Does FabriClear Really Work?

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Does Fabriclear work?FabriClear is a spray that claims to be able to kill bed bugs and dust mites with a non-toxic solution. If you’ve got a bed bug infestation on your hands, you may feel helpless, or overwhelmed by the problem, and be willing to try just about anything. There are many products out there claiming to be able to vanquish these pests, but can this really be the one?

“Don’t let the bed bugs bite” is more than just an old saying, and is more like sage advice. These little bugs will come and get you while you’re asleep and defenseless, and then crawl back into their abode so you never even see them. After you get your first round of bites, you’ll know that they’re there, but you will be hard pressed to figure out a way to deal with the situation. Since they often reside in beds, it makes it really hard to get to sleep knowing that you stand a good chance of getting bitten up again.

The Claim
The makers of Fabriclear say that you can use this wherever bed bugs might hide, like in pillows, couch cushions, bedding including duvet covers, all of your carpeting and rugs around your home, your drapery and curtains, and any furniture that has a cloth covering. Doing a full sweep of the house is very important to make sure that they don’t have a place to be transferred to. Many times bed bugs hitchhike their way into our homes, and then look for ways to jump ship if their living environment becomes toxic to them. They might catch a ride from your bed to your couch so it’s a good idea to spray down any place they could hide.

The Cost
You’re looking at getting two regular sized bottles of FabriClear, plus 2 travel sized bottles all for $36 which includes shipping. This sounds pricey at first glance, but if it does what it says it should eradicate the problem, killing not only the adult bugs that are causing problems now, but also the eggs and larva that would cause problems in the weeks to come. This means that if you apply it to a surface you should be free of them until they manage to find their way back into your home.

The Commitment
If you’ve got a bed bug or dust mite infestation, there are only so many things you can do to get rid of them. Often times it doesn’t matter how clean you get things, because they can survive it and keep thriving unless you get the temperature up high enough. You might also want to consider preventing a recurrence by getting a bed bug monitor like BuggyBeds. These lure and trap bed bugs so that you can be alerted before a full infestation occurs. They can be put around the bed, and even in your purse and luggage so you’ll know when you’re transferring them.

If you’ve gotten bed bug bites you’ll be itching to try FabriClear. They are annoying because they seem to last for weeks and can even leave behind scars. Perhaps the worst part is knowing that they’re there but not being able to see them, and trying to go to sleep when you know that they’re going to come out and get you while you’re unconscious. This makes it a pretty high priority for most people, and if you search for how to get rid of them you’ll see a lot of different chemicals as well as natural home remedies to try.

The unfortunate thing is that there’s not really a widely accepted way to get rid of them for good, and some hotels that get popped for having bed bugs have to shut down for weeks to make sure that they’ve gotten rid of them all, and have to be inspected before they can get the seal of approval to reopen. This shows just how persistent they are, and how hard it is to kill something so small and that hides most of the time.

Final FabriClear Review

FabriClear is getting a Try rating from us. There isn’t enough data to give it our Thumbs Up or Solid Try rating, and this is going to be one of those products that is either a hit or a miss. If you or your pets are getting bit up by bed bugs, it’s definitely worth a try, because there’s not really a good alternative out there for how to get rid of them. They’re one of the hardest pests to get rid of because they only come out at night and then burrow deep into cracks and mattresses so you can’t see them.

Our Recommendation
If you’ve got a documented case of bed bugs, this could be the solution for you, or you might want to consider trying it out if you’re an allergy sufferer that is sensitive to dust mites (most are). A one-time payment of $36 gets you a good supply of it, and allows you to treat a pretty big area, such as a king size mattress and bedding, as well as miscellaneous items around the home. If it works it’s a cheap solution to a persistent problem, and if it doesn’t work the way you’d hoped it’s got a money back guarantee so you could get $20 of it back.

Official Website: FabriClear

UPDATE: We have been getting great feedback from our readers who have used food grade Diatomaceous Earth to get rid of bed bugs. Combined with matress encasement it is an extremely effective way to eliminate bed bugs.

Please also see our tips for 11 ways to get rid of bed bugs.

What do you think? Does FabriClear work or not?

346 Customer Reviews on “Does FabriClear Really Work?

  1. I have used fabriclear and it is awesome we encased the mattress after spraying them and with in about 4 days later was bug free

  2. Compared to the Rest Easy spray, Fabriclear can make bed bugs seem non existent. It is also non toxic, I use less of it each time and less often, and it has a very faint but pleasant smell. Until you get rid of the bugs for good, I can’t think of a better way to live with them for the interim. The price has gone up on it recently, but I got a great price on it from walmart with ship-to-store.

  3. Please buy an ozone generator off amazon for $50-$60 and run it for several hours while no one is home. Bag nothing! Afterwards air the place out for awhile and when you return the nightmare will be over I prmouse you!!

  4. Hi, I can say it does work. I’ve had a few experiences that was
    Not so good in places I’ve moved to. And I’m one of those
    People who panic horrible . But I sprayed every hole corner up the walls across the ceiling on the walls & doors turning thing inside out upsides down. no exterminator could spray that good.
    I made sure even to take the bed apart and all the furniture.

    Watching closely with a roll of tape to stick and kill it if I see 1.
    I have found that it does the job. Someone brought them in on
    My sister we took and sprayed everything. She was to have a
    Exterminator to come a couple days later. We didn’t say nothing.
    His reply was someone sprayed there was a lot of dead bugs.

    One should also try the traps , I even sprayed it on my plants.
    It will sure kill the tree aphids bugs 😄😄 hope this helps.

  5. We paid $1700.00 for heat remediation followed all instructions above and beyond. Got rid of couch and 2 beds took everything possible item that could be washed multiple times to laundry mat washing drying in hottest hot spending around $500. on that and special detergents and around 250. on Bed Bug Bully bought the best mattress box spring and pillow encasements NONE of this had erradicated them. Has helped some, but not gotten rid of them completely. I’m at my wits end and haven’t slept much since the middle of July.

  6. my name is patricia irving i order fabriclear today i am cancelling my order beacuse i only wanted one bottel and no more and i was charge over$50.00 so i want to cancelled

  7. I ordered fabriclear on 4/22/16 and got it on 4/28/16. I spayed it all over my house, I haven’t been able to sleep in my bed for 3 weeks do to bed bugs. Once sprayed my bed they started to die fast. Last night was the 1st night i was able to sleep in my bed without having to deal with bed bugs. It works great

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