Are You Ready For A Ghostly Encounter With Ghost Radar Classic?

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Ghost Radar ClassicTo understand what Ghost Radar Classic is all about, you first have to be curious whether paranormal experiences actually exist, what they are, or can they all be explained through scientific investigations. Ghost radar uses your cell phone to examine some of these phenomena.

What Exactly Is The Paranormal?


The definition of “paranormal phenomena” is anything that is classed as “beyond the normal” and generally includes events like clairvoyance and telekinesis,  not to mention seeing apparitions like ghosts or spirits, or anything else that cannot be explained through the scope of normal scientific explanations..

What Is Ghost Radar?

Ghost Radar Classic

Ghost Radar is an app that has been developed by Spud Pickles software and is available to be downloaded on the majority of new mobile phone platforms. The platforms that are supported are Apple products, Google Android, and Blackberry phones. These phones that allow downloadable apps are known as smartphones.

Ghost Radar is an entertainment application that has a slight twist of the supernatural.

How Does Ghost Radar Classic Work?

ghost reading

  • Ghost Radar is a free app that can be used on a variety of cell phones.


  • The technology behind it is that the components in the phone in conjunction with the app are able to detect the paranormal source.


  • It works like a detector that can find electromotive forces or “EMF” for short.


  • Apparently this app allows your phone to pick up intelligent energy and can use vibrations through your phone’s sensors to locate the presence of paranormal energy.

The app’s blurb also contains some written context containing some incredible statements about how this application works. Such claims are that it uses electromagnetic fields, vibrations, and sounds to detect ghosts and paranormal activity in and around the device.

Interpreting the Results

The screen on the cell phone will give readings that need to be deciphered as the sensors pick up the paranormal activity.

  • Red: Is a bad activity
  • Yellow: Is between
  • Green: Is good

The Cost
Ghost Radar Classic is available for free on the Apple, Android, and Blackberry Market app stores. This does mean that the developers sell advertisement space within the user interface that they use to create money, and so there will be scrolling adverts along the bottom and top of the screen during use.

Does Ghost Radar Work?

This is where the controversy is going to come in because there are so many variables. Such as:

  • Which phones are being used
  • What kind of paranormal activity is going on in the area
  • How sensitive is this activity to the components of the app

The Theory

ghost tracking


Some have the theory that if two identical iPhones were used then the readings should be identical.

One fellow from YouTube did run a test using identical phones and in different areas but only came up with inconclusive results. So this test alone would not be enough to validate the authenticity.

Is It Easy To Use?

Unlike the expensive equipment where you need a lot of training just to understand how to use it, this app can be used by just about anyone.

If you can download the app then you are ready to go and you simply have to turn it on and then point your phone in the area you are curious about.

It could be noises you hear or perhaps a cold spot you feel, and once you have the phone directed in the questionable area you just have to watch the screen for words or blips to appear.

Ghost Radar Reviews

ghostly encounter


Some people that have used the Ghost Radar Classic app have found that after pointing their phone into the areas they think are suspect they have actually had readings that included letters names or notifications of energy present and this has been backed up by having several readings from different phones all showing the same results.


The negative reviews are from individuals who have used the app with a partner to verify their results and have found readings that have varied from one another. Apparently, the information on each device was significantly different enough to suggest that the app was not working as described.


Overall this ghost detector has had a lot of reviews which is understandable as its been around for a while. Out of 1,796 ratings, it has a 3.7 5 star rating. With about 20% giving it a 1% and the rest in between. So it shows that the negatives and the positives are fairly equal.

The final conclusion is that the app is really meant to be a form of entertainment and ratings will be made by most based on the way they perceive this.

An Extra

If you don’t want to be carrying your phone around with you all the time on the hunt for ghosts then you may find this Grip phone mount to be ideal.

Don’t forget to share your Ghost Radar Classic experiences with us.

232 Customer Reviews on “Are You Ready For A Ghostly Encounter With Ghost Radar Classic?

  1. I had downloaded this app to my Ipad, not my phone, I do not make calls with my Ipad nor do I ever use the GPS on it, I was skeptical at first and well still kind of skeptical and yet not at the same time…. that is, until the night before last around 3 in the morning when I had put my dog out in the yard I had placed my iPad on a table not far from where I have many potted plants at, then the words of Grow, Growth had appeared, next followed the word Plants. I was like how it knows that? my iPad wasn’t even pointed in that direction, then 3 blue dots had appeared to my left one was nearly on top of me, the other two were 25 yards and 40 yards from me, and then another word that said pretty. What convinced me the most was that this Ghost Radar had picked up on my plants. so yeah I think I am now convinced a little bit more than what I was at first, still trying it out tho, this evening I had covered the camera so we’ll see what will happen then will provide an update at a later time.

  2. In February of 2015 my family lost our home to a devastating house fire, lost everything including one of our dogs. We survived obviously, but 3 days before the fire, the kids and I downloaded the ghost radar app and were playing around with it throughout the house. This app warned us of the fire in detail and it all was exactly what ended up really happening. So, this app isn’t a joke but definitely real scary as it sounds!! Definitely not a toy for young children but Definitely recommend.

  3. I’m kinda scared because my radar picked up the name of the man that lives upstairs, and the word mad, kitchen, motor and shoot. I won’t tell my boyfriend because he will get mad for using the app. I think he is scared of ghosts and spirits.

  4. Darcy i agree with tanisha because tailor cant spell woth a shit. And you darcy need to get on my nuts reading it gave ne a headache and you have to be able to keep up

  5. The building at my old work was over 100yrs old. This is about ten years ago min you…
    While on break I had the app turned on a co-worker was walking by and it said “cancer” “death”. I was thinking to myself “this thing is stupid” and I turned it off. Within a year that person had died of cancer. I don’t know how, but this is eerily accurate somehow.

  6. If some people are having problems understanding what you wrote, I think they lack intelligence. Most intelligent people would understand what Tailor wrote and not persecute her spelling and grammar. Intelligent minds would see beyond the misspellings.

  7. It seems like a lot of us are getting the same random words such as family, law, war, explore, doll,excite. Mine has weird words sometimes like merely, quite, happen. I wonder if it just has a database of certain words. The names I’ve heard are Kristen, Tom, Harry,Drew and Mark. The person I want to connect with knew people with these names, but I don’t know the significance.

  8. I completely understood the text,and what’s worse is that this was YEARS ago and I had to witness some guy turn a text not written good to some bullsh¡t argument

  9. I installed Ghost Radar and was, and continue to be skeptical. It also picks up one word comments, supposedly from the spirits. I did have one heck of a coincidence though. A man from the church I attend died. After attending the graveside service I returned to the car to wait for my wife. While I was waiting I figured, if any place has wandering spirits, it would be a cemetary, so I turned it on. The first word it picked up, within seconds of turning it on was “Virgina”. The deceased man’s wife for many decades was named Virginia. Now what are the odds of that happening?

  10. Darcy, thank you for your comment. I totally agree. We don’t need to be treating each other like that. Please, come on guys! We don’t want our kids bullied or to be a bully, shootings, etc. It may make a difference to treat each other differently and teach each other the same path. Just saying

  11. The first time I tried it I was visiting my Sister and family’s old home in LA. Oddly enough, the house was built in the late 1800’s with a grave under it, name clear and DOB and DOD clear. The grave was directly under their restroom area which connected to my young niece’s room (where she had been seeing an old lady coming from her bedroom closet (VERY close to the restroom and the wood frame home, the tomb stone). We downloaded the app, playing with it and no activity at all until we brought the phone into the restroom, bedroom, and bathroom area (which were very close together), then major words red dots all over the screen. I am not sure, but at that point was pretty much believing there was some reality to the fun app.

  12. When I was 12, my mom, who was a teacher, was late returning from work. I started worrying. This app was open on my phone, and the app said ‘business, crowd, learning’. I am a believer.

  13. I opened the app. And then was distracted by my cat. The app said WALL and sure enough I had it pointing at the wall which was about 8″ away. I do want to know why a green orb turns red.

  14. You make rude comments about her education? It is possibly spell corrector that is doing it, it does similar to me, but even so, I’d rather be friends with her and her writing problems than you people and your rude holier than thou attitude!! I can’t believe how the internet has made it ok to degrade others with comments, it is so sad that we see this far too often!

  15. (updated) I just started using it today! Within the first 20-30 seconds, the second word was “BRONWEN”, which surprised me it was somehow in the word database, or is this phonetical? This is a very rare Welsh name, especially here in Canada… over my entire lifetime, I know of only one Bronwen, she is one of my dearest female friends, and has just MOVED BACK to my hometown here only in the last month or so after about 10-12 years living elsewhere. I have yet to visit her. She is into this kind of paranormal thing quite a bit. I don’t even know her phone number or address, it is not in my phone. “Chance” JUST showed up as I was finishing the last sentence, and then “impossible” followed, now “label.” Re-read the last sentence. Strange. And in IMMEDIATE REALTIME. And I’m typing into my computer, not my phone. And BRONWEN? What are the odds? WOW. Pretty striking to me… I do not ask spirits questions, I do not speak to anything but the divine, and only if the divine directs me to ask anything will I allow myself. I am not interested in making any kind of contracts with whatever. From what I understand, Entities TEND to lie, mimic and whatnot. Suddenly after a few hours of use, I started hearing all this knocking on my roof, and walls… over, and over, and over… didn’t stop for more than a minute or so all night; I THOUGHT it was spirits until I realized we had the first snow of the year (4-5 inches), and it is melting and falling off the trees onto my roof! HOLY talk about timing! Scared the bejesus out of me. Hadn’t had anything like this since last winter, but of course didn’t pay attention.

  16. I agree, because I bet that people back then would say that they don’t believe it possible to comunicate with ghosts trough a piece of wood..

  17. It is kind of entertaining. I downloaded it yesterday. Today I turned it on and it said mud. Interesting because I had just water down my entire backyard and it is Muddy. Then it said nuts. About 20 minutes ago I ate a handful of peanuts. Then it said Sally. Last night my sister-in-law was talking to me about her deceased stepmother Sally. She wants to have her exhumed from her shared father’s grave. Kind of spooky

  18. It said “white… curious….dull” lol. It’s just a bit creepy to me because I am sitting in a white room. I wonder how the app truly decides to generate the words….

  19. now I just sitting in a down wondering if u went to billy the kids tomb stone if u could talk to his ghost. now I curious if I should download it or not. 😕

  20. lol slap a leg and please FIX your spelling I had to read it a few times before I knew what you were trying to say

  21. YES IT WORKED FOR ME. !!! The first time I used it I was so sceptical. I had played with the first day I got it and didn’t really get anything. That night my niece call to get a recipe for hot sauce that my mother made. I was really close with my mother I didn’t want to be there when she passed I said my good byes the day before. The next day all day long she wouldn’t pass away. That evening the hospice supervisor that was there at my moms called me and said Judy your going to have to come she will not go she keeps hanging on. This was around 5 pm in the eve. Both my sisters were there too. So I get in my car thinking all the way I don’t want to see her take her last breath I have already cried my eyes out. My heart is breaking. So when I got there everyone left out of the bedroom and let me talk to her. I told her I was sorry and she knew I was upset she was going. I told her it is okay I would be okay. Really mother I will be ok I told her my sister was going to see about me. With that I got up and went into the living to cry. The hospice nurse went back in and came back out and said she is gone. So a couple of months later I had purchased the Ghost Radar. I was on the phone as I said earlier with my niece. I was giving her all the ingredients of the hot sauce but I could not remember if she put lemon juice or vinegar in it. I told my niece I would think about it and call her back. I am a 66 year old woman I was 63 at the time but I turned the ghost radar on and the first word that printed across the screen was VINEGAR!!!! you do not have to believe and I am not asking you to but I am telling you what are the odds thirty mins later after talking to my niece about a recipe and what when in in it lemon or vinegar??? And the first word is VINEGAR. I get words all the time. Now I don’t know who it is speaking to me because I looked up in the bible and they say it is demons that the dead no nothing and have no more reward. All I know is that word came up. And that is proof that Ghost Radar works. Actually it is scary.

