Does Guitar Made Easy Really Work?

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Does Guitar Made Easy Work? Is it really possible to learn how to play an instrument like the guitar in a few quick minutes? According to the promoters of Guitar Made Easy it is, so let’s find out why and how.

A lot of kids really wish they could learn to play the guitar but don’t want to have to put in the long arduous hours it is said to take to master this skill. It isn’t only the kids that think this way either as their are a lot of adults that would love to be able to strum out a tune or two. Maybe this can become a reality for both kids and adults alike with Ralph Paul’s Guitar Made Easy program.

The Claim
The promoters are claiming that it isn’t necessary to spend months learning how to play this instrument. They are indicating that quick and easy learning, and putting this into guitar playing action in a very short period of time is possible, thanks to the techniques taught by Ralph Paul who is considered America’s top guitar teacher.

The Hype
For parents who are wanting to meet the wishes of their youngsters wanting to learn to play guitar this fast and easy method is appealing. It means if the interest of the child fades then they haven’t spent a ton of money on lessons that took them nowhere. For the adults the fast learning techniques are ideal as most adults just don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to learning an instrument such as this that really demands a lot of attention to lead to playing perfection.

The Cost
The Guitar Made Easy purchase of $39.95 plus shipping and handling. Included in the program are several CD’s. Two deal with the basics,and another two focus on the techniques.Then included is a Free bonus which consists of a Jump Start CD. If you are willing to pay extra shipping and handling you have the option of receiving a music CD.

The Commitment
While the Guitar Made Easy program is being touted as a quick way of learning to play it is still going to demand some time to watch, study and follow the CD’s. Then no matter what practice makes perfect. With this program you are being taught the basics and the techniques but the responsibility is on you to implement them.

There are a lot of great advantages to learning how to play the guitar this way. The biggest factor is that you can learn within your own time frame. When you are having trouble with something in your learning process you can simply view the CD’s again. The negative aspect is identifying your weaknesses as you don’t have a live instructor in front of you to point this out and help you correct it.

Final Guitar Made Easy Review

As usual, we wanted to see if anybody else had any comments to make about a product we are featuring. In regards to Guitar Made Easy we did find some disgruntled comments that were more geared towards the ordering process and some problems that arose more so than what the actual product offered. Based on this we are going to give the product a Try/Buy rating, but encourage you to carefully read all of the promo material and ordering instructions first, so there is no misconceptions or confusion.

Our Recommendation
If you want to check out some other alternatives to learning how to play guitar then review what we had to say about Rocksmith. It is an entirely different learning approach but one that you may intriguing and more to your liking. If you are looking for a great gift to give a guitar enthusiast then either one of these guitar learning products may be ideal for this.

Official Website: Guitar Made Easy

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