Does Ninja Kitchen Blender Really Work?

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Does the Ninja Kitchen Blender really work?If you’re in the market for a new blender, you might’ve heard about the Ninja Kitchen Blender and all the things it can do. When something comes around with so many uses, and seems to be a good value for the money, it’s only natural to wonder if it really works as described. We set out to answer the question of whether or not this is something you can use on a regular basis, or whether it will collect dust on your countertop.

Blenders are big business, and there always seems to be anyone hitting the market on a regular basis. Perhaps no other kitchen appliance makes us feel like we’re a real chef quite like a blender. Plus, there are several recipes that call for you to either blend, purée, or mix ingredients so it always seems like you’re in need of a quality blender that produces consistent results every time.

The Claim
They say that you would need a juicer, mixer, food processor, and blender just to equal all of the things you can do with the Ninja Kitchen Blender. They say that if you had to buy all of those different appliances you could spend upwards of $1500, but this would entail buying the top-of-the-line models of all of these gadgets.

They present their blender as a solution to getting rid of all of these extra appliances and just using the Ninja Kitchen Blender for all of your needs. Perhaps one of the biggest features is that you can use this as a juicer, and get in on the juice fasting trend. You can also chop up foods without having to get something like the Slap Chop. It’s powerful enough to blend through ice, so you can make nice blended drinks or refreshing smoothies.

They even let you make your own pizza dough, by making it easier to mix the dough and get ready. With 1100W of power running through its cords it’s ready for even the toughest jobs you can think of. They also claim to have a very advanced blade that sets them apart from other blenders in their class.

The Hype
There’s not too much hype involved here, but it is getting a lot of word-of-mouth help especially in the social network sphere. People that buy the Ninja Kitchen Blender actually tell their friends about it at places like Facebook and Twitter. It must be doing something right in order to generate this kind of buzz.

The Cost
There are several different models of the Ninja Kitchen Blender, and they are always releasing new ones as technology improves. This makes it rather hard to find a common price point, but suffice it to say there is definitely a model within your price range. Take for example the NJ 600 XL, which clocks in at $100, which is very reasonable for this type of quality and in relation to its competitors.

In fact, their most elaborate system is only $160 which will give you all of the different attachments and have you set up as fully as possible. You really feel like a master chef and be able to tackle most any recipe.

The Commitment
If you love to be in the kitchen, you won’t think that there is any sort of commitment to using your Ninja Kitchen Blender. However, if you’re hoping that this will be the product to get you cooking more, you might want to establish the habit first and then make the investment. Prove to yourself that you really do enjoy cooking, and then grab an Ninja Kitchen Blender to make it even more enjoyable.

This thing is powerful. They definitely weren’t lying about what it can do, and almost everyone that tries it has nice things to say about it. Of course they’ll be those dissenters out there, but there is no way to really know how they used it and if they were following the directions. When used as instructed, the overall consensus is the Ninja Kitchen Blender gets a passing grade.

Final Ninja Kitchen Blender Review

It isn’t very often that a kitchen appliance comes around with consistently good reviews. You won’t find a higher quality blender at this price. From puréeing, to chopping, to blending, to blasting through ice, it basically does everything you’d want in a blender to do, while taking it easy on your wallet or pocketbook.

Our Recommendation
For the price, you just can’t beat the Ninja Kitchen Blender. It does a great job at almost every kitchen task can present it with, and it has the power of professional blenders three times the price. This lets you get professional results without having to break the bank, which makes it perfect for the amateur chefs out there that want to make high-quality foods for themselves and their family.

What do you think? Does Ninja Kitchen Blender work or not?

2 Customer Reviews on “Does Ninja Kitchen Blender Really Work?

  1. This seems like a great product for someone who’s just starting out in their own apartment, or as a wedding or housewarming gift. I already have my kitchen counter full with a blender, food processor, and smoothie maker. But if I didn’t have all those already, this would be an ideal product. My favorite thing about it is the juicer. I don’t have one, but know how beneficial having your own juicer can be. Maybe once all my other products have started wearing down I might invest in a Ninja Blender…$160 is not bad at all considering all the things it does.

  2. Great product! If you don’t have one, you need one!
    I replaced my juicer after is below up on me a couple months back, and decided to go for a Ninja blender after a recommendation by my friend.
    It does pretty much exactly what it says it will do, and makes some great slushies with it’s ice blending strength 🙂

    i use it for loads of things now, from juice to blending up food for my baby 🙂

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