  22. Ok guys, enough is enough. Here is how it works:

    It has access to your microphone and gps. The microphone detects the stuff you say out loud or music that is playing. With the gps it finds you location and searches on the internet keywords associated with the place you are located at. If you are at a graveyard, it will say “grave”. If you are in building where in google news it states someone was murdered here before,you’ll get “murder”.

    Simple as that, now stop worrying. You’re welcome.

  23. I’ve been using the app & it usually just says a bunch of random words, but every now & then it’s right on point. A few examples:
    1. IT says eubire (my spelling might be off I don’t remember how to spell it). Then my husband calls me. Eubire is Romanian for love. My husband is Romanian. So now this thing speaks Romanian? Weird.
    2. It says Baby Cooks. In one line. That’s what I call my cat Cookies as a nickname, baby cooks. Weird
    3. It says Lucky 13. In one line. My husband & I have matching tattoos that say Lucky 13. Weird..
    4. Is says Cora. Constant. Pain. My mother in laws name is Cora and she just had surgery on her knee. Weird.

    So some stuff is realy right on target, definitely strange. What are the chances of it randomly saying those words? Pretty slim. Kinda creepy.

  24. Downloaded a few apps just to test, I’m not sure myself.I don’t use my gps locator on my phones its disabled. I used the app, while my husband was driving, we went past a area of our street wear theres a brook that flooded a few months ago, it comes up as LIQUID, Then later, I turn it off, and we head up to a different area, doing our daily task, jumped back in the car, put on the app again, m,y husband jumps in to, and the app reads, CHINESE, my husbands full chinese I’m not, I’m native american.
    Then he about to drop me off to work and hes car smells like gasoline, I keep telling him to get his car checked, the app reads GAS, and then later I go into my work, and the app reads LOG, and I was was like log what, and then I realized, I had to log into work, and do my hand scan which everyone does to log into work. Thats not the end of it, I was in work and went down the hall to talk to my employee, I just got over a cold, shes always afraid to get sick, the app read BRAVE, and I spoke to her and she said, I gotta be brave to talk to you, don’t get me sick. So thats pretty accurate, still testing it.

  25. I turned on this app & first thing it says is Joe rikers. My husband Joe is currently doing time in Rikers Island. That’s a pretty weird coincidence. After that it just had random words & colored dots. But that’s really strange. What are the chances of the words randomly being Joe rikers?

  26. I was outside today with family for Easter My brother was showing the silly ghost app. I’m like yeah, yeah. Then a few minutes after it spelled “Karen”. That is my name!! We were all freaked out

  27. There sure seem to be a lot of ‘Andys’ around. I got this followed by the word 15. I don’t know an Andy. Some things seem mildly relevant and the rest of the time seems to spit out random words. Others more or less seem on the mark. I was at work helping an older disabled woman go through her stuff and she was sorting through papers that needed to be thrown out and the word paper came up. Earlier YOURE LARGE (neither one of us are skinny lol) came up on the screen. I had my headphones attached as I didn’t want to have to explain why my phone was spitting out random words.It will work just fine with the volume turned down. One of the first words I got was ‘Indian’ (I had a Indian dish for dinner the other night) and rain. No rain in the forecast but was listening to the sound of rain on my phone and this sometimes helps me sleep. I guess you can read or project anything you see into it but it’s interesting. It’s only my first day and there is an more updated app by the same maker I may give that a try.

  28. So I thought this app was a load of garbage. That is until today. I’m not making this up. I was at work that’s next to the sea. A guys body was found floating like 2 days ago. So I started the app and saw a blip on the radar and the word George appeared. Now I asked my colleagues if they found out the name of the guy who died I the water. On if my colleagues went, unknowing to me to look on the newspaper to see if they found out the identity of the body. Beforehand she came back the app displayed the word newspaper. Which freaked the rest of us out when she appeared with said newspaper. Then she opened it found the article, and gues wat the dude’s name was. Effin Alpha George… I shit you not… I put my phone away and everyone returned to work a bit shaken…

  29. Hello. I am 27. Actually the supernatural activity was made into a book first. It’s called “The Exorcist”. It was written by WIlliam Peter Bladdy. I own a copy, it’s terrifying. You probably should not read it until you’re about 17 or so. It was then made into a movie. Check your facts.
    Everyone knows about that story, you’re not the first one to put that up online.

  30. Just because someone can’t write very well it does not at all automatically mean that they are stupid. I knew people who despite being unable to write were rather intelligent, maybe you need to learn some manners and that everyone’s knowledge and skills are unique.

  31. I agree! My grandson was 2 mo. From being born and we held it over his crib hoping my mom would come thru and over a10 word output or so it sed the babies full name! Kaiden Wi***n! I didn’t even know wat his last name was yet!!!

  32. I’m using a diff app but same thing.. I saw something in my house yesterday and I turned that on and it was exactly where I saw it. I woke up and had the woodstove cranked and I was freezing so I turn on the app and shows a red lever high energy entity right beside me. I think it works to some extent. What it’s picking up I do not know but there’s something going on w it.

  33. My friend installed one of the ghost apps on his phone. I laughed. Told him to wander around my house and point it at antique stuff that I buy at flea markets. The app started talking. It said, ODD. WINDS. WHITE. STICK. OWN. He walked over to a 100 year old wash basin. App said. ANSWER HIM. SCARED. I was banging a frozen water bottle as these words came out. Then… I asked laughing.. What’s your name. It replied DAVID COOPER. SO LONELY. I realized my friend had the phone laying on top of white marble wash stand. I asked if it was his. Reply was CREATED. Then… EVIEL. NICHOLAS. MULTIPLE. Mistress. My friend said that the battery on phone was going dead. Reply was.. Leave Now. Totally creepy.

  34. I have had an experience last night, too much to be random, this would not be the 1st time it was crazy accurate either, but it was way past a coincidence the words that came thru. left me speechless and gave me closure to deep pain I have experienced after losing 6 relatives in a year period, I was stunned. so, even if its not capable, it worked idk.. but way way wayyyy past just a coincidence my friends… maybe its not just a toy, or joke..

  35. Are you a real ghost inspector, hunter?, using the high tech products they use or simply using this apps? I want to believe we can somehow reach out this way because I do believe!

  36. I also live in Conroe! I’ve been getting so many hits! My hubby and I took a trip to Costa Rica last week. I threw my dads ashes in the ocean. No one knew that but us. GR said: Pacific, tropical, foreign, shore, whale, near, Europe!
    A few days ago it said: Grandfather. I asked “which grandfather”? Reply was: railroad. My grandfather was an engineer for Amtrak trains and died on the train from heart attack! Coincidence maybe. Next one that tripped me out was when it said: Vote, border. I asked who was president when I was born, reply was:Johnson. Lyndon B was president!
    My husband was loading up dads tools to give to my nephew and GR said: tools, Mark (my hubby name) & Forgot.
    I was sitting on patio, no one home and forgot I had GR on. All of sudden I hear Hi. I got so scared and went inside. When I looked at phone GR actually said: HIGH.
    I do smoke weed for my spinal cord injury and pain. Wow wow wow. It was the creepy voice that freaked me out. So far I have gotten over 200 words. I’ve always known that something has followed me my whole life. Now it’s good to know I can communicate back! I will have to go check out Old Town Spring jailhouse! Been there many times and never knew that was there. Have fun ladie! Let’s go on ghost hunt together!

  37. I can say I’m pretty freaked out with this app and I do believe it works! No one but me and my husband knew that I was throwing my dads ashes in Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica on my vacation. I got these words:
    January (dads bday mth)
    Is this all a coincidence? Maybe
    I was freaked out and called my sister. She told me to quit screaming or I would have a nervous breakdown. While still on ph with her I got these words:
    Tripped me out!
    My husband had gathered up my dads tools to tak to my nephew when these words came up:
    Mark (my husbands name)

    Later GR said Grandfather! I asked “which one”? Reply was “railroad”. My grandfather was an engineer for Amtrak RR for 30 years
    Clearly this not a coincidence. Another time GR tripped me out was when it said
    I asked who was president when I was born and reply was:
    YES it was Lyndon B Johnson!
    I believe this totally works. Just hope that by using GRL, evil spirits do not get through! Have fun ya’ll!

  38. Ok so how’s this for not real… my neighbor killed himself 10 years ago. Once when I was using the app it said his name. I was pretty startled but just assumed it was one of those coincidences. The next word it said knocked the air out of me. Rope. My neighbor hung himself in his backyard.

  39. And maybe, just maybe an intelligent spirit may be able to use the fake app and manipulate it to actually prove their existence . Never know!!

  40. I just saw the paranormal investigations team use the app. In the show, Haunted Case Files. They have sofisticated devises that do work, so why did they use the Ghost Radar App.? Doesn’t make sense. I think it’s just a app they know ppl will install for fun, and there you go, new customer to Advertise to through a bogus app.

  41. I have had this app on my iPad for 4 days now. I have gotten some very interesting words that I can correlate to things going on. Such as,
    1. “desk” “official” . I have an official USA Tax Preparer document framed above my desk.
    2. “Old” “information” – my teenagers has framed old newspapers of important events in US history on his wall.
    3. I took it to the bathroom and put it on the counter while I did my business. It said Bear…but when I looked it was “BARE”! My pants were down!
    4. “Powder” it was near my ashtray
    5. “Airplane” and just as it did, the tv had sky divers jumping out of a plane!

    It seems to be spot on. My teen, younger brother and I have all seen and felt things. Often when I’ve been texting someone, I lay my phone on the arm of my chair and it lights up and is dialing the last person I texted! I have all ways said a ghost likes playing with my phone.

    The only thing I don’t understand why the indicators always show in the upper left quadrant no matter where I am r what direction I point it. any thoughts?

  42. I was at my sisters house and she had this app running. She said it was freaking her out a little and she’d had to turn it off the other day. I said, have you tried asking it any questions. She said, no, I haven’t. So I said, “did you used to live in this house?”. I half expected a yes or something but after a few minutes we got ‘pupil’ followed by ‘billy’ and ‘child’. Well I couldn’t believe it because 13 years ago.. Ish my sisters daughter, then 3, used to ‘talk’ to what she described was a little boy named Billy. At the time it was really spooky but we’d pretty much forgotten about it until now. At the time my sister told us way back then that she’d looked up the house and a boy had died in a tragic accident there in about 1920 and he was called William AKA ‘Billy’. We started talking about how he’d died etc and I said. God this is scaring me.. How can you sleep at night. Next thing we get ‘stranger… Scared… Friendly’ I can only assume it meant for me to not be scared. My niece then brought in some nuts in a blue packet and we got ‘nuts… Blue…’ And then later we got ‘trick… Killed… Black’ – I don’t know how this app could be so accurate.. A big coincidence or supernatural. I don’t know..

  43. We think we’ve seen a ghost at our barn. Not using the app there. I don’t want to know….lol Although he did seem harmless.

  44. So downloaded this for fun. And for the heck of it had it on at work today. Mind you my dad is having major health issues, and my mom passed away 12 years ago.

    It popped up with:
    Thumb – while I was trying to pull a splinter out of my thumb
    Don – my dads name
    Independent – which he can no longer be but in his mind wants to be

    at the very least…weird.

  45. Ghost radar is real for me and what I witness one nite this app open up a tunnel of ghost in my home.With my on eyes I witness ghost orbs all around my home I caught footage on my cell phone I share to God don’t take this app as a joke or game.

