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Does Fabriclear work?FabriClear is a spray that claims to be able to kill bed bugs and dust mites with a non-toxic solution. If you’ve got a bed bug infestation on your hands, you may feel helpless, or overwhelmed by the problem, and be willing to try just about anything. There are many products out there claiming to be able to vanquish these pests, but can this really be the one?

“Don’t let the bed bugs bite” is more than just an old saying, and is more like sage advice. These little bugs will come and get you while you’re asleep and defenseless, and then crawl back into their abode so you never even see them. After you get your first round of bites, you’ll know that they’re there, but you will be hard pressed to figure out a way to deal with the situation. Since they often reside in beds, it makes it really hard to get to sleep knowing that you stand a good chance of getting bitten up again.

The Claim
The makers of Fabriclear say that you can use this wherever bed bugs might hide, like in pillows, couch cushions, bedding including duvet covers, all of your carpeting and rugs around your home, your drapery and curtains, and any furniture that has a cloth covering. Doing a full sweep of the house is very important to make sure that they don’t have a place to be transferred to. Many times bed bugs hitchhike their way into our homes, and then look for ways to jump ship if their living environment becomes toxic to them. They might catch a ride from your bed to your couch so it’s a good idea to spray down any place they could hide.

The Cost
You’re looking at getting two regular sized bottles of FabriClear, plus 2 travel sized bottles all for $36 which includes shipping. This sounds pricey at first glance, but if it does what it says it should eradicate the problem, killing not only the adult bugs that are causing problems now, but also the eggs and larva that would cause problems in the weeks to come. This means that if you apply it to a surface you should be free of them until they manage to find their way back into your home.

The Commitment
If you’ve got a bed bug or dust mite infestation, there are only so many things you can do to get rid of them. Often times it doesn’t matter how clean you get things, because they can survive it and keep thriving unless you get the temperature up high enough. You might also want to consider preventing a recurrence by getting a bed bug monitor like BuggyBeds. These lure and trap bed bugs so that you can be alerted before a full infestation occurs. They can be put around the bed, and even in your purse and luggage so you’ll know when you’re transferring them.

If you’ve gotten bed bug bites you’ll be itching to try FabriClear. They are annoying because they seem to last for weeks and can even leave behind scars. Perhaps the worst part is knowing that they’re there but not being able to see them, and trying to go to sleep when you know that they’re going to come out and get you while you’re unconscious. This makes it a pretty high priority for most people, and if you search for how to get rid of them you’ll see a lot of different chemicals as well as natural home remedies to try.

The unfortunate thing is that there’s not really a widely accepted way to get rid of them for good, and some hotels that get popped for having bed bugs have to shut down for weeks to make sure that they’ve gotten rid of them all, and have to be inspected before they can get the seal of approval to reopen. This shows just how persistent they are, and how hard it is to kill something so small and that hides most of the time.

Final FabriClear Review

FabriClear is getting a Try rating from us. There isn’t enough data to give it our Thumbs Up or Solid Try rating, and this is going to be one of those products that is either a hit or a miss. If you or your pets are getting bit up by bed bugs, it’s definitely worth a try, because there’s not really a good alternative out there for how to get rid of them. They’re one of the hardest pests to get rid of because they only come out at night and then burrow deep into cracks and mattresses so you can’t see them.

Our Recommendation
If you’ve got a documented case of bed bugs, this could be the solution for you, or you might want to consider trying it out if you’re an allergy sufferer that is sensitive to dust mites (most are). A one-time payment of $36 gets you a good supply of it, and allows you to treat a pretty big area, such as a king size mattress and bedding, as well as miscellaneous items around the home. If it works it’s a cheap solution to a persistent problem, and if it doesn’t work the way you’d hoped it’s got a money back guarantee so you could get $20 of it back.

Official Website: FabriClear

UPDATE: We have been getting great feedback from our readers who have used food grade Diatomaceous Earth to get rid of bed bugs. Combined with matress encasement it is an extremely effective way to eliminate bed bugs.

Please also see our tips for 11 ways to get rid of bed bugs.

What do you think? Does FabriClear work or not?

346 Customer Reviews on “Does FabriClear Really Work?

  1. I have used fabriclear and it is awesome we encased the mattress after spraying them and with in about 4 days later was bug free

  2. Compared to the Rest Easy spray, Fabriclear can make bed bugs seem non existent. It is also non toxic, I use less of it each time and less often, and it has a very faint but pleasant smell. Until you get rid of the bugs for good, I can’t think of a better way to live with them for the interim. The price has gone up on it recently, but I got a great price on it from walmart with ship-to-store.

  3. Please buy an ozone generator off amazon for $50-$60 and run it for several hours while no one is home. Bag nothing! Afterwards air the place out for awhile and when you return the nightmare will be over I prmouse you!!

  4. Hi, I can say it does work. I’ve had a few experiences that was
    Not so good in places I’ve moved to. And I’m one of those
    People who panic horrible . But I sprayed every hole corner up the walls across the ceiling on the walls & doors turning thing inside out upsides down. no exterminator could spray that good.
    I made sure even to take the bed apart and all the furniture.

    Watching closely with a roll of tape to stick and kill it if I see 1.
    I have found that it does the job. Someone brought them in on
    My sister we took and sprayed everything. She was to have a
    Exterminator to come a couple days later. We didn’t say nothing.
    His reply was someone sprayed there was a lot of dead bugs.

    One should also try the traps , I even sprayed it on my plants.
    It will sure kill the tree aphids bugs 😄😄 hope this helps.

  5. We paid $1700.00 for heat remediation followed all instructions above and beyond. Got rid of couch and 2 beds took everything possible item that could be washed multiple times to laundry mat washing drying in hottest hot spending around $500. on that and special detergents and around 250. on Bed Bug Bully bought the best mattress box spring and pillow encasements NONE of this had erradicated them. Has helped some, but not gotten rid of them completely. I’m at my wits end and haven’t slept much since the middle of July.

  6. my name is patricia irving i order fabriclear today i am cancelling my order beacuse i only wanted one bottel and no more and i was charge over$50.00 so i want to cancelled

  7. I ordered fabriclear on 4/22/16 and got it on 4/28/16. I spayed it all over my house, I haven’t been able to sleep in my bed for 3 weeks do to bed bugs. Once sprayed my bed they started to die fast. Last night was the 1st night i was able to sleep in my bed without having to deal with bed bugs. It works great

  8. So just go grab some Tea Tree oil from my local Rite Aid, mix it with water and spray away? Please advise. I am not all the way infested but I won;’t stop them now.

  9. I have a wooden frame, so you set it on fire? I believe that I may have some in my frame somewhere as well so pointers would be nice. Thank you.

  10. I had bedbugs once and I used this, along with other methods. While it doesn’t work alone, it will work with the heat method and cover method. I sprayed everything in my house after heating them or covering them, within a few weeks the population decreased coniserably. After a month or two I had no more issues with the little “suckers”, it even worked on a black widow I found on my back deck. I like what this does even if it means follow up treatment and when added to other treatments it works fine for what it is… a repellant.

  11. IT WORKS! I recommend FabriClear to anyone and everyone who has a bedbug issue. I even will stop someone I see in the pest control aisle at the store and tell them to get this product. THIS IS THE BEST CHANCE TO GET RID OF BEDBUGS AND IT’S AFFORDABLE!

  12. I would do a heat process, but live in a small 2 bedroom plus den apartment. i don’t have the room or the energy (74 yrs old) to bag everything. Where would I put it, the den would fill the living room, where would the other rooms go?


  14. Can be wise to comprehend how these insects’ life cycle is for example. Lice suck blood by reviewing the host (human) and it leave an irritating feeling during its meal time. The increased temperatures kill lice instantly. Lice Removal, 100 Church Street Decatur, GA 30031 (770)-645-4548

  15. My heart goes out You are not alone. The cure gor AIDS will be found before bed bugs or svabies Cause bed bugs and skin mites just arent sexy (meaning high profile) Careful Diatomacious Earth in eyes painful

  16. I don’t know how well it works on bedbugs but my dogs got a flea infestation and they sleep on the foot of my bed. Frontline on the dogs didn’t seem to be working by itself but suplimented with Fabriclear on the bed, rugs, and cracks and the fleas died off quickly. Recently some ants came in with a plant and Fabriclear sprayed around the pot fixed that problem, too.

  17. I bought 4 boxes of this crap it doesn’t work every time I used it they come back worse than before so I’ve spent a total of 87.57 if anything I want my money back I’ll get a exterminator they can do a better job my whole family has been eaten up by these little monsters. and I bought this in hopes that it would work boy oh boy I was wrong and I’ll say it again I want my money back

  18. Hi! I’ve purchased reasonable priced plastic ones from Bed Bath and Beyond. Queen sized plastic for about $15.

  19. warning !!!! don’t use any , even food grade Diatomaceous Earth to get rid of bugs on anything that you, a child or pet has a chance of getting it breathed in to lungs !!!!!!!! yes it does work in cutting and drying up exoskeleton, larva and eggs. it also can coat lungs and scars delicate tissue. its fine for gardening plants(your suppose to wear a mask when applying) .food grade isn’t suppose to be eaten in powder form and it isn’t as damaging on intestines because they are thicker and intestinal parasites get rotorutered out.
    use borax good old twenty mule team in the laundry soap isle instead of Diatomaceous Earth. dioctyl sodium also dissolves exoskeleton and eggs. sounds scary but its an active ingredient in most laxative’s for human consumption and is also in one dog/cat shampoo (de flea by natural chemistry- holds patent company use to be called California special) you can mist the shampoo onto fabric surfaces its very watery. for over 20 yrs I have used the combo as a monthly maintenance in buggy Florida. every place I lived it permanently got rid of fleas, silverfish, roaches and any type of mites while my neighbors battled bugs. some ticks have thicker exoskeleton but it will kill the young being born or dry egg sacks up. I found this site while trying to find ingredient list for fabriclear. de flea shampoo is hard to find I had to get ace hardware / fleet and farm > special order it for me when I moved to Minnesota.

  20. I am allergic to dust mite and parasites. I have used many products but this one has worked the best so far. After spraying my bed entirely, bed spread, sheets and even the floor area and wall area, I was able to get a good night’s sleep. I do not have bedbugs, thankfully, but the parasite problem is worse. This product did help, but I used almost the entire large size to do it. I am going to get more. Expensive but worth the relief.

  21. yes Cedarcide provide Organic pest control product. Cedarcide Best Yet Spray is good for get rid of Bed bugs. Cedarcide is really work..

