!!!

  19. Only rate this two stars….I purchased on at the Houston Quilt show and loved it, it was the greatest iron I have ever had until it broke. Emailed the company and for an additional $75.00 they would fix it….so I bit again and it arrived in supposedely working condition. It did work for around a month and then it would not heat or steam. So I emailed the company three times and never heard back from them. So don’t waste your money. yes when it worked it was great, but they do not stand behind this most expensive iron…. I did not give it four stars, it would not let me change the star….I would only give it two….

  20. I bought my iron at the State Fair in Albuquergue NM , I paid $200 for it and I just loooooove it, yes it does the work faster and nicer then any iron I have had! I’ve had my iron over 10 years and it’s still working great. This is to ALL the people that complained you r not usin it right! You would sputter too if u were over loaded!!!

  21. It is a great product and it worked for almost 2 years. All of a sudden, this morning, it stopped working. The power was connected but the light on the iron would not lid up. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced similar issue.

  22. For me, it works as advertised…I’m an airline pilot and want to look my best going to work.

    I used to wear my pants two or three times, before needing to have them dry cleaned. Now, using the Eurosteam, provided they’re not dirty, I can triple this. My colleagues at my ‘crash-pad, (I’m a commuter), have taken to borrowing the iron, instead of using the iron provided by the landlord.

    Yesterday, I ironed a very wrinkled, Tommy Bahama ‘panel-back shirt’…A silk shirt, with a sewn, rayon (plastic) pattern on the back. Within less than 5 minutes, the shirt looked like new. A regular iron would have ruined the shirt.

    I picked up the Eurosteam at a home show in Toronto, at a considerably cheaper, “home show” price… for me, it’s worth every penny!

  23. So very disappointed in the customer service. I have the eurosteam iron and like it. I encouraged my daughter to buy it. She did- at the Vancouver PNE just over a year ago. She hadnt used it but when I visited from Calgary, I did some ironing. It burnt my hand as the steam poured out of the handle. I called immediately and told them what was happening. Since I didn’t have the receipt ( under 1 year) they didn’t care. I would have to pay shipping and then pay the repair. It was never used – so disappointing. When purchasing an expensive high end appliance like this- the company should stand behind their product. They DO NOT!! So disappointed.

  24. What a waste of time and money. I bought this iron at a quilt fair and have followed all the directions.
    Seems to work okay…and just when I am about finished it dribbles a puddle on top of my project.
    And it is so HEAVY ! The back and forth motions have aggravated my wrist joint to the point I need to wear a wrist brace to ever use it! If you are older …avoid this iron totally!

  25. I bought the EuroSteam Iron 1000w Next Generation about 4 years ago. It suddenly stopped working and I thought, no problem I will just get it fixed. We I called the customer service, never to get a person but left several messages without a single return call. I then followed-up with an email and never received a response. SO my conclusion is NEVER buy a product where there is no customer service, especially when you spend over 250. for an IRON!

  26. I have had my iron for several years, use it at least twice a week, have never had a problem and would not want to be without it. It cuts my ironing time in more than half and is the best iron I have ever had.
    I give it 5*.

  27. I purchased my Iron at a Exibition a year ago and now the switch on it does not work am told
    by a technician that the switch is burnt, can ant one tell me where I can pick up the Green
    Rocker switch?

  28. Have had mine for 17 years. No problems at all. Today it wouldn’t heat up. Think it has something to do with the cord. Mine has never leaked or sputtered water. Have loved it.

  29. Hi Luci,

    I have apent a fair bit of money on multiple repairs on a 3 year Eurosteam iron. Back and forth to Calgary and am now fed up. You mentioned you opened it, how? Do you have step by step instructions, I m afraid I might damage the casing. Look forward to any info you can provide.



  30. I love my iron. It was purchaed in March of 2015 . When I got it home it didn’t heat as it should so phoned the company in Calgary and was told to return it and as soon it was received they would sent me a new one. Within 2 weeks I had a new one. It is used almost every day either for ironing clothes or while I am sewing.. If it quits I would buy another one. It does spit a little if you use it before completely hot but otherwise no problems.

  31. Don’t spend that kind of money on an iron. It leaked the first year and their answer was to clean it. It didn’t work and the iron is a joke. I put it away. Later years the handle can’t even be touched or your hand sticks to the handle. I called them again thinking there may be a recall. They again wouldn’t help except to tell me to clean the handle with alcohol and put powder on it. There are no longer parts for the iron and they were rude that I should call with an iron that was old. Do not buy it….