  46. Write down all and any of the words (most will be garbage) and logically look for a pattern. Do this long enough while activity asking questions and see if it holds up. I have documented real names places and and answers to questions(5 deaths occurred in my residence through out our ownership) nothing bad happenes its more of a funny joke all tenants have. The only bothersome part is all the things that go missing or getting the dogs to quit barking when you want quite.

  47. Something isn’t right, the app does what it’s programed to do, but it can actually be right in rare occasions. My Chicago house is 98 years old and has had 5 deaths mainly family most recently a residents fiance. Strange enough all 5 deaths happened in the same room, and every app download goes crazy when you walk in there. It’s nothing to worry about its almost funny when a phenomenon happens, so we named w/e it is Freddy and live just fine

  48. I just downloaded the app yesterday. I used it at work after I got off, my co workers and I do a lot of work there we cater to parties and big conventions. Anyway I used my ghost radar when I got off outside at the break area where we have our smoke breaks. 1 red dot and 2 green showed up with these 3 words. NOR. with that all I could think of is an unintelligent spirit or non manifested was trying to say NOR as in short for what wed call the North Kitchen. Then the word Finally came up which has a big reference as my co workers and I sometimes at work would say were finally off or finally on lunch or break during an 18 hour day.. Makes me wonder if ex co workers of long time ago died there… Scary!! Then it said Stomach!!! Its a catering business! That word has a lot of referrance my co workers always say their stomach hurts after eating their sometimes, the foods excellent but o blame the food sitting in the scaffers too long before we eat with the sturnos still lighting it. It also has reference because its a bad area of town with druggies and homeless, it coulda been saying stomach from a stab wound in the stomach or just an ex co worker who had upset tummy. Very Freaky!!!

  49. I downloaded it the other night and I have to disagree with this guy because it worked quite well. I was a skeptic to start with. It told me “underneath” ,and directly underneath me was the room my husband bill was asleep in. Then it said ,”bill”. Not only was it intelligent, it was very personal.
    I rest my case.

  50. Ok its weird i admit but i got a lot of words and i was using it for about a hour ……. The reason i got this app was because there’s ghost here and more than 3 ok so one of the questions i asked was is there anything bad here and there was about 5 red dots it replied “US” it scared me i asked who am i talking to it said “andy” i also asked how did my sister died it said “carried” ………… Im gonna write every word in the order i got it ….. “My , Fear, Carefully, allow, spent , haven’t, headed , examine, indeed, quick , knew, doesn’t , cry , us , andy, necessary , chamber , friend , where , carried, equal, price , shining , pair, clean , greater , mad , wide, lungs, upper, cabin, managed, giant, pure, led, own, population, mighty, rich, beside, increase, bar” it’s all in order they all had questions to them except ” My Fear Carefully “

  51. We are at a horse show at this moment and we know it’s haunted. Both of us have seen shadow people at the show, and things move on their own. We downloaded this on Regan’s phone, both believing it works due to reviews and non believing because it’s a app (those never seem to work). Regan turned it on and we got a red dot next to our barn, Wyatt got a chill and we turned off the app. Later we went to an area that’s not super haunted (as well as we know) looking for a spirt that we have both seen in the flesh. It was a blinking yellow dot that kept moving around. It said clock, and we didn’t understand that, but we where out late, about 8:30pm. We asked out loud are you a boy or girl, 10 seconds later the sender picked up ‘mrs.’ we asked it’s name and it refused to say it. Wyatt said “maybe we should leave” and RIGHT AFTER THE WORDS LEFT HIS MOUTH ‘stay’ appeared on the screen. Regan asked it’s name again and the sencers stop picking anything up (Everything stopped showing up on the radar and it all went quiet, no letters no sounds nothing) we then left. Sad that it wasn’t who we where looking for (a little girl). But this app is deffinetly real to have a LEGIT conversation.

  52. Alexa, I believe you!, I hear and see , I had extremely weird this happened to me.I’m really serious not joking.

  53. Wow. Please get an education, please! You’ll be a registered voter one day, if this is how intelligent you are it’s just not fair to the rest of the country.

  54. A piece of paper flew off my desk, so I pulled out the app and asked, did you do that, and it responded with “correct” it scared me so much. It didn’t help on the radar it was standing exactly where the paper landed. So yea I’d say it works .

  55. Mine just said grandfather and then seat. Does that mean anything? None of my grandparents are dead. I’m gonna try it Wednesday cause I’m going to a funeral, wonder what it’ll say. Kinda scared…

  56. Im very intrigued and fascinated with Ghost Radar Classic. Ive been checking it out for months when Im at home and at work. We have always had activity at home and perhaps this app amps up the activity a bit more I have no idea but my husband and I have recently heard five knocks on our closet door and its said his name George. The same for my workplace Ive heard creaks and footsteps walking and running around and knocks and it said one of the males I work with Robert. Some coincidences? More profound activity? Its quite amazing and obscure and comical. I dont understand what its random words mean especially the old words it says like thy, thou, cotton, lincoln, etc??!! I have read everyones replies where you all either say its legit or its a joke. Its confusing because at times i dont know why it says the words it chooses to say and sometimes it seems like it relates to me in the moment. I wish I had a definitive answer instead of speculation. I have had many personal paranormal and demonic experiences so I am a true believer of the other side and I know we either reside in their world or we all share the same one world. Either way spirits, ghosts, energy, demons definitely do exist. Does this GRC really exist??

  57. Do you even know English? Like wtf were u trying to write? I had to read it atleast 5-6 times to understand it. Sorry but as mentioned earlier u really have to spend more time studying in school rather than messing around with stupid fake apps…?

  58. OMG! This app HAS to be real!!! I was in the kitchen with my boyfriend…this was abt 20-25 min ago, so around 1:00an. I decided to turn it on for the tell of it and the first word said “milk” which my be was eating cereal 2nd word was “house”… I guess bc we’re in our house and the 3rd word was “Bronwyn”…my friend Bronwyn Van Slyke passed away 3 yes ago! I’ve experienced a lot of “coincidences” with this app, but I will almost put it on my family and myself that this shit is something more than a freaking little game. That name isn’t even common. Shes not in my contacts or anywhere in my phone data. I’ve gone thru at least 3 phones since she has passed. Explain that please bc even my bf is trippin out.

  59. Girl you need to spend more time in school studying than messing around with a stupid fake app. I had to read your comment twice to make sense of it. Smh

  60. I downloaded the app and as soon as I turned it on, 6 blips showed up in the apartments around me. The only word that popped up was hello. I freaked out and deleted it.

  61. I am staying in room 217 at the Stanley Hotel right now. Went on a ghost tour and was told to use this app while here.
    I’ll let you know what happens!

  62. While it’s important to be skeptical, one should also be aware of the facts… and also be smart enough to realize that not everything we don’t understand is bullshit. I was extremely skeptical at first but then remembered that smart phones have a ton of sensors including one that detects electromagnetic waves. This is one of the main things that devices sold specifically for detecting spirits detect, albeit more accurately I’m sure. Anyway, you asked (although sarcastically) how a phone does is and there ya go. Idk if this app really works but it’s certainly not impossible.

  63. This radar works. It said, health a few days ago and my health had been declining because of my exercising. I’m sitting here with a beer and been feeling kinda dizzy and it said, tea and I’ve been thinking about tea a lot lately very interesting instead of beer tea.

  64. me and my friend where in my 5 hour and we did it and it said killed and we go skared and a bunch of grean dots showed and it said pink and i had a pink sweter on and it said rop and i had string arowend my neck and it said hang i freked out and a bunch of red dots showed up andmy frend hanna got the chills like a ghost tuched her and my friend alencea and hanna where sisting acros from echuther and they felt a chold breas go acros them and in my 6 hour i live by train trakes and is said the name and i fliped and and then a red dot showed up and it went away and my friend brenna go the app and a green dot keep fallowing her arowend and it was really cold where she was sitting is it true i mighjt die

  65. It really works!

    The spirits have a hard time operating it sometimes and they said “note” “difficult”.
    Sometimes I notice they try to correct the words. Often the order of the words are backwords.
    I work at different houses daily, and it will continue saying the same things at the same houses!!!
    Can not fake that!
    I use this and Ghost Detector Pro to verify the exact location of the spirits as that one is the most serious detector showing real positions.
    And don’t freak out guys! Red means stronger energy and NOT aggressive or bad! People who died long time ago and are still dwelling here, get really strong energies.
    We are never completely alone. Trust that you are loved and protected. Your energy is built into this Matrix we call 3D Universe. Can not be harmed only scarred!!!
    Read about the “Seth Material” by Jane Roberts. Seth tells it all in about 9 books. Can you comprehend it?

  66. Okay woah, so I downloaded this just for watching videos with it. But its honeslty really scary.

    It started off telling me their name is Joe, and said drawn, but thats irrelevant. However, the dot moved to the corner of my room, where my laundry basket is, and said “Basket”.

    Next it went on rambling:(Not in this order)

    The lungs part however, was super freaky mainly because since its COLD out, my lungs start to hurt really badly and so does my body. I dont understand the rest though?? Im pretty sure its fake but its super scary.

  67. Hello. I am 12. A Ouija board was used in a a possession by a demon. Ir was made into a movie based on a true possession of a 11-13 year old boy.Its a famous horror movie now called “the exesest”. I wouldnt recommend using a Ouija board

  68. Okay, just for the record I am atheist and I don’t believe in ghosts.

    I used to use this app a lot in the summer of 2013, because I enjoyed freaking myself out late at night. At first I used it when my family and I were in Puerto Rico visiting family. There were so many dots on the screen all at once that I nearly sh– myself. They were all overlapping and moving around me, but I kept it on because I couldn’t sleep. Even in the day the same would happen. One of the words that I remember seeing very often on my screen is Columbus. When I saw this I immediately started doubting the app thinking it was broken or a fraud. I also started thinking about how maybe my phone had recorded my location and this app was looking up Puerto Rican colonization history. Even my parents told me that’s a possibility. I took it for a poor algorythm that repeated certain names, but I was intrigued and continued to use it to see what would happen next. It did oddly coincidential words. Like when I was in the bathroom with a towel it said cloth and I shut it off lol. But throughout my vacation Colombus kept getting repeated like 45% of the time. As soon as I got home it didn’t show as many spots. Maybe one here or there all alone, but that’s it. It didn’t seem very active in my house. The only words it generally likes to repeat here are corn and Native American.

    More recently, another odd coincidence is that when I was on the train going home from Philly it would say “University” “transportation” “city” and some other things I don’t really remember. I totally freaked out and shut it off. I wanted to get away from the city as soon as possible haha!

    Fast forward to this passed Thanksgiving: my dad put together his family tree on and found out Columbus is his grandfather.

    I don’t believe in anything that doesn’t show full proof, but I gotta say I’m impressed with the creepiness of the oddly specific string of words it displays when I travel.

  69. I live in conroe tx have been to old town spring many times I’ll have to run this app there next time I go.

  70. I had this at the table going when I was sitting with my dad. The words “Dad” and “daughter” both appeared. Also, I was just sitting while my mom was packing her suitcase, and it said “airplane” which we are leaving for a flight tomorrow morning!

  71. I was walking down the park with my friends and w decided to go ghost hunting so my friend downlloded the app so we could hunt and we went to this old farm house to check it out for ghosts and the app started spazzing up saying the word ‘goose’ constantly I was real freaked out so me and my friends went back to my house when we got back we all went into my room and played truth or dare and the app was still on in my friends pocket and it said ‘Alice doll’ and I have a China Alice and wonderland doll on my dressing table so bacicly don’t get this app because it will scare the crap out of u ?