  22. Heat treatment is great to get an advantage over an infestation, but does not eliminate an infestation. I found live bugs and eggs right after completion of the treatment. I have also been bitten every night. I have no furniture. My child has no toys. Anything made of cloth is in sealed plastic bags. Every inch has been cleaned, even with a toothbrush. I constantly spray with full strength alcohol. I vacume everyday and reapply baking soda. There is no clutter. The home has been stripped down to almost empty. I still have bedbugs.Along with my neighbors. My granddaughter and I moved into an adorable, newly remodeled townhouse for a new start after my son died from suicide. Unknowing the bedbug infestation was already there. Six months later to the present we have lost everything, including my job to bedbugs. I am now in the process of spreading DE and pray that it works. I have worked nonstop for two months trying to save our home. Heat treatment does not eliminate an infestation, but has given me an advantage in working on elimination. Only if I don’t give in to exhaustion. God bless and good luck.

  23. that powder contains a type of shellfish compound that will slowly kill you my landlord used it in my dwelling and alot of us got sick so i took it the powder to a lab and had it tested as i have pets and children they said vacuum it all up and never use it again. once my post is approved read it as that is what i have been doing for the past 3 years now and 90 to 95 percent of them are gone and i will continue to fight them as i have for the past 4 years

  24. I have used fabriclear many times. i will say this fabriclear is good for those that have pets and children all other chemicals that are used will harm pets and humans alike. fabriclear and bed defense sprays are the 2 best ones i use to rid bedbug infestations the only issue i have with these 2 products is that they do not offer 1 to 5 gallons of their products. heating your home dwelling does not get rid of them anymore. as the bedbugs are originally from the African continent where the heat is at a constant and most of the chemicals that are used by professionals the bedbugs are getting immune to i highly recommend using fabriclear and or bed defense sprays. One more thing is try freezing your dwelling or get a thermal bomb used by professionals for your dwelling they use computers and thermal waves to destroy bedbugs. No Heat or harsh chemicals. All Natural is best way

  25. I have used Fabriclear and other “safe” bed bug sprays to little avail. I don’t have a huge problem but any bug is a problem. We have tried DE, Alcohol and the other sprays. I have spoken to a professional and he warns about the sprays having ingredients that are not regulated and may be make in China, so that concerns me. Cannot afford a pro to come out and chemically remove them or heat them out. I have 5 dogs, 5 cats, a bird and some fish. No way to have them all out of the house for such a long period of time. Need to find something. Have bagged the mattresses, no carpeting but lots of wood items (dressers, tables, casements…etc.) I just need to find something that will work. They wake me up usually around 1:30-2:00am and once I am awakened by them, cannot go to sleep knowing “vampire” bugs are slithering, crawling and hanging around ready to bite me!

  26. I have use 4 bottles of fabriclear so far and still have bedbugs. Just use 2more today 5/29/14 hope this does it this timme the only bad thing is the smell,it is very strong.had to open windows all day long to gey it out .

  27. Allan, like you.. after reading all the above.. I think you are being polite, its clear they are a scam!

  28. Google …Julesnoise… and relax. He’s got a system that he shares for free and will stop bites immediately while the critters are gradually eliminated.

  29. This Fabriclear can be bought at walmart as seen on tv section so need to wait so long to get it or paying shipping cost. ,, But didnt work for me at all; the only thing I found that works is FoodGrade DE And Rubbing Alcohol .And DE food grade is 100% safe to use around pets and children. DE kills BBs period . I used a turkey baster to dust all cracks and places BBs hide dressers ect and within a week it killed 98% of them found dead ones everywhere I’d dusted ;I slept with the light on when I slept at at all at first as they don’t bite you when the light is on,Couldnt stand the tought of being bit in my sleep or bugs being on me .Read other post here and follow what they say wash everything in very hot water then dry all your closth .and bedding curtain ect on the highest heat ,Its been a month now and I havent seen any BBs but i keep DE on the floor , between mattress and box springs and use cans with DE in them to place under the legs of bed frame .Vacume every other day , And rubbing alchol kills them on contact when you can see them even the eggs IF you see specks spray them well ! I also bought some dryer sheets placed those under the beds and under furnture between couch custons and the sides of chairs and it works as well to keep BBs out of them ! IMPORTANT USE FOOD GRAGE DE ONLY . I bought 20 lbs on Ebay for only 28 dollar’s free shipping and it last a long time . I Hope this helps others I couldn’t afford to toss out my beds and furnture so I did research and DE FOOD GRADE is 100% effetive on killing them out .. Its not ashame to have them millions of us do I dont even know how they got in my house but I do know what gets rid of them for good …I live in a small town in Tn no store or co-op sells DE here so I went to Ebay to buy it .

  30. I been using fabriclear for a couple months, and have seen a dramatic decrease in bed bug population. I have caught the little buggers on my walls, and as soon as I sprayed them, they began to die off. I love this stuff and would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone!

  31. Yes it does work but you have to keep getting it and keep on top of things. I have had it bad for a while and tried fabriclear and they are getting less noticeable. I spray every 3 to 4 days I just wish I can find something that works immediately because they are starting to drive me absolutely bananas I am also moving soon and DO NOT want to take them with me. Fabriclear works but it is a long process

  32. To rid yourself of bedbugs (and many other pests) get Mystic Home Pest Control formula 200. While I would love the idea of something non-toxic, all’s fair in love and war! It really works AND to avoid future pests I have made it a part of my Spring and Fall cleaning checklist.

  33. I purchased FabriClear for one of my rental properties and it does not kill the eggs, and you have to spray each bug directly several times before it even dies, does not support their advertising.

    They also do not stand by their money back guarantee.

  34. crystal…”isopropyl” is rubbing alcohol and it does kill bedbugs on contact even the weak 70% stuff works. rubbing alcohol can kill pretty much anything. if you put it in a squirt bottle with a little lavender oil its a great bed bug repellant they hate lavender.

  35. My bugs are starting to return already this year. I bought the fabric clear, it does kill on contact but just don’t know how bad the bugs are to say if it will get rid of them. I have found them crawling on my curtains and in my cats bed. Spraying everywhere this year but it does kill them.

  36. You can buy it at drugstores and Walmart that sales as seen on tv products without paying shipping cost.

  37. We have had these bedbugs for so long. We have lost furniture such as chairs and a couch a bunk bed and an entertainment stand because we just couldn’t get rid of them. An exterminator quoted over $2000. We decided to keep using what we were using which made me throw up from the smell. We bought Fabriclear about a month and half ago and thank god it seems like we have finally gotten rid of them. I used to have to spray three times a week that meant washing everything and putting it thru the dryer every time. The last time that we sprayed I only found 3 bugs. Today I didn’t find any but still sprayed. Thank god they made this. But I did not wait for them to ship it to me. I found it in the drugstore and at Walmart.

  38. Nothing other then heat, washing and drying everything you own, and tons of pesticide then just cross your fingers and hope your neighbors don’t get um

  39. exterminators are just making a killing on what they do yet keep charging you, the most they gaurentee is 30 days, yet these bugs can stay dormant for 9-12 n0nths

  40. here is something that works, these bugs thrive on blood, but they also need water, I found this ot by mistake, I set a can of water out for my cats, over night I found the bugs in it

  41. I have had my place sprayed 4 x by terminex yet I still an occassional bug, so I guess they are just a scam

  42. shelly I hate to tell you this but bugs and insects have been around before us, we will never kill them as we do animals, they adapt to our poisons, and still thrive,

  43. it contains the ones that are on that item, bedbugs do not just live on the bed(hence the name) also in carpet or anywhere, in vents, etc.

  44. roaches eat bedbugs,so heres a choice, bedbugs carry no disease, but roaches do, the simple solution is geekos that eat both

  45. This product is a farce, it has no residual effects, just contact, just buy alcohol and a spray bottle, does the same thing, remember, kills on contact, doesnt prevent reinfestation or kill the eggs, even now those critters have become immune to pesticides that exterminaters use.

  46. Wash all bedding, cloths and curtains in very hot water and dry on high heat…bag everything up.Steam couches and mattresses and various areas around the house and on furniture. I used a bed bug fogger ( which alone did not work) with a raid fumigator in each room. Cover mattress with a bed bug cover. When making beds bedding should not touch floors etc…this help to reduce the bed bug issue. I then used the hot shot fogger and raid fumigator every month or two to keep them away. When I stopped buying the fogger/fumigator they returned. I also used daicatomous earth a natural product (you can eat it…blah) the daicatomous earth kills bed bugs by dehydration. I also used the fabric are as a precaution. It sounds like a Lot but only in the beginning….and I am glad to be itch, bite and scar free.

  47. Fabriclear doesent work.brought a whole bottle sprayed and it didn’t do a thing try getting cleaning clean cleaners really slow around the fabric well really slow around the corners and other areas where bed bugs hide

  48. For those of you that have ordered Fabriclear and not received it, check your pharmacies. I work for a large chain and we have an as seen on tv section in the store and we sell it. I saw it come in and thought I would try it. So far I have only sprayed the entire room ONCE. I have slept like a log the last 2 nights!!! I didn’t wake up scratching like I usually do. I will caution you though, while the scent is pleasent, it is STRONG!!!! I had to turn a fan on and open the window just to clear the fumes out. I read the other person’s response to Fabriclear about the bugs just getting stunned…… So far I haven’t seen any bug surface since I sprayed but it doesn’t mean they are gone. I check every morning. I will vacuum and spray again in a week and let you all know how it is going.

  49. I think you mean 120 degrees F. I live in West Texas, and 113 in the middle of the summer is pretty average (what we native Texans call- A bit warm out), and bugs galore out here thrive just fine in 113-115 degree heat, over 120 degrees is what kills them. AND it has to be over 120 for over an hour to kill adults *and* their eggs. That’s just bed bugs, not “every” bug at 120 degrees will die…there are insects that are just down right peachy in flaming depths of hell type weather. Scorpions for instance love West Texas attics….115 outside in West Texas will give you an attic heat of between 120-125 degrees if you’re not properly ventilated and those scorpions are right at home.

  50. I don’t believe rubbing alcohol kills anything. I think people are getting confused with rubbing alcohol and DENATURED ALCOHOL (Isopropyl alcohol), there is a difference, denatured alcohol is so strong and it does kill bed bugs but the smell. You have to be very careful and no one should be around or in the area that your spraying if you use alcohol and you would need to give a few hours for the smell to go away. I know a few people that did this with bedbug scares and said it works, very cheap but STINKS.

  51. I purchased a mass amount of bed bug covers for box spring and they are under $50 a piece. I purchased only the box spring for both mattress and box spring because they looked the same. And are actually working quite nicely. Hope this helps.

