Does Mold Be Gone Really Work?

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Does Mold Be Gone Work?There are some very good household cleaners on the market that make short work of the average grime and stains, but what about for tougher problems like mold? Let’s take a look at Mold Be Gone to see if it truly is the mold solution.

This is a gel formulated product that is being promoted to remove the mold in the common areas of the home like the bathroom around the bath area or the toilet. It is easy to use with a simple application of the product then a wipe clean removal. So no scrubbing or gouging the surface where the mold has attacked.

The Claim
The Company is stating that Mold Be Gone is a quick and easy as well as effective product to apply for the elimination of the mold. They are further saying that it will protect the surface being cleaned for up to a year.

The Hype
Nobody likes the look of mold, and even more hates to have to try and clean it. The company is capitalizing on this by creating a product that is suppose to be quick and easy to use. Often people dealing with a mold problem will resort to harsh chemicals for the job and this can come with a lot of side effects. So having a quick and effective solution is going to draw their attention.

The Cost
The cost of Mold Be Gone is about $15. which includes the shipping and handling.You can purchase a second bottle for the shipping and handling cost of $4.99. The $15. is about the same price you would pay if you were to buy it from another source like Amazon.

The Commitment
If everything the company says is true about Mold Be Gone then all its going to take on your part is to order the product, then follow what they say in the directions for the application for removal of the mold.

There is no doubt that mold is unsightly and a problem that has to be dealt with. It often attacks the silicone around the bathtub and sink areas. So when you go to clean it then you end up removing the silicone shield. The Mold Be Gone product is marked as a silicone base and is suppose to protect the area for up to one year. There are a lot of other products on the market that are touted as being able to remove this type of mold. We talked about the Instagone Pro before that also claimed it could complete this job, however, it has received mixed reviews.

Final Mold Be Gone Review

Based on the mixed reviews that we researched regarding this product which at present there are not too many of, we are going to give the product a Try/Buy, if you have not as yet found a product that is doing the job for you.

Our Recommendation
There are several different approaches that you can take when dealing with a mold problem that is affecting the specific areas that the Mold Be Gone is targeting. There are lots of home remedies that have been posted on the net. It is highly important to keep in mind though that mold can become a health hazard so you want to be careful when cleaning it. Also, if you are leaning towards the home remedies keep in mind that mixing different types of chemicals can also be dangerous.

What do you think? Does Mold Be Gone work or not?

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