  72. Almost a year after my deeply beloved grandfather died, every where i went it seemed like something followed me, and small little mysterious things would happen, like phones cutting on and off, the feeling of someone sitting on the edge of my bed. it would soon escalate to bigger things happening, but spread between months. a friend of mine who i was living with told me about the app, i wasn’t a believer. one night i woke up and the tv was turning channels on it own, and suddenly stopped on the Elvis Presley channel, a artist my grandfather grew up listening too. the next day i downloaded the app, and it started naming out all my aunts name, a few of my great aunts, and then the word “FAMILY,” and “ANYONE” i am a strong believer, it seems to weird to be just coincidental. i found strong closure and believe that my grandfather doesn’t want to hurt me , he just wants to say goodbye

  73. My friend walked into the room as I was researching about relationships between two different signs. She pulled up the app right away and the first word was relationship. A few minutes later, we were asking questions and I said “What color is her hair?” and it said “golden” (she is blond). Shortly after, two men said hello to each other in front of us and had a brief conversation and the app said “brother.” One man left and the other one started talking to us. We asked if they were related and he said yes, we are brothers. I asked the app if “spirits just stand around like zombies” and immediately the app said “mainly.”

    Creepy… that was 3 hours ago and I cant stop reading people’s reviews now. I was thinking it picks up on something you say or where you are, but how would the app know my friend’s hair was “golden” or that was researching relationships? Mind=Blown

  74. I don’t know about ghosts, but I wonder if the app reads GPS…if it doesn’t then, kinda spooky….

    I was driving by a few soccer fields..”pitch” came out of phone…was walking by a graveyard, words started popping up, “alone”…”souls”….”searching”…..

  75. This has to be real :O I was laying down in bed, and my dad had driven to another town by where we live, and im guessing he forgot something so he came back. The radar said “father” and I was confused for a moment, then I heard my dads truck outside! And I was like damn! Even before I heard my dads truck, it said “father”. Pretty cool app though ?

  76. Started using the app, seemed interesting at first but always felt like someone was watching me, had different names come through some relevant, and then it said ” honor Satan” that was it for me! Scared the crap out of me, deleted app. Be careful you don’t know who’s coming through!

  77. I was reading about famous last words on my PC and how the governor of Texas’ wife told JFK upon his arrival prior to his assassination, “Well, Mr. President you can’t say the people of Dallas haven’t given you a nice welcome.” Literally one second later, the app said “people”. That was creepy.

  78. Not too sure if this app is working for me or not. Been on since last night around 8pm till now 1:30am. It had been giving me random words. Okay … maybe a few of them made sense, I guess???

    These are the words from the past 2-3 hours till now (1:30am): emptied eventually carried return appearance central cat He’ll character Japanese object alive fence family practical father central baby daily per basis column bite happen engine continued nine satellites around blanket as college consonant mike give general exchange christmas especially automobile honor mount arrangement car involved frequently

    The only thing I think I can so far understand would be: “family practical father” (I miss my Dad very much and it is practical to spend more time with him), “christmas especially automobile … car involved” (getting a new car in christmas). It didn’t tell me what car. I kept asking is it gonna be a BMW X3, no response.

    How come some of you get so lucky????? I want the truth. Not some stupid random words.

  79. Jake,

    Are you kidding me???? Oh my. That’s very very freaky. Just downloaded it don’t know if I should bother to try it out. I am very scared there might be spirits around me.

  80. I know they say this app isn’t real and is based off, sound, vibrations, movement, etc. and I get that, but it kinda freaked me out when I was listening to it and the app started speaking words like, “Giraffe”, “Humid”, Month”, “Africa” cuz my dad was IN Africa at that present time, for a month, it was humid, saw giraffes and only a few select people knew he was even there!!! Kinda freaky! Lol

  81. My experience is very similar to rogers who posted above. Installed ghost radar before my girlfriend & i went camping in hopes of using it to freak her out so she would snuggle up to me 😉 activated the radar after the fire died down some around 1am.
    Immediately red blips appeared in a semi circle around us & the words that were generated are as followed & in order.

    cold…It was 45° that night.
    jump ??
    water…we were 20ft from the river
    We have used the radar the last 4 times we have went camping & has been approximately 85% accurate on the words that were generated, in my opinion thats pretty damn good odds ! Is this app a hoax ?, maybe but it sure knows where & when to pick the right “random” words if it is ! I say it works.

  82. when it comes down to it the phones that this app runs on simply don’t have the technical specifications required to carry out the processes it claims to use. The app has an internal database with 1000+ words and a random generator sequence that pulls up the words with varying degrees of time between each word spoken. i’m not claiming that spirits do not exist or that coincidences are not fun, but ghost radar is simply a toy app and nothing more. If you’d like to try your hand at paranormal investigation via an android or ios device i would definitely suggest downloading a simple voice recording app, and an emf meter app, both of which can be found for free on the android store or itunes. happy hunting!

  83. I actually got the app to scare my kids when we go camping. Tell ghost stories around the fire deep in the Woods, you know how it goes. Never had any expectations of it really working.

    Turned on the app after a good scary slasher story & gave it a couple minutes to “warm up”.
    Blue & Red dots appeared (4) & this is what the radar said in order: Fire, Watching, River, Indian, Here & Forgive.

    Take from it what you will, but for a app that is considered entertainment…. It has my attention !

  84. I’ve been using this app for a few months I was skeptical about it but then at certain times I would begin to feel like maybe it does work because sometimes it seems like it would answer my question or what they said may have been in reference to what I was talking about or maybe what I had asked ,but now that I have been reading the comments somebody had put some of the names they have heard ,Smh
    Now I believe this is what it is,Just That!AN APP,Lol I believe its designed to say random words that are stored or made to use for this specific app,somehow ,however they do it,they have placed an unlimited amount of different words to be said ,That’s All its that simple ..Why would I hear the same words as someone I don’t know in a completely different state.
    Although I did have my little recorder out one night while using the app and I did pick up a creepy low mans voice saying It’s Quiet I heard this later that night while playing back the recorder, That was definitely real so I’m not sure how that happend, also I have heard those same words..Factory, Forest, Girl ,Expression, Discover,Minute,Etc I have heard so many different words I don’t believe this is anything close to Accurate now that I know it says the same words?

  85. Hi, just downloaded this today at work. At first I wasn’t at all impressed – seemingly random words, although swim and swam were repeated a few times. But as I was sitting at my desk there was a blob to my right and one behind me. I turned first to the right and said hello and got “glass”, then turned and looked over my shoulder and smiled and got “pair”. I was wearing my reading glasses. The office I work in used to be a ward. I work in a hospital.

    The names I’ve heard are Richard, Lee, April and Johnson.

    I’m going home soon and will try it there, my house is around 125 years old.

  86. Lmao. I was and when I finished I ram the app and right await it spit out cream, again, quickly. Seeiously… also I was smoking Marijuana in my basement (I live in one) the app said smoke. Then 1 minute later said Seed. Also spoke of my step father andy brother. It seems highly sensitive in the basement area.

  87. I guess I don’t scare result easily or I have great confidence in God. My friend introduced the app to me. He kept saying the ghosts wanted me to show him my boobs (lol) but I only heard gibberish. small, one syllable words. so I started asking questions and suddenly his phone said KNOWLEDGE. factory. I laughed and said, at least they can tell smart apart. then it said NOT.
    beat, burn, bent, strip. these are creepy words to say together, but still unamused I said”did you die in a factory? beaten and burned? raped? when?” I asked. “TURN” it said. turn of the century? the room was swarming with bleeps. I downloaded the app to my phone. I said, “let’s do science! energy is energy, both phones should register same thing.
    They didn’t. but the first word mine said was Third. a loaded weird if there ever was one. also my birthday. the rest was gibberish again. everything stopped once my friend left.
    my words have been
    It’s been an hour and nothing since

  88. My friend and I were first going to my basement with a thermal camera app and we’re just playing like we were ghost hunters and we got scared so we went to my living room upstairs. Then I decided to download a ghost radar to just seeing there are any ghosts but we didn’t think it would be real so it detected like 4 of them and then it said SICK,AFTERNOON. And then I said to my friend I think we are talking to a ghost and it said CERTAIN. then I said where are you located and it said BENEATH.

  89. I was using it at work and it read Johnathan and who walks in two mins later, a coworker named Johnathan.. Just saying creepy. that same day it said thirty, I’m turning thirty really soon.. Not saying it works, just odd.

  90. Well, Im not skeptic and Im not a 100% believer either, but Im open to mystical things. I installed it just this morning because I have had some paranormal things happened in my room and, well.. why not? As soon as I launched it there were words – Protection, that was like an answer to my question in my mind about the spirit thats in my room, after that – Road – Go. Well, idk, I have just dropped out from university and it goes well together, but may be just a random words. Then I left it running and in a longer time period there were more random words, that didnt really make big sense. Btw Im latvian and it somehow feels silly to get english from an ghost app in Latvia, but I thought and figured that it is as a result that the words app may recognize are all from english and latvian would be just a weird jibberish for app. And Im pretty sure I made a lot of grammatic and vocabulary mistakes in previous sentence ;D
    So I just accepted that the app is for fun and later went downstairs to get smth to eat and put the phone on kitchen table. A green dot showed on the radar becoming red, then blue and saying some random word again. I tried to kinda talk to it, asking whats its name etc. but there was no logical answer, later I took my phone and walked around the house placing it in different places and I couldnt say there was anything intresting. I came back to kitchen and placed it on the table again and the signal dot appeared again! I was surprised, cause it was the same place. Word Fireplace appeared and I laughed to myself cause there was no fireplace in the kitchen and it seemed funny, I was kinda sure its all just random. Then I tought – maybe it wants me to take it to fireplace? That thought felt weird and I didnt do anything with it for 5-10min, just to see if other words would appear, nothing happened and I took my phone to fireplace. As soon as I put it on the surface a signal dot appeared becoming stronger, I felt a bit scared, but still thought its just random. Than after 2-5sec a word In appeared. Does it mean IN the FIREPLACE? I opened the fireplace door slowly, and I felt really scared, cause the timing and words didnt feel random anymore. In fireplace between logs I saw some plastic and turned it around to see what it is. It was an empty pack from, erm, idk how it in english, lets just say it was an empty pack for food[we rarely or even never put garbage stff like that in our fireplace], as soon as I touched it the app said Breakfast. Im still having shivers remembering that feeling like someones watching u. And the timing with the words was perfect. I locked my iPhone and went upstairs, when I started to write a comment there were more random words, but my brother came in my room and signals stopped.

    Im actually afraid.

  91. I was studying for an exam at university. The exam is about evaluation in school as I am studying to become a teacher. The first word the app said was “valutazione” which is italian for “evaluation”. Scary! Maybe it was reminding me to study instead of playing with my smartphone 😀

  92. Okay, I was a non believer. This along with all the other ghost hunting apps are fake. NOT !!!!!!!!! Let me tell you, I am not kidding it scared me. So I got this app and was making fun of it to my daughter. We were talking she said why did you get it anyway. I said just for the fun of it. I turned it on and went into the bathroom we were fixing to go somewhere. I laid my phone on the sink counter while it was running and was brushing my hair. All of a sudden the ghost radar said brush!! What I thought this can’t be. I was over whelm. Brush did it say while I was brushing my hair. Come on. After that it said a few more things to many to tell about. But one significant one I wanted to tell about was when it said Vinegar. Let me tell you why. My mom bless her heart when she was alive did not have much to live on so she made hot sauce. She called it Grandma’s Hotsie Totsie sauce. She one second place with it. Anyway my niece had called and ask me for the recipe. I begin to tell her over the phone and could not remember all the ingredients. I told her I cannot remember Sarah if you use lemon juice are vinegar. I told her I would think about it and call her back. That night I turned on the ghost radar and oh my god !!!! It said vinegar. Ok I am a believer. The brush was a coincidence, I was believing, but vinegar ?? Could not be. Was that my mom telling me the missing ingredient was Vinegar. It may sound stupid to a lot of people but for me in was confirmation that there are spirits and that was my mom.

