Does Egg Genie Really Work?

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Does the Egg Genie really work?At first glance the Egg Genie looks like it could be useful. Eggs are not only delicious, they’re actually very nutritious too. You can have these as snacks, or you can also include them as ingredients in certain recipes. The versatility of eggs makes it a necessary part of every kitchen, as you can include these in main dishes as well as in side dishes and salads.

Although a sunny side up typically makes the breakfast table, boiling eggs is one of the most popular forms of serving and consuming this type of food.

The Egg Genie is an electric egg cooker that comes in a compact and easy to operate kitchen appliance. With this device, you can easily boil eggs without going through all the trouble of heating up water in a pan and guessing whether the eggs are already cooked or not. This unit is therefore useful for preparing meals, snacks, desserts, and even appetizers.

The Claim
The Egg Genie claims that it can provide you with perfectly cooked eggs all the time. As there are specific settings for your desired type of cooked eggs, you can have the exact type of egg that you want. This unit can cook soft, medium-soft, and hard boiled eggs at the touch of a button without all the guesswork involved in the traditional boiling of eggs. You can even cook 7 pieces of eggs at a time without worrying about them being undercooked or overcooked.

In fact, its heating system even assures you that all the eggs in the device will be cooked evenly.

The Hype
Although boiling eggs can be quite easy, a lot of people find the method of timing the cooking procedure to be too difficult to monitor. This often results in undercooked or overcooked eggs, which can be very disappointing. That’s why having an electric egg cooker can be very convenient since it has a built-in timer to make sure that the eggs are cooked according to your preferences. And that’s why the Egg Genie seems to be a practical cooking appliance to have in the kitchen.

The Cost
The Egg Genie can cost anywhere from $15 to $20, as this will depend on where you purchase the item. If you get it from the As Seen on TV website, you will be charged $19.95 for the unit and $6.95 for the shipping and handling. However, if you purchase it from other online shopping sites like Amazon, you can get it for as low as $15.65 and this price already includes shipping and handling.

The Commitment
The device is easy to use, and as long as you put in the right amount of water, you can be sure that the eggs will be cooked perfectly. You should use the measuring cup to make accurate measurements, and you should also refer to the manual for the exact amount of time required to cook soft, medium-soft, or hard boiled eggs.

Just press the on button and the eggs will start cooking immediately. The Egg Genie will also alert you when the eggs are done by giving off a certain buzzing sound as it automatically turns off the device.

This is a good product because it’s simple and effective, and it gets the job done as claimed. As long as you follow the instructions on how to cook eggs properly, you can’t make a mistake with this device. You can make hard boiled eggs, soft boiled eggs and even poached eggs with this unit. And the unit’s clear top design even allows you to monitor and view the eggs as they cook.

Final Egg Genie Review

This product works! Aside from being very efficient with the cooking procedure, even serving and collecting the cooked eggs is easy. The unit comes with an egg tray for convenience, and it also has measuring cups to make sure that water measurements are always accurate. The base of the unit is also made of stainless steel materials, and this allows even distribution of heat for perfectly cooked eggs.

Our Recommendation
We highly recommend the Egg Genie to egg lovers and to all households in general. It’s not very often that a product works as advertised, and this is one of those products. Aside from its efficiency and usefulness, it is also very affordable, and that makes the device truly practical and economical. For only around $20, this item is well worth the money.

What do you think? Does Egg Genie work or not?

17 Customer Reviews on “Does Egg Genie Really Work?

  1. I have had mine for years. It is one of the original ones. No on off switch just plug and unplug. I was n ever consistent and cooking stove top. With The Egg Genie I never have a fail, no green yokes. It is small and doesn’t take up a lot of space. The stainless plate cleans real easy, just pour a little white vinegar in it and let it soak for a little bit, then wipe clean.

  2. I’ve used mine for quite some time and I love it! The only problem is that I moved and the measuring cup got packed in a box and I think it is lost for good. Help! I need to get the right measurement of water. Can anyone help? Surely you don’t have to use the cup.

  3. i don’t have a stove so I have to go to my neighbour’s to boil eggs… I bought my self one and am going to give it a try!

  4. I have only used this device to poach eggs and I think the instructed measurements for poached eggs is off. Every single time, my poached eggs come out gooey. I have to keep adding more water until it either cooks right or I give up. I even started putting more water in initially now, but it still doesn’t seem to work that great. This is just my review for the poached eggs aspect. I’m not sure how it is for the other uses.

  5. I actually saw an egg cooker being proposed to the Dragon’s den a few years ago. It didn’t work and was ultimately rejected by the dragons. But ever since I saw it I wondered why such a thing didn’t already exist. I mean, I know it’s not difficult to cook an egg, regardless of what kind of egg you like, but it always struck me as a gap in the market. I didn’t know there was a veritable plethora of them available. I will definitley give this a go because I eat a lot of eggs and anything that makes the process quicker and easier is a god send.

  6. The thought of having another appliance sitting around cluttering up my counter space is one of the main reasons I wouldn’t purchase this. First how easy is it to put eggs in a pan of water and boil? You can boil your eggs in just a few minutes, then put your pan away. Why would anyone spend the kind of money that is asked for this product? It probably works good, but I can’t see throwing away good money when everyone has a pan and water.

  7. This seems like it’s worth a shot if you have the room. It’s small so it will fit in most places and it does seem to do what it claims to in terms of making hard boiled eggs. I’m not as convinced that the soft boiled or poached would be as successful, but I can certainly see this appealing to busy people on the go – this is a grab and go breakfast or high protein snack. If you eat a lot of eggs as a part of your diet, this may be worth a shot. However, boiling eggs is really not that difficult as long as you pay attention.

  8. This may indeed work, as your review says it does. I have to wonder, though, if anyone truly needs such a device. Boiling eggs has to be one of the easiest things to do. This Egg Genie just seems like one more thing that needs to be cleaned and takes up valuable kitchen space. Also, I wonder how long it will work for – anyone have experience using one of these things long term? I’ve found some kitchen gadgets (like my garlic crusher) to be indispensable, but this one kind of sounds like a gadget just for the sake of having a gadget, if you know what I mean.

  9. I have never used one of these and am a bit puzzled by the differences in comments. Hmmm… the majority are positive though and the review is very good also. I would probably give this one a whirl.

  10. I have had mine for quite some time and use it often. I absolutely LOVE IT. It cooks eggs perfectly and is so easy to use. I would never boil eggs again. I very Highly recommend the Egg Genie. Thank You

  11. mine seems to only work when theres more than one or two eggs. I have ruined so many eggs trying to figure this out and it wont cook just one egg. I tried the soft setting and it was still raw! the directions were also in every language EXCEPT English!
    glad I bought my eggs on sale with all ive wasted so far. but it still sucks that they were wasted at all.

  12. Really enjoyed your review of the Egg Genie. Your very cute and my husband says you talk like I do, kind of jumping around from one thing to another:) He said it was easy understanding the video. I do wish you would have showed the poached egg item. I saw another video and he had a hard time getting the eggs out.

  13. Whoops! I clicked on the thumbs down because i wanted to see what the 1 thumbs down person had written about this product, and it took it as a new rating! So PLEASE erase the 1 thumbs down for this product – it’s not accurate!! I didn’t mean to rate this product, I just wanted to read what I thought would be the one negative review!! Sorry.

  14. I like it, EZ to use. gotta take eggs out as soon as buzzer goes or get grey, overcooked yokes. Got my Genie at goodwill for 2 bucks.

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