  52. i got mine from target. they are made by allerease. they work very well. they are also

  53. I discovered that I had bb after my stepson moved out he brought them here. The 3 months that he was living here we were not getting bit but I believe he was and didnt know it because everybody dont have a reaction to their bites. About two weeks after he moved I woke up at 7 in the morning with a terrible itch on my back that just wouldnt stop so I got out thr bed and looked in the mirror and there they were 4 welp like bumps I was pissed cause I knew they were from bed bugs. So I guess when their food supply left which was my son in law the searched and found me and my husband to feed on the only thing about that is they seem to not be feeding off of him (or he just not having a reaction to their bites). We also have a 3 year old baby girl that isnt getting bitten (or no reaction) its just me I’M THEIR FREAKIN MEAL!!!!! I have cleaned this house from top to bottom vacumed and also used raid bed bug spay (and I do this daily). I can not afford to toss out my furniture or pay a rediculous high ticket for an exterminator. I have read all of these comments and I am willing to try some of thesd tips. I just dont want to use a bunch of chemicals because of my lil girl so im trying to find the safest way to serve these bugs their eviction papers…. I am loosing so much sleep it is not even funny I am going days without sleeping its almost 8a.m and im up researching ways to rid my home of theses bugs and I just bought my house ten months so I dont want to move (sigh) I need help. Is diatomaceous earth safe to put down with a toddler living in the home? I feel there isnt much I can do because I dont want to harm my child trying to get rid of these bugs. I am stressed beyond belief having to deal with this while preparing for my wedding thats in 3 months….. Please help me im open to any remedy that wont harm my kids……

  54. Please do not waste your money or time on buying “Fabriclear”. It is so unfortunate this ad takes advantage of people and selling a product that will ultimately end up costing them more money to eradicate a bed bug infestation. This product will only spread the bed bugs and their eggs to other locations within the same area. Fabriclear sets a complete false sense of security that you are bed bug free. I assure you, using this product will only delay what needs to be done to be bed bug free.

  55. My in-laws in France had bed bugs in the separate-entrance apartment (b&b in their house). It was really a plague. They couldn’t use their B&B. They tried various things to get rid of them. I ordered Fabriclear (having seen the ads on TV for it) for them and shipped it to France. It has worked for them! No more signs of any. I sent it there about Oct. 1, 2012. No signs of any since. They are happy! We are going back in May and they asked me to bring them some more. I had looked online for people saying it worked or not before I bought it and it seemed like a good bet based on what I found out.

  56. No one has mentioned what you should do when traveling. Check your room carefully. Pull mattress up, look in drawers, behind mirrors and pictures etc. never place your bags on the floor, hang clothes in the closet. When arriving home, unpack in the garage and put all clothes, shoes etc. in the dryer on high, or wash. Use a portable stean cleaner to clean your bags. Traveling and even vacationing isn’t fun anymore. This became a serious problem due to DDT prohibition. Tarping and high temp heating of the entire house is the only solution besides selling your house. Very expensive but at least you can sleep again without worry.

  57. I just wanted to say after reading everyones comments ive noticed that what treatment or product may work for one person doesnt work for another and makes things a little confusing lol i saw the commercial for this product and am intetested though it took a long time for some to get and didnt work for some ive also read that it has worked for some my husband and i use 20 mule borax and it works but its a hard and time.consuming treatment in a way i wish they would bring back ddt just to get rid of these pest it would help the most this outbreak is insane

  58. JayDee we sleep with a fan on an i still get eaten up i just have to find somethging thats going to get rid of these lil monsters they eat on me an bite my dogs my Boyfriend get a bite every now an then but not much i am eat up just like the picks at the top of this add an they come from a motel that we stayed in for a lil bit.

  59. As I’ve suggested to another responder here, there is a product called BestYet, by Cedarcide Industries, that will work. It is based on cedar oil and kills not just bedbugs but mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, head lice, ants and more.
    Go to their website: and check out their products and testimonials. As I said, it also works on mosquitoes (can use it on you and your kids), fleas and ticks (great for pets), and anywhere around the house. It is certified organic and EPA exempt from registration.
    I’ve used it to eradicate fleas from our home. And I know it will work for you too!

  60. There IS something safe and effective that will kill bedbugs. It’s called BestYet and sold by Cecarcide Industries. It uses cedar oil (red Texas cedar) and will kill bedbugs, mites, fleas, ticks, ants, mosquitoes, head lice, scabies, and more. “Best yet” it is ALL natural and both certified organic and EPA exempt from registration.
    Go to their web site at:
    You can use it for you, for your kids, and for your pets. It really works!

  61. Right! That’s what I want to know too! I’ve been scrolling through these reviews and no one has said if they have use this Fabri Clear or if it works. I also see this product only got a 2 star rating at Amazon which isn’t very good. One person there said it worked but wasn’t sure if it was a legit review so I decided to look some more for more reviews on this product. I’m looking for something for dustmites not bed bugs. Goodness. So many people on here commenting about bed bugs and I feel bad for them. I hope I NEVER get infested with those! I did have a flea problem a cpl years ago and that was a horrible experience that I ended up calling an exterminator.

  62. I posted this above, and I am not trying to spam this site or anything, but this, combined with DE and steam, would seem to be the best method. Using foggers will just make them worse. I would recommend googling the Australian government’s guide to bed bugs, reading that to learn more about them and how to get rid of them, and combining their suggestions with this method. If the link doesn’t post for whatever reason, google Step by Step Co2 Bedbug Trap.

  63. The Co2 Bedbug trap method seems to be the best method I have seen. I think if you combined this with steam and DE you would have it licked. I just bought the stuff to make the traps, but I know for a fact that steam works, especially if you use a steamer that doesn’t have forceful steam. DE works, too. Another good resource to learn about bedbugs is the bed bug guide from the Australian government. You can google that, and if my link doesn’t work here, google Step by Step Co2 Bedbug Trap. There is a lot of good info on that same site. Good luck!

  64. where do you get this dust? home depot,lowes, where–also everybody talking about 130 degrees, can you freeze them

  65. Be careful using alcohol followed by heat. Remember alcohol is highly flamable.

    No smoking while its wet!!

  66. The ingredients in fabriclear are repellents. Yes, if you spray it right on a bedbug it will kill it . So will soapy water. This stuff can actually make your problem worse by driving them out of hiding places and running them all over the house. Pretty much eliminates the possibility of having a professional Bed Bug treatment work since it repels them from the cracks and crevices where the professional products are normally placed, so the Bed Bugs can’t come in contact with them and actually die off. It would help keep them off the mattress or where you sleep, but it won’t even begin to eliminate a moderate to heavy Bed Bug infestation. Sorry folks, it just ain’t that easy.

    It is only a matter of time before this product will go the way of Rest Easy and Cedarcide. These false claims have cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars. Google Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray and Cedarcide to see what I mean.

    You can’t repell Bed Bugs to death.

    Check this out.

    Cedar, Cinnamon, Lemon Grass, Peppermint, and Clove Oil? There’s No Proof They Will Eradicate Bed Bugs, Agency Says

    The Federal Trade Commission filed deceptive advertising charges against two marketers of remedies for bed bug infestations, who allegedly failed to back up overhyped claims that they could prevent and eliminate infestations using natural ingredients, such as cinnamon and cedar oil. One marketer also allegedly made misleading claims that its products were effective against head lice.

    In one of the two cases, RMB Group, LLC and its principals have agreed to settle the charges relating to their “Rest Easy” bed bug products. In the case against Cedarcide

    Industries, Inc. and others, challenging their marketing of “Best Yet!” bed bug and head lice treatments, the defendants have not settled, and the FTC is beginning litigation against them.

    Bed bugs have been a growing public health pest in recent years, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Consumers plagued with bed bugs experience considerable stress, discomfort, and expense in attempting to rid themselves of these pests, and many are unaware of the complex measures needed to prevent and control them, according to the EPA.

    Consumers concerned about bed bugs also should see the FTC publication, “Good Night, Sleep Tight, and Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite . . . Your Wallet,” which urges caution about advertisements that offer quick solutions, and provides advice to consumers for treating bed bug infestations.

    Also, as children head back to school this fall, the FTC urges parents to carefully research products that claim to treat head lice infestations.

    In both cases, the FTC charged the marketing companies – as well as the individuals behind them – with deceptive advertising for claiming that their products can stop and prevent bed bug infestations. The Cedarcide defendants also are charged with making deceptive claims that their product can stop and prevent head lice infestations, and that the federal government endorses and is affiliated with their product.

    The Cedarcide Industries, Inc. defendants market BEST Yet!, a line of cedar-oil-based liquid products they claim will treat and prevent bed bug and head lice infestations. The defendants sell the product to consumers nationwide. They also sell it to hotels and other commercial establishments for treating bed bugs, and to school districts for treating head lice. Consumers can buy the product online, by phone, at the Cedarcide website , and at The cost of the products ranges from $29.95 for the quart-sized spray bottle to $3,394.95 for a hotel-motel bed bug eradication kit.

    One radio advertisement for the product stated:

    “In light of the recent bed bug media frenzy that has all of us nervous, you need to
    know that bed bug prevention and eradication relief are available. So let’s not all freak out. All you need is Best Yet from . . . Best Yet was developed at the request of the USDA for our military, as a solution for killing sand fleas. But guess what, it’s equally deadly to bed bugs, larvae and eggs.”

    The FTC complaint charges that the Cedarcide defendants make:
    unsupported claims that Best Yet!is effective at stopping and preventing bed bug infestations and that it is more effective than synthetic pesticides at doing so;
    false claims that scientific studies prove Best Yet!is effective at stopping and preventing bed bug infestations, and that it is more effective than synthetic pesticides at doing so;
    a false claim that the Environmental Protection Agency has warned consumers to avoid all synthetic pesticides for treating bed bug infestations;
    unsupported claims that Best Yet!is effective in stopping and preventing head lice infestations, killing head lice eggs, dissolving the glue that binds head lice eggs (known as nits) to hair, and killing head lice and their eggs in a single treatment; and
    false claims that scientific studies prove Best Yet! is effective in stopping and preventing head lice infestations.
    false claims that Best Yet!was invented for the U.S. Army at the request of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and that the USDA has acknowledged the product as the number one choice of bio-based pesticides.

    The Cedarcide complaint names Dave Glassel and several companies he controls: Springtech 77376, LLC; Cedarcide Industries, Inc.; Chemical Free Solutions, LLC; and Cedar Oil Technologies Corp.

    RMB Group, LLC marketed Rest Easy, a liquid solution containing cinnamon, lemongrass, peppermint, and clove oils. The company sold it to retail chains Bed Bath & Beyond, Walgreens, and Big Lots, which in turn sold it to consumers primarily for use when staying in hotel rooms. The product was sold in a 16-ounce spray bottle, which cost $6.99 to $9.99, and a 2-ounce twin pack, which retailed for $5.99 to $7.77. It also was sold in a gallon jug for approximately $50.