  93. Downloaded it just yesterday, IT DOES WORK VERY GOOD, TRUST ME ON THAT!.. well, here is a detailed experience of my 2 days

    1.It had been like 10 min. after downloading the app, mostly because there were favourable comments on it at the page
    it was exactly 11:30 moon, i was sleeping with my mom together, i was checking on the radar, it showed 2 Red blips at first, then 3, it said, “Parent”, that suddenly gave me the deadliest scare of my life, i wasn’t expecting a real experience with the app, and after a split second it said “waist”, that made it more obvious, well, it s a long story but i’m just squandering with my life, I suddenly shut off the app, and went to sleep.

    2. The very next day morning, i was excited about the app, as everyday, i went to the rooftop and put on my headphones and started practising breathing exercises, guess what it said “TAPE”, i was on my headphones with relaxing music on and deep.

    3. an hour after the “TAPE” experience, i was down in the kitchen with my mom, it suddenly said “CLEAN”, i was like what is that, my mom, just had went to the other room, came back to the kitchen with a scrap piece of cloth, and started cleaning the wet utensils(wiping them dry to be specific).

    the app. functions really outstanding, though you might need time to warm it up in the beginning, but once it gets calibrated, it works just amazing!

    well, i would have given it a 5/5 star but i’ll give it a 4 because it sort of appears like it uses a big english dictionary to interpret the spiritual energy, i mean, i live in India, here English wasn’t well it still isn’t a big language and the passed away souls weren’t very much english and paranormal entities might find it hard to communicate, due the language barrier, interpreting actual names of people given by the souls might be bad job for the app, rest other, it’s amazing, i wish it worked by just omitted anything that directly came from spirit instead of working on the energy it picked up!

  94. I was jacking off and forgot i had left this app running and out of nowhere slightly when i was about to cum it said “loser, small, virgin”

  95. Hey, I asked for a name and got Martin. I also have recieved Sally. Anyone else recieve these names?
    Also, the relevance too my questions is strange.
    Me: I am here to fooer you closure. Please talk to me. I am here too help.
    Device: Deal
    Me: So we have a deal? What do you want out of it. I’ll honnor your side as best as I can
    Device: Entirley
    Me: Oh, so, what do you want
    Device: Gain

  96. I am glad you both said you see ghosts my husband and I both see spirits as they used to be and we have been attacked by spirits as well. they talk to us and they know we can see them. We don’t just see them in our own home but other places as well. we can hear them and they can hear us. This app helps us to understand what some of them try to say yet can’t quite get the words. We enjoy this app and I do believe that it works I however have not had anything negitive happen sense using the ghost radar and I am glad at that when there is something bad it will see “bad” and then say “Gone” so this helps us a lot. Well I am off to use my ghost radar again to talk to my gram who lives at my parents house.

  97. I use the app for fun and to mess around with friends and family. My little sister and daughter (who are same age) love it. But I will say I have had some strange coincidences. We bring our dog in during the winter and let him stay downstairs in the basement. I took a friend down there and turned it on to scare them and it immediately said canine and again on a separate occasions. I used it with my older sister in my parents new house they just bought. The house is extremely haunted by the way. It is 114 years old. The former owner told my parents they had a priest bless the house. Why would she feel the need to have it blessed?! I found out why the third night I stayed there. Lets just say I have photos on my phone. Anyways, I knew this app was fake and was not using it to actually communicate just to scare my older sister. Well it gave her a name, Carlos, and said Spain. It also said combine and grain. My parents house is surrounded by huge buildings that are a distillery, Seagrams. They used to be grain mills back in the day. Then she asked how many spirits were in the home. It was silent for about 5 minutes then it said 7. Not sure if the app really works or if it is just a coincidence. I’m still skeptical but there may be a possibility that there’s something more to it???

  98. I live 5 minutes from Bobby Mackey’s Music World. Go at least twice a year. Its been featured on Ghost Adventure. Next time I go I’m going to take the app with me and see what happens. I’ll determine if I believe it after that.

  99. Meh….about 50% of you are probably schizophrenic. For all you know your own mind is making you think there’s something there. Probably because you want to belive

  100. Before I ever became officially involved with paranormal investigating, I purchased the Ghost Radar App in 2010 for my iphone 3S.

    All I can give you is my word. I no longer have the transcripts. But I can assure you that, for whatever reason, I’ve had amazing, even downright chilling encounters, with the radar.

    Quick story that made me a believer. I had driven nearly 300 miles (Dallas to Amariillo) in January, 2010. The hour was late, and I hadvthecradarcrunning for over an hour. Nothing. Just outside of my hometown, on the rural road that I was traveling, a young family was murdered in cold blood 5 years s prior as they slept in their farmhouse.

    God as my witness, as I passed the errie site, nearly home, the radar screen light up fully with several blips. The Vox level jumped quickly, and the serial killers first AND last name were stated in direct succession!!

    I was blown away. I’ve had lots of luck and many other encounters, but this was by far the weirdest of all. Just wanted to share…

  101. I also want to add that I just got my phone 3 days ago so there isn’t much on it to access about me as I am coming back to android from iPhone so I didn’t transfer much. My fiancé’s phone is not connected to mine in any way. Separate accounts and carrier, so it couldn’t be linking his location by an account connection. Also, nothing was said aloud by me or anyone else present about what the app matched so it couldn’t be pulling it from the mic. Disk, DVD, movie… was not said and couldn’t have been seen through lens as I was in a different room. Andy’s name was not spoken until the name popped up and when I said it said Andy, my fiancé’s mom had to tell me she was talking to her cousin through messenger, otherwise I would have never known that connection.

  102. I’m sorry but I have to disagree with your opinion on this. I have only had the app for 24 hrs and there have been far too many coincidences to explain. I was breastfeeding my 4 mos old daughter and the phone wasn’t even in a position where I could be seen through the camera. Bronwen came up as a spoken word. I had never heard of that word/name. I looked it up. Bron means breast and the wen is short for Gwen meaning white fair or blessed. I’m white so it literally said white breast while my white breast was out. Then at another point while talking to whoever was present I asked what I should do for hobby and it said draw. I have always been artistic and used to draw and paint but haven’t in a long time. No way an app could know that.

    My daughter is always looking and smiling/ cooing at things I can’t see. A blip popped up on radar which was located in the corner of our living room. I look at my daughter and she is staring and talking to something in that corner.

    I went into the garage and it said parts. Another time (within 20 min of that incident), my fiancé put a DVD in its case, I was in the other room with my phone so again no way my phone could use the camera to see what was going on and the word DISK came up on my phone.

    Shortly after we were having a conversation about everything the app was doing and trying to make sense of it. We began discussing how far smart phones have come and went back and forth about all the things our phone had the capability of doing now. Camera, camcorder, shopping, emails, video games, remote control, reading, writing now paranormal detection. Whatever was listening contributed to the conversation by saying OFFICE and ELECTRICITY.

    Then my fiancé went to pick up my older daughter. At 5:30, ROUTE popped up and at 5:45, RAMP popped up. When he got back home I asked him what time he picked her up. He said 5:46. She was right off of the freeway so he would have been on the exit ramp right at that time. 25 min away from home, me and my phone.

    His mother came over last night, she had her tablet and I was it the kitchen and her in the living room. ANDY came up. She literally had a Facebook talking head for her cousin Andy up on her tablet at that very minute.

    All this happened yesterday, in one day. I had at least 50 hits on radar yesterday.

    I always had strange things happen while alone. The feeling of being watched, feeling the bed sink in next to me. Hearing someone walk by me, seeing shadows over the curtain rod while showering and feeling a breeze through the shower when the door was shut and no one around also the central air didn’t kick on and there were no windows in this bathroom. All these things would happen when I was alone and as soon as my fiancé came around, it would stop. Yesterday, every time I had this app up, blips kept showing up when it was just me at home. When my fiancé came home, I rarely saw them while he was in the room. As soon as he walked out, 2 or 3 would come up at the same time. Which matches and shows what I have always felt long before using this app.

    Today, twice I was sitting and randomly got a chill down my spine and at the same moment a blip popped up on the radar showing it to be literally right on top of me.

    All this is only 24 hrs. Plus other little bits here and there. It has spoken over 3 dozen words in this amount of time and most can be intelligently connected to the events at that moment whether the phone is in the room or even house with what is going on.

    So, I have to say, I do believe there is something to this. It also has said WE’RE then 10 sec break followed by LIFE.

  103. I was with a group touring the Crown Point Indiana jail where Dillinger was housed. I was with the Indiana Ghost Trackers…our tour guide was asking if DAVID was still there and would he like to talk to us again. our guide could not get the evp to pick up anything…I nudged him and on the screen of my Ghost Radar Classic it said DAVID…I nudged his arm and he said well lookie there. I know this is just for entertainment but that was quite strange. Maybe DAVID was trying through the only thing available to prove he was still there. Coincidence or entertainment…you decide.

  104. At first I was skeptical. When I first used this app, the words that appeared were ” Shoot, trail, wheel and drink”. All within 1 minute. Then I realized, the apartment I live in is built over part of what used to be the trail where the Sand Creek Massacre happened. As the app was allowed to run for a while it said, “Automobile, fog, tree, crack” and then after a while, it said, “stay”. I was planning on going out to the bar this night with my friends. I just so happened to be foggy. Thankfully, there was not tree involved but when I pulled up to pick up my friend, it said, “Studen, Peter”. As we were driving to the bar, it said “pole”. We were parked right next to student housing (I live in a college town). After we parked at the bar, the app again said, “Stay” and the weirdest thing happened. My coat got caught in the door of my car and I almost fell to the ground because it was caught and I lost my footing without realizing that it was caught. After I had a few drinks in me, I noticed a pole on the dance floor.
    That’s just little things. When I got home, I was all alone and decided to use the app for my entertainment. Most of what it said seemed to be jibberish. But then, the radar showed about 5 different orbs, all in red and I continuously asked it to tell me a name of an entity that was in my presence. It said, “mama”. So I addressed it as Mama. It said, “brought”, I asked, “Mama, what did you bring”. It said “Everyone”. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the Ouija Spirit, Zozo, because I plan on conducting a Ouija session for a friend and it dawned on me…another name Zozo goes by is “mama”. Maybe the spirit is not actually bound to the use of a Ouija board. Maybe he is just as free roam as any other demon.

  105. A close & unbelieving friend recently took a ghost walk in Virgina City with a group of paranormal researchers. These researchers have years of experience and all the equipment specific to identifying movement, entities, etc. During this walk, my friend loaded the Ghost Radar app into her phone.
    Every time the paranormal equipment identitifed movement, the app responded in like. Sound crazy?
    You betcha, but tell me why. When other people in the ghost walk saw that the app was responding the same, they loaded it as well. humm.

  106. I was thinking of my deceased father. The phone said cross , barrier, frequently, .. I then asked how do I know u are my father. It immediately came back with Japan my dad was in WWII and fought against the Japanese. Me and my kids look at his memorabilia often . Another time me and my lady were fighting. I went downstairs and turned it on . It said younger harder she is 13 years younger. Then as I got into my car to leave it said leaving. It scares me sometimes.

  107. Played around with this a few times. Still have my doubts but every once in awhile it surprises me. One cold night I was watching wrestling and the words ‘cold’ with a blip that would have been out on my window sill popped up. And shortly after that I got the word ‘aggressive’ during a wrestlingn match. Another time me and my boyfriend were outside and the word ‘breeze’ popped up and the wind immediately picked up. I know they’re real and never discredit anything unless the proof is right before me plain as day. And while this may be just for fun, it sure can give you the chills once in awhile. I try not to talk to it much. Wouldn’t want to swing the door right open. I’d rather peek through the peep hole.

