Does Shaggy Shower Really Work?

Does Shaggy Shower Really Work?
Does it realy work?

Does Shaggy Shower Work?There are so many pet lovers out there that we really like to keep them up to date about potential products that can help enhance their pet’s well being, or even ones that we don’t feel are such a good deal. So which category does Shaggy Shower fit in to? Let’s find out.

The Shaggy Shower is designed to make bathing your dog easy. The water flow is gentle as it is controlled through a series of 45 deep cleaning bristles. Then attached to it is a soap dispenser so the cleansing action from the bristles is enhanced.

The Claim
The company claims it is quick and easy to use the Shaggy Shower and it easily attaches to the sink, tub, or shower. The company indicates that this is ideal to use for when you are walking your dog at the park or maybe you want to cool them down at the park. Just means finding a water source that you can connect to.

The Hype
Most often bathing dogs or cats for that matter is not all that easy, especially if your pet doesn’t want to cooperate. Having the proper source of water with the right flow really helps to make it easier, so the hype for this product has addressed this. The two key focus areas are that it is less traumatizing for the dog, because of the gentle water flow, and the massage with the brush is bound to feel good for the animal.

The Cost
You are looking at paying about $28. including the shipping and for about another $10. you can get a second one.

The Commitment
The first commitment is to make up your mind that it’s your dogs shower time. Now you may want to take it slow and introduce your pooch to the Shaggy Shower in stages. If the dog loves water it shouldn’t take long before his new bath product is readily accepted. If water is not a favorite it may take a little longer.

Really our first thought is you could use a simple garden hose with a proper attachment turned to a rain mist. However, you are not going to be able to adjust the water to a comfortable temperature, and you are going to have to fiddle around with the soap application. The Shaggy Shower has all the options for really enhancing the bath time for your dog.

Final Shaggy Shower Review

While the Shaggy Shower really has a lot of great features we were hesitant as to whether it was really worth the price of $28. We did our homework and found that overall it was comparable in price to similar products, and some of those didn’t have the soap attachment option. Based on this we are going to give it a strong Try/Buy rating.

Our Recommendation
We know that many pet owners really do struggle with the dog bathing task so in the past we have researched and reviewed other products that are being promoted as being ideal to assist with this. The Bath Bone was one of these.

What do you think? Does Shaggy Shower work or not?


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