    A video ad appearing on a company-sponsored website stated:

    “Did you Know … Bed bugs can survive up to 10 months without feeding. They can lay between 5 and 12 eggs per day … per bug! Why take a chance on being their next meal when you travel? Or having your business shut down because somebody unwittingly brought them in? Rest Easy … is a real GREEN All-Natural, Non-Pesticide, designed as a preventative for just these potential problems. Rest Easy And rest assured, bed bugs no more!”

    The FTC complaint charges that the RMB Group defendants make unsupported claims that Rest Easy kills and repels bed bugs, and that a consumer can create a barrier against them by spraying the product around a bed.

    Under the settlement, the defendants are barred from:
    representing that Rest Easy or any other pesticide kills or repels bed bugs or creates a barrier against them, and
    making any claims about the performance of such a product,

    unless the representations are true and backed by competent and reliable scientific evidence.

    The settlement imposes a $264,976 judgment against the Stuart, Florida-based RMB Group, LLC, and its owners, Howard and Bruce Brenner. The judgment is suspended because of the defendants’ inability to pay.

    The Commission vote authorizing the staff to file the complaint against the RMB Group LLC defendants and approving the proposed consent decree was 4-1, with Commissioner J. Thomas Rosch voting no. The Commission vote authorizing the staff to file the complaint against the Cedarcide defendants was 5-0. The FTC filed both complaints and the proposed settlement order for the RMB defendants in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California on September 5, 2012. The proposed settlement order is subject to court approval.

    NOTE: The Commission files a complaint when it has “reason to believe” that the law has been or is being violated and it appears to the Commission that a proceeding is in the public interest. The complaint is not a finding or ruling that the defendant has actually violated the law. The stipulated order is for settlement purposes only and does not constitute an admission by the defendant that the law has been violated. Stipulated orders have the force of law when approved and signed by the District Court judge.

    The Federal Trade Commission works for consumers to prevent fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair business practices and to provide information to help spot, stop, and avoid them. To file a complaint in English or Spanish, visit the FTC’s online Complaint Assistant or call 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357). The FTC enters complaints into Consumer Sentinel, a secure, online database available to more than 2,000 civil and criminal law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and abroad. The FTC’s website provides free information on a variety of consumer topics. Like the FTC on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to press releases for the latest FTC news and resources.
    MEDIA CONTACT: Betsy Lordan
    Office of Public Affairs
    202-326-3707 STAFF CONTACT: Kerry O’Brien and Linda K. Badger
    FTC Western Region, San Francisco

  67. I posted this on someone else’s post, but wanted to share it with you as well. I know a family that had bedbugs they contracted from a hotel they think. They actually bred and got pretty bad, even after having exterminators treat the house on 3 occasions, so the wife started doing her own experiments to find what killed them. She would find them and put them in little containers with different things to see what killed them, and the 91% alcohol is what she found killed them quickest and most effectively. She put it in spray bottles and sprayed the floors, mattresses, furniture, closets, curtains, etc, and sprayed all surfaces for 3 straight days. They would leave the house for a couple of hours because the smell could be overwhelming but within 2 weeks she didn’t see anymore bedbugs and nobody was getting bite. She still does the treatment about once a month just to be on the safe side because they can live for up to a year she said without feeding. She appears to be bedbug free for over 10 months now and swears by the alcohol. If you try it, I hope it works! She thought she was going to lose her mind because they had a really nice house and felt it was being taken over by these things. She said it is nice to finally have her house back and not be afraid to ask anyone over because she was afraid they might be seen by someone. GOOD LUCK!!!

  68. I know a family that had bedbugs they contracted from a hotel they think. They actually bred and got pretty bad, even after having exterminators treat the house on 3 occasions, so the wife started doing her own experiments to find what killed them. She would find them and put them in little containers with different things to see what killed them, and the 91% alcohol is what she found killed them quickest and most effectively. She put it in spray bottles and sprayed the floors, mattresses, furniture, closets, curtains, etc, and sprayed all surfaces for 3 straight days. They would leave the house for a couple of hours because the smell could be overwhelming but within 2 weeks she didn’t see anymore bedbugs and nobody was getting bite. She still does the treatment about once a month just to be on the safe side because they can live for up to a year she said without feeding. She appears to be bedbug free for over 10 months now and swears by the alcohol.

  69. Heat treatment works but don’t believe that it’s perminant… You got bed bugs some how you can get them again…. Heat treatment is not a preventative measure.

  70. 91% Rubbing Alcohol doesn’t kill mites! Tea Tree oil, Neem oil doesn’t kill mites so i’m sure they won’t kill bed bugs. Rubbing Alcohol slows them down and gives a little time to relax that’s all. I spray myself with rubbing alcohol but it never kills the mites. The second I take a bath they are back!

  71. Get rid of bed bugs for cheap, go to your local walgreens or rite aid and buy rubbing alcohol .90%. Spray that on the bed bugs and it will kill them, Then iron over where you sprayed the alchol after it drys.

    Worked at my mothers house and on a small infestation at my sisters house.

  72. Not only heat kills the bugs. Cold temp. is also effective to kill the pests. For those of you living incooler climes, a simple yet effective solution would be to expose your rooms to outside temps. Say, during the hours you are away from home, work, evenings out etc. Try it before spending extensively on unproved remedies.

  73. It does take forever to ship, almost 2 months before i recieved it after ordering. And be aware that you have to pay shipping for each individual bottle even if they all ship together. I had a bed bug infestation for a little over 2 years and tried everything. I started using fabriclear generously on everything every two weeks and i havent had any problems since. I ordered a case just to be sure i wouldnt run out. I havent treated my house in over 2 months and still no signs of bed bugs. So yes, this stuff does in fact work. I have a 3 bdrm 2 bath house with 3 small children and i would highly recommend using this product.

  74. feel the same way about FabriClear, because…Geraniol
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Geraniol[1] (“I feel that ‘FabriClear’ may slow them down, but not exterminate them along with the other ingredients that’s included, is listed below.”)
    Geraniol is a monoterpenoid and an alcohol. It is the primary part of rose oil, palmarosa oil, and citronella oil (Java type). It also occurs in small quantities in geranium, lemon, and many other essential oils. It appears as a clear to pale-yellow oil that is insoluble in water, but soluble in most common organic solvents. It has a rose-like scent and is commonly used in perfumes. It is used in flavors such as peach, raspberry, grapefruit, red apple, plum, lime, orange, lemon, watermelon, pineapple, and blueberry.

    Net Contents:
    16 FL. OZ. / 474 mL
    Geraniol …………………………………. 1.00%
    Peppermint Oil…………………………….. 0.02%
    SoybeanOil ……………………………….. 0.02%
    Citric Acid ………………………………. 0.01%
    Inert Ingredients*…………………………. 98.95%
    Total ……………………………………. 100.00%
    *Water, Polyglyceryl Oleate, Glyceryl dicaprylate

  75. I have bedbugs and I am so baffled on what to do i ordered fabriclear about two kws ago haven’t received it yet. They are very visual on my living room couches n chairs they are everywhere. Would it be a good idea to just throw my furniture out?

  76. So my niece’s mom was working 3rd shift and she began staying with me at night but it wasn’t until we found bed bugs in my oldest daughter room and my niece states ” u have bed bugs too… we have them bad” that I realized their apt was infested and she had shared the critters with us. Hearing bad things about bed bugs, I immediately threw her year old bedroom suite out… mattress, box spring and all. Then called a professional exterminator. The exterminator checked the home, said he had also found a couple of bugs in my middle child room on her mattress (I threw that nearly new bed out too) said I didn’t have an infestation, he “sprayed” and vacuumed and informed us to wash all linen in hot water and to run all clothing in dryer for 80 min cycle. I washed everything in the house with hot water, 80 min dry cycles, threw away all pillows and teddy bears that had been on beds. This was this past August 2012. I thought everything was fine. No way! Around Oct I notice bites on my 3 yr old’s back who likes to sleepwith me and next day I find one crawling across my bed. This time I go to hardware store and got a jug of Harr Bed Bug Killer spray and dust powder that the salesman recommended. I sprayed the house, put powder in crevices, steam cleaned mattress, removed cob web from box spring and sprayed under and set my mattress outside a few days in heat. I invested hundreds of dollars on Protect a Bed protectors for the remaining beds and put a protector on my bed and box spring when I brought it in. In November I find yet more bed bugs on my bed. Instead they were just nesting under the mattress on top of the protectors. I raised the remaining beds who also had protectors and the same. I threw out all the beds in my home and we are now sleeping on air beds. Did the wash everything, steam clean everything routine and even purchased Raid concentrated foggers and bombed my house. Last night my daughter was watching TV on couch when she saw a bed bug on her arm. I checked in the ribbed creases and PROBABLY HUNDREDS…as was the love seat and recliner. I have now thrown my living room furniture away. I moved in my home 2 years ago and as I sit hear with no furniture I am about to move with nothing but our clothes which I am washing, drying n bagging as I type. There seems to be no getting rid of these bugs. I am a single mom of 3 so I cannot afford another exterminator or home heat treatment. Any help or suggestions. xoxo Miss Itchy and Desperate.

  77. Hi Desperate:
    I keep writing about Diatomateous Earth, food grade, because it really, really kills bed bugs! I am COMPLETELY rid of them after using DE several times. Please do not waste your money on other products, sprays, etc. Purchase DE and you will not be sorry!

  78. Marie I think you need to read again ….Kat November 2, 2012 at 9:08 pm
    She did use the fabriclear after she finally got it.


  80. We got them last summer and thought we got rid of them by spray the whole house down with bed bug and flea killer from raid also used Talcom powder because the bugs cant crawl through the powder…..It seemed to work and I kept asking my daughter if she noticed any bites. She would say no and months went by without a sign of these little blood suckers, then my in laws moved in and we moved our bedroom upstairs…it took just a few nights for me to notice bites all over my arms….come to find out my daughter was still being bit! So here we go again and im taking a different approach….The powder works to stop them from moving but it wont stick to the ceiling so double sided carpenters tape around the edges of ceiling and floor, spraying rubbing alcohol on everything, mattress covers for all beds…its winter here in Idiana so the dryer will get a workout. Ive learned they can live for ever it seems like without eating so Im not giving up, in the next year I will continue to deep clean and spray along with changing sheets every day even if I see nothing the treatments wont stop! determined!!