  108. at work, and one of the supervisers came in talking about Russia and Ukraine. Didn’t think anything about it, but had the radar going… the word European is on it….. had to look up Russia and Ukraine….. yup, you guessed it….. Although Russia is part Asia and Europe, the Russia side with the Ukraine is European….. little spooked out… 🙂

  109. I just want who ever to know my father past away 6 months ago and my son found ghost radar I turned it on and could not believe it’s said my name and sisters name and kids name he then gave all kinds of words that I knew it was him I still every time I turn on he is there and if this is fake how did it know all personal info of mine it is amazing and thank you for this it gives me secure feeling I know he still here in spirit and can commicate with him

  110. I don’t know how it works, but it does. I’ve been visited by family members and words and names have come across that only that particular family member would know. In an abandoned convent, I got the word ‘none,’ which the spelling of which could be debated. Then the word ‘nine.’ Was I surrounded by nine nuns in this convent? I’ve had other people that I have shown this app to who have experienced the same. Who knows?

  111. Alexa I believe you. I’m just glad I’m not the only one. I’m James and I also see and hear them from time to time. IV been researching the other world for most of my life. Since my first experience as a child. Tho I do not have a spirit friend I have met many.

  112. When you download the app it asks you to agree that the app be able to access your personal information. It reads your phone and tracks key words and even contact names in your phone and when you open the app its able to say things that will freak you out because its using your phone to learn things about you. But I was messing around with it and it said bag when I pulled out a bag of weed and it said substance after I put it in my bowl and took a hit that was a little weird.

  113. Thanks for reviewing, but you seem to have misunderstood or intentionally misled in your article about how it actually works.. It specifically says it *doesn’t* pick up em fields, sounds or vibrations. Something about running complex fuzzy logic equations, and interpreting the variable outcomes as being influenced by external energies.. Not saying I believe it one way or the other, but at least review it properly.

  114. Yesterday I installed a new PSU on my wives computer at our shop office. Today the disc drive opened by itself for no reason. I figured there must be something wrong with the PSU, wiring or drive. My wife found it weird so she started up here little Ghost Radar application. It sat there on the desk and said “Momma”. I was like “Momma” what the heck. Than 2 minutes later that’s when the drive opened for the second time on its own. She than said these exact words, “I wonder if my uncle is fuc**** with me” Her uncle passed away up in Massachusetts last year. We live in Florida. I swear a minute later it said, “Rich”. I was like BS! and I walked over and sure enough it said “Rich” on the screen. Her uncles name is Richard. I thought the device may have picked up the name with her talking or just Randomly selected a name from the phone. What are the chances though, she has over 100’s of contacts in there. She never mentioned his name. She said Uncle, not Rich or Richard. Not to mention my wives also, wait for it, pregnant. That’s were “Momma” may come into play. Perhaps he’s congratulating her on being pregnant. We’ve messed with this application in the past on our old phones and we chalked it up to a gimmic, as back than it just spit out random words in our home but now …I just don’t know.

  115. Yea I phones are boring over priced and limited.I have a Samsung galaxy s2 and s3 while my mother in law has iPhones for her whole house 5 people.Guess what,the Android phone I had blew her iPhone away,she is switching to a galaxy cause her iPhone is lame.And the market is rediculous anyway for stuff that should be free.My galaxy was worth the money I paid cause I got more then the name.I got a versatile phone that amazes me every day.As for this app it sure is crazy the way it words things together,maybe spirits find a way to manipulate the phone.I have had lots of paranormal experiences it’s tormented me during mine and my siblings childhoods so I know I’m not crazy.Even my parents had to deal with it. I do think some people are prone to it so maybe that makes the app more accurate.I had a strong blip on the screen it stayed for a while I asked a name I got Martin,I said Im sorry your dead how did it happen the reply was accident I asked how I got the words farming clay ground nails and fall.Today I got the words avoid the chamber room I asked where and it said the words below the kids.Then just a bit ago I asked if anyone was here and got the word girl I asked what she wanted and right away got the word help I asked with what did she need help and the word I got was human buried…Needless to say I turned it off. The more I mess with the the more I start to have activity.So maybe the energy manipulates the phone.I have more then just random words or sure have had lots of “coincidences”

  116. I took my Ghost Radar to my mom’s grave on her birthday and placed it on her tombstone. It said “love, pure” and then “We’re, apart”.

    The next day my brother and I were there together. He had his Ghost Radar on. All of a sudden I got bitten my ants and yelled out ‘ants!’ and moved away. His Radar immediately said “ants”.

  117. Not a Gullible guy-Used this app on my Wifes IPhone talked to my Dead Grand Father Last night-He Directed us to his old cider cup in the top of the cabinet and the pin and pencil picture his buddy drew of a skeleton handing over a crashed boat and a sign saying “gone Fishing” I’m sure there is some sort of reasoning.the thing that got me was it kept saying JOE JOE JOE I left the house with it still running drove 15 miles away and it said Kepler…Joe Kepler look him up and see why it was so Odd….

  118. There is something I must tell everyone on this website, but first I have to say that I’m NOT JOKING. I, Alexa, can see ghosts. Don’t even try to say this is a joke. I’m telling the truth. I can only see the ones that “live” in my house, and there’s one I’ve seen twice. I can’t hear them speak, but the ghost radar helps with that. I am friends with a ghost. Her name is either June or April.

  119. The orbs are shown in 3 dimensions. Maybe it was on the floor above or below the one you were on.

  120. I sing all the time in my house, and yesterday I got the word sing. I got a little scared and got a lot more results, then I got the word fear. Coincidence? I think not.

    Also, a few Days ago I was at a sleepover at my friend’s house, and the other two people staying over were joking about the app, and we got “settle” and “live”.

  121. We downloaded it while we were in New Orleans on the suggestion of a ghost hunter friend. Its been incredibly accurate. We went on a plantation tour and gave spot on readings. We walked into a former slave hut and it read structure. Right before the guide began the story of how 8 slaves tried to escape, the radar read the word “hang”. I freaked out! It then read “fear” and “courage” Just way to much to be just a coincidence.

  122. We r going 2 do an experiment. My daughter is going 2 download the app 2 and c what happens. We will keep u posted.

  123. My sister and I down loaded this app because we were talking about the app and different things that have happened to our friends that have used this app. I believe in the paranormal! When I was younger the house we lived in an older man died there and different things started to happen etc. We named him George. My little sister is the only 1 who ever saw him and he matched the picture of this man. George has followed me thru my life and the places I have lived. The familiar signs were always there. This app is very on target with what is going on around us.

  124. Okay, now you’ve made me hungry for Nutella and marshmallows lol!

    But O/T, the one I had said random stuff that made no sense. The last word it said was biggest when I was watching Buffy. So biggest Buffy fan? Biggest dork? Who knows.

  125. I will say this I really didn’t believe that this app would work, but however, after downloading it I started walking around the house I walked past my 2 year old it says “young”, walked past my husbands old grandmothers pottery it says “pot” then says “old”. When I was telling my husband about all this it pops up “discussion” later on the kids was fighting it pops up “share”. I haven’t seen any dots like I have read but if I do I think Im gonna try the idea I read about taking pictures where it shows up. Their has been some weird things going on in my house lately. My house is not old so not sure if it could be haunted then again don’t know what kind of ground it was built on either. It could be just people wanting badly to associate words just to freak themselves out but Im no longer a skeptic I think it does work. So bring on some dots dang it!

  126. Of course it’s meant for entertainment and everyones a skeptic but I did download this app and another one too the funny thing is they are not made by the same people but they both say some of the same things that seem to coincide with what I’m doing at the time. I have never seen ghosts or have anything out of the ordinary ever happen to me but this app us kind of creepy even I’d it is a game.

  127. ok i have read through the comments, and saw the pros and cons of an app doing paranormal measuring. But this app is creepy! It is using words that only apply to what’s going on here. SO unless it’s using the GPS on the phone, it has no way of being able to use words like ARMY when I am located in the old army base at the end of town here. That was a little too close to home for me. It also used the words CESIUM when there was a project out here that involved 200-foot x 200-foot grids utilizing cesium vapor magnetometers in the late 90’s. It’s also really hot and muggy tonight and it used the word SULTRY. Again, it knows the location and can get weather info…so either there is something to this app, or it’s very cleverly written 🙂 Kudos either way to the developers

  128. Well all I know is I was in the woods and set my phone
    on a grave and it said grave unless it has eyes, how do
    you explain that.

  129. i totally agre with you, i love my adndroid phone it does alot hell with i phone shit yes over priced and i think its for”hey look at me”” i got a iphone over priced shit

  130. I went with a friend recently to a presentation at the local library on paranormal investigation by a group of so-called experts. The high-tech equipment they use consists of flashlights, digital cameras, EMF detectors, digital tape recorders, and the Ghost Radar app. The lead expert tells you up front that they go into investigations with the mindset that there will be paranormal activity (as opposed to withholding judgment for proof). The lead expert also believes that Uri Geller really could bend spoons and keys (even though he’s been thoroughly debunked for years). So much of their “proof” relies on pictures of orbs, which have scientific explanations in the world of photography. They show pictures of reflections and mists and images that could be interpreted to be a face or a body (much like the famous “face” found in the Mars photograph) and say, “What else could it be but a ghost?” (which is called Argument From Ignorance in informal logic and debate). And they rely on the Ghost Radar app even though they admit they don’t know how it works.

    I write software as part of my job. Programs and apps consists of ones and zeroes. They can take advantage of any capabilities of the device they’re on, whether it’s a UPC scanner or a smartphone. Anybody smart enough can write an app that spews out random or apparently meaningful words and produces blips on a radar screen. Just as with these so-called paranormal investigators, people believe what they’re predisposed to believe. It’s like numerology, if you focus on a pattern or set of numbers long enough, you’ll see it everywhere. Your brain filters out what it perceives as meaningless and makes sense of you want it to. And the authors of the Ghost Radar app, like psychics and fortune tellers, are making money (from people who pay for the paid app version) from those who are gullible enough to fork it over. No insult intended, I’m just saying that people search for meaning and answers where there are none, and even allow themselves to be fooled in that search. Sorry for the long-winded comment, it’s just interesting to me that people take this seriously.

  131. Just downloaded ghost radar app first word it said was mouse .green dot appeared at same time the word mouse appeared so I went towards green dot it looked like it was in washer/dryer room found 2mice on sticky paper still alive so this could be a pretty ghost detector or a pretty good mouse detector one of the 2.

  132. When i was first showed this app i didnt believe it worked, and it was all a joke. But I was at my new work place last week and decided to download it, and as soon as i turned it on, one dot appeared and the words -Elizabeth, & killed- showed up. I asked my co workers if they knew an elizabeth and it turns out that a woman named elizabeth was murdered by her husband in the parking lot 3 years ago. And today i was sitting outside at a table smoking and listening to a song called “Watermelon crawl” and sure enough the words -Watermelon, table, and cigarette- showed up. freaky!

  133. I was using my ghost radar app and I pointed at my cat and than the words “DON’T, point” came up on my phone screen.

  134. In our bedroom I just get lots of crazy words. Or maybe I haven’t figured them out yet. I’m lovin it!

  135. I live in an 150yr old house. Downloaded it in the car driving home. Passed the Police Dept it said “LAW” . Figured GPS connected. Got home set it at the top of the stairs it said in this order “Journey,care,again,let’s,pick,saw,ice” In about a minute. Then it stopped.. SOOOOOOO quite house I put my phone in a bedroom where a sheriff and former owner kept a huge box or guns and knives.. My friend in town said back in the day he was their chauffeur. He saw the box. He said sheriff would round up all of the guns and knives on the weekend. In the projects part of town.
    Well . right away it said three words only “Black, Happened,and Police”. then nothing. I could go on and on, different areas all with most with validation. I have had it 3 days. I think it is a energy presents maybe not a ghost. I get things like “next, Planet, Universe” I take it around town with great (most words are right on.). Something to do with physics and quantum mechanics if you look into it.
    LOOK WHAT SENSORS ARE IN THE PHONES ! I lost the list at least a dozen different sencers!

