Does Just for Men Really Work?

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Does Just for Men really work?If you’re going gray you’ve probably stopped in the aisle of your local grocery store and wondered if Just for Men really works. It seems to, especially if you see an ad on TV with male models looking about 10 years younger after dying their hair and beard back to their earlier color. But does it work that well, and will it make you look that young again? Let’s find out!

Women are not the only ones that seem to worry about their looks as they get older. While men do seem to enjoy the advantage of getting better looking with age, it doesn’t mean we don’t have to work at keeping our appearances up. For some men going gray at the temples or having a salt and pepper beard really works, just look at Brad Pitt. For others the thought of going gray leads a man to think of himself as Grandfather age.

The Claim
Just for Men claims that you’ll “get rid of all your gray” or allow you to keep some of your gray but just blend it in, looking rather presidential. With its seemingly space-age technology it targets the gray hair and leaves your regularly colored hair alone. It also claims to have an added benefit of leaving your hair thicker and healthier-looking, trying to kill two birds with one stone it seems.

The Hype
You can’t blame the Just for Men ads for using all of their clever techniques in showing a man a little down on his luck with gray hair, and then having that winning smile with his newly fully brown head of locks. It’s what ads are designed to do, show you the best possible outcome of using the product.

The hype comes from buying into these promos and thinking that your hair or beard and even your entire life is going to be drastically different once you use it. If you don’t buy into the hype than there is no hype. Just know that it is a regular product, not some wonder drug, and you’ll get some results, likely not comparable to the ones seen on TV. Go in with a level head and be moderately happy with the results, rather than having your false expectations dashed.

The Cost
Just for men is relatively reasonably priced at about $20 a box for either the shampoo or the beard and mustache pack. For what it does most men are willing to absorb the cost to potentially look younger and more attractive again.

The Commitment
Reports are in that it’s a bit messy to use Just for Men, and it’s hard to keep the product where it needs to be. Other than that you just have to apply it your your hair and beard as needed, and reapply when the results start to fade. Since the hairs are constantly growing it’s not a permanent solution, and your commitment will involve repeatedly administering the product when you need to, in order to keep up the illusion.

Those that have tried Just for Men have reported that it does give them the results they were seeking, and that they use it regularly to maintain their image. Since it is a dye you’ll want to keep it away from your face and neck, as it’s been known to stain these areas and last for a while when it does. Apparently it knows the difference between a gray and a brown hair, but can’t tell the difference between hair and skin. Go figure.

Does Just for Men Really Work?

Because each case is different, there’s no real way to tell if Just for Men will give you the results you seek for your specific situation. What we can tell you is that it doesn’t hurt to try. There are no adverse side effects from using it, other than getting it on things other than your hair and having it stain your skin. Just be careful when you’re applying it and mind your unhairy areas.

Our Recommendation
If your gray hair bothers you enough, you have nothing to lose besides $20. If it works the way you want it to, then you’ll be happy to spend another $20 to keep it going. If it doesn’t you’re back to the drawing board and might have to be happy with the Bill Clinton look.

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  1. If using JFM original, it still looks like 5 minutes is generally recommended. See

  2. This is the worst review I have ever read in my whole life. It basically says: We don’t know, it may work, try it.

  3. It was supposed to light brown. Nope. Just black. How can they be so far off? My mustache looks really stupid and out of place now. Thanks, JFM.

    They claim they didn’t change their formulation. Sorry, but that doesn’t add up, based on the recent complaints by long-time users. Just trying to avoid lawsuits.

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