  32. I purchased my eurosteam iron in 2009. I love my iron. I purchased mine due to always having to buy a new one every year. I starch all my family’s jeans and western shirts. My daughter was doing rodeo queen contest at the time. I can say this iron has saved me thousands of dollars. I no longer had to take her leather, swarovski crystal queen cloths or their school leather and wool letter jackets to the dry cleaner!!!! Only when I have over filled it have I had an issue with the water sputtering and spitting. I would recommend this iron to anyone!!!!!!!

  33. I have a question, were do you call or send the iron if the tank leaks or can it be repaired.

  34. I primed the iron, and have only used it once so far. The DVD and online teaching tool are helpful, although it should explain what to do when you are finished steaming (which is in the manual, but not the video). My son had two events back-to-back where he needed his suit to look great…. last night a formal dinner and dance, and today a wedding. The steamer freshened up his suit nicely. I was worried about setting any stain of food or sweat that he might have on his clothes from last night. Won’t know for sure… does anyone else have advice on this?
    So far, I am pretty pleased!

  35. I also agree. It was good when it worked. The water also leaked and sputtered. I had it for a year and after that it stopped working. Couldn’t return as out of warranty.

  36. We have had our euro steam iron for over 9 years, it has always worked great. My husband can iron the clothes without me worrying if he will ruin them. The iron has a need to be cleaned once in a while, but not often. I would recommend this iron to anybody. I`m looking to buy another one for the house, we travel a lot and always have it with us. This product is like any other, there are always a few that do not work like the rest of them. Sorta like buying a car that is a lemon.


  38. I have had my Euro Steam iron for a year now and use it constantly. I teach sewing and this iron has been a god-send. It irons over anything and never damages a thing. I absolutely love it and if it dies, I will run out and get another one. I got mine at a show in Atlanta, GA, USA. I paid about $200 for it and I am going back to this year’s show in about 10 weeks. I am going to buy another so that my students never have to wait to use one. LOVE IT!!

  39. I have had my Euro steam for over 10 years, have always put distilled water in and make sure to never overfill. I have never cleaned it till today, Dec 11, 2016. It never leaks, well maybe a little spurt here and there, but it has served me so incredibly well. I went to use it today and it stopped working so I painstakingly searched on line for a cheaper replacement and found no good options, with bad review after another. As I try to fix most things I decided to try with this, took it apart and oh, btw, this iron has fallen numerous times with casing cracking so with duct tape holding it together it was all kind of loose. Everything looked fine inside so I put it back together and started a lengthy cleaning process with vinegar and sure nuf, the light came back on and the thing sputtered to life!! This thing is a work horse!!! I think folks give up to easily on things. This is a quality iron from the looks of what is currently on the market. I will nurture and adore this essential tool till it’s last dying breath.

  40. We purchased our eurosteam iron in October 2013 for $200 and it just quit working yesterday. The main drawback is it’s price tag. After seeing all of the negative reviews we will NOT be purchasing another one but instead find a comparable iron for a lot less! These irons are way over rated and definitely over priced!!!

  41. Once contacting Customer Services Sara Johl (instead of waiting for a year), your unit was picked up at no cost to you and returned to Redfern Enterprises for evaluation. Your iron was evaluated and was found to have no operational issues. The iron was being overfilled.

    When a unit is over filled there is not enough room in the boiler to produce proper steam. The unit will shoot out water until the proper space is there to create the steam. It clearly states in your manual not to overfill the unit as it will leak water if this is done. At the end of each day the unit is be emptied and stored with the cap off so that the boiler can breathe. This is important so that the unit will be ready to be properly filled for the next use. Fill the measure cup to just slightly below the fill line to ensure that unit is not overfilled.

    Your Eurosteam iron was then shipped back to you at no charge. Redfern Enterprises has gone above and beyond.

  42. My iron was always leaking and dripping all over the clothes, I took it back to PNE, where I bought it, and the guy there was very rude refused to exchange. He told me to ship back to Calgary. Even though he had 100 sitting there that he could have exchanged. I guess he was hoping I would not waste my money on shipping costs. true, I will not wast money on shipping but will make it a point to spend a few hours at the PNE telling people about the product at his stand every year so others don’t get ripped off.

  43. I agree, same problem. I bought mine at the PNE in vancouver. When I went back the following year, they refused to return or exchange instead telling me to ship the product to Calgary. Sure I will spend another $30 on shipping because the company has such a problem exchanging at the site I bought it originally.