  136. Disagree 100% My friend. Quite the contrary. Apple phones are a joke. And the only reason people buy these over priced phones is to be in with the ”cool kids”. Android can do the same if not a lot more than an Isuck.

  137. idk what to think sometimes it really doesnt make sense but lastnite i was working out with my gf and she was using it and the green dot was right by me as i was flexing and it said “largest” “strong” “stretch” i swear on everything and it kept right by myside then i moved to lay down on the bed and it moved to myside and stayed there untill she turned it off

  138. just for arguement here….ive been seeing the blue,yellow,red,and green dots on the well as keeping track of what it says and i have to say there is maybe only 3 of them words on here that relate to something or someone….but it does entertain me as it said it would and if anything its not real the only way ud know is if you get an actual ghost radar and use that as well as the app and see what the results are.

  139. I don’t know if the people in the previous posts are using this app incorrectly or what, but my friends and I have used it frequently with great success. Just last night we were hanging out so we decided to turn off all the lights and turn off the TV and turn this on my phone to see what was happening. Within 30 seconds we saw 2 ghosts on my phone. My friend Jessica asked who they were and what they were doing. Suddenly the ghost by the bookcase through several books of the third shelf onto the floor. A moment later the ghost by the kitchen door knocked the lamp off the small table I had next to the doorway. We were the only ones in the house, so I know there was nobody playing any tricks on us.

  140. my wife and I took a picture of a cemetery and we found this light entity hovering over the cemetary in the middle of the picture it was not in any of the other pictures and there was a leaf sticking in the fence I started this app and within minutes of looking at the photo and leaving it up on a computer it said mass, itself, and the word leaf which really freaked us out. Which exactly described what was in the photo.. I had my phone in airplane mode.

  141. I wasn’t sure about it really working, my brother had this on his phone and the morning after my dad’s funeral I was getting ready to take him to the airport. He turned it on and put in the counter and it said “Red” “Sad”….My grandpa (my dad’s dad) goes by the name Red…How random can that be?

  142. I was thinking that maybe part of the trick to this app is that it uses GPS. I was on the Queen Mary with it and it said words such as ‘vessels’ and other words that were related to the history of the ship. So maybe that’s how it comes up with words that are relevant to where you are at the moment.

  143. This works, I was leaving Ralph Wilson stadium after the last game I was standing right by all the dumpsters and it’s words we’re “mice” “living”

    Many other words have been said like this sometimes this thing is the real deal

  144. I recently got this app for a ghost tour. Since that time, It consistently shows a bright red entity at the bottom center of the grid, like there is something right with me, either behind me, beside me, right in front of me, attached to me? ALL THE TIME. Am I just radioactive? 😉 Does anyone else have this happen? It says it is Bill. My uncle Bill died within the last month, so this creeps me out. I could use more info on this thing, but I can’t find any. Thanks, Candy

  145. My sister introduced me to this yesterday. My niece attempted to use it on a ghost tour in New Orleans, and she said it showed and said tons of stuff. I thought it was a hoax, but downloaded the freebee for giggles to go trick or treating with my grandson. We rode in the back of a pickup, which was also occupied by a 500 lb man sitting up on the toolbox. I turned on my radar, and immediately had a red dot right next to that guy, and the word “fat” came up. I asked who was there, and got the name, “richard”. Later we stopped again, and the red light was right on top of me. This time it said my last name! (Creepy!) Here at home, I’ve gotten tons of lights, tons of names, and the words “help”, “field”, and “dig”.
    I started reading this stuff on here out loud to my daughter, and she turned hers on. Immediately, 3 red dots in front of the television, and it says, “tv”.

    Think I will buy me some sage to burn tomorrow, pray the spirits away, and delete the ap! Call me crazy, but this thing is probably not good.

  146. Went on a ghost tour this past Saturday and learned about the application for the first time. I have the Samsung Galaxy 3 and love to try new apps! Well, my phone battery drained as I arrived at the tour so I didn’t get the opportunity to experience the application in that scenario.

    Leaving the tour, I did get to plug in the phone to the car and get the application working. On my ride home which is down a freeway close to midnight, there was a lot of energy, yet no words…

    The hubby was intrigued about the app and how we could use it so we went to Old Town Spring (TX) yesterday and visited the Jail House Saloon. This was the actual jail that has been converted in the last few years by a builder I know. When we parked, the first word was “liquid”. We had to laugh…

    After a bit, both the hubby and I started to get a few hits on the scanner. It was fun and entertaining. About my second beer, I started to get some hits just behind me to my right. A random word or two and I got the idea to hand the “spirits” a beer. The blips seem to come and stay for just a few seconds and then fade, I noticed…. Well, as I held out my beer, a couple more joined and then faded. The word “longer” came up. Now we are really getting into this app and sure enough, a few times all I had to do was hold the beer out and there would be a gathering of blips…

    I live in a new home in a new development so I didn’t anticipate any hits yet I really know very little about paranormal activity and how it works but I am open so I turned on the application and let it run. The littile one was in the tub and the words started… Edward, Eddy, wet, slipped, (and then when the little one started to fuss to get out of the tup) the word “choose”. Off the app went!

    The hubby left his app running and much later, after everyone was asleep, the little was at the side of the bed and one woke me. Immediately the application said: sully, Robert, surrounded – back to back in rapid fire. I woke the hubby and demanded the application be turned off immediately. Let’s just say that hit way too close to home! Alhough I am not sure about sully (we do call the little one Lolly), my name is a derivative of Robert and the thought of something surrounding us in the night – it was surely enough for me to see a connection to something unseen. The hubby didnt’ fuss with the bed guest and is a little freaked out from the experience. 🙂

    This morning, I tried a different venue. My office! If the spririts are electro magnetic fields of energy, I wondered if I would get anything at work. I did. All around me for about 30 minutes this morning I could see energy blips. I watched the positions and the intensity of the hits. Then words started – so many that I started to jot them down:

    screen (just booted my computer)
    folks (lots of blips in succession)
    list (started writing the list of the random words and this one came up in the process- lol; I had to laugh)
    men (a male co-worker was talking to another at precisely the moment – I was becoming aware)

    A few more as I was responding to emais: down, saw, clearly, expresssion, create and combine. All relevant to the task at hand… I had to get busy and lost interest; everything stopped on the scanner.

    The words are very different depending on what I am doing and where I am. It’s not the same random words being tossed about. The words have been mostly relevant for what I was aware. My hubby was having similar responses. The hits seem to be most prevalent when water is involved, music is being played and possibly being engaged.

    This is a fun thing for October. I feel open to the application with limits, of course. I don’t need this thing going off at night with my little sleep walker! Isn’t it all about being open and aware, willing to receive messages? We don’t need gadgets to do this but hey, if it bridges a gap, why not?

  147. I just downloaded this application and while standing in the kitchen next to apples, it said “apples” then standing next to kids homework it said “lessons”. not sure what to think.

  148. The Ouija board is made “for entertainment purposes only” and is marketed as a game. Yet, most people will argue that a ouija board is a doorway for spirits. Why couldn’t a phone be?

  149. …just miss this other info…

    A couple of hours ago the spirits I have into my mother house ( I know since 20yrs, when I moved into the house, about it is haunt by spirits and presences )
    told to my sister about a chemical strike which will impact London, where the terrorist will probably use a defective machine into a sort of barn to start their strike…

    but in my opinion, about this news, I prefer to don’t believe in it, and I hope this new words will be reveal just a bullshit!!

  150. Hi All, I’m an Italian man 35 yrs old with the great passion to investigate in case of paranormal activ. and with not too much time to invest in bullshits…

    …to try to test this really interesting software, on yesterday I move myself and other 3 friends into a real ghost town, haunted by ghosts, in particularly one of a man, who murder during 22th Sept ’61 her really young girlfriend due to sentimental reasons…
    When I reach the location, put into the deepest wood of an half abbandoned valley near my hometown, I started the application near the local abbandoned cemetery, and in a couple of seconds it revealed me the presence of 3/4 spirits really close to me, but the most interesting things was I register a sort of voices which told me about some interesting thigs near the place in where I was in the moment.

    The words revealed to me was: Below,It,Least,School,Spiders,Nails;

    In the first time I didn’t mind to these words, with the apparency of no-sense words, but I was really surprised when I found into the old and semi-ruined church just below my position, an attached room with a really old desk ( probably a school, because in the small mountain village, during the past centuries, the oratory was the location where the teacher got the lessons to the childrens ) but the most interesting and spectacular thing, between all the words I registered, It was a really strange pagan picture of a giand spider, dropped with its web by a sort of figures similar to an eye, just located near the small altar of the old church…It was really strange and amazing, and due to the matter I never visited the place before, and all the words of this message had been displayed into the screen of my BB thanks to the SW Ghost Radar Classic, I can assure you, about it!!
    A little bit later, with my friends, which remained really stunned about the matter happend a couple of minutes before, ( they are skeptic/non believe people, but against all the matters they had been witnesses of the episode ) we move into another location and found a sort of device, with a cilinder filled by nails…

    True or False, I think GRC its a really cool free app for my BB!!:)



  151. When crazy claims are made, I do have to wonder. I was a litle surprised with the words that came up- They applied to the news DIRECTLY that I had on TV (muted).

    Not to mention other odd “random” words that seemed, well, not so random.
    This is interesting to say the least. Since the dev hasn’t made unrealistic promises, I’m inclined to keep monitoring and noting.

  152. I’ve experienced weird readings too and I’m using the galaxy s3 because my iPhone 4 was a piece of shiet that always turned off on me and it was boring … plus I needed am upgrade … but I do believe this app works .My house Is indeed with ghosts in it, my whole family experienced things here and this app confirmed it by the weird things it said. I actually deleted it because I don’t want to know or contact what ever is in this house . This house has been here for over 125 years .

  153. I personally believe that this might actually work. Some friends and I were at sedcesamsville rectory
    And I was using ghost radar and a friend was using an ovulus x, we were looking at some wiring that was
    Installed in the basement that was rigged when the dog fight scandal was taking place there, I had went
    To move some wires and both devices said “careful” at the exact some time. To b e honest it is very unlikely that two seperate devices could pick up the same reading if there was no credibility to their function.
    Also, ghost radar has called out my name on numerous occasions while running evp sessions.

  154. Ghost radar does work”!! At first i laughed and thought it was just a game its not. I live in a haunted
    Home an this app you say don’t was doing full sentence telling me things that no one
    Knew!! Alot of the information was valid, It got so bad i had to remove the app from my phone. Maybe every experience is different but for me it turned out to very real!!!! And im glad its gone

  155. Me and my gf downloaded the app for the heck of it mostly just bored the night we did and that night standing by a theresa home which is also where cancer patients are there until they pass it turned red and said “danger” the next day my sister let my dog loose and at time we had it kn it popped up a.few orbs and said loose.” Then today I was at work no one was here yet and it said save me then I went to my car I was freaked out and waited for other ppl to come it then.said “engjne” lsstly I heard a bang while working it pops up “package” sure enough ups dropped a package off st work

  156. Scratch that. It may be reading your saved memory.

    I went near the rabbit’s cage, and it said “home” and “flight”. Not bad. The cage is the home of a prey animal (no fight, all flight).

    Turned on Futurama, a comedy cartoon. Got the word “funny.”

    Stuffed nutella into marshmellows. Three giant red dots popped up, and each one said “exercsize.”


  157. I wonder if it uses your phone’s GPS to determine what to say? When you aren’t anywhere notable, it’ll give random words. But your phone just doesn’t have the ability to work as anything more than its hardware allows.

  158. Shawn, ghosts are more likely to be at 7-11. That’s a place full of energy which they feed on. Would you want to hang out in a dreary, cold cemetery next to your, and many others’ rotting bodies?