  81. I bought Diaomceous earth at a livestock supply store. I think you can also get it at some pet stores. It is sometimes added to horse and cow feed to keep bugs away. However, I have applied it liberally around my house several times over the past couple of months (and left in on for months) and it has not eliminated the bugs. I live in AZ and have left the frame and mattresses outside in 120 degree weather for several days and that did kill some. The mattress and pillow covers have been effective, but we still find some in the cracks and crevices in the bed frame and occassionally on the walls around the bedroom. Bed bugs are most active between 3am – 5am. We get up at 5am and inspect the mattresses and frame and kill what we find. We still find find a few around the room each week.

  82. Does anyone on here have anything to say about fabriclear? So manony comments on the page, but seems no-one had even used the product, if there is someone out there that had used FABR, ICLEAR. Please, I would love to hear your story

  83. I cannot order your product, as your “select one” listing contains all states, no provinces. But you offer postal codes as well as zip codes. Mine Is L2R 7L5.
    Instructions please. We are desperate.

  84. Pest Control Tech here, I would not recommend this product. Bed bugs are excellent hiders, they can hide in tiny cracks and crevices where this product will not penetrate (They’ve been found in the screw holes under tack strips, that’s how tight they can squeeze.) In some infestations, they will be easily visible in the mattress seams or in the crack where a popcorn ceiling meets a wall. This product will kill them, but it doesn’t last long enough to kill all bed bugs. Bed bugs feed on average between 3-7 days, so spraying this product once in awhile will not control an infestation. Also, bed bugs are averse to repellent materials, which most plant oil based pesticides are, so there is no residual killing power with this product. Your best bet is buying a mattress and box spring encasement, and calling a professional that uses residual pesticides. They are not as dangerous as you think, most cleaning products you own (windex, 409, laundry detergent) are more toxic than professional pesticides. Even table salt is more toxic, believe it or not.

  85. I have been using Diatomaceous Earth for almost a year and they are still have me for dinner almost every night. I can’t afford a professional exterminator for the heat treatment. Please any other remedy that may work would be greatly appreciated.

  86. About a year ago I had bedbugs. The bites were minor at first but gradually got worse. I went to a dermatologist and she did a biopsy and said they were scabies. She gave me a cream to use but it did not help. I finally called an exterminator and after three treatments they were gone (it cost me $400 but it was worth it). I had to leave the house for a few hours while they did each treatment. I also had to put everything in plastic bags and leave them in there for two weeks.) I bought a bedbug mattress cover. I also had the carpets steam cleaned after the sprayings. I asked the exterminator how I could have gotten bed bugs when I did not even travel. He informed me that they can be brought into the house by someone or something. I had purchased bedroom furniture (including mattress and boxspring) and living room furniture the previous year…he informed me that bedbugs can lay dormant for almost a year without biting. I am assuming that they were either in the furniture or the mattress. I hope this helps.

  87. Use 97% rubbing alcohol. Spray everything. Wash all bedding and anything that cannot be washed, place in dryer on hight heqt for 15 min. Check base boards and you bed frame. Be sure to use 97% alcohol as only that will work. Wear a mask and vent the room!!!

  88. Here is a sure fix solution. After batteling bed bugs for the better part of three months, we have exhausted all options and this did the trick:

    Use 97% rubbing alcohol!!! Anything below that will not work.
    You will have to take proper precautions. Wear a mask, vent the room aka keep windows open an dthen go to town.

    We saturated the mattress, carpet, base boards, heating range. Be sure to take apart your bed frame and check. You would be surprised what you might find. We found them nesting in the holes of where the bolts are anchored.
    Take your bedding and wash it on the highest heat. Pillows and things that cannot be washed, stick in the dryer on high heat for at least 15 min. If you cannot do either, place in plastic bag and place in car. (Which only works in summer time or if you live in a hot climate) add a few sprays of rubbing alcohol to inside of bag.
    You have to be serious about it. Keep your pets safe while you are doing it. Spary their beds not your pets. They do not live on animals!!!!
    Best of luck. We were hopeless, but this worked for us.

  89. 99% rubbing alcohol will work. Many family members in New York have used it. It has to be the 99%, you can get it at Target.

  90. Me and my family have been getting bit for about a month now! It started off with my nephew when we discovered that we bed bugs at the hospital. They told us it was bed bugs, but also maybe even scabies! They also told us they couldn’t help anybody with, because they didn’t want to spread it inside the hospital, but they said they would be able to see my nephew because he is 3 years old. They gave him some cream that’s supposed to help in about two weeks, but we’re still using it and it doesn’t even work at all! So today I seen this commercial on my friends television about FABRIC CLEANER, and when I saw that my eyes got so big, and I looked at my friend and said, “I wonder if it really works though?” I got on my laptop and looked up the website that was on the commercial, and seen all the comments that people all around the United States were posting! I was amazed, because at first I honestly thought me and my family were the only ones with bed bugs, but now I know that there are millions of families right now in America with them! I really hope this works, cause me and my family are honestly going crazy and losing our minds, and every time we scratch it just gets worst and worst! So I pray to God that Fabric Cleaner actually works!
    #Fingers Crossed!

  91. I was thinking about ordering fabriclear until i read all the comments about how long it takes to arrive an how it doesn’t kill the bugs it just shocks them. Anyways i have already put my mattress in one of the plastic zippered bags specifically for bedbugs an i have sprayed a raid bedbug spray but neither of them have worked for me so far now i’m desperate for help i hate waking up everyday with new bites or even feeling like i have something crawling on me all the time just out of being paranoid… please help any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!

  92. Very effective, Buy a Steamer and steam the Matress, base, courtains, Couches but make sure you know where the bugs are some times you can kill them as you are steamming with a clorox wipe or some desinfectantm

  93. I am a CPA….Commercial Public applicator…of pesticides and have been for many years. Your simply cannot control or kill bedbugs without an IGR….which this is not. An IGR is and Insect Growth Regulator. It mimics hormones in an insect and prevents them from growing reproductive organs. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO ERRADICATE BEBBUGS!!! Any product that claims to kill them….may do just that, but if you do not stop breeding….they will multiply quickly and explode in population. You might as well be using raid! Dont get sucked into this unless you are laying down a VERY temporary control for a one night stand in a motel……even then it may not work!!!!

  94. I don’t know if I am being naive or what, but we had bed bugs that a relative brought to us after a trip. I got a treatment from a professional, aplus rated from BBB, exterminator, and have had no symtoms whatsoever since! They used some non toxic insecticide and also a growth inhibitor that stunts growth and reproduction of all that survive. I felt that my problem had been solved! I keep reading about how hard they are to erradicate, so for good measure, I had them come back and spray another time. I still have had no symptoms,and I was the main one in the house being bit, and it was just about EVERY NIGHT! The company I used was Budget Pest Control in the Pittsburgh, PA area. I have had NO PROBLEMS after treatments, hoping and praying it stays that way!

  95. Well i read all 85 posts. I don’t think i want to wait 8 weeks for my order… or be double billed. It makes their offer of a $20. refund worthless. It sounds to me like these guys are very poor business people. I’ll try some of these other options.

  96. I had bedbugs and fleas. I have treated my bedroom extensively with bedbug sprays and flea bombs. My cats have Advantage. But here is the weird part. I get one bite per night. No clusters. Usually on my hand or arms, but this morning on my upper chest. No one else in the house gets bit. Only me. And the cats seem to be scratching a little bit a few times a day, but not like when really flea bitten. Does this sound anything like bed bugs, or am I really just still dealing with fleas.

  97. At Adam. Where do you live? This would make everyone’s comments so much better. Apparently in some places some things work and in others, not at all. A product I recommend would be JT Eatons Bedbug killer 2. We used it and for several weeks we were bug free! I dont know if I got them again because someone (my brother) brought them over or if I need to re-buy some product. Looking for other options.

  98. I’ve tried pretty much every thing on the market and nothing truly works if this stuff does I’ll be truly amazed. My sister had them as well and did the heat treating methods to be rid of them but unfortunately I cannot afford the 3000 dollar price tag although it’s worth it. Diatomaceous earth is not the way top go though, these damned bugs aren’t affected! As a matter of fact they started nesting in the stuff so don’t bother.

  99. Hi, I am not for sure that we have bed bugs but I have mosquito like bites all over me and they itch SO bad! It’s too cold for Mosquitos though so it can’t be those. I’m not sure if this means that we have bed bugs or not? We haven’t seen any bugs. Someone please help!

  100. Hi Cain:
    We used DE, food based, and it killed the bedbugs so I could say that it really worked for us!

  101. Update:
    As I had mentioned previously, Diatomateous Earth, food grade, finally killed the bedbugs! Please try it because it really, really works. I would not waste money on other products because all sprays eventually dry up, and you need to spray the bugs directly to kill them. DE remains active and, when the bugs encounter it, they die! All you have to do is put the powder everywhere, continue to vacuum, and apply DE. Follow these steps several times and you will get rid of the bedbugs!

  102. powdered DE works just fine for Years. it is non-toxic, inert in fact. the powder will scratch the bug, which dies from dehydration. DE is safe to add to yor food, as it is Food.grade. some claims ir hwlps with intestenal parasites, but i know of no proff

  103. btw… you can use a baking Flour duster to apply. it is harmless. much of the grain industry mixes it in ith grain to control bugs.

  104. the tiniest mount of permethrin will kill a tank or pond full of fish. DO NOT sprend up getting poisoned. i used to do pest control, and now consult.with International Pest Management Institue , architecturally.ay your bed, furnirure or clothes wirh ir, as you sweat, and will

  105. I had bed bugs. I was very fortunate to be insanely reactive to their bites. Not everyone is so sensitive. I itched like never before-insanely, non stop. Benedryl antihistimines did help.
    I knew to look for them along the piping of the mattress, and sure enough, I found the blackish spots that moved when disturbed. Not many, but I knew time was of the essence in getting rid of them. I did have an exterminator come. He treated the entire bedroom, hall and family room. I trashed the mattress, bagged everything. All that could be washed was washed and dryed at high heat.
    That was 6 months ago. I still sleep with a flashlight next to my bed.
    Tea tree oil and other such things mentioned may provide a deterrent to them. Do not go sleep in another room as they will only search for you. They are attracted to the carbon dioxide.
    I got mattress covers from amazon at a good deal Diatomateous earth, food grade, will naturally kill them. I dusted it into every crevice, baseboards etc. Put jar lids with it under bed frame legs. You can also carefully wrap flypaper around the legs. Pull your bed away from the walls, don’t let cover hang to the floor. If buying things second hand, inspect first and immediately throw in dryer at high heat when brought home. I believe that’s where mine came from.
    Bed bugs don’t fly, nor jump. If you have them, call an exterminator immediately. You can spray strong isopropel alcohol on your mattress, wash and dry all bedding on high heat, and sleep as encased in clothing as possible. They don’t seem to get under clothes, and surprisingly my face never itched, mainly my feet, legs hands and arms.
    Don’t waste your money on this product unless you just want something for travel. If you travel, clean off that suitcase stand, wrap sticky tape or flypaper around the legs, and keep it from contacting anything. bag everything worn in sealed bags and wash and dry at high temps. You could even put some DE in the bags.

