Does Fiberfix Really Work?

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Does Fiberfix Work? There probably isn’t anyone who hasn’t had something that that has become broken that could still be repaired, if of course they had the right repair solution. This is what Fiberfix is all about. It is a repair adhesive that is supposed to work in a whole lot of different situations. The question is does it work, and for how long?

This product is a repair wrap that you can use in a whole array of repair situations. Sure, you can probably find a whole selection of super glues to choose from that will state that they will produce the same results as the Fiberfix, but when you add convenience to a repair then it is an added bonus, and that is apparently what you get when you use this product for your repair needs. This repair solution is supposed to work on a whole range of compounds like wood, plastic, metal and more.

The Claim
The makers of Fiberfix are really making a lot of substantial claims. It begins with the product’s ability to be effective at repairing all types of mediums ranging from copper to wood. So this claim makes it a very versatile product. Added to this claim is the convenience of not having to mess around with sticky glues which can be a real hassle. They claim that this product is even stronger than duct tape which is often used as a quick fix when a repair job has to be done quick. The Company states that their product is both heat and cold resistant and that because it hardens just like steel it can be sanded then painted over.

The Hype
It is not all that difficult to build hype that appeals to the demand for a repair product that can meet all the claims that are made for this product. Everyone wants a repair product that is easy to use, will last and is affordable at the same time. The marketers have done their homework by knowing what the most common quick repair choice is which is duct tape, so they have focused on making sure that the public knows that this product is superior to duct tape and even state that it is 100% stronger. Then they zero in on the convenience of how quick you can do a repair plus how versatile it is as it can be used on so many around the home items that commonly get broken. Finally, they focus on the pocketbook. By pointing out that you can now easily repair one of your items it means you don’t have to toss it away and buy a new one.

The Cost
You are looking at paying $28. for one set of the Fiberfix which includes the shipping and handling. You need to add another $8. to this because you will be receiving a second set as a bonus, but you have to pay the shipping and handling for this bonus set. So in total your cost is going to be $36. A set includes a 1″ roll, 2″ roll and a 4″ roll of the Fiberfix product as well as a set of disposable gloves and a strip of sandpaper. Don’t forget with the bonus set you are getting the same. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee minus the shipping and handling.

The Commitment
You are going to have to read all of the instructions on the package carefully to start with. Then you are going to have to use caution to only use enough of the product as necessary for the repair otherwise you are going to waste it. You have to remember to wear the gloves when working with the product because according to it’s makers it bonds almost anything, so you surely do not want to be getting it on your skin. You will need to activate the product by immersing it in water first so there is going to be a little bit of a time demand to actually complete the repair. Then depending on what you are repairing you are going to have to let the product dry, then sand and paint if necessary.

Now that we have given you a good idea of what this product is all about just how much of an asset is it going to be to you? We took a look at Amazon to see if the Fiberfix was available there. It is, and in fact it is and is being offered at various prices through different suppliers. What you have to be cautious about if you are thinking of buying it via the Amazon platform is to be sure that you know what you are getting for your money. For example, some are selling it by the roll according to size. A 1″ roll is selling for about $6. and a 4″ roll is going for $10. Now, there is an offer for a package of 3 rolls that includes the 1″, 2″ and 4″ for $19. So you may want to do some price comparison here with the official Fiberfix site offer.

When it comes to feedback about the product itself there are some definite mixed feelings. Some users stated that it worked well as a wrap, but not as a patch. One complained that it didn’t seal a leak in a plastic water pipe. Many others raved about how good and effective this product was.

Final Fiberfix Review

When you are evaluating a product you have to look at the whole picture. It means looking at it from the consumers standpoint as well as the experts who market the product who have to see a worth in a product and it’s value. The Fiberfix was actually featured on the prominent Sharktank show where potential investors take an interest in a product that has some merit. This product did generate some interest and received an investment from one of the experts on the show at the time. This along with the claims and the overall feedback leads us to give this product a solid try/buy rating.

Our Recommendation
It would be unrealistic to think that just one simple product is going to repair absolutely everything that may be in need of a repair. Our conclusion is that this product really does offer value and will be a great solution for many types of repairs. If you wanted to compare it to something similar then you may want to take a look at our review on the Rivet Strips.

What do you think? Does Fiberfix work or not?

26 Customer Reviews on “Does Fiberfix Really Work?

  1. You, as in a customer who has purchased and tried the product, is who Mike is requesting answers from, not the manufacturer. Just to clarify, this is a reviewer site, not a manufacturer site.

  2. 18 months is reasonable for a product manufacturer to respond on “someone else’s website”! It’s awesome they’ve found it at all! Our reviews on this site are for people looking for insight into products before taking the plunge of purchase and NOT for customer support. IOW, no review posted here should be submitted in hopes the PR of the product will respond. This isn’t Fiber Fix CS.

  3. Fiberfix looks and acts exactly like modern water-activated cast making material, widely available in other colors. Unless wrapped many layers over, it is porous, so will not patch any hole. It does not bond at all to plastic, mostly relying on the physical tightness of the initial wrap and overwrap with stretchy tape that compresses it to the maximum. As many big box hardwares sell replacement handles for many tools, often priced similarly or less, than $25-30, the applications for the product seem a bit limited to me. It totally failed as a fiberglass substitute as it had no bonding by itself. Duct tape may be weaker, but is more versatile, removable, instantly ready, and actually sticks to most everything. Buy your own cast material, and enjoy the blue or red or green handle fix.

  4. do not look for a response for about 19 months – by then you will have moved on and will never see this…

  5. Sorry for the late response? really – lame 18 months ? really . lame again.
    1 month maybe 2 is ok…
    but 18 months . Your CS is lacking and needs repair- try your over priced tape.

    You should pay them back for your lack of care. GOOD DAY

  6. With heavy rains water comes in our front door will fiber fix seal the area under the threshold space to the concrete slab , About 3 inches.
    Thanks for your help.

  7. The ladder to my children’s swing set slide was broken. I didn’t have the proper tools to fix it, but my husband had a roll of FiberFix. We followed the directions and applied it, and it worked perfectly!

  8. Hi, Michael! Sorry for the late response. This website has just come to our attention, so we’re a little late getting back to you. We’re sorry you got shorted on your product. We would be happy to send you a replacement! Please email with your information, and we’ll get you taken care of.

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