  159. I youse d It by a friend of mine at her home first I got some English words but I thought okay its an Enkidu app but then it sayed brief its a Dutch word it means letter so my Dutch friend said yesterday I rote a letter to my boyfriend and then it said operation her father had the day before a operation how creepy is that… Greets from Holland

  160. These are the random words mine said this morning. I think this just says random words that some people could relate to. For example, of the fifteen things mine said this today., I can relate to only two.

    1. Richard is ( I have a friend named Richard)
    2. Germany ( Never been to Germany, Richard’s not in Germany)
    3. ants ( we are currently having an ant problem, living in Florida, who doesn’t)
    4. smooth ( no meaning to me)
    5. Led (no meaning to me)
    6. belt (no meaning to me)
    7. audlt (no meaning to me)
    8. exclaimed (no meaning to me)
    9. war (no meaning to me)
    10. acres (no meaning to me)
    11. carried (no meaning to me)
    12. cream (no meaning to me)
    13. sand (no meaning to me)
    14. across (no meaning to me)
    15. conversation (no meaning to me)

    Some people might be able to relate to some of these words. I feel it’s an app that if you want to beleive, that’s fine, it was free, and I’ve lost nothing.

  161. I have had this app for quite a bit, sometimes it is very talkative other times not. For fun i started taking pictures of the area’s the “blips” showed up at. When i saw a blip i would take a picture using a cannon digital camera in the direction as the blip. Almost everytime an orb would be in the picture. As follow up i started taking pictures of after the blip went away. there was never an orb in the picture after. I have never had the app respond to direct questions, so i am unsure if it can be used to communicate but the orbs tell me it is picking up something. I am not saying it is paranormal or not but it is something.

  162. I thought I would get this app as a a joke ..but the I was using this and ..this is really freaky believe me or not ..our nabours husband died a few years ago and he was known as poppy …this dot was showing up around my nabours house and one of the word it said was poppy then it started coming around us and my dad was sitting on the computer and then it popped up and said Fred and that is my dads name

  163. Im using the app right now in my den at 2am. The first thing recorded was “Friendly.” Immediately I related that to last November when there were things happening in my home. It had me very freaked out. Of course I always relate to the supernatural as evil;I believe because its something I don’t understand and because its not human well then it must be evil. But I don’t feel that way anymore and regret ridding ‘them’ or ‘it’ so quickly before understanding it. Now, I don’t know if it truly left and maybe its trying to tell me its friendly?

    At 151 am I recorded “Monkey.” Monkey is my little boys nick name. But I just realized ten minutes ago that this room used to be his room and Iv left some of his posters up and there’s a monkey picture behind me! Pretty freaky man..

    I recorded “continent” and “London” both at 205am. Thirty minutes ago my home girl and I were just chilling in bed and I was doing my “Englishmen” character for fun as I do on occasion. I wonder if by saying “London” it was letting me know it was there and heard me doing it?

    Im trying to remain calm and understand this. Not just because of this app. But because I believe there’s things around us all the time and that its not always evil. Those things going on in November-Im not going to lie, they had me scared as hell! But like I said, I think I jumped to conclusions of it being evil. Maybe its something trying to warn me?

    In the last few minutes

    Pennsylvania-I was just reading in the contents below that people took this app with them to Gettyburg, which is in PA. Hmm Just weird and freaks me out to see the ‘orbs’ on the radar right in the middle supposedly being where I am… O well. I guess its certainly entertaining, its got my attention that’s for sure.

  164. Why not take it to a cemetery? Should be lots of ghosts there. Then take to to Dunkin Donuts or 7-11 and it’s doubtful you’ll find ghosts hanging around those joints, unless they want bad coffee or nachos.

  165. I believe this works I live here on the reservation in arizona . me n a few friends went to the mountains we parked I turned on the radar, it was on low sensitivity my sister called out in to the desert around 3:00 am saying come out show your self were not scared then all of a sudden three red glowing dots should up my car started going back while still in park dirt started coming out from all four tires while the radar was saying, rush, mark , fire , leave , ashes ….. Some scary fucking shit!!!!! This is not bullshit…..

  166. One time my Ghost Hunter thing said “Lynn”. Really weird because I have a friend who’s cousin’s neighbors daughter is named Lynn. I also took it into a library where it didn’t say a thing because it knew it was a library and you had to be quiet in librarys.

  167. I experimented with 2 iphones with the same app. My hypothesis is “if this app actually worked the way we expect it to, wouldn’t both iphones detect the exact same thing and say the same thing?” Well both iphones didnt detect the exact same thing or say the same thing. The only things that they were able to do the same was the activity. When one was active the other was too.

  168. Ok. So I’m playing with this app. It seems to talk a lot when i use it.
    * Watching Toy Story and the app says “show” , “funny” and then “Andy.” So I say to myself it is kinda funny show as I”m laughing. But I couldn’t understand why the name “Andy.” Well it turns 30min later I figure out the boy’s name is Andy in the show. Weird or Coincidence?
    I’ll post more weird stuff that happens to the app when i’m playing with it.

  169. One night at about 3:30 AM, I was watching 1,000 Ways to Die. I decided if turn on the app just to mess around. Within a couple minutes, the app said; “your” “time” “near”. I quickly turned off the app. They say this app is only used for fun, but after this experience, I’m not so sure.

  170. Ok so….I am using this app right now and in my house we are getting the air fixed bc it is broke so me and me and my were talking bout the temp and all the sudden i got tempature and hot then it said ring and about 45secs laater the phone rang THIS IS REAL!!!

  171. Check my little story that I wrote about it. What’s crazy about my story is ….it said my grandfathers name DeWayne and said “sick”….”death”…..”death.” what’s crazy is my grandfather was in ICU when he had to have his heart stint replaced and it was really worrying me. Another word…..”Wiley.” my godparents last name is Wiley! These are not common names that it would spit out. Have numerous other examples but you get the point

  172. This app works!! I swear on my life!,, it opened up pandoras box in my 1923 bungalow. It detected and spoke to a confederate soldier, woman named Deborah, original home owner who built the house and a seven year old little girl named Sally. I shit you not!!! DO NOT play around with this app. I ended up having to have my priest come in to bless the house and did a lot of praying!,, you can call me stupid….crazy….lunatic…..whatever. All I know is that app has been deleted from my phone indefinitely.

  173. I still can’t tell with this app. I was at my moms house and we were outside talking about how I had to run to “Giant” the food store to pick up cat food. A little while later I had the app running and when I went to leave it said “Giant” and a couple words later is said “Alice”. Alice is the name of one of my cats. Now I mentioned Giant when the app was off but I never ever mentioned Alice… very coincidental if not real.

  174. Its simple to test if it’s real. I’m Asian n if it spell out Asian name? That will be awesome

  175. I just found this website just by using this app. It spelled the whole address! No kidding!

  176. Last night me and a few friends played the Ouija Board and also turned this app on while we were playing it. In the middle of playing we kept asking the spirit what it’s name was. The app said James and right after that the ouija board spelt out James. I was impressed.

  177. I don’t know if its real or not, but it sure is freaky. My aunt and I freak out like every time a new word pops up. If this thing is real that is SO COOL!!!!

  178. – points up – I’m using the radar now. Earlier, the words “Queen”, and “Mary” came up.

  179. I was a skeptic…a psychic medium told me about the app..which at first completely made me discredit her…I was like…yeah…yeah…sure…an app can communicate and detect ghosts….sure…and at that point wished I could have my money back! lol. In any event I did not download the app like she suggested and I went on my merry way with her and the team on our paranormal investigation on the Queen Mary…some crazy stuff happened that’s for sure! I ended up really respected her too! I won’t get into what happened on that investigation here, but anyway…that night we went back to our room on the RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach, was about 2am, I downloaded the app…and it immediately started to detect stuff…I heard a loud bang in our room…and then the app said “don’t sleep.” At that point I shut the thing off! lol. Anyway the next day my husband and I decided to go down to room B40…which was rumored to be haunted…I didn’t know much about the history except that a deranged man died in there…anyway we get there and its ICY cold outside the room. The room has been sealed off by the way due to unexplained events, so we were just standing outside the room. As we walked up the room, the app started going crazy…then the words…”DAD” “FAMILY” “RED” “RESPECT” “GAME” came up. My husband and I were both wearing red, The word Respect came up right after my husband banged on the door! And come to find out a little girl was murdered in that room by her dad when the family had gone to visit…seriously!!! crazy!!! I put the app on at work and got nothing..i wanted to see if it just spits words out…however it didn’t do anything at my work. Also how could it say all those words and just be a coincidence??? I don’t think so! I just think its so crazy what happen, still can’t even believe it!

  180. i know ghost are real trust me i dont fool with anything i cant control or feel or anything else/ people dont understand a ghost can hurt you very badly mind you they can stinge one. or stratch one. but it is useful to know if a ghost is in your home or at your work place. i know i lived in a haunted house and i believe this house is haunted but i cant prove it i dont know if it is something that can hurt me or something that is has died and once was my friend. the reason is unknow i mean i have misplaced stuff and as soon as i say god i cant find such and such some one please help me bam! it is there. now no explaxation to this. but it is spooky. dont you think?

  181. I’ve also used it up there, and had some interesting “finds”, the word “surrounded”, and Lincoln, both came up, with in moments of each other. I’m not saying the app works, but, it’s still kind of interesting, when there’s coincidences like that. Or, are they?

  182. Recently, I had the opportunity to test out this app in my old ass (probably haunted) apartment. For the longest time it did nothing, just a blank radar. I decided to say the words: where are you? To my surprise, a dot finally appears where my window was (which was directly behind me) and says in that creepy robot woman voice, window. I was very much so creeped out.

  183. Lisa,
    I used this app last week when I was at gettysburg. I was walking through the cemetary. On my Ghost Radar the word “killed” came up.I know it says that it is for entertainment purposes only, but there just may be something positive about this app.

  184. Electronic ouiji board is what it is. If I remember right, those were sold
    in the toy department for entertainment purposes too.
    Its never any useful info, but I’m convinced its paranormal.
    Be careful what you may let in when you open the door.

  185. @ Sunny… Dude…what? I know youre trying to say something. I do. But with all of your grammatical errors and misspellings i just don’t know what that is, you know?

  186. i have tried this application at diffrent place and diffrent times but it gives almost the same results as expected at few places which is prone to be the infected are since long their were misshapnings at those places most of the time and people have created some religious terminals over there to avoid all that worse incidents have happened i believe something is there.coz i have seen all red blue and green dots on the screen. let it .if this application dosent work whats there to find out these paranormal activities kindly suggest its intresting as well as scary too coz i have to pass the same passage everyday….

  187. Okay your taking the information wrong. Reading it to make it say what you want it to say. All of the ghost hunting apps have that statement made about them by the developers of the program, they say what the app does and what its made for and than say its for entertainment because if they outright say its an official real ghost detecting app than they can be held responsible for all the impatient people who cant get it to work. The iphone has the ability to pick up on EMF’s, extremely light vibrations, sound and movement. Download one of the EMF apps and check it out yourself, ive tested it with one of my real EMF’s and got basically the same readings on my iphone as the actuall device. And geophone as well is able to pick up the absolute smallest vibrations from anywhere in the room. Theres no reason to not believe that paranormal research cant be done using an iphone, ive caught EVP’s, EMP’s and video’s while ghost hunting with my iphone and its apps, along with real equipment as well. I can see why maybe an android phone doesnt work for this purpouse though because android OS and every android phone is a piece of shit not capable of doing anything at all, but the iphone is a very usefull tool that can be used in ghot hunting and paranormal research. Just look around the internet about it.

  188. Thank you for reviewing. I’m going to take this next time I go to Gettysburg and see what it does lol

  189. Haha… you have to laugh at some of these app developers 🙂
    Ghost Radar is a complete waste of time, and as this article says is definitely not going to find you any ghosts!
    I wonder how long it is until we see an iPhone being used in a ghost film with this app 🙂

    At least they admit that it’s just for fun.

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