  106. For those battling bed bugs, consider bed moats and doublesided tape if ur bed accomadates them. Bed bugs need a blood meal and tend to live close to where you sleep such as beds or couches. Thus trapping them in a bed moat or on doublesided carpet tape is an effective wat ti reduce your bites and monitor the extent of your infestation. We brought bed bugs home after a vacation but knew it right away. Fortunately we were early enough to eradicate them (we hope) after six weeks if constant washing, drying, bagging all clothes, drapes etc, using diatemaceous earth and vacumning. We changed all our beds to metal frames to accommadate the bedmoats. Even though we havent had any new bites in over two months now, i will keep the bed moats forever in order to catch early any bed bugs that ever make their way into my house in future.

  107. I,m using Diaomaceous earth—-but what about drawers etc…….also heard old people eat 1/4 cup a day ,live to be 100 lol I,m trying EVERYTHING still itching at night but must be our nerves, Bought special light (led) have checked several times,can,t find ANY….so I guess they did a number on our head ! We travel ALOT also have touring ROCK band here alot —-suspecting they came from tour bus lol………buying for our “ROCKERS” too ! Yes they r getting famous ! Hope fabriclear WORKS 🙂

  108. I order this fabreclear and it charged my card twice and then they tell me to call in the morning to get it fixed which i did then the company says they cant fix the order cause it was already shipped. now i am broke. not to mention my landlord is making me pay for this treatment when they provided the exterminator to spray what crap is that. so i do hope that this stuff works. i vacumme almost everyday cause of my long hair cat.

  109. Hi JayDee:
    We keep the fan on too. Diatomaceous Earth really works, since we have gotten less and less bites. However, you must vacuum often and continue to re-apply DE for at least a month if not more. Also, make certain that you purchase the “food based” Diatomaceous Earth because it is safe with the exception that you should avoid breathing it in. Diatomaceous Earth has a website where you could place an order.

  110. We used an exterminator. Also, use tape to pull the eggs off your mattress. Then put the tape in ziploc bags.

  111. i havent tried this stuff but i did purchase euroclean 3 in 1 from amazon and it works awesome havent seen any more of those little critters anywhere. u have to strip your beds and spray top front bottom and sides every day for a week and once a week for a month and poof they be gone! and it smells pretty good.

  112. Siggy, since using DE, we have had less and less bites from the bedbugs. However, as you mentioned, once it dries, DE is not as effective. Therefore, vacuum cleaning and reapplying DE often is essential to eventually eliminate the bedbugs completely. These insects have their patterns down pat so it takes time to get rid of these bugs. It is not an easy task so it takes diligence and determination!

  113. That’s what I used! Saran Wrap is just as effective as any mattress bag and a whole lot cheaper. Propping up your bed frame and using some preventative measure to ensure the bugs don’t come crawling back up to your bedding is important as you cut off the main event meal for them.

    There are Dusters (basically a device just like a turkey baster) that you can use to ‘dust’ inside cracks, crevices, baseboards and ect using food grade Diatomaceous earth as the dust material. The dusting can travel significantly in very closed spaces. Very good strategy in the arsenal as this will last indefinitely in non trafficked areas where the Diatomaceous earth will be left undisturbed, but for bugs this will be a lasting point of no entry or no return.

    When I first saw them there were these very tiny pale specs and thought of them as inconsequential. But as time went on they just became a most hideous experience of covert vampire bugs that refused to die or go away. They were in the walls of our highrise and multiple reports throughout the building. Property management eventually got in professional help and did mass fumigation I believe and had no problems after that.

    I wonder if any balance in nature would be disturbed if bedbugs were extinct? No known predators and the only food source is apparently blood, maybe Kat can help us with that one.

    Good news perhaps though, Penn State University may have found the final solution for Bed Bugs

    – Beauveria bassiana, which grows naturally in soils and causes disease in insects –

    is a fungus which will grow on bed bugs and is fatal. Big advantage with this is that one infected bed bug can bring the fungus home to the rest of the nest! Powerful stuff!

  114. We have had an more minor but persistent problem with the bugs…i spray with 95% alcohol with instant effects. Of course, that works when you can find them!

    One thing that reduces the bite rate seems to be turning on a fan and having the air in the room moving around. Since they are attracted by CO2, Carbon dioxide, the moving air will not allow them to home in on you as well, in theory. Seems to work, as my wife is a person who attracts mosquitos and other such biting bugs, and she sometimes did not get any bites all night.

    I’m planning on getting the diatomaceous earth…

  115. HEADS UP!!! When you order fabriclear online they say you get a free 16 oz bottle with you’re purchase but what the they don’t tell you is that you’ll incur an extra shipping and handling charge with it. Pretty much they charge you double ($15.80) for shipping and handling ($7.95) even though they say the bottle is free you’re really paying for it anyway. And theres no option to opt out of the free bottle along with the fact that you must first put all you’re credit card information in before you can even begin the order, just so you know!

  116. Encasing your mattress and box springs with a mattress cover is very effective but also quite pricey. An ecconomic alturnative is to wrap the mattress and box springs w/ Saranwrap or plastic packing wrap. It worked for me!

  117. Jay, I use 2 to 3 drops of tea tree oil to half a bottle of water. It only takes a few drops of tea tree oil to disinfect everything because it is very strong. I’ve never used peppermint but I may give it a try. You can also put a few drops in cleaning fluid, when cleaning furniture, floor etc.

  118. No Mack, fortunately bed bugs do not carry and know diseases! Although they are pests, mosquito bites are more dangerous, and roaches carry diseases too.

  119. Yes Patty, you will know if you have bed bugs! I never dreamed of bed bugs or really knew anything about them until my husband brought them home from his friends house. He began to get bites but, initially, we thought it was a mosquito until he actually caught a bed bug, put it in a clear plastic bag, and compared it with the bed bug images on the web. Then, I began to get bitten too. The bites are much worse than mosquito bites, itchier, and last longer. We purchased Diatomaceous Earth, food based, and all I could say is that we have not been bitten. We continue to vacuum often, wash everything in hot water, and put more DE around after we vacuum. These little vampires are difficult to see, but they will die with DE because it works on there outer shells. Remember, these bugs will not eat poison, only blood so DE works once they walk through it. Good luck!

  120. Tony what formula do you use for the tea tree oil to water ratio? Do you mix the peppermint with the tea tree baking soda, vinegar etc.? I have a baby in my home and want the most natural way. not sure what i have. i found a cinnimon colored looking bug once but when held to a microscope looked more like a mouse flea. i have been using a lint brush on my sheets at night. i pick up spics then hold them up to the light under 6x magnification. It just looks like lint or specs of dandruff. I don,t have the line of bites per say just experience of a biting stinging sensation followed by bouts of feeling like something is crawling in my clothes or all over me. I bought some of that Diatomaceous earth from Lowes garden center for 9 bucks. about to see if de will help stop whatever this is because i have been staying up nights checking every hour with my magnifying glass. this is torture!!!

  121. Kat, I don’t have a big problem with bed bugs and I’m not sure if I have any, I have experienced what I think is bed bugs in certain motels but I have used the tea tee oil in the room and I spray my bags and clothes when I repack them. Can you do me a favor and try the tea tree oil and let me know if it works. The oil cost anywhere from 5.00 to 10.00 a bottle at health food stores and pharmacies. Thanks.


  122. @Lidna B SEVEN DUST??!! Are you crazy?? Do you have any idea how harmful that is to animals and people? My word, just read the MSDS (medical safety data sheet) on the chemicals in Seven. Known carcinogen (too).

  123. Roomates and i have had a bad infestation for t he past few months. Vaccumed up their little nest we found in the corner and bleach sprayed basically everything. Also got a mattress cover and a bed frame to lift it off the ground and away from the walls. Also petroleum jelly on the legs of the frame to keep them from crawling up. It worked well until an infested blanket rom diff room was accidentally put on our bed and now they are back in our room. My fiancée s mom bought this for us and i just sprayed it today. It smells nice and i would like to know how it works.

  124. Actually natural herbs work. Use peppermint, tea tree oil, along with baking soda and vinegar all help.

  125. How do you know if you have bed bugs? My girlfriend got a couple of bites on her (and it’s a little late for mosquitos, etc. here), but I haven’t had any yet. Our cat had fleas a while back, and I thought that it could be a stray flea. From my understanding, if you have bed bugs, you’ll definitely know about it….is that right? Any help please? Thank you in advance for your responses 🙂

  126. I know several old farmers who say the same thing, but I strongly disagree. Seven Dust is a little extreme to put somewhere I intend on sleeping. While the product is a non-restricted use pesticide, I’d still try something a little less harsh, there’s no data about long term exposure to this product. Also, there’s just something wrong about using an agricultural pesticide to control a domestic problem, if you have kids or animals this is just an irresponsible thing to do. Please think twice before you follow her advice.

  127. Can you tell us some of the products that you used such as what brand of quick acting spray, long acting powder, and reproductive inhibitors?

  128. I have actually purchased – and used – Fabriclear. If you look at the previous reviews, I commented back on October 5 that I was awaiting shipment. There is one thing I can tell you: this product takes a LONG time to receive. Almost a full eight weeks. It took about a month for them to charge my card and about a month after that the 2 bottles of Fabriclear (& 2 travel size bottles) arrived. I was instantly disappointed. If you watch the commercial, the bottle of Fabriclear looks large – like a bottle of Windex. It has a green and orange label. That is so NOT what you receive. The bottles you receive are smaller and the label is bright yellow, with red and green. I’m pretty sure you see the actual bottles at the end of the commercial – but I’m not positive.

    Please note: I am disclosing all this information in an effort to be fully transparent. I am disturbed that we have a bed bug problem and have been willing to do anything to destroy these beasties, get rid of them, and move on. That’s my goal. I am offering this review solely based on my observations and experience – and only because I couldn’t find this information when I began researching bed bug “remedies”. I will provide as much information as possible in my review – and if you have any questions, please ask. I’m happy to answer anything I can. (I have now spent almost 3 months extensively researching bed bugs, treatments, their life cycles, etc. I know more about bed bugs than I ever dreamed I would…and not because I find them interesting. It’s a necessity to know your enemy when waging a war, right??)

