Does Easy Feet Really Work?

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Does Easy Feet really work?Easy Feet seems like nice way to pamper yourself at home, if it really works. As people are now aware of the importance of having healthy feet, new devices as well as new methods of caring for the feet are now being included in a healthy lifestyle. Foot spas and other types of feet pampering procedures are offered in salons, and consumers are patronizing these services for hygienic reasons and for their health benefits as well.

But if you are going to go to salons regularly for foot massages and other similar services, it can prove to be too expensive and impractical. In today’s tough economic times, there are more important things to spend on than foot pampering.

Easy Feet is one of the products being advertised on TV that focuses on foot health and maintenance. Because due care should be given in cleaning the feet, this product offers convenience as well as usefulness in cleaning the feet properly. The concept of this product proves to be helpful and practical to people who are suffering from back problems, and it will work great for pregnant women with growing bellies too.

The Claim
As the name suggests, Easy Feet claims that you can clean your feet easily by using this device. The system involves exfoliation while massaging your feet from heel to toe. This procedure is therefore effective in removing dead skin cells on the surface areas of your feet, as it stimulates the nerves that are connected to that area of your body.

You can do this whole process without bending and reaching down to scrub your feet, since the feet cleaning device is firmly set on the shower floor or tub as you take a bath. It is guaranteed that using the product everyday will produce significant results, and you can see the improvement on your feet’s condition within 30 days of using the product.

The Hype
Easy Feet is advertised as an economical way of pampering the feet. Because foot massages can be quite expensive, consumers are open to the idea of having a simple device that they can use at home.

Aside from the relaxing feeling that you can get from foot massages, proper scrubbing and maintenance of feet is also good for one’s overall health. People are aware that their feet carry their weight for much of the day, so due care should be given to this area.

The Cost
If you’re going to compare the price of Easy Feet with regular trips to the salon for a foot spa, you can easily conclude that it’s a practical and economical investment. The product only costs around $15 and you can use this over and over every day. The pack contains the device that comes in the shape of a slip-on flip flops, and you need to wear this when you intend to clean your feet.

The Commitment
In order to make the product work, you need to use it everyday when cleaning your feet. This has a built-in pumice stone on the heel area to serve its purpose of cleaning the heels. The rest of the unit is covered with bristles that function as scrubbers to clean and massage your feet.

The little suction cups will hold the device in place while you run your foot in a back and forth motion as you shower and take a bath. This whole process guarantees that every part of your feet will be cleaned properly and removing dead skin cells will also stimulate the production of young cells that will make your feet look young and feel young.

The concept behind the product is great and the healthy method of cleaning the feet is also noteworthy. However, there are reports that the device can’t stay in place when trying to use it as directed. It therefore reduces the efficiency of the item and poses some risks of slipping in the bathroom too.

Final Easy Feet Review

Technically, Easy Feet works, but you might need to hold it down to keep it in place while you clean your foot. This method defeats the purpose of using the system conveniently, as you will still need to bend down to reach for your feet. Although you can also hold it down with your other foot while performing the act of cleaning, it can be too tedious and troublesome. You even face the risk of slipping, as you struggle with this complicated method of brushing your feet.

Our Recommendation
We are not recommending Easy Feet for the simple reason that it is not as functional and useful as it claims to be. However, because it is very affordable, you can still try using the product. There are some people who find this item useful, and who knows, it might work for you too.

What do you think? Does Easy Feet work or not?

8 Customer Reviews on “Does Easy Feet Really Work?

  1. You know, I’ve been wanting to try this ever since I saw the commercial for it a while back. It seems like such a good idea…being able to scrub your feet very conveniently, and definitely a great thing for the elderly or disabled. But judging from the reviews, it seems not to work as well as it says it does. Although, RS, that’s an interesting tip. So you get the superglue to stop sticking by putting nail polish remover on it? I would still be afraid to try it on my tub, my tub has a roughly textured bottom and I’m afraid it will hold to the superglue more than a smooth tub.

  2. I got the Easy Feet as a gift from my sister. I love it. I had a problem with it sticking too, but I just added a drop of super glue to the bottom and it ain’t going anywhere now. I have taken it up with finger nail polish remover, but you can put a drop on the bottom and it will stay in place. It gets your feet and toes so clean and it feels great. I absolutely recommend it.

  3. It does seem like a great idea especially for those who can’t effectively clean their own feet. I was wondering if people had problems with them slipping out of place. But like you said, $15 isn’t really at the bad and if it doesn’t work effectively you won’t feel like you wasted an exponential amount of money as a result. But I would be cautious before putting them on because like you don’t want to slip all over the place when I turn the shower on.

  4. This sounds like a product I would add to my Christmas wish list. Probably not something I would buy for myself, but one I’d love to receive as a gift. The concept is great and my feet definitely need a good exfoliation. The slippery aspect kind of deters me, though, but I’d still be willing to try it — especially if it came from “Santa” and I didn’t have to shell out any money myself.

  5. This is a really good idea, but it’s too bad it doesn’t stick on the floor well. Maybe if you just try to make sure it’s really secure before using it. I do like this idea, though, because I often try to clean my feet but don’t feel like I can scrub them enough with just my hands and soap. It would be nice to have something that exfoliates them so thoroughly on all sides. I would be willing to try this and just be careful to not slip and make sure it’s secure on the tub before I start showering, so I don’t fall once the water is going. And for only $15, it’s not a huge risk if you don’t like it. I’m sure you could always sit on the side of the tub and scrub your feet with it, if worse comes to worse.

  6. Thanks for this review and shedding light on how difficult this product can be to use. Commercials for these items always make them out to be such wonderful products that will work as they claim, but most of the time, once you bring them home and try them out for the first time, you quickly realize that it was all hype. I mean, what’s the point of something that’s supposed to easily clean your feet if you need to bend down anyway and risk falling? To me, it’s not worth the investment, and I’m glad I read this review first.

  7. Super soft feet! 🙂

    i work on a store all day and no matter what shoes i wear my feet are always in a mess.
    Easy feet seemed to be a great idea and i was right. Price is great for the benefits!
    After you get passed the brushes tickling your feet you can get a really nice foot scrub including getting rid of dead skin with the stone.
    Treat yourself to some nice foot/skin cream for afterwards and you won’t regret it! 🙂

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