  44. I am hugely disappointed in my euro steam steam iron.. as a tailor i should not have to worry about the thing spitting out water at every use. Now after a year of use.. the button that you press to release steam is so hot you can not touch it. I have to tape a piece of felt to it to be able to use the button. I still have the iron I purchased at a $30.00 price point, I think i have to start using that again. one of the design flaws is that you have no gauge or visual reference to see how much water is in the machine before turning it on, there for you need to constantly open the unit to fill when it is boiling hot.

  45. After less then 2 years my Eurosteam iron just quit.. and I only use it for 6 months of the year. I had my previous iron for 25+ years and it was still working when I bought the Eurosteam iron..I wish I has seen these reviews before I bought the Eurosteam iron…

  46. I purchased a Eurosteam at a quilt show and after just 1 week over the warranty it quit working. I called to ask about repair and they told me that the nearest repair depot was in Calgary, AB, and I am in Ontario. The shipping cost alone is just not worth the repair. I asked if I had a local handiman look at it, if they would just ship parts. They told me that they don’t ship wires in the mail. Yikes. Stay away from this brand, just not worth the money.

  47. I just had my Eurosteam iron sputter and quit on me!!! I have had it since October 2013 – but I don’t iron a lot and I am very disappointed! Obviously this is a bad choice I made to buy this product and I will never buy another.

  48. I purchased a Eurosteam iron a few months ago. After it began continuously spitting out brown water and after calling the company several times and being told to clean it with vinegar and water which I did, I asked for a refund. They told me they DO NOT give refunds so if you have bought this monster and you hate it like I do, then you are stuck with it. They did allow me to send it back for repair; it has been 3 weeks and no sign of getting the iron back, and even if I do I plan on trying to sell this rag. You have to constantly put water in it even if you use the intermittent steam button, and it steams erratically and most of the time puts water on the fabric surface and as a quilter when the brown water hits the fabric I know I have a permanent stain…..I HATE THIS IRON, my old Rowenta does a much better job!!!

  49. DON”T waste your money on this! The handle on mine got to hot to touch and spitting and sputtering, and when I called about it within the warrantee period, other then me paying shipping both ways when it was like that from the start, I felt that was out of line, and they told me I possibly wasn’t priming it correctly and now I’ve had a white cap fall out of it from inside the water tank. After reading some other reviews and seeing that they also had problems with the handle getting hot. I feel that they should stand behind their product and pay for shipping both ways and for all repairs since it is obviously a manufacturing defect that is definitely a safety issue.

  50. I have purchased two Eurosteam irons and loved them, initially. When the first one started to leak and spit steam I sent it back to be fixed. It was at that time that I bought a second one, impressed as I was with their service. Outwardly, the first one looked great when repaired,but in no time it began to leak both water and steam again. Now the second one does the same. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to spend a couple hundred dollars on buying a new one each year. currently, I’m hoping to find a satisfactory replacement.

  51. I respectfully disagree with Leticia’s comments. I loooove my Eurosteam iron. I bought mine at a show as well, but it was $200 at the time. The only time I’ve had an issue with dripping or sputtering is when I’ve tried to use it before it’s completely heated up. But all irons will do that. I’ve never had a problem cleaning the iron, and I don’t clean it nearly as often as I should! It’s a great steam iron, so I’ve never tried it without steam. Maybe that’s when it isn’t as great at getting wrinkles out of jeans? I iron my jeans all the time with no problems. In fact, I can iron just one side of the jeans, and the steam goes all the way through to the other side and does it at the same time. Ok, I’m not even kidding…one time I knocked my iron off the board and a part broke. My iron still worked just fine, but I was in such a panic that I ordered another Eurosteam to have on hand “just in case!”

    I used to buy $70-80 irons every year. They just wore out because I iron so much. So my Eurosteam has definitely paid for itself. Also, the Eurosteam is serviceable, so you don’t have to just toss it out and buy a new one. Bonus!!

    Ok, enough of my review. And for the record, I’m the goofy lady that stands by the Eurosteam table at the shows and raves about it’s performance. (In fact, I’m thinking they probably owe me a little commission of some sort!) 🙂

  52. I bought a Eurosteam several years ago and I would say definitely not a good investment. Dripping, sputtering water, build up that won’t clean out, and it doesn’t take wrinkles out of jeans and other thick fabric as touted. The company is not good to work with – they really don’t stand behind their product like one should for an appliance at that price. I bought it in Las Vegas during the NFR at the gift show at the Sands Convention Center. Every year I walk by their booth and tell all those that will listen to walk away from that iron. I will keep doing that until I feel I have gotten my $300 of frustration back. My Rowenta at less than 1/3 the price is a much better tool.

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