Does the Ninja Cooking System Really Work?

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Does the Ninja Cooking System Work? It is always great when there are new and unique products to choose from especially when it comes to the kitchen. Most often these come in the form of what we call kitchen gadgets, which always have some unique quality about them that entices us to buy them. When it comes to quality small appliances though we tend to be more choosy as to the brand name and the quality. The Ninja Cooking System is based on this premise.

Most of us are aware of slow cookers and most likely have some version of one in our kitchen cupboard. What impresses us about the Ninja Cooking System is that it really heightens the possibilities of what one pot cooking can offer, which is what most slow cookers are valued for. Basically we see the standard type as a means of being able to cook something in this unit on a slow heat and not having to watch over it all of the time. The Ninja really encourages the full potential of this type of item and presents it in a quality product that should be able to live up to the claims made for it.

The Claim
The Company claims that this small appliance really can provide all that we look for in the use of many of our large kitchen appliances like our traditional oven and stove top. Then for those that are attracted to steam cooking they may not even need a large cumbersome steam oven if they rely on the Ninja Cooking System. Plus the promoters claim that the use of this product eliminates the need for a bunch of pots and pans when cooking many different types of meals, and promotes the easy clean up.

The Hype
Almost anyone who is the cook of the home really depends on convenience. This is what the main hype of the Ninja Cooking System is focused on. Being able to prepare good quality meals all in one pot really does make it easy with a lot less clean up. Then when the emphasis of what a product such as this can do for promoting healthy eating by reducing the fat for cooking it draws some significant attention. Finally time is a big factor when it comes to cooking. Anyone that has this task will tell you that even the simple meals can be time consuming, and then included in this is the cooking time, which the Ninja promotes as being able to cut down to half the time.

The Cost
If you put the Ninja Cooking System to it’s full use then you are going to find the price of about $220. which it is currently being offered for on their website, to be most reasonable. You will find that you will use all of your other traditional cooking appliances must less. Included in your purchase price if you take advantage of the current promo you will also receive the Ninja roasting rack & pan, plus the Ninja silicone trivet, mitt set and warmer. The unit comes with a 5 year guarantee. Along with all of this you will get a free cookbook as well so you can really experiment with what your new appliance can do.

The Commitment
The biggest commitment you are going to have to make is to really put the Ninja Cooking System to its maximum use. This means you will need to take time to experiment with it, perhaps using your tried and true recipes first then creating some new ones. What you may have trouble getting used to is its baking capabilities. Most of us are stuck on the traditional methods of baking a cake in a standard oven, but this product is being claimed as being able to produce cakes that are much moister because they are steam baked.

When looking at a product such as this you don’t lose fact that it really is centered around a slow cooker, but when you assess its capability it really does deserve the name Cooking System. Some feel that this item is pretty pricey at its current price of about $220. when ordered from their site so it worth looking at the prices that what would be classed as a good slow cooker would cost. We took a look at what Good Housekeeping had to say about these. Their top choice at this time was the Allclad unit which they stated cost about $180. So when comparing this quality slow cooker to the Ninja Cooking System and all that it has to offer it makes the price of the Ninja quite reasonable.

Final Ninja Cooking System Review

We have chosen to give this product a Thumbs Up rating. We have determined the price is reasonable in our opinion. Also what is important to us is the quality and credibility of the Brand. We have done a review on a Ninja product which was the Ninja Blender where several of our readers have given this item a thumbs up.

Our Recommendation
If you are just looking for a quality slow cooker that is going to allow you to prepare some one pot meals that you can just leave to cook without much attention then maybe you will want to check out some of the more traditional ones that are on the market. On the other hand if you really do enjoy cooking but want to do it without all the muss and fuss and want to make a lot less use of some of your other major cooking appliances then checking out the Ninja Cooking System might be ideal for you.

What do you think? Does the Ninja Cooking System work or not?

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