    Fabriclear is the first product I purchased. I happened to see their commercial right after discovering bed bugs were my unwelcome roommates. I thought Fabriclear would be all I needed, that it would arrive in a week or two, and away we would go. NOT. Bed bugs are extremely difficult to get rid of. One spray is NOT going to destroy your infestation. It’s important to note that bed bugs survive on blood. Preferably human blood. (They *will* bite pets – but only if a human isn’t around to feast on. We have 4 dogs & none have been bitten…but we’ve been the main feature on their nightly buffet for quite some time. Bed bugs can live for EIGHTEEN MONTHS without a meal. Yes, they can. They go through five life cycles. In order for them to move from one cycle to the next, they MUST have a blood meal. They begin as clear/translucent eggs – which are sticky. They stick to the surface on which they were laid until they hatch – but at this stage they are almost impossible to see with the naked eye. The next stage is the nymph stage. They are a little bigger and although they are extremely small, they CAN be seen. If you look carefully. In this nymph stage they can vary in size from the size of a period on this page, to about 1/8 inch. They are more of a clearish/tan when very small – and it seems that as they increase in size, their color darkens. I don’t know if their feeding on blood has anything to do with deepening their color but that makes sense to me. So as they grow they get darker. What I call “teenage nymphs” – the larger nymphs – are much more easy to see. They are tan/brownish “specks” that kind of look like an actual bug, upon close inspection. They look like moving lint. If you catch one and hold it up to the light (AFTER you place it in a SEALED Ziploc bag), you’ll be able to tell when it last fed by the amount of blood in it’s “belly”. Full admission here: as much as I hate them, they *are* fascinating little creatures.) If you catch live bugs, place them in a SEALED Ziploc bag. You can then safely throw them away. If you are a little more paranoid (like I am), you can place the sealed bag in the freezer for 3-4 days and kill them that way, before throwing them out. There is something strangely satisfying about seeing their legs curled up toward their body, frozen.

    So the Fabriclear arrived, FINALLY. It has a decent smell, much better than some of the other insecticides I’ve purchased. OH – this is what I started to say before I got side-tracked…Bed bugs ONLY feed on blood. Nothing else. If a bug only feeds on blood it’s kind of difficult (IMPOSSIBLE) to kill them conventionally. They won’t eat the pesticides you lay down, like cockroaches or ants will. So the idea is to dry them out. Piercing their exoskeleton will accomplish this. Using a dessicant will speed up the process. (An example of a dessicant are those little “Do Not Eat” packets that come in dog treats, shoes, etc, that keep the product fresh.) Along with drying them out, a product that halts their ability to reproduce is recommended.

    I sprayed Fabriclear all over my son’s mattress and on the floor around his bed. We found several live bugs while vacuuming and steaming the mattresses & box springs (prior to placing them in special bed bug proof encasements) – so we sprayed Fabriclear on them. The product appeared to “stun” the bugs. It takes a few seconds after spraying for the bugs to react, then they seem to “freeze up”. They don’t move – which gives the appearance they are dead. I quickly grabbed these bugs (with a paper towel or with gloves on!) and put them in a Ziploc bag, which I sealed. I left the bag sitting on the floor in case we caught more – and there it sat for a couple of hours, until I went back and picked up all the trash. It was during this final removal that I looked at the bugs in the bag again. I held the bag up to a light bulb…and they began to stir. They weren’t dead! Fabriclear claims to kill on contact – but that was not my experience. It was almost like the Fabriclear is a general anesthetic. I can’t say exactly how long the beasts remained in the suspended animated state…but I know they were fully awake and moving several hours later.

    There *was* a decrease in overall bed bug activity after spraying the Fabriclear. I sprayed the mattresses, box springs, and carpet like a crazy woman. I used most of the two bottles on 3 queen size box springs, 3 queen size mattresses, and along the baseboard and surrounding carpet. Although we experienced a decline in bed bug sightings and bites, it only lasted for 3 nights. Then the normal bed bug activity returned. We each kept a bottle of the Fabriclear next to our beds and would lightly spray things down in the evening before going to bed. (We sprayed the beds and sheets before eating dinner, doing homework, watching TV and getting ready for bed. I wouldn’t spray Fabriclear or anything else recommended to kill pests right before climbing into the sheets.)

    Prior to really spraying down the beds, I vacuumed each box spring and mattress THOROUGHLY. We removed the dust liner on each bed spring (the cob-webby like material on the bottom of most box springs) because they are known to “harbor” in the wood under the dust liner. Remember – you are dealing with a bug that can and will live in between pages of a closed book on a bookshelf, inside light switches and wall sockets, between the baseboard and carpet – AND can fit between the teeth of a normal zipper. ICK! You have to thoroughly treat EVERYWHERE. Every single crack and crevice. Wash ALL your bedding in hot water & dry on high heat for over 30 minutes. (It’s almost important to do this with your clothes and drapes, also – if possible. Heat, heat, HEAT!)

    The bottom line of this review: Fabriclear does seem to HELP with bed bugs. I would *NOT* use this product and expect your bed bugs to post a “For Rent” sign. You have to treat them with several different methods to get rid of them. (Vacuum, steam/heat, quick acting spray, long acting powder, reproductive inhibitors, and conscientious investigating, retreating every 2 weeks x 3, etc.) I think this is a good product to potentially keep bed bugs at bay – maybe to spray down your luggage upon arriving at home, or spraying down a hotel bed. I feel that it takes much more of the product to work than what the company advertises – it’s not a “gentle spray here and there”. It’s called get the mattress MOIST and then let it dry before crashing on it. I would use Fabriclear again – but it would not be the only product I used in my arsenal.

    If you have any questions I can help you with, please let me know. I hope this helps someone! 🙂

  129. Everybody get some Tea Tree Oil, it can kill lice and all kinds of bugs. I put it in a spray bottle with water and sprayed the mattress and within a few minutes I noticed a couple of dark specks that surfaced on top of the mattress, looked like dead bugs. I spray the mattress every week when I change the sheets just for per caution. I don’t think I have bed bugs but if I did, Tea Tree Oil keeps them away or kills them dead. It is safe to use on any fabric. It’s also safe to use on your skin if you have an itch, wound or scare. Tea Tree Oil is a natural antiseptic, you can get it at any health food store. Some drug stores and stores with Pharmacies have it now. It’s also good to disinfect cloths in the wash. I figure anything that kills head lice is good and Tea Tree Oil is good. If you try it make sure it is 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil, pharmaceutical grade. Tea Tree Oil is from the Australian Tea Tree. Let me know if it works.

  130. Brought some bedbugs home from a motel. Noticed a few characteristic “string of beads” bites and immediately turned on my Pyrethrine automatic sprayer in the bedroom. It is designed for fly and mosquito control, and sprays every fifteen minutes around the clock. Ran it constantly for 3 months and no more bedbugs. NOTE: I caught these early before I had a real infestation. The constant spray killed the bugs as they hatched and before they could lay more eggs. I have no idea whether it would work for a heavy entrenched infestation. The spray and dispensers are relative inexpensive and can be bought at a livestock supply. The spray is non toxic. I bought it after my husband had West NIle from mosquito bites. Keeps mosquitos out of the house.

  131. e rehab houses and have 2 pick up our workers. I left home for 10 days come bk and there are these bed bbugs. I thought it was an ol wise tale that parents told kids b4 they went 2 sleep. 2e have took out the carpet,bleached the floors,bombed and sprayed with hot shot with is $30@ home depot nothing yet has worked.we even took the steam shampooer 2 thing thought they were gone then look out here. Comes the babies. Plus no matter how much I clean,bathe my dog,& my hubby they still show up. &Inna order fabriclear & will let u know how it works

  132. Permethrin works great on all insects. It’s colorless & odorless, and when it dries, it binds to the fabric and keeps working for months. Once it does dry, it is harmless to humans & pets. Safe to use on furniture, beds, bedding, & clothes.
    ** However, when wet, it it harmful to cats, birds, and fish. **

    As Milton said, you can buy it from REI. Personally, I buy it in a concentrate from agriculture supply store, then mix it with water in a garden sprayer. For $25, I got enough to last me 2 years.

  133. Geraniol and the other “active” ingredients in Fabriclear are not pesticides; they are insect “repellants” designed to interfere with bugs’ abilties to find you (essentially by overwhelming their sense of smell or masking your own odor). These are essentially the kinds of plant oils that are in mosquito repellant products designed to be sprayed on the skin. On the skin, they typically repel biting insects for two to three hours before requiring another application. I’m not sure what spraying this kind of stuff on mattresses and bedsheets would do, but it certainly wouldn’t KILL bedbugs, which is the claim. At best, it would repel them or keep them from finding you sleeping on the mattress, but even that seems doubtful, especially for the duration of a full night’s sleep (bedbugs typically are most active between around 3 and 5 a.m.)

    So basically, it sounds like this is a waste of money. I would skip it.

  134. I live in a 6 unit building and we had bed bugs they were bad, my landlord used some fog like mist called cedercide and he used two treatments within a week apart the bugs were gon they were literly dead I seen some in the tub to sick to move, mind you I have a three bedroom . Still in all I did the steam cleaning method which I rented from the hardware store to ensure no surving bugs would live they are resilant bugs they can last for a long time without food and are very good hiders. In all I still took the procautionary measures still because those bugs are pesty, I laced my apartment with droin dust which is similar to seven as another poster mentioned, you need to use a mask while appling it and it is harmful to pests if consummed by them! Hope this was helpful these were the things that worked for me and I have been without them for a little over a year!

  135. Hi Milton:

    Is Sawyer insect repellent safe around pets if pets come in contact with the repellent?


  136. Dear Gooie:
    Please make certain that you purchase the food based Diatomaceous Earth because it is safe if you or pets come in contact with it. However, it is not recommended to breathe in so use a mask. You could go to Diatomaceous’ website to purchase it. There is another Diatomaceous Earth that is not food based so beware! We placed the product all around the edges of our area rugs, under the bed, between the mattresses, all around the floor moldings, electric outlets, cracks, and anywhere else that these nasty bugs could hide, but you cannot dust your bedding with this product so that is where, hopefully, FabriClear will help rid the bedding of these bugs. Make certain that you vacuum often to pick up the larvae, and dead bugs. Wash all bedding and clothing in hot water too. Repeat the process for a few weeks at least. Keep where you sleep clutter free so these bugs do not have too many places to infest. Good luck!

  137. As a pest control professional with years of experience dealing with bed bugs, I would caution stongly against relying on this product. I have not been able to find a single piece of empirical evidence supporting it’s efficacy against bed bugs. The problem that is inherent in all chemical methods of treament is that the residual left once the chemical has dried is not biologically available at great enough levels to be eliminate the bed bugs.

  138. For the folks recommending diatomaceous earth, how do you apply it and what do you apply it to? Do you put it in your bed, under the mattress, where??? Thanks!

