Does Firma-Face XR Really Work?

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Does Firma-Face XR work?A lot has been said as to how well Firma-Face XR actually works, as it seems most people really want to know what sort of results they’re going to get before committing to a purchase. This is pretty smart thinking since most anti-aging products out there get mixed reviews and require a long-term commitment.

A lot of anti-aging skin care products seem to focus on one specific area with the thought being that you’ve probably got one part of your face that you are having the most trouble with. The eye areas get a lot of attention, and since they’re the windows into the soul it’s not surprising. But your face isn’t aging in one place only, so the more sensible thing to do would be to apply treatment to your entire face so that the whole thing shows improvement, rather than having better looking eyes but still having wrinkles on your upper lip.

The Claim
Firma-Face XR says that you use this on your entire face after you wash your face. They’re pretty straightforward with their claims, saying that this is meant for temporary results and making your skin more tight while it’s working. They say you should see an instant improvement in your fine lines and wrinkles, and that it works to diminish the appearance of crows feet and the vertical lines that can appear between your nose and mouth.

The Hype
They don’t hype this up very much, and have a pretty understated ordering page. The hype comes from the fact that this is an anti-aging product and there is a hungry market for things that help us fight the signs of aging, whether for the short term or for the long term. If it can give a fresh-looking more youthful appearance it’s going to get it’s share of attention and buzz, and that’s what we’re witnessing right now with so many people asking the question of whether it works.

The Cost
Firma-Face XR is $50 and should provide a one month supply with regular use. While this may seem pricey for something that only works temporarily, if you need to firm up in a hurry it’s one of your better options, and the positive reviews make it a solid try. There are few skin firming products out there that get such praise, and are priced at about the same level, so the price seems reasonable given its effectiveness.

The Commitment
The instructions are pretty simple, and since this is an all-in-one product you don’t have to worry about multiple steps. You leave it on for 3 minutes while keeping a poker face so that it has time to set. After that you rinse it off and continue on your day as usual. The thing most people are wondering is whether or not this will give you any long-term improvement in your skin’s appearance. We couldn’t find anything that promised this, and they’re very particular about saying that the results are temporary. You could use it daily to keep up appearances, but there’s little evidence that it’s making your skin better looking when not using this.

Basically Firma-Face XR amounts to a parlor trick for the skin, giving you the temporary appearance of a smoother face. Depending on your intentions and what you’re using it for this might be all you need. For long-term use we’d recommend using something that will help improve your skin so that you don’t have to use a product indefinitely. Using a skin care product that will help your skin’s natural production of collagen, or help remove lines and wrinkles and keep them gone would be a better use of your time and money.

But if you just need somehting for the short term, like if you’re going to a high school reunion, have a family even like a wedding or a funeral to go to, a date night with the hubby, or any other time you want a quick fix of some of the problems you’ve been seeing in the mirror, this can do it for you. Users say that it does indeed make their face look better without having to wait weeks or months to see results. So in a pinch this can come in handy, but not as a long term solution.

Final Firma-Face XR Review

The overwhelming evidence as to the effectiveness of Firma-Face XR causes us to give it our Thumbs Up rating. It does indeed produce the results that it promises, but be sure to take special note of the word temporary that is used in those promises. This is a way to treat the symptoms of the aging process for a short time, but is in no way intended to be used as your go-to treatment option if you want to see improvements made over a longer period of time.

Our Recommendation
Since time doesn’t take a break you’re really better off for the long term when you set up a daily anti-aging regimen that involves using a cream or moisturizer that helps to firm your skin up and ramp up collagen production so that you can begin to see real results. A combination of a short term approach and a long-term regimen will give you the best of both worlds, allowing you to see results right away, and then insuring that your skin makes gradual improvements over time.

What do you think? Does Firma-Face XR work or not?

8 Customer Reviews on “Does Firma-Face XR Really Work?

  1. I was thinking about the same thing. Unless you’re willing get plastic surgery, I think it’s unrealistic to expect a cream or some machine to make you look much younger regardless of how many times you try them. Temporary youth somehow sounds much more truthful and realistic to me and that’s what kind of makes me want to try this product as well.

  2. So it’s like buying something that you know won’t last but will give you a desirable effect while it lasts. Maybe it’s a lot more realistic than the creams that promise you to make you look 15 years younger in 3 months. I don’t know, at my age you’ll take temporary or permanent youth just the same.

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