Does the 6 in 1 Beauty Solution Really Work?

Does the 6 in 1 Beauty Solution Work?No one would ever say that there are not tons of makeup products on the market. Many of them are produced by long standing manufacturers that have made their mark in this industry. However, with the modern technology of today its worth looking at perhaps one that may not be all that wellknown as yet but is well on its way to being so, and that’s the 6 in 1 Beauty Solution.

Mistura Beauty was actally seen on the Dragon’s Den a few years ago and while it didn’t pull in an offer from the Dragons for the 6 in 1 Beauty Solution, it did receive some great exposure and particularly from Cosco. So what makes this makeup line so different? Well, it comes down to being able to use just a few products for many different applications.

The Claim
At the time of the great Dragon pitch the Mistura Beauty was a 6 in 1 makeup application product. Since then many new products have been adeed to the Mistura Beauty Line. The one that got the attention in the beginning is now called the 6 in 1 Beauty Solution.

The Hype
The hype is really about the uniqueness of the 6 in 1 Beauty Solution. It is a selection of shades that once used on the skin it can adjust to the individual skin tones. It gives decent coverage which eliminates the need to use a foundation, concealer or blush. Plus, you can forget about need lip and eye color

The Cost
The 6 in 1 Beauty Solution will cost you $77.99. This is actually a kit that is comprised of a quality retractable brush, a lip balm made from Vitamin E, and the Luminada primer and moisturizer.

The Commitment
There really isn’t going to be anymore of a commitment than what you would have to make with using your regular style makeup. In fact, there will be far less because you don’t need to apply a bunch of different products. You are going to get a really natural but very impressive look with the 6 in 1 Beauty Solution, which is the ultimate goal of most who apply makeup.

There are a few great things that we like about 6 in 1 Beauty Solution. Although it may seem expensive, look at how many additional products you are going to be able to eliminate from your makeup purchases. The product is quality made and is hypo-allergenic, fragrance free and great for most skin tones. That’s another benefit. You don’t have to second guess about picking out the right color of foundation and powder.

Final 6 in 1 Beauty Solution Review

We are going to give the 6 in 1 Beauty Solution a Thumbs Up rating. It has been around for a few years so it has proved it’s credibility. It really is reasonably priced and there is no doubt it is a time saver.

Our Recommendation
We like the fact that you don’t have to use multiple products to feel like you are looking your best. The 6 in 1 Beauty Solution is simple but effective. If you want to look at some other makeup alternatives then you can check this one out.

What do you think? Does the 6 in 1 Beauty Solution work or not?

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