  139. Where I live,we have a bed bug problem and it seems its never gonna end.I would like to try the fabriclear but I keep seeing people saying how they purchased it on a specific date but still haven’t received it.Is they just trying to get the people money,I mean come on people.You order it on the 1st and the 30th you still haven’t received it.How would u know how it works if u don’t have it.Ijs

  140. Update:
    I ordered FabriClear about two weeks ago, but I still have not received it. However, I used Diatomaceous Earth, food based, twice, and it really works, since my husband and I have not had any more bites. I will use it several more times just to make certain that these nasty little Vampires are gone for good! I will also use FabriClear when I receive it too. I never realized that the saying, “sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bit” was so serious. These bugs really have a psychological effect besides the terrible itchy bites that take long to heal. The bed bug bites are worse than mosquito bites, but I am relieved that they do not carry diseases like mosquitoes do. What a horrible experience! I suggest that everyone try Diatomaceous Earth, food based!

  141. I ended up catching bed bugs from my neighbor who came to my house and brought them with her. I’ve been battling them for about a year now. Yes if you sleep with the lights on, they tend to not fine or. Also, rubbing alcohol works, poured it on my wood frame and set it on fire. It killed the nest and all the nests and bugs but it is important to try not to carry them from room to room with clothing or covers and/or pillows. I ordered this September 5 and still haven’t got it, I HOPE IT COMES SOON!!!!!

  142. Simple dish soap diluted with water will kill bedbugs on contact. Just try it, you will see them curl up and suffocate within seconds. It also kills the tiny baby ones. This is a great way to get rid of the initial “load” of the bugs. But you still must kill the eggs, and the dish soap only kills on contact, not later on. So, use the soap in a spray bottle as I said to instantly kill loads of adults; this is great for applying on just about anything. The person saying something about heat is correct. I worked as a councelor at a shelter and there were bed bugs there for sure. A university in the US mainland came up with a brilliant solution. You get some thick foam core insulation (the kind that comes in sheets at Home Depot and etc.). You tape together a big box with these foam core panels, using thick duck tape. Picture it being something like 4 X 4 X 4 or even 5 or 6 X each way. You set your non-washable things in this box, which you also have one of those closed system oil heaters. You put a lid on it, tape it shut and heat it up with all your stuff in it for, like, several hours.

    Hope that helps someone

  143. Geraniol is the active ingredient which is an alcohol which acts as a desecant or “drying agent”. It is an on contact product and dries in seconds. Once it dries, it does not work at all. Sterifab is a similar product. Anything above 113 degrees will kill a bed bug or any bug for that matter that is why we say to throw clothes in a dryer. Don’t waste your money.

  144. I got my mattress cover at Anna’s Linens for about $60. It covers the whole mattress and has a enclosed zipper.

  145. Do U–(Or anyone else on here….) know of the cheapest place, (store or website), to buy mattress, boxspring, and pillow covers? I’ve only seen ones online for about $150+. ALSO…these ones are made of fabric. Are there also ones that are made from “Plastic”??? And, are the “plasticy” ones ANY cheaper??? ***Thanx 4 any help!*** :

  146. I do community mental health work and am exposed to bed bugs on an almost daily basis. Unfortunately, heat treatment is one of the only things that will get rid of them permanently. However, there is a chemical called Sterifab that we’ve found to be effective in killing live bed bugs instantly. What I hear is that nothing except for extreme heat will kill bed bug eggs, as they are so resilient. Spray cracks and crevices in your residence since bed bugs do not just live on cloth furniture. Dry sheets, clothing, and other fabric items on the highest dryer setting for at least 20 minutes. Good luck!

  147. One more thing. This treatment should be compared to others. One is the chemical treatment that includes running every item of fabric in your house (clothes, sheets, stuffed animals, curtains, etc) through the dryer, takes days of effort at costs about $800, and sprays chemicals all over your house. Or heat treatment which is nontoxic, less effort but costs over $2000. Seriously, your review could be in context and provide people with some real help if you would educate yourself on what a bed bug infestation actually means. You would find it much harder to dismiss with an eye-roll and comments about an over-hyped problem. It is not helpful at all.

  148. Only someone who has never had bedbugs can dismiss a product as being overhyped because they are “not that prevalent.” In areas that are highly mobile, like NYC and DC, they are plenty prevalent. And once you get them, you learn just how many other people have too but were too embarrassed to tell anyone.

  149. Just to let you know, we kept finding bedbugs crawling near my 12 year old granddaughter and were baffled as to why because it’s unusual to see them in the daytime. It was summer and she wore shorts and tank tops. To make a long story short, the bugs were living under the rubber insole of her athletic shoes!!! We finally pulled the insole out of her shoes and there they were traveling with her. OMG my daughter was exhausted trying to get rid of them. Finally she rented a POD storage unit and fortunately it was very hot out and she bagged everything and put everything in the pod and heated it with a space heater then left the bags in her garage for weeks before bringing things back in. She steamed everything else and got rid of the stuffed furniture. She also bagged the mattresses. It worked.

  150. I agree, and I hope that Fabriclear works too! Please advise if it works when you try it. Thanks

  151. My husband brought bed bugs home from his friends house, since he found out too late that the building was infested. I just purchased Diatomaceous Earth, food based, because it is safe for people and my cats. However, I am hesitate to use too much because it is bad for your lungs so I will use a little at a time. I am going to give Fabric Clear a try too, since you cannot have too many products to kill these horrible pests. I have never heard of a bug that is incognito, you cannot even feel these bugs on you, and I have not seen one yet. These bugs should be called “Vampire Bed Bugs” because they are similar to Vampires, they drink your blood and come out at night! I would like to mention that leaving a bright light on at night while you sleep does help, since we have not gotten bitten with the lights on at night. Good luck to all of us!

  152. I ordered this with my fingers crossed. I’ve been bitten insanely – but only caught 2 bed bugs. What a fantastically disgusting experience!! With all the research I’ve done I could well be the nation’s expert on bed bugs. Foul, but true!

    Anyway, I don’t know if this stuff works yet. I just wanted to let everyone know that it takes forever to ship. I ordered it on September 8 and my account was just charged today, October 5. I hope that means it’s shipping soon. I’ve bought the “bed bags” – the plastic “envelope with a zipper” type things that encase your mattress/box springs. However, an inspection revealed the nasty things are living in the baseboards and behind a wall. Worse, it’s a shared wall between my townhome and the one next to mine. I don’t travel – my neighbor does. Extensively. My guess is they are coming from her place to mine – especially when she’s gone on extended trips. If this stuff doesn’t work, I’m afraid my only option will be to wrap MYSELF in one of those “bed bags”! I’ll let you know how it goes…assuming it ever arrives! 🙂

  153. This stuff really works and so does silica gel!!! I used it and the bugs are gone all gone! Treat all cracks! I even ordered some spray from

  154. Diatomaceous Earth works but you must keep dust on everything b/c the bugs must crawl thru the stuff.My house was infested from a beach vacation house last year and had no idea what it was?
    We thought it was fleas until my son caught one! I have never experienced anything like this! But I have become a bed bug hunter and catch and put them in the DE in a jar to time how long it takes to kill them. Generally about 1 day the little creeps DIE from contact! I have been using DE since August 14,2012 and it has really helped! We still have to get all the other ones hiding to come out and eat and get some dust on them so they will itch and DIE!

  155. I order a bottle of fabriclear from your website on Monday September 17;i want to hear from you.Let me know if you do not have it Thank you Pierre

  156. Just be-careful of the dust, it does work by scratching the wax coating off the insects exoskeleton causing them to dehydrate but can be dangerous to people if inhaled. Read the safety precautions.

  157. Diatomaceous Earth!!! Food grade, not the “pool” kind. Natural substance, even eatable!! it will kill SO many critters, but absolutely harmless to animals and people!!!


  159. Net Contents:
    16 FL. OZ. / 474 mL
    Geraniol …………………………………. 1.00%
    Peppermint Oil…………………………….. 0.02%
    SoybeanOil ……………………………….. 0.02%
    Citric Acid ………………………………. 0.01%
    Inert Ingredients*…………………………. 98.95%
    Total ……………………………………. 100.00%
    *Water, Polyglyceryl Oleate, Glyceryl dicaprylate

  160. 2004 I went out to Sturgis to take my Harley on a vacation. He came back with a smile and I came back with bed bugs. Since then I have thrown out two queen sized beds, two couches, two love seats and at-least a half a dozen recliners.
    The one thing that I used, that I would strongly recommend, are Bed Bug bags to encase your mattress and springs. I have used them for about a year and they cannot get thru the bags and into the material where they WILL make lots and lots of babies.
    Vacuum your carpets constantly, especially the corners and where the carpet tucks into the baseboard.
    Take out all the drawers in your bedroom furniture. Turn them upside down and clean the bottom.

  161. I have tried every product and super steam heat, dryer heat, outside climate heat by placing clothing in bags…leaving in hot auto…in 99degree heat…must of been 120 degrees in auto. Rugs outside in hot sun for hours. Nothing has worked. Kill on contact only works if sprayed directly on the bugs. I have taken everything out of bedrooms and wrapped mattress and pillows. Used High Heat on all Bedding. Heavily sprayed all corners, mattress, box spring, etc to no avail. All-Star Exterminator swears that using an oil based natural product is what it takes to not all control but eliminate the problem. They also informed me that none of the sprays you can purchase work. They are all water based sprays which dissipate and you have to use oil based which stays on the fabrics…so that the bugs come in contact with the pesticide. We will see. They promise elimination not control. They also recommend a product called Nuvan Strips…which is sold on-line. You have to put every c/d, dvd, phone…etc into a plastic bag with this strip for two weeks. Anything that the bugs can crawl into. Hope this helps…I’m exhausted and cannot continue exterminating, extensive cleaning on a daily basis. HELP!

  162. Since the banning of DDT,bedbugs have made a strong comeback.Rubbing alcohol kills them on contact and wrapping your mattress works,but it’s a living he’ll having them around.I’d like to know if this stuff (FabriClear) really works.I hope someone gets back here to post a Comment to let us know.

  163. If you really want to get rid of bed bugs you need to hire a pest control company that does heat treatment. It’s a process that heats the rooms to around 139 degrees, that is the temperature that the bed bugs cannot survive. If done it is very effective.

  164. After a trip to NY our house has been infested with bed bugs and for months we tried everything and every attempt to rid of them have failed miserably. We even hired professionals to clean up the entire house and exterminate all the bugs, but it was good for a week and it returned. At this point I’m willing to give anything a try, it’s either that or I’m gonna have to move out because my children are the suffering from it the most. How ridiculous is it that in this day and age there’s nothing that can effectively get rid of bed bugs? Oh god I hope fabriclear works..

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