Are You Ready For A Ghostly Encounter With Ghost Radar Classic?

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Ghost Radar ClassicTo understand what Ghost Radar Classic is all about, you first have to be curious whether paranormal experiences actually exist, what they are, or can they all be explained through scientific investigations. Ghost radar uses your cell phone to examine some of these phenomena.

What Exactly Is The Paranormal?


The definition of “paranormal phenomena” is anything that is classed as “beyond the normal” and generally includes events like clairvoyance and telekinesis,  not to mention seeing apparitions like ghosts or spirits, or anything else that cannot be explained through the scope of normal scientific explanations..

What Is Ghost Radar?

Ghost Radar Classic

Ghost Radar is an app that has been developed by Spud Pickles software and is available to be downloaded on the majority of new mobile phone platforms. The platforms that are supported are Apple products, Google Android, and Blackberry phones. These phones that allow downloadable apps are known as smartphones.

Ghost Radar is an entertainment application that has a slight twist of the supernatural.

How Does Ghost Radar Classic Work?

ghost reading

  • Ghost Radar is a free app that can be used on a variety of cell phones.


  • The technology behind it is that the components in the phone in conjunction with the app are able to detect the paranormal source.


  • It works like a detector that can find electromotive forces or “EMF” for short.


  • Apparently this app allows your phone to pick up intelligent energy and can use vibrations through your phone’s sensors to locate the presence of paranormal energy.

The app’s blurb also contains some written context containing some incredible statements about how this application works. Such claims are that it uses electromagnetic fields, vibrations, and sounds to detect ghosts and paranormal activity in and around the device.

Interpreting the Results

The screen on the cell phone will give readings that need to be deciphered as the sensors pick up the paranormal activity.

  • Red: Is a bad activity
  • Yellow: Is between
  • Green: Is good

The Cost
Ghost Radar Classic is available for free on the Apple, Android, and Blackberry Market app stores. This does mean that the developers sell advertisement space within the user interface that they use to create money, and so there will be scrolling adverts along the bottom and top of the screen during use.

Does Ghost Radar Work?

This is where the controversy is going to come in because there are so many variables. Such as:

  • Which phones are being used
  • What kind of paranormal activity is going on in the area
  • How sensitive is this activity to the components of the app

The Theory

ghost tracking


Some have the theory that if two identical iPhones were used then the readings should be identical.

One fellow from YouTube did run a test using identical phones and in different areas but only came up with inconclusive results. So this test alone would not be enough to validate the authenticity.

Is It Easy To Use?

Unlike the expensive equipment where you need a lot of training just to understand how to use it, this app can be used by just about anyone.

If you can download the app then you are ready to go and you simply have to turn it on and then point your phone in the area you are curious about.

It could be noises you hear or perhaps a cold spot you feel, and once you have the phone directed in the questionable area you just have to watch the screen for words or blips to appear.

Ghost Radar Reviews

ghostly encounter


Some people that have used the Ghost Radar Classic app have found that after pointing their phone into the areas they think are suspect they have actually had readings that included letters names or notifications of energy present and this has been backed up by having several readings from different phones all showing the same results.


The negative reviews are from individuals who have used the app with a partner to verify their results and have found readings that have varied from one another. Apparently, the information on each device was significantly different enough to suggest that the app was not working as described.


Overall this ghost detector has had a lot of reviews which is understandable as its been around for a while. Out of 1,796 ratings, it has a 3.7 5 star rating. With about 20% giving it a 1% and the rest in between. So it shows that the negatives and the positives are fairly equal.

The final conclusion is that the app is really meant to be a form of entertainment and ratings will be made by most based on the way they perceive this.

An Extra

If you don’t want to be carrying your phone around with you all the time on the hunt for ghosts then you may find this Grip phone mount to be ideal.

Don’t forget to share your Ghost Radar Classic experiences with us.

230 Customer Reviews on “Are You Ready For A Ghostly Encounter With Ghost Radar Classic?

  1. I’m kinda scared because my radar picked up the name of the man that lives upstairs, and the word mad, kitchen, motor and shoot. I won’t tell my boyfriend because he will get mad for using the app. I think he is scared of ghosts and spirits.

  2. Darcy i agree with tanisha because tailor cant spell woth a shit. And you darcy need to get on my nuts reading it gave ne a headache and you have to be able to keep up

  3. The building at my old work was over 100yrs old. This is about ten years ago min you…
    While on break I had the app turned on a co-worker was walking by and it said “cancer” “death”. I was thinking to myself “this thing is stupid” and I turned it off. Within a year that person had died of cancer. I don’t know how, but this is eerily accurate somehow.

  4. If some people are having problems understanding what you wrote, I think they lack intelligence. Most intelligent people would understand what Tailor wrote and not persecute her spelling and grammar. Intelligent minds would see beyond the misspellings.

  5. It seems like a lot of us are getting the same random words such as family, law, war, explore, doll,excite. Mine has weird words sometimes like merely, quite, happen. I wonder if it just has a database of certain words. The names I’ve heard are Kristen, Tom, Harry,Drew and Mark. The person I want to connect with knew people with these names, but I don’t know the significance.

  6. I completely understood the text,and what’s worse is that this was YEARS ago and I had to witness some guy turn a text not written good to some bullsh¡t argument

  7. I installed Ghost Radar and was, and continue to be skeptical. It also picks up one word comments, supposedly from the spirits. I did have one heck of a coincidence though. A man from the church I attend died. After attending the graveside service I returned to the car to wait for my wife. While I was waiting I figured, if any place has wandering spirits, it would be a cemetary, so I turned it on. The first word it picked up, within seconds of turning it on was “Virgina”. The deceased man’s wife for many decades was named Virginia. Now what are the odds of that happening?

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